something simillar to ...

I'm looking for something simillar to ATG. I like almost every parth of that novel (burning sect act was boring). 
I like MC personality and the way the novel is written, maybe sometimes there is too many poinstless talking but i find it in every xianxia novel so i can deal with it. 
I enjoy harems, the girls i especially like in atg are Che yuechan and little demon princess(that was her name?). But i dont want any novel with jap like harems where you have ton of pretty girls and they wont go any futher that kiss on the cheek ...

So if you have any novel in mind feel free to recomment them ;)

The ones that im reading:
MGA - so far the most simillar to atg but much inferior
LLM - quite good
ISSTH- great story, one of the best novels but i cant stand Meng Hao being a eunuch...
PMG - entertaining sometimes but overall the story and repeating every word 10x times sux
and a lot more but cant remember now


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    Not in order of quality; I believe you will enjoy the following list of novels, or at least the majority of their arcs. My experience is limited, but I've tried all of these out and loved them, recommending them to you because, surprisingly, me and you have similar tastes! (>O_O)>

    Tales of Demons & Gods -- similar start, similar settings, for the most part I think you'll like it

    Spirit Realm -- you'll find the beginning kind of weird/unique, but it fits your criteria

    Battle Through the Heavens -- you'll love it if you like alchemy, but you'll hate it if you don't

    Heavenly Jewel Change -- you'll love it if you're about fun, it's kind of unique, very comedy-orientated

    A Will Eternal / ATTE -- you'll love it, not as serious as ISSTH despite being by the same author

    I think you'll also like Desolate Era, Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformations, but eh they don't really fit most of your requirements, just a few, they're a lot more serious too. I also want to recommend you Warlock of the Magus World, for later down the line once you get into the less actiony stuff -- it's more serious than ISSTH, has the blood and gore of MGA, alchemy of BBTH, and in the same time an MC that isn't an eunuch. ;d

    Bonus: "Release that Witch!", if you're into medieval scenery and witches.
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    From the ones you mentione i have already read TDG, HJC, CD. They were great read but i think one book from i eat tomtoes is enought for me for a while. Gonna check you recommendations for sure. I think  Warlock of the Magus World picked my interest the most from what you wrote about it. 

    I'm also reading BTTH manhua. Is the novel the same? Becouse i dont like the way they handle the "harem" in that novel. 
    It's just that when i see harem in the novel i'm expecting some action going on if you know what i mean. I'm just sick of all that jap harems. 

    I have like 40 chapters to go with ATG and i will start with something new. So im looking for something with simillar romance. 
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