The End of Absolute Choice.

I really love asking about how everything ends. It's like setting my expectation to the right level. If the end is really conclusive, I'll read it. If not, whelp, have to move on, then.

So, how's this novel concluded?


  • still ongoing ... atm roughly 310+ chapters out.
  • Okay, thanks. Please comment on this thread when the novel finished.
  • That probably won't be for another year or 2 depending on how long the author decided to make the novel, just an FYI
  • I actually laughed my ass off when the hero appeared in chapter 4-5 cause from the description I instantly imagined Saitama from OPM
  • I mean just look at this 'He was covered in a tight yellow jumpsuit with red gloves, boots and belt. He also wore a white cape behind him. Even stranger was his head. It was completely bald and could even reflect light off it.'

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    I dunno how to delete this 1 post :/
  • He's called fucking One-Pun this is jokes

  • Might be a bit of a spoil, not about story
    there's actually tons of such things in AC
    Maybe I'm the one
    Maybe I'm the one
    Who is .. the schizophrenic psycho, yeah
  • Spoiler:

    conquest ball actually Master ball from pokemon HAHAHAHA
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