3rd generation demon sealer is Huoyan zi?

So ever since he was introduced I've been wondering who this guy (Huoyan zi) that do fang killed was, and I think I've got an awnser so let me know wht you gys think.

I believe that he is the third generation demon sealer. it was said that the 3rd was the strongest, the only one wh was able to surpass the tribulation on the mountain and sea relam, that is to overcome the 33 heavens, it was also said that his death was misterious and is the result of a concpiracy or something( I dont remember the actual sentence, but the idea was that the secret behind his death is shocking). Huoyan zi fist all hese criterias, he is obviously extremely strong just like the 3rd, he met and fought dao fang which means he was a figure that surpassed the 33 heavens (don't forget he is an immortal) just like the 3rd, and lastly his hatred for dao fang shows that his death was not a simple one, and most likely has a shocking truth to it just like the 3rd. So with all this info I'm pretty confident in myself, please live your thougths and theories/ ideas, it's always intressting.  

I also apologies for my bad writing and grammar, please notify me so that i can improve myself thanks :D


  • @miyosafi ;
    The 3rd gen demon sealer is lord li, the previous lord of 9th mountain & sea..

  • Well, too bad he is not.
  • well there goes my theorie haha, but it also makes sense that he should be the 3rd generation demon sealer
  • @miyosafi can you link me the chapter where it was stated that the 3rd was the strongest and his death was mysterious? i don't seem to recall that :S Q_Q also @rollsroyce45 :O :O :O
    my grammar sucks ;(
  • miyosafi said:
    well there goes my theorie haha, but it also makes sense that he should be the 3rd generation demon sealer
    i dont think so cause they called firebro a renegate spirit
  • The way i see it Huoyan Zi was probably a Paragon from the Paragon Immortal World who battled Dao Fang in the world Meng Hao is now, a world which most likely was part of the 3000 Minor Worlds. Dao Fang killed him but was unable to destroy his essence flame thus he cursed it instead and left behind guardians to protect it. Later at the end of the war one of the 3 surviving Paragons managed to take that World to the Mountain and Sea Realm (similar to the Windswept Realm) and made the accord with the beasts living there so as to allow Immortals to have a chance at gaining the essence flame.
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