Cohen of the Rebellion(异人傲世录) by Ming Mei(明寐)

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Behind the vast universe as we know, deep into the darkness space, there is a world that beyond our understanding.
Him, a human soul, burdened with unlimited destiny and mission, in this unknown world with unknown magic, elves, monsters, species, and war with fire and blood.
A man, somehow not good, accidentally entered this strange world.
Him, this world and the people or creatures within, interacted.
Thus so many stories began.
He started as a new born baby, and grow.
Prepared to live another life, to feel, to chase...
His name is Cohen Kheda


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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Prologue 1 - The Night is Young

    Earth, 2106 DC

    The night, the night looks so bright reflected by the moonlight.

    After exhausting myself on a young and attractive body, I am napping

    “Boss, it’s time.”

    It’s Rat, he’s knocking.

    Due to his unique way of life, Rat has the carefulness that’s not processed by ordinary person.
    I saved him while he was about to be beheaded by another drug dealer. Then he swore his loyalty to me. Within in 6 months, he had become the second most powerful person within the gang.

    I rise up from bed, pull my clothes on, and look back. The white moonlight projects on a woman body, a perfect body, a body left with residue love and sex.

    I put my second life, a pair of P7 pistol, in the pockets under my arms.

    “Stay here, babe.”

    “Hurry, I want more!”

    I smile, open the door and walk downstairs.

    Rats and other brothers are waiting in the lobby. He rushes to me

    “Boss, words from the other side. Package is on time and the deal is on schedule. 2 more hours and we are ready.”

    I walk out, take a deep beginning-of-the-fall breath, and look into sky.

    Tonight’s full moon sheds its magical silver light everywhere. It is mid-autumn, a peaceful day.

    “Let’s go.” I jump into the van, “Tell all, kill all and be careful. Let’s go to nightclub when we’re done.”


    Several bulletproof vans take off and leave the mansion. The guards at the gate are saluting to my van.

    To them, I am the center of the universe.

    Now you know what I am?

    I am the alpha dog, a gang leader.

    (Wait for it...)

    I am also a secret FBI agent. Gang leader is only a cover-up.

    On the FBI record file, my name is Westley.

    In this seemingly-highly-developed but in fact full-of-dirty-crap world, crimes happen at every corner of the universe. In the meantime, the advancing criminal technique makes it harder for the authority to execute justice. As a result, god-know-who from the government suggested to fight crime with crime by selecting a team of elite special force and put them undercover.

    Westley, a 21 years old sub lieutenant who got straight As in the strategy and tactics evaluations, hit the jackpot, unfortunately.

    To rise in rank, and travel around the world with pension, Westley was forced to finish his boring army life early and stepped on a grey path.

    As for his mission, simple enough, nothing more than vaporizing the target quietly by doing what he can do best. Within three years, orders from up top tossed him in many cities. He spent his time chasing those gangsters who are on the FBI hit list. Without exception, those people’s evil lives ended under the guns of Westley and his team.

    Seeing lives disappearing in front of his eyes makes the innocent Westley numb and cold. As if those are worthless trash instead of lives that disappeared,

    Everytime Westley thinks about his first mission as a gang newbie, that 120 bpm heartbeat makes him feel ridiculous. Nevertheless, for a young man at his 20s, it was not easy. As a personnel to execute the law, even though the target is a deserved, disgusting human being, the red and white liquid that came out of the head after he fired his gun, and the twitching body in the blood, made him throw up and frozen for a week.

    Unavoidably, Westley is getting tired of this life, but his boss can’t stress enough that those people deserved it. Still, Westley feels there is blood on his hands. Partly because he is not a person who worship violence. However, his lack of ability makes it difficult to distinguish good and evil.

    There is only one thing he know, that he is a tool, a pretty handy and under-supervised tool. The existence of an over-classified terms and conditions makes Westley’s commander to do what he want with nothing to concern. Who knows a tool like him is capable of executing the law or creating new crime.

    But to Westley’s brothers, he is nothing more than their boss. If one has to say something unique about this boss, he shows excessive passion on killing drug dealer. And of course, Westley’s boss is the commanding officer of the FBI anti-drug department.

    Before signing that god-forsaken document, Westley thought he can stick to himself in any environments. However, he found himself naive once he truly is spending some time in that environment. What he’s gone through has made him from a reckless soldier to a completely cold-blooded gang leader. No matter what one carries in mind, in order to survive, he has to change. And precisely because of this change, made him fall.

    The gang he founded has a couple of rich business in town, makes their bank account richer as well. For this reason, Westley somehow starts to like this luxury job. He is capable of doing what he want, getting what he wants. It is what it is, Westley is a leader, and nobody expects a gang leader to do things like a college professor.


    “Boss, we’re receiving a third party transmission, it’s the military frequency.” Rat turns and says, “Sounds like cipher.”

    Westley took the com Rat handed over peacefully, put it in his ears, and overheard a low voice saying, “...tit, tit, rabbit is out…” A while later, another voice came, “Roger, carry on.”

    Hearing this, Westley can’t help getting confused. This device can receive any communication within a diameter of 50 km. Isn’t there another operation around tonight?

    With this in mind, he took out his phone and dialed a unpleasant number, his boss’. The only person who knows his real identity.

    Thinking of this, Westley unavoidably shrugged, because sometime even himself couldn’t tell what his real identity is.

    “Shweker’s office,” the call went in and out through several military satellites, a voice that is a little husky and yet soulful came into Westley’s ears, “ Identity please.”

    “This is your old man, you prodigal son,” Westley joked, never cares anything that could irritated anyone, “How have you been? Are you closing down that office and join me or what?”

    “This is the public channel, and I don’t want remind you again,” that voice snorted and asked again, “Problem?”

    “No biggie, my men told me there are outsiders doing business on my territory,” Westley put away his arrogant voice, spoke coldly, “This is a holiday and I wanna spend it in silence.”

    “Hold on,” A few knock on the keyboard, then voice said, “The Wildlife Authority has a team monitoring endangered whales around this area, if they are the outsiders you’re talking about. Then I suggest you to get a license for protection in case I wanna break your arm someday.

    “Anytime, you old dog.” Putting down the phone, Westley told Rat, “Irrelevant.”

    In the meantime, in a flying vessel hovering 10,000 meters above, a man with suit put down his phone. Thought is through, he told his deputy, “Tell the fleet, change the com frequency to special channel. Put the first squad out of the mission and let them talk about whales using the old frequency. Second squad will do the monitoring… keep me posted of their positions.”

    In less than 20 seconds, all kinds of voice are coming out of the speakers in the vessel.

    “Armored squad report, tanks and battle vehicles in position. Normal”

    “Air squad report, gunship and transporter in position. Normal.”

    “Second squad report, we have locked the target, 16 vehicles, 87 personnel. Analyze shows they have heavy firepower. Possibly armed with portable SAMS.”

    “An prepared operation, it’s truly you,” the mid-aged man looked at the roof, not caring the surprised looks from other officers, smiled, “I was right choosing you.”

    The vans were parked in the ruins of an abandoned dock, a guy came and opened the door for Westley. The moment he stepped his foot out of the door, that tired and laid-back Westley was gone, instead, a man with cold-blooded, grim look.

    The early-arriving team had prepared everything. What Westley saw were men handling weapons and cold faces with excitement.

    Walking down the dock, he squat and looked through the water with the night viewer.

    “Boss, nothing unusual, the deal is on now.”

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Prologue 2 - Operations in Order

    The bright moon is up high, people are busy working on the dock. There are three yachts parked on the track. Boxes are being carried carefully loaded off.

    Westley has found one of his target standing by the trucks. A fat guy who named himself the King, with a bald head and massive belly. Word has it that he love women. Westley feels so released for the women who are about to sleep with him in the future. It would not be a pleasant thing being overwhelmed by a body weighs over 100 kilos.

    The King is talking with two mid-aged guy, who look like the suppliers.

    “They must be tired of life smuggling powders in our territory.” Rat whispered.

    “500% benefits will drive anyone crazy.” Westley is a trained agent, and this craziness is nothing more than ordinary. He turns his head, “Tell them to go in position and wait for my orders.”

    My subordinates take out their weapons and spread out crawling. Then they take up vantage grounds in teams of attack/cover/support formation. Westley feels very proud looking at all this.

    These guys are handpicked and trained by Westley himself. They are equipped with the best weaponry and communications. It will cost average 200 bullets per person per day doing shooting training in the basement. Government is not paying for this, but Westley consider it worthwhile spending. Rigorous training will lead to amazing outcome. Let alone a pack of gangsters, his men will triumph a team of FBI special force easily.

    Rat handed over a rifle to Westley. Lips pressed, Westley checked his weapon carefully. Meanwhile, in his ears he heard the sound of other teams testing their communication system.

    “Squad 1 test, over.”

    “Squad 2 copy, over.”

    When the five squads finished testing, Rat nodded, “Ready boss.”

    Westley tightened the recorder on his throat, commands out.

    “All units confirm entry direction.”


    “All units entering attack position, confirm.”


    “Covering team position, confirm.”


    “Supporting team position, confirm.”


    With all that confirmation by their squad leader, Westley knew they are ready and waiting for his signal.

    Carrying his rifle, gun stock on his right shoulder firmly, face gently on the cheek pad, Westley slowly adjust the aperture, until the cross is right focused on the King’s fat brain. Numbers on the laser meter changed and stopped at 400 meters. This is the distance for a rifle to yield its maximum destructive power.

    Everybody who’s watching this knew, what would be like to be shot by an assault rifle at such a distance. Looking at his twisting face, Westley knew the King must be thrilled. This much powder, if sold successfully, he could retire at least 10 years earlier.

    “His skin looks good, how does he keep it?” Talking to himself, Westley turned the safe on.

    Tool it is, he doesn’t mind being a unique tool with character.

    He pulled the trigger. A pretty fire erupted from the other end, s soulful gunshot sound spread in the silent night. Body of the rifle shook lightly, a warm shell fell.

    In the aperture, blood burst out from the King’s neck. His body shook twice and fell down.

    At the moment of the firing, all squad leader give the attack commands. Support team started shooting their semi-auto rifles, and the covering team’s grenade and smoke bomb exploded in the crowd. Attacking team started assaulting. Team with night viewer rushed into the docking station covered with smoke.

    After a series of shooting, screaming of the drug dealers could be heard from everywhere. In this standard attack tactics, Their counter strike seemed pretty powerless. Scattered shooting grew weaker. Dying is a matter of time.

    Jumping out of the covering spot, Westley crawled towards the dock with Rat following behind.

    What’s left of the drug dealers were countable, most of them were hiding in a warehouse.

    Rushing to the door, Rat shouted, “Apple!”

    A grenade flied into the warehouse which lead to a series of explosion. Right after the explosion, the team member waited outside travel through the dust sweeping into the warehouse. Anything that move were targets.

    Shortly after, a guy wearing a black combat suit made a series shooting, killing the last bad luck guy like a bee’s hive. The sound of shooting peaced down. Low and deep groan is all what’s left.

    “Report, all units, no targets at loose, no casualties.”

    In the vessel hovering above the sky, what happened on the dock is playing on the monitor. The suited mid-aged man stared at the screen. When he saw that everything’s finished, he told his deputy, “Commence operation.”

    “Roger that, sir.” the officer nodded, hesitated and asked, “In the targeted personnel, are there anything or anyone to be held alive or unharmed?”

    The commander paused, then said, “No.”

    The officer turned and gave the order, “Attention, all units, commencing operation.”

    The order was transformed into shortwaves and spread out in the night like a ripple. It passed through the cold night and moonlight, and was received by several special antennas.

    5000 meter in height, 8 gunships turned their lights off and lowered their heads. They formed an attack formation and flied towards the dock. By the fierce sound of the propellers, pilots were observing the ground, and guns and rear weapons were on. Targets were locked.

    On the ground, the whole armored detachment switched to electric drive. Without any sound, 20 combat vehicles, covered by tanks, were driving towards the dock from three directions. All soldiers were checking their weaponry and ready to fire.

    “Boss,” a sound was heard from Westley’s ear, “We discovered a hidden tunnel at warehouse 2.”

    Not surprised, he replied with a lowered voice, “Clear it out, I'm on my way.”

    When Westley came to the warehouse, the tunnel had been cleared. Unexpectedly, this tunnel did not lead to anywhere, but circled deep down for over 10 meters. There was a basement at the end. It is about 100 square meters large. After a brief fight, the basement was cleared. What’s left was a 40 years old man, and he was being held in front of the boss.

    He has been struggling while being held, and one of the soldier came and punched him several times then held his hair again toward Westley.

    Westley was a little surprised. Because this very men, is an international most-wanted man, which the FBI has been looking for. This guy is also the King’s boss, whose head is worth 100 million dollars. His name is Monster Geek.

    “Where are my manners, how could you beat up Mr. 100 Million?” Westley stopped the soldier who tried to punch Monster Geek again. He turned and look at him, smiled, “How could you wind up in here, Mr. 100 Million?”

    “100 million?” Monster Geek spit and raise his head, his face looked very proud, “If you let me go ,I’ll pay you a billion.”

    “Do I look like a guy who needs money?” Westley lit up a cigarette, hid his true intentions behind the smoke, “I’m going to ask you one more time, what is your business down here?”

    “What I’m doing can not be understood by you mindless people,” having said that, Monster Geek realized his current situation, awkwardly added, “I...I was doing scientific experiments.”

    “You? Experiments?” Westley kicked his cig, “Feeling damn cold here.”

    “Of course it is true, where do you think I got my name?” Monster Geek snorted, “I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”

    “I am an honest man, so I’m going to give you a chance,” Westley swung the half smoked cig in front of Monster Geek’s eyes, “In exactly 3 seconds, I’m going to stick this burning cigarette into your body.”

    “I said I was doing experiments,” Monster Geek insisted, “I have 3 doctorates, I am study the secret of life!”

    Westley threw the cigarette, pulled out his gun, loaded the bullets and pointed it on Geek’s forehead.

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    Book 1- Reborn

    Prologue 3 - Betrayal

    “I..I’m telling the truth, the FBI wants 100 million for a reason, because of my work.” Westley is known for his extortion confession skills. Even for Monster Geek, he can’t help sweating, “The reason I’m here today, is to receive a prehistorical artifact. I suspect it was of alien origin… It’ll help my study...and it is over there on the desk...I created this organization merely to fund my research.”

    One of my people walked towards the desk and fetched a locket. Westley took a look at the style, put it in his pocket, and coldly looked at Monster Geek.

    He told the team to leave the room

    “ can’t kill me,” Geek is trembling, “I can give you a lot of things, if money is not enough…”

    “Anything is less, than the harm you’ve done to this world,” Westley answered, then he took out a metal cylinder-shaped little thing and put it near Geek’s ear, the robotic voice, which has an effective hearing range of 10 cm, is speaking coldly, “This artifact is held by an FBI agent, according to ACT 77945, sentence death, to be carried by the agent immediately.

    “You…” Monster Geek looked pale, but turned calm moments after, “You are right, I’m a bad guy, but you know, it’s always relative between  good and evil. Think it through, if there’s no evil, justice is not there. Good and evil must co-exist.”

    “Sorry, I don’t like philosophy.” Westley shook his head, pulled the trigger.

    Putting the gun back to the holster, Westley walked while looking at the locket: metal, ancient-figured frame, a crystal in the center. This is science? Or quack.

    He walked, then felt a deep sound of explosion from above. The ground was shaking. Westley tried steady himself by holding the wall.

    “Boss, we are surrounded!” Rat’s voice came, “It’s the marines, cannons and choppers, we can’t hold them for long!”

    Noise came through the com, Westley was stunned, he hurried to the ground and saw the dock once again in chaos. Choppers were flying in the sky with incoming missiles. There was fire everywhere. Cannon were shooting like rainfall, destroying everything visible.

    They were being ambushed.

    Confirming to be the military's operation, Westley looked pale on his face. If the government was turning against him, then his boss must know. And if he is not notified of this, there would be only one reason. Monster Geek’s last words came to him.

    “Listen, break it through in teams!” Westley felt hatred, his face turned red and shouted orders loudly. He was clear that with the manpower he had, there were little things they could do. And they were not trained for this... but he can’t do nothing.

    After neutralizing 2 choppers, 3 tanks, Westley, Rat and 2 more brothers were all that’s left. The three men gathered around him carefully like it’s worth something.

    “Regrets?” Westley looked at his brothers’ bloodstained face, sadly, and said something confused, “Regret to follow me?”

    “Boss, what are you talking about.”

    “No regrets!”

    “No regrets until death!”

    “Don’t call me boss!” Westley felt deeply hurt, sound of gun shooting was coming nearer, he said, “I’m not your boss, I’m a cover-up, I’m an government officer, a government tool to kill.”

    Surprised though, Rat shook his head and said, “We don’t care, you will always be our boss! We will not betray you!”

    The other two men said nothing but shaking heads.

    “Is that so?” Westley looked frustrated, “Look at outside, those people, they can’t let me go. If I’m right, they are here to kill me.”

    “Why? Aren’t you one of them?

    “Not surprisingly, maybe I know too much they want my silence.”

    “Boss, let’s break out! If death is all it takes.”

    “Alright, let’s go. Let’s die like a man.” Westley suddenly felt thousands strength in his heart, looking at the warehouse, “take the rear door!”

    Right after we got out, several tiny cylinder-shaped objects were thrown towards us.


    That thought came and gone really fast, they were shot. Westley felt pain on his leg, then lose balance and fell. He tried to retaliate, got shot again on his shoulder. Pain forced him to let go his rifle. One of the bullets was shot on his chest blocked that strange locket, forcing the locked embedded into the skin, stained with blood.

    When Westley regained his consciousness, he was surrounded by soldiers. Rat and two other brothers were dead, not far from him.

    A soldier kicked off his rifle, then a familiar figure walked around. It’s his supervisor.

    “Westley, how’s your holiday?” he seemed to be in good mood, “I never thought I have to kill you one day.”

    “Damn you, do I really have that much of your attention?” Westley could feel life is going away from his body, at this very moment, he was filled with rage and regret.

    “You have done enough, time to retire. Your job will be taken over.”

    “Is it all my fault?”

    “Please don’t blame me. Your identity is causing suspicion by other parties. This one is on you, why can’t you keep it low huh? Those gangsters you killed can be rationalized, but the government official that you assassinated..that I’m unable to explain to my super. I need to keep the Internal Affair, and myself, clean. I have to abandon you.”

    “You scum! That you order…!”

    “Indeed, now since you are dying,” man in the suit smiled, “Today’s operation, I lost something too. But it all seemed worth killing you.”

    “Worth it? Not for me at all,” Westley shook his head, slowly reached to a cold object from his left pocket, pressed the button on it, “At least you shall die with me.”

    The silver metal object fell on the ground. A red dot blinking fast. Small as it it, it caused a new round of chaos…

    “Air grenade!”

    “Get out!”

    “That’s the FAE! Get out!“

    “Kill him!”

    “Now enough time!”

    FAE: Fuel Air Explosive

    Massive explosion occurred, fire is all around several square meter area. Quake could be felt miles away....

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    Yes, it is a short chapter.
    The prologue is finished.

    Book 1 - Reborn

    Prologue 4 - News

    “Now we have a breaking news. Last night, at the city’s docking station No.6, which is abandoned, the FBI’s anti-drug department has engaged with a large number of drug dealers. Parties from both fired over 10 thousands bullets. Marine suffered great casualties killing all the drug dealers. The massive explosion caused by the last dealer killed 33 people including 5 senior FBI officer. What you see now on the screen is the center of the explosion.”
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    Osmos is an interesting iOS game, you'll know why I named this chapter OSMOS

    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 1 - Osmos

    What is happening to me? My thoughts are confused. I try to touch my head, but couldn’t feel my body. I...where is my body? I dead??

    That’s right...we were on a mission and fell into a trap, and then was...fight… this end...I am indeed dead…

    Shit ! ! ! ! ! ! I’m in so much trouble ! ! !

    Calm...I have to calm down...I’m dead but I’m thinking, right...yes I’m thinking. Thinking means I exist? Yes...I exist.

    But shit! Even though I was thinking...what the hell am I? I can think without a body...a soul? I’m a soul now?

    Oh please...I’m not done..I don’t wanna be a soul…I have brothers..I have business…

    When I think of my brothers, I can’t feel them at all. Obviously this is beyond by understanding.

    Wandering around in space, I’ve grown to understand my situation.

    Basically I exist like energy. I don’t have organs, body either. I’m a group of energy somehow doesn’t dissipate.

    In this space, I have a very unique power to sense the outside world. This power enables me to detect danger. I also discovered that there are individuals like me that exist in this space. Some of them are very powerful…

    I can’t approach to the powerful ones, but as for the smaller ones, then...I’d rush on and devour them. By consuming their energy, they become part of me.

    Call me coldblooded. What else can I do?

    In this god forsaken place, there are strong ones. And there are random energy waves, which could kill me.

    Then one day, when I’m devouring, an energy wave, biggest I’ve ever encountered, struck me. Before I can do anything, I was knocked, I’m not a rocket...

    There is no such thing as time in this space. So the term “one day” is written for the readers

    I felt several slight shock like I was penetrating some bubbles. When I stopped, I knew I’m in another space, a safe space. I had no idea why I think it was safe, but I am certain it is.

    “Fragile life, what do you have in mind?” A deep voice travels into my mind clearly.

    “None of your business, leave me alone.”

    “You are inside me, if you don’t want that, I can send you out.”

    “Wait!” My senses are coming back, “Are you talking to me?”

    “Technically speaking, we’re not talking. You and I have established a spiritual connection. Although like you said, let’s say we’re talking.”

    “Are we? You...what...are you?”

    “Like you, according to your way of understanding, I am living creature.”

    “My understanding? How could you possibly understand 

    “When you entered my range, I’ve gone through all your memories.”

    “You thief!!!”

    “I don’t have that in my vocabulary. All memories should be shared in response to potential danger.”

    “That’s my privacy!!! Why don’t you share your memories with me?”

    “Your current energy scale will not survive my shared memory.”

    “I don’t care!”


    Between our Q & A, I came to understand that I’m currently located on the edge of the universe, and this giant thing I’m talking with exists since the creation of space. It’s not exaggerate that she is giant. There are four planets around the same size like her. Her understanding on the universe is far beyond me. But I can do something she can’t, like I have no shame.

    In a short while, we became friends. She knows everything about me, and I know something little about her.

    Because of her figure, I named her cotton. She wouldn’t call me strong and powerful and invincible and loved-by-all Westley. She said it’s too long to remember.

    “Little one, what’s on your mind?” She would prefer to call me this.

    “I’m thinking about my 24 years of life.” I’m talking a little sadly, “24 years, what have I done to it.?”

    “Still can’t forget your old life?”

    “It’s not, it’s just...there are still...too many things I wanna do..” Faces of my brothers appear in my head.

    “Everything has passed.” Cotton said.

    “If I can live again, one more time, I can do better…” My voice gained weakness.

    “Really? How much do you wanna live again? What if you’ll suffer again?”

    “I’ll change it!!! My life is mine, and it’s not to be controlled by anyone!!!”

    “Think it through?  No regrets?”

    “What are you talking about? There’s no point think about anything.” I think, “Would that be dreaming?”

    “If you promise me something, I can give you a chance.”

    “Are you kidding?”

    “I know a place you might like.” Cotton said, “but, with conditions!!!”

    “Then hurry!!! Say it and send me out there!!!” I don’t wanna drift in space anymore.

    “No hurry, it’s very easy for me to do that.” Cotton has grown more slippy on her mind, “Don’t you wanna listen to my conditions first?”

    “I’ll promise you 10 things if that’s all it takes…” I can’t hide it anymore, I’m laughing so hard.

    “OK, here it is. My condition is, DON’T YOU EVER CALL ME COTTON AGAIN!!!!!!!!”

    “ problem.”

    “I’ll send you there, and tell you other things to pay attention when we get there.”

    “OK, why didn’t you say it earlier.”

    “Because I just found out you are an asshole.”

    “Really? Looks like I should make that clear earlier...hahahahahaha”

    “By the way, what’s my new name?”

    “Well, not about marshmallow?”

    “Shut up…”

    With a very slight’s starting

    Alright, Reborn Express, let’s go!

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 2 - Cohen Kheda

    Cohen Kheda

    I stopped

    Though I can’t see anything around me, but feelings of familiar stuff kept coming through.

    Soft breeze, comfy rain. I felt like crying.

    “You are here, little one.” This is marshmallow.

    “I...what now?” I felt panicked.

    “Not far from you, there are a few lives moving towards you, you feel that?”

    “Yes, 6 of them. Ah there’s one of them, strange enough. Feels like a 2-in-1.”

    “Not strange at all, that female body is pregnant, she will soon be your mother.”

    “Are you suggesting a reincarnation?”

    “Yes, but no worries, it’s totally safe.”

    “Why not put me into a mature body? Why start as a baby?”

    “I can’t. That would mean killing another soul, which I don’t expect to do. You don’t want that, do you?”

    “Whatever, you are the boss, whatever you say!”

    “One more thing, when you come down to that life, you will not merge with it immediately.”

    “What the hell? You kidding?”

    “You are now pure energy, plus the other energy you absorbed in space. That tiny body is not capable bearing that much. Another problem is…”

    “Can’t you be done all at once?”

    “I’ll compress you into a small group of energy, and put you into the part where that life uses to think. When it grows strong enough, you can wake up. I will save part of the energy for you to control your body. To learn everything necessary in this strange world. However, when this energy has new developments, its frequency will change. There will be a joint event to resonate the rest of you. In this way, you’ll wake up.”

    “That’s it? Anything else?”

    “Not for this moment, you need a long sleep now. And before you wake up, you will not remember a thing. Ready?”

    “Ok, you start.”


    “Wait, Marshmallow...can I keep the memory about you?”

    “If you insist.”



    “Thank you.”

    “You are very welcome.”


    “What again?”

    “Consider your figure, time to lose some weight?”

    “Shut up...I’m starting.”


    Half year later, center of the Darkmoon City

    In the house of the viceroy, everyone is busy, everyone is both happy and worried.

    Why? The wife of the viceroy is in labor again! It’s her third child. But it’s been all night. The tiny little one still wouldn’t come out. And amongst all, Visual Kheda is the most worried one.

    Visual Kheda, the only civilian viceroy in the history of Darkmoon. Is pacing in the garden outside the birth chamber. The love of his life’s painful groan makes him feels the same。

    A tall and strong warrior-look guy beside him said, “Take it easy, brother. We have the saintess from capital mage guild, Katherine should be fine!”

    This is Visual’s sworn brother Tennessee.

    “Yes, I know, but Katherine…”

    “Let’s trust her!” A mage with a long cloak said, “If the saintess fails, I’ll do it myself.”

    This is Visual’s second sworn brother, Archmage Webster.

    Visual wanted to say something, a maid came out of the room interrupted him.

    “Master! It’s a boy!!!”

    Smiling face was not ready to spur, another maid brought something new.

    “Master, young master’s not crying!!”

    “Master, he’s smiling...and…”

    Visual Kheda can’t help and rushed into the chamber.

    First saw a pale face, then bright eyes, delicate eyebrow, a small mouth under the nose. This was his beloved wife, Katherine Hagrid.

    Katherine was look at the baby in her arm, with love. The little thing was rattling with his arms and legs, giggled.

    Hearing the footsteps, Katherine saw her husband. Her sunshine-like smile made his worry gone.

    “Darling, come and look at our baby.”

    “Katherine, I’m so glad you are OK, but the maiden said he’s not crying…”

    “No one said a baby has to cry at birth, maybe laughing children are genius.”

    But… his two brothers cried at their birth.”

    “Rick and Swift? I have no idea, but don’t you love them?”

    “Of course I love my child. Relax, darling, I love him.”

    “Visual Kheda” the Saintess who was washing her hands raised her head, “About your child, there’s something.”

    Visual Kheda didn’t notice there was one more person in the room. The Saintess Bellerina, from the Capital Mage Guild.

    “I’m sorry, where are my manners. Thank you so much for helping, Saintess Bellerina. What is it?”

    “There is something unique about this boy, I can’t feel any magic in his body.”

    “Really? How come?”

    “I have no further information, but it’s not a big problem. Probably the baby is too small for me to feel the magic within.”

    “OK, anyway, thank you for what you’ve done for us.” Visual made a bow to Bellerina.

    “You are very welcome. We are friends.” Bellerina smiled, “Katherine is my best sister. Does he have a name yet?”

    “Cohen Kheda, I want to call him Cohen Kheda, is that alright Katherine?

    “Cohen..Cohen, I love it.” Katherine held the boy happily, “From today you are Cohen Kheda, you little devil! You’ll listen to your mother, be a good boy.”

    The baby smiled even harder...

    ...Saint Calendar

    June 2215
    Disaster of the Divine, source of the chaos, axis of all evil, hands stained with blood, Cohen Kheda was born in the Darkmoon city…

    Classified Divine Document p2

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 3 - The Land is a Ball

    The name of this continent is Peace, a magnificent place full of glory and sadness. This place has been the battlefield of the Divines and the Asmodians since the beginning of time. The Divines live on a giant island north of Peace called Heaven. The Asmodians created their own giant island to the south and named it Hell. The eternal fight between the Divines and the Asmodians made the people who stuck in the middle forced into two allies. They have to choose one as their god to worship in order to gain protection. Our hero, Cohen lives in an empire called Swabian, who worship the God of Light, namely the Divines. Most of it’s residents are human beings. The Darkmoon city Cohen lives is to the west. Beside it are the mountains of Black Forests and a desert called The Ocean of Death. There are lots of alien races who live in the two areas. Although they are parts of Swabian, public security has always been a problem in this place. Riots happen every year.


    “Your Excellency Visual, please allow me to apologize. I can’t be of any help with Cohen’s studies.”

    “But maester, how come? Did Cohen disrespected you?”

    “No...No, it was not, Cohen respects me a lot. It’s just… my knowledge is far too less to understand his bizarre ideas. Speaking of which… gosh my heart…”

    “Ah, please calm down, Maester Cisco.” Visual Kheda thought it through, “We’ll find someone else for Cohen, but what do you say about Rick and Swift?”

    “Your senior and junior childe? They are doing excellently on both martial and magic skills.” Speaking of them, Maester Cisco looked beyond excitement.

    “Then I would have to ask you to continue your excellent work, will you do the honor?”

    “Will I? Of course, would you allow me to be their mentor?”

    “Sure thing, you are the best maester in the city.”

    “It’s such a pity people worship wands and swords more than knowledge.” Maester Cisco grew a bit gloomy.

    “Don’t mind too much, maester, I’m not from the army remember?” Visual said with a smile and pat on Cisco’s shoulder, “To be the successor and become a nobleman, martial and magic are sure not enough.”

    “I promise you I’ll do anything possible to pass on my knowledge to your children.” Maester Cisco made a bowed to Visual, “but please ask Cohen not to say those words anymore, if people from the temple know… you’ll be in trouble.”

    Visual Kheda was startled by the maester, “What did he say?”

    “You’d better ask him yourself, excuse me…”

    Watched after the maester left and sighed, viceroy Visual fell into distress. His third child, Cohen, trouble never seized to come since his birth.

    At the beginning, it appeared to be a big deal that Cohen laughed at birth and processed no magic power within.

    (Hold that thought)

    Compared with what followed next, those birthday matters became minor.

    First, he grew black hair which was processed by no one on this planet. Soon everyone in the empire knew about the viceroy’s third childe.

    Even the his Majesty was disturbed and immediately sent the high priest overnight.

    The high priest then put the saint fruit and scarab, which symbolize light and dark, in front of the toddler Cohen, and ready to release the identify spell. Before he could do anything, the little devil grabbed and ate the saint fruit and stamped on the bug. Luck for him, the priest was unable to discover the hidden tendency for dark magic, or he will be tied to a post and burned.

    Identify spell: By putting the saint fruit and the scarab in front of the subject, then the priest release the identify spell. If the subject is inclined to light, then the scarab will crawl away. If the subject is inclined to dark, the white saint fruit will turn black. Subjects who have tendency to dark magic will be burned. The Asmodian allied countries will rip rap the light carriers.

    Then Cohen grew up a little to his school age. Little Cohen wouldn’t touch anything related to martial skills. He cried and screamed when he was given weapons. As for magic skills, the unexisted magic energy made him not able to learn magic. As a result, Cohen’s parents were forced to let him study other things, hoping he would be a man of letters some day. But nobody could anticipate the things that were going on in his tiny brain. Every teacher were scared off. Ninth including Maester Cisco.

    “My child…” Visual Kheda sighed.

    “What’s going on darling? His wife, Katherine came in gently, “why are you sighing again?”

    “Your dear son, scared off another maester!”

    “Again? Aha, how many now?”

    “How could you be laughing… this is the ninth.” Visual spoke bitterly, “Cisco is the last maester I could find in the city.”

    “Don’t you worry too much, Cohen may be a little unordinary, but he’s a good boy. See, he made this today.” Katherine handed over a blue belt with silver stripes on it.

    It was obvious that Cohen put a lot of work in this belt. It was handmade, and under the blue background, the silver lace crossed together into a lively phoenix.

    Looking at the belt, Visual Kheda could feel the love from his child, but he couldn’t help but feel gloomy once again.

    “Katherine, you don’t expect your child to make belts all his life, right? Cohen is indeed a good boy, but a good boy can’t survive this dangerous world.”

    “What could we do?” Katherine became a bit worried.

    “Where’s Cohen?”

    “Outside, might come back by night.”

    “Let’s talk with him over dinner. Oh by the way, I’m off to DC in a couple of days, you want anything?”

    “No, I’m good. Say hi to Tennessee and Webster, Bellerina as well.”

    “I will, I miss them too.”

    DC, the Divine City, capital of Swabian


    I’m a 6 year boy! I’m so happy~ no class today! Grandpapas wear sleep robes talking thing I think meaningless. Father said those are knowledge, but I think they are all wrong!

    Like today, Maester Cisco said, the ground under my feet is flat.

    Why, I don’t think it’s flat. If it were flat, then why do we first see the top of a ship sailing back from far away? Clearly it is a ball. But when I said this, Maester Cisco’s look was so frightened. I don’t get this. I didn’t mean to scare him. Anyway, now I have time to play!

    You don’t know who I am right? Let me tell you. My name is Cohen Kheda. If you want to be my friend, then call me Cohen. I have no magic, not at all. It is unbelievable in this continent called Peace. Because everyone has it. I have no idea why. Mother said I was born this way. So I don’t have to use magic. But papa had someone taught me a bunch of knowledge on magic. What for?

    One more thing, I, Cohen Kheda, hate… hate weapons of any kinds! As long as it is the things that bring wound and death, I detest them. I would vomit and scream and throw them far far away!

    Well, so I can’t learn martial skills either.

    Although I’m such a child, everybody loves me. Because I love to help everybody! I have a lot of friends who watched me grow up. I like them too!

    “Uncle Sam! How much are those fruits?”

    “Cohen, it’s free, take one.”

    “I’ll make a hair band for uncle Sam!”

    Habitats, male or female,  in this continent grow long hair.

    “Big sister, can I play this?”

    “Cohen you like this? Take one.”

    “I can’t take it. Mother said I can’t take things from others. Can I trade with this three-colored flower seeds?”

    “Granny, can I read your book?”

    “Sure, take it, little Cohen.”

    “Thank you! Granny, I’ll return it in a few days!”

    With the book in hand, I saw the name of the book is Continent Chronicle. It’s a book about history! I don’t like history. Why, if I return it now, granny would be angry. I’ll put it down for a few days and return it, that’s right.

    … guru…

    What is it? I looked at the dark sky, it’s dinner time! I have to go back home. Hurry hurry hurry, I have things to do after dinner!

  • Where is chapter 2?
  • Where is chapter 2?
    Fixed sorry about that.

    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 4 - Code of Chivalry

    I rushed back home by the last sunlight, and stopped at only a bit far from the dining room. Not because I suddenly full, I… I bumped into a big guy!

    Rubbing my hurtful head, “Big brother, can’t you wait at the same place! How many times have you stood in my way?”

    “Huh, stop talking… you scared off another maester today! Nobody dare teaching you any more.” This was my big brother Rick Kheda. Rick has red hair, a firm face and a beautiful blue eyes. Only ten years old, he is destined to excel in both martial and magic skills.

    “Yeah, father and mother are waiting for you. They have something to say after that.” My second brother appeared behind my big brother, his hair and eyes’ identical to Rick, “please say no more those strange words, little one.”

    “Alright… alright my brothers, I didn’t mean to, but that’s really my thoughts.” Hungry, but I can’t act inpatiently, that’s common courtesy.

    Mom appeared, “Boys, aren’t you hungry? It’s past dinner, hurry up!”

    Dinner time! I love mom most!

    “Boys are you full now?” It’s father’s gentle voice.

    “Full now, do you have anything to say, father?” Rick put down his bowl, Swift was finished as well.

    “Let’s wait for Cohen,” Mother looked at me devouring food, smiled and say, “Cohen can eat a lot.”

    “Yeah, he can eat twice as much.” Father smiled, “what did you do today Cohen?”

    “Me? Nothing much. I was out on the street.” Stuffed with food in my mouth, I said vaguely, “I’m getting hungry really fast now. I have no idea.”

    Last chunk of food down. I was full.

    “Alright, let’s talk about Cohen.” Seemed father was not in a rush, “Cohen, what did you say to Maester Cisco today?”

    “Not much, Maester Cisco said the continent is a flat place. I told him he’s wrong. The continent is circled like a ball.”

    “Are you joking? If it’s a ball then we would fall, right?” Rick was surprised, his eyes were widely open.

    “This… I have no idea, but if you think carefully. Why we first see the top parts of something sailing back far away, if the continent was so flat.

    “OK, no more arguments.” Father said, “problem is, there are things you can’t talk about.”

    We looked at him curiously, father continued, “Cohen, it is a good thing that you are thinking. However, if the priests from the temple know about your comments, it would be a disaster for our family?”

    I shook my head, “I don’t know that, but how come my thoughts have anything to do with the guys from the temple?”

    “You are still too young, and this is my concern. You don’t know what you can say and what you cannot. But as far as I’m concerned, we can’t hire another maester. I’ll teach you myself from now on.”

    “Really? I love it!”

    “Yes, but you can’t say those things anymore. You can think in your head, or ask me.”


    “By the way, I’m off to DC soon, you boys want anything?”

    “I want the knight outfit!” Rick said.

    “Me too!” Swift followed.

    “Really? Swift you wanna be a knight too?” Father looked the 8-years-old Swift.

    “Yeah! I’ve decided a long time ago.”

    “Hah, look Katherine, we’ll have two knights in our family.” Father then said to my brothers, “But how about Cohen? He can’t do martial arts or magic.”

    “No problem!” Rick jumped off the chair, said loudly, “I, Rick Kheda, in the knight’s name, will do my best protecting my brother, Cohen Kheda!”

    “Same here!” Swift never falls behind on anything, “I, Swift Kheda, in the knight’s name, will do my best protecting my brother, Cohen Kheda!”

    Smile burst on mother’s face, “Darling, see, they get along well.”

    “Sure, our children. And should we have a daughter as well?”

    “Get away… talking about that in front of the children!” Mother flapped father, “Boys, go to the bathroom!”

    Are they talking something that we can’t be part of? We can’t we? Adults have a lot of secrets right?

    “Mother, why I have black hair?”

    “Because your mother love a boy with black hair, so Cohen be a good boy grew black hair.”

    “Mother, why can’t I do magic?”

    “That’s because mother don’t like Cohen to get into a fight, so Cohen be a good boy will do no magic.”

    “Mother… I want blue eyes like Rick and Swift…”

    “Stupid little, mother love your black eyes… you’ll become a charm man someday.”

    Mother’s leaving, I sat up. Looks like mother got fooled by my act. I don’t want to sleep too early. But to do now.

    Right, I got a book from granny. I’ll read it.

    Lit up light, I took the book from my pocket. Let me read, if it’s not interesting I’ll return it tomorrow.

    Continent Chonicles

    Where we are is a continent called Peace (meaning hope).

    The Divines and Asmodians were at war when other species were primal. The vicious Asmodians were born with dark magic and eager to invade. The incredible Divines protected us with their ability of light power. In every country, there are temples built for the Divines.

    This is true, father said there is an enormous temple in DC.

    The Divines care their people with great power, kindness. We are showered with their light…

    Boring, nothing good…

    The Divines felt the lack of power within their people, unable to fight against the Asmodians. Thus the Divine passed on their knowledge of magic to us.

    Then, magic is not patent of the Divines and Asmodians. Elves and human beings excel most in magic. Others, limited by their intelligence, have difficulty in doing magic. There are five kinds of magic, wind, fire, water, dust and light from the Divines. The Asmodians taught their people wind, wire, water, dust and dark magic.

    ... during each war, there were wins and loses between them. During one war called the Golden Battle, which the Divine and Asmodian were directly involved. The great Divine defeated the Asmodians, making them live solely on island Hell until now. Even though, there was great sacrifice, the Divine had to retreat to island Heaven.

    ...the Divine and Asmodian needed time to heal, and without too much time to care about the continent, the people thrived. During a hundred years, the situation in Peach has changed dramatically. Group called nations appeared. Group formed by tribes retreated to the islands beyond the shores. As of now, there are only a few alien tribes who live in the Dark Forest and the Ocean of Death. Others have merged to each and every nations.

    ...the structure of a nation, human beings consists a great number of their people. Thus powers are held by human beings. The structures are; Royal family, nobleman, civilian. Tribes of people other than human beings, they were classified as slaves or lower…

    Ahhhhhhhh! Boring! I’ll stop!

    Time to do what I’ll do every night.

    I put down the book, legs crossed. Eased my mind, breathe carefully following a special pattern. I don’t know why I do this, but this is the things I know how to do since I remember things. By doing this before sleep, I'll be more energetic the next day!

    I have lots of other secrets, and I’ll tell them some other day. Slowly, I fell asleep.

  • thanks, keep up the good work.
  • thanks, keep up the good work.
    thank you, I'll do my best
  • dude loving your speed , and i usually enjoy magic themed novels , looking forward to reading more of it :D
  • dude loving your speed , and i usually enjoy magic themed novels , looking forward to reading more of it :D
    thank you! I'm doing my best ;)
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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 5 - Marfa, Jack, Wilder, Moya, Me and the Rhonas part 1

    Screaming, fire and explosion were all around me. There were unknown weapons in my hand, and I’m killing with it. Anyone shot by it will burst out mist of blood from the wound. Fragments of muscles and organs were up and down in the air. Dying bodies fell in all the ways possible. I don’t! I don’t wanna watch any longer! I was screaming, but I felt there was a stone on my chest. I couldn’t speak.

    I fell, a disgusting fat man stepped on my chest. He was laughing! He’s laughing! I was filled with hatred, sadness and a little regret.

    “Don’t blame me... I have to abandon you.”

    “At least with you together!”

    My powerless hand held up a silver object shining red. Looking at their dilated pupils, frightened face, and muddled steps. I was extremely want me dead! You are going down with me! COME ON!

    BOOM… The thing in my hand exploded, my fingers were gone, pale bones were all that’s left on my arm… I smelled death.

    Such a drastic explosion… Fire destroyed everything…


    I struggled to life, there were beads of sweat mixed with tears on my face, streamed down. I was shivering in the colde. What a terrible… terrible dream… Who was that man in my dream? Definitely not me… I don’t wanna kill… no killing…

    Sun’s coming up! Warm sunshine on my face, drove away all the cold from last night, so comfy!

    “Cohen, say goodbye to you father.”

    “Yes! See you tomorrow father!”

    “Cohen, be a good boy. You want anything from DC?”

    “I want books! A lot of books!”

    “Sure, I’ll bring a lot of books then.”

    “Pinky swear!”

    “Of course, father will never forget what I’ve promised to Cohen.”

    “Thank you father! Cohen will be a good boy!”


    So boring, mom’s with father, brothers are in class. I’m counting birds under the garden tree… What to do? Nobody is playing with me, I’m going out!

    Hurried with lunch, I grabbed granny’s book and ran out. I returned the book, and wandering alone on the market. There are some children over there, I’ll go and talk with them.

    At a quiet corner of the market, a discussion about “fat sheep” was taking place.

    “That guy, take a look. That guy with black hair.”

    “Yeah, boss, I saw him.”

    “Marfa, can you see how much money he has?”

    “Boss, me and Jack saw he has a lot of money, the yellow ones.”

    “You stupid, that’s called gold.”

    “Oh, I see.”

    “Moya, you go and fight with Jack in front of him. Marfa, you and me will take the gold.”

    “But Wilder… no, boss! Jack is my brother. I promised my father no bully. Can I beat up Marfa?”

    “Shit! If you beat up Marfa then who’s going with me to steal… no… get the gold?”

    “Ok, boss, I know. Jack, I’ll go easy on you. Bear with me, we’ll have food once we get the money.”

    “Just do it, I’m not afraid of pain.”

    The boss, Wilder assigned the job. When Moya was about to fight with Jack in front of the fat sheep. He came to them.

    “Hello there! What are you doing?” I said, not knowing anything about I being the fat sheep.

    Four kids aging 7, 8 years were stupefied when they saw me going towards them.

    “Boss, am I still fighting with Jack?” The slug boy ask the boy with grey hair.

    “Fight my ass! You stupid!” The grey hair flapped the slug.

    “Hey, you boy! What’re you doing here?” The grey hair asked me toughly.

    “Oh I wanna see what’re you guys are up to. I’m alone. Can I play play with you?” I answered honestly.

    “Play? Who wants to play with you. We are doing business, go away!” The grey hair looked really unfriendly.

    “Business? What business? Can I join you?” I don’t know I’m about to be on aboard.

    “Dress like that you must be a noble, what can you do?” The slug said.

    “I can do a lot of stuff.”

    Looked at me, the grey hair thought about it, then said, “Alright, if you want in, you call me boss.”

    “Why call you boss? You don’t look much older than me?” Boss… what a familiar word.

    “Are you stupid? Boss means leader!” The slug said, “Wilder is our leader, so we call him boss! Wilder is very brave! Last time when we were hungry. He climbed up the cliff behind the old red nosed man’s garden and stole… no, got apple for us.”

    “What? Are you guys getting starved very often?”

    “Yes, you have something to eat?”

    “Yeah, what do you want?” Luckily I have money on me today.

    “You! Really?”

    “I want bread!”

    “Jack love meat!”

    “Marfa want chicken!”


    Five kids with their belly full were lying on the grass.

    “Wilder, is this the place you climbed last time?” I pointed to a steep hill and asked the grey hair, “looks like it’s not so hard after all.”

    “Well why don’t  you give it a try.” Wilder said lazily, “on the top it’s the red-nose’s garden, and if you go up there and grab an apple, I’d call you boss.”

    “Really?” I asked, “You call me boss?”


    “Ok!” Such a brilliant name will belong to me!

    When I saw him walking towards the tiny cliff with his eyes shining, I knew I’m not boss any longer…” Many years later, Wilder, as one of five generals of the empire, said regretfully to his wife.

    I climbed and climbed, tried very hard to keep my body close to the ground. Every piece of grass, tree root made a great tool for climbing. Every rock became my standing point. I’ve never climbed anything before. But I’m not scared, excited on the contrary. This is not hard!

    When I’m about to finished, and raised my head. What’s standing in front of me, was not trees full of fruits. It was a… a sharp and shining sword!!!”

    Looked at the swinging blade, I can’t help stick my fingers into the mud tightly. Sweat was all over me once again. Heartbeat was rising. I was waiting, waiting for my trial. Gosh, someone is coming for me.

    “Sis! Come come! I caught a thief!!”

    Wait! Sounded like a girl? I raised my eyes, what the hell!

    A girl younger than me was staring at me with great interest like I was an interesting toy, she had a pair of bright eyes. The sword looked huge compared with her tiny hands, she had to try very hard to steady it.

    Smart enough, she leaned the sword to a rock. I got relieved. I’ve always considered sword as a dangerous thing. I never thought a sword would be any more powerful held by a girl. She could lose the balance and the sword would hit me!

    “Sister?” Another girl appeared from behind, “what are you doing?”

    “See! I caught a thief!” The girl looked at her elder sister and said proudly. She pointed at me with her finger.

    Please lady, don’t lose your sword!

    “Really? Let me see” The elder girl looked at me, “he’s just a boy!”

    “Aren’t you children! Why talking like adults?”

    “Don’t forget you are a thief!” The younger shouted, “I’ll talk to grandpa!”

    “I’m so sorry, the two of you kind ladies, can I climb up for now? I feel like I’m going down! If I slip away there’ll be no trophies for anyone.” My body was going numb. But to survive, I had to grab all the good words and say it with the most sincere voice.

    “Alright, come up.” Sounded like a nice elder sister.

    I climbed up clumsily, and sat down. I was wore out.

    “Hey, little thief, what are you doing here?” Needless to think, that tough voice came from the younger sister.

    I had no other way but to tell her. I pointed to the tree above my head, and confessed, “Apple.” I said tiredly.

    “Apple?? Ahahahahaha!!!”

    “Why, what’s so funny?” I have no idea what are they laughing at, but definitely laughing about me.

    You know what it’s like to have 2 girls laughing around the floor? Now I see it. Isn’t it that funny to look at a thief like me?

    When they were on their feet and had me looked at the tree, I realized how stupid I was… The green and finger sized fruits were swinging on the trees. This… this is apple??

    “Hey, you cute and lovely thief, you eat apple like this? Or have you no ideas when to eat apple, don’t you?”

    “Sister, don’t laugh at him… look his face is all blushed.”

    Dear god, let me die. Stealing apple in spring, what a shame…

    “The first time I met him, it was in my grandpa’s garden. Me and my sis were only past 6. He was 7. Black hair, black eyes, delicate face, suddenly appeared in front of us. I didn’t know if he came from the sky or underground. Of course, we treated him friendly. He was so funny. But who would know we both married him.”

    excerpt from Diary of Queen Rhona Jr.

  • Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 6 - Marfa, Jack, Wilder, Moya, Me and the Rhonas part 2

    “You look unhappy? Cheer up!” This little sister was a stupid… can’t she see I can’t get happy all because of her!

    “Yeah, cheer up, I’m Flynn Rhona. This is my little sister Carey Rhona.” This soft voice came from the elder, “What is your name?”

    Hearing this, I began to look at these two girls carefully. They really were twins.

    Same eyebrows, same bright eyes, same pretty face. The only thing that bothered me was the evil look in Carey’s eyes. Can’t she be a bit more like her sister?

    “Ah… black hair, dark eyes, I’ve heard about you, you are Cohen Kheda!”

    “I… I am Cohen…” I can’t lie about his.

    “Cohen Kheda? You are son of the viceroy? Why stealing apple?” Flynn looked confused.

    “Actually I…” I have to lie through this, “I am really hungry.”

    “No lunch?”

    “I… I ran away from home!” So hard to be a liar.

    “But you are a noble? What’s good about run away from home?”

    “I… I got sick…” Now I’m starting to confuse myself.

    “What kind of sick? My sister will be the best physician! You can talk with her.”

    “Yeah, I’m still learning, but I know some healing spells.”

    What kind of sickness? I’ve been healthy since I was born, except for those dreams… I’m completely healthy.

    “Can’t you say it? Are you lying?” Carey’s evil look appeared once more, “Sis, let’s go find grandpa.”

    “No! I am… really sick!” I have to say something or die.

    The following will be the top classified information in the empire!!!

    “I… I have a…”

    “You have a what! Say it!” Carey is no lady at all!

    “I have a hole on my but!”

    After laughing about it, I was brought to the red-nosed grandpa. A retired former general of Swabian.

    He looked mighty… with a red nose.

    “Hello sir, I am… I am Cohen Kheda.”

    “Oh! You are Cohen Kheda! Welcom!” Grandpa had a loud voice, “You can call me grandpa like Flynn and Carey! Your father and I are good friends.”

    “Grandpa, Cohen is so funny!”

    “Really? You three shall be good friends then.”

    “Yeah! We are already friends, right Cohen?”

    I don’t wanna be your friend!

    Well, luckily, I can put my heart back. And Wilder you four stupid, you knew such a evil creature lives here and you still let me! I’m going to kill them!

    “Grandpa, I have four friends there down the hill.”

    “Does one of them named Wilder?”

    “Yeah, how do you know that?”

    “Hahaha! No friends of Wilder dare to climb up to my garden!”

    “Oh, grandpa, they are orphans, can you…”

    “No problem, I’ll keep them in case they become bad.”

    I slammed a big bag of food in front of them, and sat down unhappily.

    They looked a bit lost.

    “From now on, I am your boss!”

    “Food!! Boss!!! Impressive!!!” Looking at the food, Moya acknowledged me, “Jack! Right?”

    “Yeah… new boss is really good…” Jack was grabbing food in the bag, “Last time, last time Wilder came back with wounds full of his head!”

    I stared at Wilder angrily!

    “You set me up!” I said, “You knew there were 2 mean girls there right!!!”

    “I… you can’t blame me… you wanted to get there…”

    “Wilder, you are supposed to call him boss…” Marfa said.

    “He doesn’t have the apple!” Wilder insisted.

    “Look at it!!!” I took out a tiny ball and placed it in front of him, “Because of you!!! And you!!! They laughed at me!!! Two girls!”

    “Yes… spring apple looks like this indeed…”

    “Right… I’ve never seen this…”

    “Boss, can I eat it?”

    “Stop!!!” I declared, “Now I am the boss right, Wilder?”

    “I’m a man with my words, since you have the apple, you are boss then.”

    “There you go.” I smiled, “well… to keep you guys away from starving… me and grandpa had a agreement.”

    “Boss, what is it??”

    “I’m asking you guys to help out in the garden,” I said, “Don’t cry… you’ll live with him and you’ll be well fed”

    “Noooooooo! Boss no…”

    “Can’t, I’m your boss, you’ll listen to me! I said go!”

    “Damn… that 2 girls are mean.”

    “Stop… I think boss is better.”

    Wilder said nothing, he fainted…

    Since then, Wilder and the other three boys settled at grandpa’s home. Grandpa could be tough sometimes, but he cares about them. Meanwhile, he taught them martial and magic skills. Wilder and Moya were strong, so they take martial arts as their main. Marfa and Jack were not as good, but their were pretty good on spells and arrow.

    I visited them everyday. And I watched when they practice. Though I can’t do anything, I’ve learned from watching. As for Flynn and Carey, they liked to practice on us with attacking magic, then healing spells afterwards.

    God knows if deliberately planned to do that.

    When they were on break, I taught them what I learned from the book. Or have a day out to play. During those days, every mountain, every river around the Darkmoon city saw our joyful faces

    Time went by, I spent my days happily and ready to welcome my 12th birthday.

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 7 - Short Journey to DC: Overture

    Ancient winds, carry my heart, fly!” Chanted the spell, Flynn flied into the air.

    Wrath of fire, I summon you, attack!” Spark came out of Carey’s fingertip, flame was getting bigger towards us…

    “Shit… No!!! We’re not ready!” Jack ran away screaming.

    “I’m coming!” Wilder rushed towards them and swung his big wooden sword to the fireball, “Rager chop!

    Marfa shot an unaimed arrow to Flynn, then laid a water shield around him.

    Fireball incoming…

    Couldn’t run away, and unable to fight back, I had no choice. I shielded myself with… Moya.

    Apologize Moya… He’s obviously trying to fight it by using his sword, like Wilder.

    BOOM! The fireball was destroyed by Wilder’s ranger chop. But the surrounding sparks lit up his hair and clothes.

    Jack ran away for good, got tied up by Flynn’s wind bondage.

    “Boss, why?” Moya turned and asked, his face got darkly smoked, “I could have gotten that fireball like Wilder…”

    “Err… don’t you think protecting your boss is a bit more important?”

    “Shit… Wilder, your outfit! Anything to change?” Poor Marfa who got tied up and lied on the ground said. Flynn did this.

    “Haha, you are no biggie… right sister?” That evil Carey again!

    “Don’t act surprise, this is the spell I learned today. Impressed?” Flynn walked off and said softly, “That was the first time!”

    “You two did it again!!!” Bold Wilder looked very energetic, “for once, warn us before you do your trial! My clothes!”

    “Well, if we told you then, can you avoid it?” Carey said, “couple of holes that’s all.”

    “Right… Cohen,” Carey asked while healing Moya’s face, “Why did you come so late today?”

    “Oh, about that, I was talking with my family.” I looked at Moya’s face slowly to recover, with great curiosity, “Tomorrow is my 12th birthday, I’d like to invite you to my party!”

    “Oh my! Boss’ birthday!” Jack looked excited, “Would it be fun, boss?”

    “I guess. I would like to show you all to my parents and brothers, no other guests.”

    “What? To see the viceroy? Flynn can I have your red dress?”

    “OK, then I’ll dress the blue one. I have hair band, red and blue for us as well.”

    Wilder cried and looked at the sisters who were talking about their dress, “Boss! How about us. I don’t have any spare clothes.”

    I looked at the holes on him, “Don’t worry, I’ve had the clothes store to make robes for each and everyone of you. They are of the same style!”

    “Are you? Really?”

    “Yeah! In fact, we are going to fetch them now.”

    “Then let’s hurry! Boss, I feel like losing something when other girls see through my holes.”

    “Don’t worry, Wilder, you can charge them!”

    “Marfa is spoiled by money…”

    “Let’s mess him up!”

    “Alright stop! Take Flynn and Carey with us!”

    Seven kids walked out from the clothing store.

    “Sister look at them, feeling good with their new clothes!”

    “Hey lady Carey, it’s new alright!” Marfa looked a bit cocky.

    “Hmmm, Cohen, Wilder and Moya looked fine. You and Jack...ewwwwwwww!!!” Carey twitched her mouth, “You guys should have eaten more.”

    “Hey!!! Carey! Leave me out of this! Said Jack, “You and your fireball did this!”

    “Sister, let’s stop talking. Time to go back.”

    “OK, wow look! A lot of people are down there!”

    “Indeed, let’s take a look!”

    Under the tall and big gate of the Darkmoon city, I was shocked for the first time in my tiny life!

    Endless flow of people were pouring into the city, men and women, olds and youngs. Everybody looked tired and sick. Their body were full of dirty, some of them were with wound. Those strong ones were struggled to the square down the city, weak ones sat down at the gate’s wall.

    “Hey dude, what’s going on?” I asked an orc who’s half lying on the ground.

    “Water… I need water…” The orc said, his face looked pale and eyes dull.

    “Jack! Fetch me some water.” Carey shouted at Jack before I could say something.

    “War… war…” Wetting his cracked lips, the orc said gravely, “Rivalz and Porta, war…”

    “We are from Porta. Days ago, Rivalzian troops attacked my village… all people ran away… but on our way here, the landlords wouldn’t let us into the city… said they can’t protect us commoners. The temple… they wouldn’t offer any help… not even a blessing spell for us…”

    “We had no choice, we have to ran across the border… some of us died of hunger… exhaustion… sickness… bodies became marks for the following people… my wife… my child! My child he was too young to eat barks… all I had was dirt! He ate dirt and his belly winded up like a ball… I didn’t even had the strength to bury him! God! Why! I am such a devoted man! Why I have to suffer!

    I, Cohen Kheda, I am 12!

    Hearing this, we were astonished…

    “Boss, can I have some money?” Moya said murmured, “Some people can’t hold it…”

    I fasten my pocket and gave all my money to him. I felt choked. Tears were filled in my eyes…

    “Sister, come here! That woman is in pain!”

    “Right! Marfa, get me a big pot!”

    “Wilder, go get some food from the rice shop!”

    “Moya, get your clothes for this kid.”

    “Carey, go find grandpa, only he knows how to heal such a wound.

    When I carried a pile of firewood half naked, I saw my father, Visual Kheda. He was not showing any everyday smell, and seeing me and the firewood in my hands, he said nothing but nodded to me…

    More people were pouring into the city, and by sunset, every empty space was full. All people who lived in Darkmoon came to help with food, clothes, medicine… Darkmoon city was doing its best to help for those homeless people.

    When the stars were looking at this city, the seven of us had already fallen asleep…

    Under the wall, accompanied the refugee, and showered by the first beam of morning sunlight, I, Cohen Kheda was 12!

    ...Saint Calendar
    June 2227
    The June War burst out between Rivalz and Porta.
    It was originated by an incident which a princess of Porta was harassed by a Rivalzian princess, who was carrying his diplomatic duty.
    During four months of war, both empires had wins and loses.
    By the same year, war ended with Rivalz’s apologize.
    Since the damage of this war was minor, they made peace by marrying Porta’s princess to the Rivalzian second prince…
    The marriage was well blessed and with happiness…

    Peace Chronicle

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 8 - Van Helsing

    We’ve finally been able to sat down and eat something. In the viceroy’s house, several kids were devouring food like young wolves.

    “Does boss eat like this everyday?” Jack asked, “Viceroy’s dinner looks just like mine.”

    “Well what do you expect, dragon meat?” I said shortly, “This is my birthday dinner after all.”

    “Alright, Jack,” Moya said with a mouthful of food, “Eat more and prosper.”

    Then we stopped talking and dealt with food carefully…

    “Dear, look at them.” Mother smiled, “Such innocent kids.”

    “Yeah, happy days.” Father nodded, “Today is Cohen’s birthday, do you have your presents ready?”

    “Way ahead of you,” mother’s got a small box banded with red ribbon, “here you go, Cohen.”

    “Thank you! Mother.” I jumped to open it, “Wow! What’s this clothes!”

    “That’s not clothes.” Mother laughed, “That is a soft armor.”

    “Really? It feels extremely light!” I put the armor around my knees, “And it’s very big!”

    “Cohen’s tiny,” father said, “Consider your growth, you can wear it by 16.”

    “Does it have a name? It’s so light and so black.”

    “Yeah, uncle Visual, it looks like a piece of clothes! Are you sure it will defend?” Carey was a bit confused/

    “Don’t underestimated it. It specializes in defending magical attack!”

    “Oh really? Let me try.” Carey pointed her fingers at me excitedly, but nothing came out of it.

    “Don’t you forget sister.” Flynn said, “Your mana was used up.”

    “Right… next time.” Carey sat down annoyed.

    “Cohen! This is from me and Swift!” My big brother handed a box to me.

    “Thank you brothers!” I opened the box, “What is it? Looks like an egg?”

    “Yes you are right! Swift said loudly, “This is a eudemon’s ege, aunty Bellerina gave us when we were in DC.”

    “Really?” I looked at the egg in the box. The shell was crystal clear,  “But how to cook it? Boil?”

    “Gosh…” Swifted looked he’s really suffering something, “that is not your dinner!”

    “Hahahaha, my Cohen is exceptionally good at eating!” Mother said, “Your aunt Bellerina worked very hard to find it, and it’s going to hatch, into a eudemon!”

    “What… impressive! Eudemon! What is it? Moya asked.

    “Well, it depends. A eudemon will grow and develop according to its master’s abilities.” Father looked delighted and answered, “What is more, the hatching time is extensive, and in order to hatch, the egg needs its processor’s power.

    “But Cohen has none!” Carey stood up, again.

    “What I said is power,” Father looked at me, “it comes from one’s soul, the power of good and evil.”

    He nodded and looked at me, and continued, “This power that lies within everybody, it’s powerful. Your aunty Bellerina and I asked his Majesty’s consent and gave you this egg. Lookin like an ordinary egg as it is, Cohen might wind up with a very powerful eudemon.

    “Really? Then Cohen will have a powerful sidekick!” Flynn said joyfully, “Will it listen to Cohen?”

    “It will. They are connected through the mind.” Mother said.

    “Thank you brother!” I said, “But father, aren’t you gave me any presents?”

    “Looks like I can’t run away from that.” Father expressed great patience, “We had all the food I prepared for your birthday carried outside the city, there are numerous kids who needs food. You wouldn’t blame your father, would you?”

    “Not at all!”

    “Really? Well how about this. Cohen you can ask me for a present, anything!”

    “Ok…” I went over my head, “I want to go to the Divine City with you!”

    “You wanna go there?” Father wondered, “Ok, no problem. Either way, I need to address yesterday’s incident to his Majesty Climos. I’ll take you with me!”

    Hooray! I’m going to DC!" I can’t describe how happy I am.

    “Boss, get us some souvenirs.”

    “Yes, boss, it’s better be clother, see! We donated our new suits to those kids.

    “Wilder, you look awesome with that one… with a hole on it, must be cool!”

    “My lady Carey! That one’s on you!!!”

    “Kids, quiet. Your auntie Katherine will bring clothes for you!”


    My very first time riding a horse! Father handpicked a white pony for me. I named it Milky. It's so clever! Not wandering about, and followed my father’s ride all the time. That way I can talk with him without any trouble.

    “Father! Look at those wild flower!”

    “Of course, this is grassland bordering the Dark Forest!”

    “Is that the forest where other alien people live in?”

    “Yes it is.”

    “Is it really dark there? No sunshine?”

    “Well, it’s not. Like our own city, there’s light. Because most of the people who live there, are not human beings. Basically their ways of life are very different from ours, thus everyone thinks it’s a mysterious place. Plus those people could be pretty tough and hard on outsiders, which makes us humans uneasy to access their territory. Here is how it’s called Dark Forest.”

    “I see, then what kinds of people are there?”

    “A great many, there are orcs, vampires, winged-men, and elves!”

    “Sounds fun! Father don’t stop, tell me more!”

    “Sure, if you wish.”


    From a distant, a horseman came riding fastly. The rapid clops cut off our conversation. That horseman roared and stopped beside us.

    “Your highness! We found a group of hunters up front!” The leading horseman was the leader of my father’s guarding squadron. Uncle Maiza.

    “Hunters? What are they doing here?” Father scowled.

    “I saw them carrying a couple of iron cages.” Maiza looked sweaty, “And I think I saw something in the cages.”

    “Damn it!” Father looked angry, and said to the others, “They came again! Get them! Set up the camp, let’s stop here today.”

    “Yes, your highness!” Maiza said aloud to his followers, “You with me!”

    Thirty horses rushed away following Maiza, causing gusts of dust floating in the air.

    “Father, why you need to get them?”

    “Cohen, I want you to remember. Those are bad people, they are here to capture kids, kids of people I told you about earlier.

    “Although… why they want kids?”

    “To sell!” Father said sorely, “They are going to sell the kids to other countries as slaves!”

    “What is a slave?”

    “Slaves are… slaves are people without freedom, without protection, without enough food. They could be bullied, teased and oppressed by anyone anytime.

    “That… sounds terrifying, but how come I’ve never heard of any slaves?”

    “Cohen, you have to understand. We don’t have any slaves in Swabian, and that was one of the reasons I am here to rule a province.”

    “OK, I see now!”

    By the time guards were finished setting the camps, I saw uncle Maiza came back escorting several people, along with several cages...

    Eudemon is a species with great power.
    They can be divided into higher or lower classes,
    Eudemons are rare, and feed on mind powers of their processor
    The rare eudemons are normally processed by the royal family.
    Personnel other than the royal family will have to ask for permission to have one.
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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 9 - Dagger and Blood

    Father was busy with his business in the pavilion, business on the hunters without doubt. As for now, they looked lousy and claimed to be private mercenaries for some noblemen. Eventually they confessed after being beaten up by father’s guards.

    Well, I could have done better, flowers looked fun.

    “Uncle Maiza!” I raised a water bag, “How sweaty are you! Here’s water!”

    “Thank you, Cohen!” Uncle Maiza took my water and spoke loudly.

    “Uncle Maiza,” I looked at the cages behind him, “I want to take a look at them.”

    “Well, OK, but keep your distance.”

    “Why not?” I asked, “Closer makes I see clearly.”

    “No way!” Uncle Maiza stopped at one of the cages and said, “Look, Cohen, this is a dwarf kid. He’s extremely strong, and dangerous to you.”

    “And this is a young elf, she might use her spells against you… this is a winged man… this is sandman… and this little vampire girl looks sick!?” With a stiff look, he swiftly paced into father’s pavilion.

    Sick? I leaned forward with my hands over the bar, and looked at that vampire girl curiously.

    She looked apparently pale and weak. Looked like her born golden hair has lost its glossy radiant. Under the youthful eyebrow was her folded eyes. She looked numbed and was shivering constantly.

    “Please… save her… please… save her… I can serve you… I can be a slave…” A weakened voiced came across from the other side.

    I turned and noticed the owner of that voice. It was the little elf. Seeing me reacted to her voice, she struggled on her knees and crawled closed.

    “Please, save her… little Windsor is dying! Save her please! She’s a vampire, but she’s never done anything bad…” With tears flooding in her eyes and eventually falling down, she talked while sobbing her cheeks. Her face was deformed by the narrow bars though she kept on trying to reach towards me.

    Forgetting uncle Maiza’s warning, I gripped her tiny hands involuntarily.

    “What can I do? I don’t know spells. I can’t cure her.” I hate myself for being a no-magic.

    Eyes flickered, the elf said, “You don’t need to… please find me a dagger and a container.”

    “What are you hoping to achieve? I don’t understand.”

    “Little Windsor needs blood…” She lowered her head, “She is… please hurry up… please.”

    “No!!!” Another sore voice went up, “You can’t lose any more blood! Winslet! You gave her your blood for days! You’ll die! Let me feed her!”

    I looked at this sandman, “What is going on with you?”

    “Please!! I will be your servant!! Please give me a dagger!”

    “No, Dimmock! You are wounded…”

    “I…can’t… if only winged-man were warm-blooded!”

    I straightened the elf’s hand, raised her sleeves… and was shocked by the knife cuts. Then I peeked the crying winged-man and the bruised little sandman. I walked into father’s pavilion.

    “Father, I need a dagger.” I spoke peacefully.

    “Sure, one second. Wait, did you say something?” Father glared at me with surprise.

    “I said I need a dagger, father.” I repeated, “The girl in the cage is dying. Only blood can save her.”

    “Are you sure? I would give you a dagger, but considering your hostility towards weapons. Plus…” Father was rubbing his forehead, which indicated that he was going through struggling, “... whose blood do you want?”

    “My blood, father.”

    “No way!” Maiza shouted, “My blood!”

    I shook my head, “Uncle Maiza, father is the viceroy, and he has his duties. As for you, uncle Maiza, you are in charge of his security. So you have your duty, too. Your duty requires that your bodies are intact. I can’t let my choice influence you. One more thing…” I looked at father and said firmly, “My choice!”

    “Maiza, give your dagger to him.” Father finally came through. He stopped Maiza, who wanted to add something up, “Look at him, don’t let our young hero die for that cute little girl.

    Choked back rising detest, I took over uncle Maiza’s dagger and walked out. Guards opened the cage and took the trembling girl out.

    “Let assist you,” Maiza grabbed my hand, “You don’t know how deep it goes.”

    “Get ready.” Uncle Maiza shouted at the guards, “You miss a drop of lord Cohen’s blood I’ll send you a one way ticket to the latrine!!!”

    The little elf, winged-man, sandman and the dwarf stared at me muddled. Uncle Maiza’s clutching hands got tighter and bling. My wrist, first cold, then warm, then came my blood.

    “Take it!” Maize shouted again, it’s not his blood that’s spilling.

    “His kind and saint power...” Looking at the half full bowl, a mage started to chant, “...cure and heal!” The mage’s fingers moved, and the wound on my wrist was closed…

    “Right! I merely forgot!” I said to the mage guard, “Can you go take a look at their wounds? They looks really severe!”

    “As you wish, lord Cohen. In a moment.” The mage was not going away, he muttered something instead, then pointed at my head with his finger. My head… I felt dizzy… I fell asleep…

    “Your highness, how could you not stop Cohen?”

    “Maiza, you are aware that my Cohen does not like weapons.”

    “Yes, I’m aware of that.”

    “When he was asking for a dagger, my amaze was beyond comprehension.”

    “I don’t understand, your highness.”

    “My friend, this kid is very different from other children in many ways. Smart, kind, without magic power. You can’t find any worship of violence, which is the nature of boys, from this boy. Me and his mother were a bit concerned about his grown-up life, considering this is a world of uncertainties.

    “Then why today… Cohen… his highness…”

    “I have been observing. Cohen refuses to touch any weapons because of his hatred to killing… I don’t know his reasons. Though today, he had this great chance to understand that weapons could be used to save people. Would you refuse him, wouldn’t you?”

    “Yeah!!! Master Cohen looked very… determined! Anyone had to say yes!”

    “This is the first time you call him master, Maiza.”

    “I want to do that! Cohen has won our respect, with his bravery and kindness!

    “Hahahahahaha, Maiza, I’m very pleased you feel the same way. How about a drink, what do you say?”

    “I’m sorry, your highness. I’m on duty today.”

    “Oh, right! I forgot that. How’s Cohen doing now?”

    “He’s fine. He lost a bit of blood, and is sleeping under spells. Should be up by tomorrow.”

    “Sound good. By the way, lock the hunters in their cage! Do anything like they did to those kids! No food, only a bit of water.”

    “Yes, your highness.”

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 10 - Steven, Manta, Dimmock, Winslet, Windsor, Me and Marfa, Jack, Wilder, Moya, the Rhonas

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I woke up screaming and breathed rapidly like any other mornings.

    “Ahhh!” Someone was whispering around me, “You are awake.”

    There were some tiny figures gathered around, which freaked me a little.

    “I am Steven! I am a winged-man! Thank you for saving my friends life.” To prove what he said, little winged-man tried to spread his wings in the narrow carriage.

    “I am Manta, I’m a dwarf. I’m not good at human language.” He looked at his hands, “Thank you!”

    “I’m Dimmock… master of sand, I’m a sandman…”

    “I… I’m Winslet… hello.” I stared at her, she looked down and blushed.

    “That handkerchief…” I touched my forehead, “were you wiping me when I was dreaming?”

    “Ye… me,” her face blushed even more, “you looked very unfitting.”

    “Appreciated that!” I said, “You have no idea how hard it is waking up with a headful full of sweat.”

    “No… no problem.” The elf girl looked at me, “You saved Windsor’s life with your blood, it’s you I should be thanking.”

    “Right! That Windsor girl? Is she alright?”

    “Here!” A sweet girly voice came and the door was opened. Father put a little girl inside.

    “Cohen, a girl cried to see you.” Father looked amused, “So I brought her in. I’ll let you talk.”

    “Thank you daddy!”

    “By the way, due to the incident we had, we are on our way back the Darkmoon. I’ve sent people for their tribes.” Father closed the door.

    “Hello! Big brother!” I’m Windsor! Windsor Don!”

    She recovered well, judging from her red face.

    “Good go see you, Windsor, how you feeling now?” I flipped her head, “Want another drink?”

    “Noooo! If I don’t use magic, then I don’t need blood.” She bulged her pretty eyes, “Big brother’s blood tastes raw.”

    “Oh… really?” I was a little embarrassed.

    “Don’t get mad, she’s like that always.” Winslet said.

    “By the way, how did you get caught?”


    “Let me see…”

    “We were…”

    “Don’t talk!” Windsor jumped up, “Let Windsor tell him the story!”

    “OK, then you tell.” Winslet expressed great patience, “But you have to tell it right!”

    “Winslet is the best!” Windsor kissed her cheek, then turn to me and said.

    “Big brother, things happened. We are friends. My father is meeting with Winslet’s mother, Dimmock’s father, Steven’s father and Manta’s father every year. They were talking then we went out to play. Few days ago me and Winslet found a beautiful bird, then I got every boys to catch it. Then we got caught by those bad people…”

    “Yeah, Windsor was sick because of that.” Steven added.

    “Father said humans are not to be trusted.” Manta glimpsed me, then said embarrassedly, “Though I think you are not one of them.”

    “My parents are good people!” I said to Manta, “Me and my friends are good too!”


    “Yeah, I’ll show you! Let’s be friends together.”

    “Some friend… you didn’t even tell us your name.”

    “Oh, I’m so sorry. I forgot to tell you, I am Cohen Kheda.”

    “That’s more like it! Still you need to wrestle with me.”


    “The dwarf thing! Wrestling makes friends.”

    “Is that true? Steven, do I need to fly in order to be your friend?”

    “No… but you need to catch me up.”


    “Don’t worry. Steven’s easy! Windsor will help!”

    POWWWWW! Moya was slammed on the sand ground, then he jumped upon Moya!!

    “Argh!!!” Moya got pegged… and around them, Wilder was giving orders, “Marfa, if you do that you’ll get him down!”

    On the other side, our lovely Windsor attached herself to Steven, and the little devil revealed her sharp teeth, her eyes stared at his arm, and said, “I’ll let you fly, aha, can’t you fly? Cohen will catch you!”

    “Darn, Windsor! I’m cold-blooded you can’t eat that!” Poor Steven got sweaty.

    “Did I say I’m drink it? I’ll have a tiny bite!” Girly devil was grinding her teeth.

    I ran harshly and grabbed Steven’s belt, “Steven!!! I got you!”

    “Gee… you passed.” Poor Steven abandoned his rules for his own safety.

    “Alright! All passed!” Carey declared.


    “We are friends!” Everyone was cheering for this Friendship Qualification Convention. Of course Carey came up with that name. Though she didn’t wrestle with Manta, or raced Steven. Before Manta was about to complaint, she pursed her lips, “Us ladies will make friends with ladies, we don’t want be part of yours.”

    “That’s right! Windsor loves Carey and Flynn! Winslet too!” Windsor followed.

    “Yeah, you boys’ stuff. We have our ways to make friends.” Winslet floated in the air, her thin and clear wings flapping, and spoke softly… well, no girl shows, pity…

    “So what are we going to do?” Windsor asked.

    “Let’s go to grandpa’s garden! That should be fun.”


    “Boss, are we going?” Jack came nearer and asked.

    Before I said anything, Dimmock asked, “Hold on, Jack, what did you just call him?”

    “You don’t know?” Dimmock said, “Cohen is our leader, we’d call him boss.”

    “Oh yeah? Then let me do the same!” Steven continued, “What about you Manta?”

    “I… let me think about it…” He’s clearly considering.

    “Just call him that!” Windsor pushed Manta, “Call him that!”

    Suddenly there’s a light chuckle came behind us, “Little Windsor, what’ya doing?”

    “Daddy!” Windsor swiveled and immediately jumped into the source of that voice. Then several tall and big adult showed up, my father was part of them.

    “Manta!” A strong dwarf paced next to Manta, “Now you know you are a long way to go to become a real warrior!”

    “Yea father!” Manta drooped his head, “I will work harder!”

    “Aha, dad!” Steven looked at his father with a hippie smile.

    “Shut your damn mouth! I told you time after time, a winged-man is aware of any danger! You stupid thing! I will punish you!” An adult winged-man shouted at the sky.

    “Calm down.” A beautiful elf said, “Steven was very brave. He didn’t run away, right? He’s a good boy!”

    “For god sake, her elf majesty. You remember that, Steven!”

    I stood at a loss. Looking at these guy, I asked father, “Daddy, are they…?”

    “Cohen, these are the fathers and mothers of your new friends! Dad looked delighted, “Let’s go kids! Time for lunch!”

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 11 - Learn Magic… Theory

    “Madam Elf, are you a vegan?” I asked with a mouthful of food.

    “Cohen! She has a name, and you know it.” Mother gave me a dissatisfied look, “and you are not talking while eating, that’s rude.”

    I groaned as she struck my head, grabbed a glass of water and emptied my mouth, “They are tough to pronounce! Mr Winged-man name is particularly hard for me…”

    “Never mind that, auntie will do just fine.” Madam Elf combed my hair, “Really rare, black hair. How pretty.”

    “Her Elf Majesty…” Mr. Wing’s hippie face looked just like his son, “Are you sure pretty is the right word for a boy?”

    “Well, of course, Steven got that specialty look from you. Can’t you stop that silly face?” Mr. Dwarf’s voice is just as loud as uncle Maiza.

    “Enough, you two quit picking on each other.” Windsor’s father swung his wine glass, “Cohen, my name is short, just call me Earl.

    “Some earl! You’re nothing more than a dummy mage guy!” Mr. Wing laughed, “my magic will beat your ass!”

    “Yup!” Mr. Dwarf held up his fists, “I’ll cut you off with my axes!”

    “Will you?” Uncle Earl said casually, “As long as you are fast enough.”

    “You know, we have kids around here,” Mr. Sandman, who’s been silent from the beginning, said, “Stop arguing, for god sake.”

    “Oh, Cohen, you don’t have any magic, do you?” Auntie Elf cut in, “Let me take a look, is that alright?”

    “Sure,” Mother gladly answer, “with her majesty’s help, we can definitely find the reason!”

    “Excellent, anything relating to magic, her elf majesty is professional.” Father nodded.

    “Thank you! Aunt Elf!”


    “Cohen, relax.” auntie elf put her hands on mine, “There will be no pain.”

    I could feel a pleasure trace of coldness extending from her hands. Is that magic?

    The cold slowly went through my arm, then became weaker when it turned and passed my shoulder. And it disappeared before it could barely reached my chest.

    “Curious,” She frowned, “Cohen, let me try from the other end.”

    “Sure.” I said.

    Then her blonde finger tipped between my eyes. This time the magic felt like threads! They flown and spun everywhere in my brain as streams. Finally they all gathered within a place as big as a infant fist, then they got bypassed and went down to my chest again.

    “Curiouser and curiouser!” Auntie Elf put back her finger, and spoke to mother, “The magic currents I sent in were not rejected by his body. And I’ve altered the elements and retried. All of them dissipated without exception, which countered my expectation, that they would gather somewhere. There was a place in particular, my magic was hindered there.”

    “Is that where the problem is?” Father asked anxiously, “Which part is it?”

    “Right here,” Auntie Elf pointed at my forehead, “Somewhere behind here.”

    “Can you fix it?” Mother asked, “Is there any chance Cohen could learn magic?”

    “I can’t say anything for now,” Auntie Elf thought, “Considering his current condition, I would suggest teaching him theories on magic.”

    “So be it!” Mr. Earl said, “We still have a few days to kill, we’ll take care of him.”

    “Good idea!” Mr. Wing added, “I’ve got some magical tricks for you as well.”

    “Your stuff…”

    “What is it?”

    “I’ll laugh about it…”

    “What! Enlighten me! Ass face!”

    “Yeah, my axe’ll kill you!”

    “Guys… there are kids around here...please.”


    A torch of flame was dancing on the palm of my untie elf. And I watched it contracted and expanded astonishingly. Then it turned bigger than my head and shot.

    “The use of spells, there are two aspects.” Madam Elf offered her smile, “First, the level of your meditation. The higher the level, the greater power it will be. Meditation will determine your spells are powerless or strong. Like when I was dealing with fire, the lowest lighting spells will takes an ordinary person a few months. Then the mighty Diablo Wrath is followed by the medium fireball. The question is why it takes some mages their lifetime to become a arch mage?”

    “Not that I’m denying their hard work, then comes the second aspect, the understanding of magic.”

    “Understanding?” There was subtle things came to my mind.

    “Yup.” Madam Elf looked at me gentle, “Your understanding on magic is crucial. A person, no matter how great his magic is, he need to practice the spells. Like the previous fireball, people with less knowledge of it will launch it after the chanting. Then he chants again to prepare his next spell, whereas a person with greater understanding, he will hold the ball until it charges to the right size, then release it. Afterwards, he still has his mind controlling the fireball on its flying path. This way, there is greater chance hitting the target. Compared with using spells blindly, this way will save on your mana, and virtually increase its power. Sure, one is free to do so on all element spells. An excellent mage will have to learn to calm.


    “Magic, is not perfect!” Mr. Wing looked serious instead of funny, “Magic one end, physical is to the other end, some guys could ignore magic attack, and there are people who’s able to defend physical thread. Then what’s the solution?”

    “There is a solution! You know, spears and shields co-exist harmoniously in this world. Knowing this, you need to think your ass. The way is to combine the two! Like this! Look at that tree!”

    He spread his wings like a whirlwind and float into the sky. Then he started to murmur while took the bow behind his back. Bowstring drawn like a full moon. White light began to appear on the tip of the arrow. Then he shot, the distant tree shook twice, then returned silence.

    “Wicked! Right on target!” I yelled excitedly. Mother taught me about politeness.

    “That’s good, very precise!” Uncle Earl who was standing with Madam Elf said, “We saw that, very precise indeed!”

    “You!” Mr. Wing’s face redden while he saw Madam Elf was chuckling. He flashed down then grabbed me towards the tree.

    “Take a good look at it!” Mr. Wing put me down, “Is it that simple?”

    I examined the tree. While it was standing straight, the trunk was blasted into piece and sealed in the ice.

    Gosh, an arrow can do that?

    “Did I make myself clear?” Mr. Wing said proudly, “The power of combination! Arrow destroy the target, magic seals it. One can only fend one.”

    “OK… loud and clear! I’m very well impressed!!” I admitted I have to copy Steven’s hippie face.


    “Well, magic…” Mr. Earl was slow and laid-back as always, “... magic is very picky on its user.”

    “Spells are art!” Glanced at Mr. Wing, Earl continued, “The importance lies in precise aiming and smart hiding.

    “If you understand what I said, you need to observe your opponent carefully, and look for his weakness. Correctly evaluate his strength and decide which spell to use. What’s next, take advantage of any objects conceal your present then narrow your appropriate distance. Finally you are ready to release the spells.

    “To release your spell, slowly… gently… finish your chant, without being heard…” Mr. Earl quietly slide his fingers in the air, “Shield its light, care your spell like a lover… and release it without hesitation.”

    His arm waved around, and continued, “In most cases, acting as I said, your spells will not be dodged. In some instance, like being scouted, or having an enemy without shame, then you need to run away. Hell, we are mages, not warriors. Don’t underestimate running. You need to learn to run, keep your distance and prepare for your next spell. Avoid incoming strikes while keep troubling them with, let’s say you tusks, or anything puzzling, until beaten down!”

    Glimpsed at me, Mr. Earl asked, “So much for now, do I make myself clear?”

    “Cohen get them all except for one thing!” I said.

    “Good job, ask questions, what is it?” Mr. Earl looked quite delightful, “Say it, let me enlighten you.”

    “I don’t understand, what is a lover?”

    “Oh yeah! Same question here!” Mr. Wing laughed out loudly, “Please enlighten me, Earl!”

    “That… this question… where’s my wine…”

    “But what is a lover…”

    “Let’s have some delicious wine, your Uncle Earl is tired… let’s pick it up tomorrow…”


    “Go and check out over there, Cohen. Mr. Dwarf is showing off his martial arts!”


    Diablo wrath, a top class, wide range fire spell.
    Arch mage, level of the mage classification. Levels of mage are Stage Mage, Junior Mage, Arch Mage, Sorcerer. Due to the difficulty, most people were halted at Stage level for life.

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 12 - Farewell

    Under the careful training and guidance of Madam Elf and other adults, me and my friends have shown tremendous progress in both spells and physical skills. Sure, my problem remained unsettled. I couldn’t even produce a simple tiny fireball. And today was Mr. Dwarf’s last teach.

    “Kids, watch!” Mr. Dwarf spoke with his waggled beard, “Since you prefer bi-hander and I’m holding one. It outweighs ordinary swords in both size and weight. Chop it with force, sweep hardly, drag backwards, and stab it fast. In the meantime, while you can not arm a shield with your hands full, a bi-hander could act to defend.

    “A bi-hander user requires, primarily strength!” The great blade looked exceptionally light in Mr. Dwarf’s hands, and he played it like a toy, “You need a bit of agility. A melee battle would mean close combat, extended range will lower your advantage, thus your movement and distance between you and your enemy will not be neglected. You need to keep it in your head, all blades have their strength, and weaknesses. There is no single weapon which has total control over the other. Smart up, take control of your blade instead of being taken over. This way you will not be dominated in a combat.

    “Uncle Dwarf, what is your weapon?” Rick stood up and asked.

    “Well, Rick, my height reasons me to use a pair of two-handed axes.”

    “Would you battle me?” Rick’s eyes lighted up a bellicose desire.

    “I would, gimme your best.” Uncle Dwarf axed up.

    Rick and Swift also drawn their sword, then bowed to Mr. Dwarf, and approached towards him.

    “Yes! A live combat!” All kids were cheering for them, “Go for it!”

    “Hoa!” Swift yelled upon his opponent at a short throw on, then his sword chopped from the top. Doing that, his feet shifted quickly forward and his attack landed right upwards Mr. Dwarf.

    “NOT! ENOUGH!" Uncle Dwarf did not move a bit. He lied the axes up against Swift’s sword.


    The dwarf broke Swift’s attack, and turned him over. Axes were thrown into the sky and knocked Rick’s weapon away.

    Rick’s sword was swept across towards his target, then got changed in direction.

    PUFF… His sword fell into the ground, causing dust of sand…

    My two brothers looked embarrassed and blushed, everybody laughed…

    “Don’t think less of yourselves.” Uncle Dwarf sounded very supportive, “You two are still developing in time. And you performed well in coordination. Even without consultation, you swept in cooperation with Swift’s chop, you did well. More practice is needed. Let’s do it again…”

    “Cohen!” I turned and discovered Madam Elf, “Fetch Winslet with you.”

    “Got it!” I pulled Winslet’s fair hands and run for it.

    Father and other adults were there.

    “What’s going on? Auntie Elf? I was learning martial skill with Mr. Dwarf.”

    “No hurry.” Father chatted, “There is a situation for you and Winslet!”

    “What is it?”

    “You know,” Madam Elf said, “We were held up here for days. It’s time to go home now.”

    “Oh dear! How soon? Are Winslet and the others leaving along?”

    “Don’t worry,” Father grinned, “Your Auntie Elf wasn’t saying Winslet is leaving.”

    “Indeed,” Madam Elf snorted, “You know, we will be departing for a very distant place. It would be less trouble if Winslet is staying here. What say you, Cohen?”

    “OK!” I jumped up with joy, “OKOK!"

    "Mother,” Winslet whispered, “Where is this place? Is it really far away?”

    “Consider your age, yes.” Madam combed her daughter’s hair gently, “But your mother is a grown-up.”

    “Then, come back early. Winslet will miss you everyday.”

    “I promise, my dear.”


    While they were cuddling, Uncle Earl the vampire approached me.

    “Cohen,” He presented me a slim box, “I know you hate weapons”

    “I do, Uncle Earl you know that already?”

    “I know.” He opened  the box, “You saved Windsor with your own blood. I appreciated that a lot. Although you hate weapon, I wish you could have this anyway.”

    “Cohen, I reckon that you’ve already know.” Father said, “Weapons can be used for saving people. Like your Uncle Dwarf’s axes. Weapon is handled by its user for bad, and good things as well. My faith in you to accept this present.”

    “He’s right. Cohen.” Even wordless Uncle Sandman started talking, “Your soul makes your deeds.”

    “Correct, I believe that you will protect your friends someday with your power.”

    Silently I took over the box and opened it.

    A sheathed dagger full of mounted gems presented itself in from of me. Set by velvet underneath, I drawn the dagger carefully.

    “Chink…” The sound of metal touching sharpened my ear. I saw a gleaming dagger so brilliant as if moonlight reflects its flare into the darkness.

    “WOW…” I couldn’t help admiring, “It is gorgeous!”

    “HA, more than that! My dagger is a rare treasure!” Mr. Vampire grinned, “You’ll notice its power when using spells! And… I’m nice to you, am I?”

    “Thank you! Uncle Earl! Cohen will learn magic hard!”

    “That’s my boy!”

    The adults all smiled at me… but their looks turned out a bit different than usual.

    “Alright!” Auntie Elf declared, “Let’s go check out other kids!”


    The next day, we said farewell to our moms and dads. Father will be on his way to DC, so he’s coming along.

    “Dad! Come home early! Bring books this time!”

    “Mom… I’ll miss you! Winslet looked a bit sad.

    “Dad! What ya bringing this time?” Windsor fawned.

    “Father! I will do more practicing!” Manta promised.

    “Hey, dad!” Hippie Steven smirked…

    “...” Dimmock and Mr. Sandman were staring at each other speechlessly.

    Saint Calendar
    July, 2227
    ...the grouped bandits Black Storm, who had been troubling area Ocean of Death were wiped out from history. Rumors had that this act was carried by the united elf, sandman, winged-man and vampire.
    If this was the case then obviously they obtained help from other parties… nevertheless, the extermination of Black Storm was a good news to residents and businessmen in the neighborhood

    Peace Chronicle

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 13 - I Have a Fiancee

    Soft breeze saw the beginning of summer. Leaves glimmered charming golden light behind viceroy’s back garden. New grown grass thrived to show its liveliness. It was a green land all over the world. Blue sky, white clouds, cricket tweeted.

    “Last year’s birthday, ten bucks from Ms. Katherine, 10 bucks from Mr. Visual, Rick and Swift…” Lied on the grass, Jack muttered while counting from his coin bag, “This year got 10 bucks from Ms. Katherine… total 175 bucks, 20 to Wilder, 5 bucks to Marfa… if they pay me on this holiday then, I will have 245 bucks…”

    What a miser.

    “Wilder, you are the strongest among us, stronger than Moya, am I right?” Marfa leaned against a trunk, “Me and Jack are considering doing assault practice on you…” He's truly a bad ass…

    “Hey Manta! You know I’ve been self-training my archery.” Steven stretched his wings, “I’m now able to enchant my arrow. Level 1 is a good start!” Blah blah blah…

    ...I settled down feeling cozy with one hand against my head, read my book and listened to my friends’ chitchat.

    “Cohen!” Carey squealed, “Uncle Visual is looking for you!”

    “Me?” I folded my half-read book, “For what?”

    “No idea! He’s waiting in the lobby.”

    “Ya I’m coming!”

    “Boss you’d be hurry! We are going swimming in a moment…” Moya yelled.


    “Father, you want to see me?” I walked down the lobby. What’s going on? Father’s never summoned me in the lobby!

    “Cohen, here you are.” Father greeted me, “You are 14, and two years later and you’ll be titled by His Majesty, like me and your two brothers. You’ll be a registered nobleman. You mother and I talked about it. We decided to take you to DC tomorrow, along with your friends.”

    “I want to go there! But do we on a job?”

    “To the Royal Academy!” Mother said, “You father and I both graduated there.”

    “Did you? Then what am I studying?” I shrugged, “My martial and spell aren’t working out.”

    “Don’t worry, kiddo.” Father chuckled, “You could major in literature and graduate as well.”

    “I see, OK.” I said, “Wilder, Winslet and the others are as well?”

    “No, they are not qualified.” Father answered patiently, “Though they can settle at your Uncle Tennessee and Auntie Bellerina's, same idea, study. You’ll see each other a lot.”


    “Darling,” Mother flashed her eyes at father, “Are we telling him about that thing?”

    “Might as well, he should know that.”

    One more thing? Hurry up, mom and dad. I’ve got to swim!

    “It’s… not a big deal.” Mother said softly, “You have fiancee waiting for you in DC.”

    Whaaaaaat? Fi… an… cee???

    “Hey, look at you!” Father grinned, “It’s been a while since the last time you gave me that look.”

    “Hold on a second!” Looked at him, I tried to ease myself, “Are you sure your memory is correct? I’m too young to have a one. Could she be Rick or Swift’s fiancee?”

    “Cohen Kheda!” Mother tried not to smile, “It’s yours, Cohen’s fiancee!”

    “Can you… not! I don’t want one!”

    “You do.” Father smirked, “She is Prime Minister’s second daughter, who’s exceptionally pretty! You can’t blame me for that. The young and famous child from Darkmoon. A black-haired, black-eyed boy.”

    “But! What is it all about?” I felt extremely anxious.

    “Look,” Mother explained, “His Majesty Climos knew about you when you were still young. He sent the high priest coming to check you out. While the high priest was reporting the result, the Minister’s wife was in labor. It was a girl. Then it all worked out, His Majesty Climos was delighted to announce your engagement.

    An order… from His Majesty…

    “She sounded like a pretty girl.” Father said, “You can start by accepting this fact.”

    “By the way, you have to get ready. We are leaving tomorrow.”

    I stood in silence.


    “Cohen’s got a fiancee, Cohen’s got a fiancee!” Windsor was all round me riding a red pony, “What’s she like I wonder!” She giggled.

    “Huh… Better be good.” Carey snorted, “More or less rough hair, clumsy eyes, crappy teeth, flat nose…”

    “Lady Carey!” Wilder was already young man with a trim figure, “Fiancee of boss should be a fine noble! How could she be any ways like that? Did you even meet her?”

    “No, but I just know! I just know that !”

    “Sister, stop joking around.” Flynn, who wore a red robe said softly.

    “She’s right, Carey.” Winslet reasoned, “Look at him, he's all blue.”

    “Brother! Is big brother blue? Windsor will sing you a song!”

    “Not now, Windsor.”

    “What’s wrong? You don’t like my singing?”

    “No, it’s just not the right time.”

    My funny friends argued and laughed all the way… not a single one of them cares about my feeling. I’m merely fourteen and I don’t want to get married. What if she looks like exactly like Carey said? We are getting closer to the Divine City. Last time I was here I met Winslet. I sincerely hope that we found another group of hunters, then we’d be returning to Darkmoon again…

    “Psst! Marfa, what do you think boss is thinking?”

    “Maybe he’s planning a runaway… Jack, Steven, keep an eye on him!”

    “I just don’t get it, what’s bad about having a fiancee? We dwarfs think marriage means being an adult!”

    “There’s no point planning! As far as I think, pretty, marry, ugly, run! He’ll not get caught with my help.”

    “Sandman thinks, marriage is to be treated seriously…”


    Sixteen days has passed, however panic am I, we were here in DC. Grand and mighty walls could be seen far away. Shining armor and Swabian flags were fair and clear. We were at the center of Swabia, capital of the empire, His Majesty’s city, Divine City!

    Children of a nobleman are titled by the king and given governing rights of a chosen land at the age of sixteen. The most common beginning title is Baron, then come Marquess, Viscount, Earl, Duke. Each title is classified into three levels. Cohen’s father, Visual Kheda is a High Duke.

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 14 - Royal Academy

    DC, the capital city of Swabia. Its geography is characterized by the close distance to Pepys, second largest harbor on this continent. Located to the middle-east of Peace, the Divine City oversees Andes Mountains to the west. Swabia's geography, with its warm climate, rich resources, is a contributing factor in making it the most prosperous country on this continent. Due to its close distance to the Divine/Asmodian line, Swabia also undertakes major trading business with Asmodian countries. All these has crowned Swabia the name Pearl of Peace. The current realm is taken by the Climos family. The empire is prosperous and people are at peace.

    I didn't have time to blink since we entered the city. The Divine City embraced us with her graceful and elegant beauty. Which made us admire, the ordered building, well-dressed men, and women, witches, and wizards with colorful robes, warriors wearing gorgeous metal armors.

    "Boss." Wilder licked his lips, "Awesome city…"

    "Indeed…" I was glancing stores on the street and got a little carried away.

    "Jack," Moya whispered to his brother, "I need a little something-something."

    "Nope! You haven't pay me back last time."

    "I don't need much! Ten bucks that's all."

    "Jack, say yes! He's your brother." Marfa said, "Ten bucks for me as well…"

    "If you pay back 11, I will."

    "Kids," Father turned his head  and said, "I have to visit His Majesty, you with Maiza to the hotel."


    We settled down helped by Uncle Maiza and commented on things we met on the street. Then father came back by noon.

    "Kids!" Father declared, "I'll have Maiza take you out for a tour, what you say?"

    "Sure, dad!"

    "Thank you, Mr. Kheda!"

    "Not you, Cohen." Father put his eyes on me, "You need to register at the Royal Academy this afternoon."

    "Can't we wait for one more day, dad?"

    "If I could I would, but I shall be busy these days." Father looked a bit frustrated by work, "I'm merely free until tonight, let's go. There will be two more days before school opens, you can play with your friends by then."

    "Well, yes."

    Is this the academy?" Standing beside a tall statue and fondled with its elaborate embossment, I was amazed by its size, "The academic is ten times bigger than our house!"

    "You silly lad!" Father gently pushed on my back, "Stop standing around! The viceroy's house is not the biggest as always. Now hurry up!"

    "Welcome!" Two professor-like middle-aged men came to us, "Your graceful duke, Visual Kheda. I am Hillman, this is Marko. We are here on behalf of the headmaster as your guide."

    While they were greeting each other, I took a closer look at these two professors. The one on the left was short with a white mage's robe and tanned skin. He had an accurate pronunciation of words. The professor who stood on the right is obviously a knight judging from his shimmering armor and sword. He was not much a talker except for responding with necessary greeting language and let the mage do the talking.

    "So much for now then, duke." Humbly the mage said, "Please follow me Your Highness and his child, the headmaster is waiting for you."

    "Good, please lead the way." Father smiled and said, "My fault for making him waiting."

    We crossed the yard and I was impressed by how big it was. We continued towards a white, three-floor building surrounded by layers of tall trees.

    While we were proceeding silently, I had to endure the looks from scattered students around. Perhaps my black hair and eyes caught their attention. I didn't give a damn, though the thing they said about me was a bit annoying.

    "Did you see that? His black hair… weird…"

    "Eyes black too! See…"

    "Weirdo… he dyed it?"

    "I don't think so… I've heard about him…"

    "Can't imagined that… and he dresses like a nobility."

    "Probably son of an overnight billionaire."

    "What? Really… noble?"

    "...and the fiance of minister's daughter…"

    "Gosh… now we are in for a treat…"

    We finally reached the headmaster's chamber. And I could finally stop looking down.

    "Welcome!" A tall and thin elder-look man stood from behind a desk, "Duke Visual Kheda, and our future Earl, Mr. Cohen Kheda."

    "How do you do, Mr. Headmaster." Father greeted him with manner, "Apologies for interrupting your work."

    "You are being extraordinarily polite." The old man shook father's hand, "Which school is your son going to?"

    "That's the problem." Father replied, "I need your advice."

    The headmaster winked at the other two professors who accompanied us in, then they bowed to him and exited the chamber.

    "Cohen, I'll have a word with Mr. Headmaster. Will you give us a minute?"

    "OK." I saluted to the headmaster and left the room.

    The door shut the voices from inside. I sat on the outside bench for a good while. Passersby paid more attention to the eyes and hair instead of my above-usual look and more or less satisfying figure. I crawled myself on one end of the bench and tried hard to hide any black color in the shadow. Hands crossed and finger messed anxiously.

    "Cohen! Cohen!" Panic made me deaf, "Come in…"

    I was in the chamber once more and heard father announcing my acceptance, "The headmaster has agreed. Your major will be in literature, and you are allowed to audit magic and martial arts!"

    "You heard him, Cohen, you need to study hard!" Headmaster said, "Now you are a formal student of the Royal Academy. And as one of us, you have to discipline yourself.

    "Discipline? What Discipline?" I was a bit confused, "Mr. Headmaster?"

    "Be strict with yourself like a nobleman!" The headmaster looked a bit differently than before, "With graceful manner and righteous spirit of a knight."

    "OK, I see." I nodded, "Will do."

    Perhaps father noticed I was not big on school, he had me left the school after he's done with the paperwork.

    "What's going on, Cohen?" Father rubbed my hands, "Don't you like your new school?"

    Looked at his face, "I don't like it! I wanna go home!" was yet to come out before I noticed his worrying face. Then I recalled his effort during my childhood when I scared off every master. He winded up squeezing time teaching me himself. I couldn't speak a word…

    "No, father." I said, "I think it's cool."

    "You do?" He looked happy, "Glad you love it."

    "By the way, what do we do tomorrow? I have two more days to kill!"

    "I have an invitation from the Prime Minister." Father said teasingly, "Let's go and check out your fiancee…"

    "NOOOOO!" I bounced, "I WILL NOT!"

    "No, you will." Father froze my body, "That's not your call to make."

    "Father, please!" I begged, "Can we wait it out?"

    "Wait? I'd be home already."


    "Stop that weepy face… you are meeting a princess."


    "Silence means yes."

    "I did not!"

    "From now on, no more objections!"

    "That's not fair! You cheat!"

    "Yes, I cheat! You mom's not here anyway…"

    An Asmodian country, meaning a country who worship the Asmodians. By the same logic, a country who worship the Divines is named a Divine country.

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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 15 - Green Tea? Bitch

    Flynn and Carey dressed me in nobleman’s garment. Unitard inner, laced shirt, gold-threaded outfit, and funny toreador…

    Flynn looked unconcerned. She casually straightened my black hair and adjusted it over a mess of curls. Then she rechecked and said over my shoulders, “You’re all set.”

    Looked into the mirror, I appeared a bit absurd. It seemed to be my first time dressing like this, though I’ve watched father and my brothers wearing them for tons of time. I still felt weird.

    “Puff… show off!” Seeing me mirroring myself, Carey‘s sounded upset with her stiff voice.

    “What’s wrong? Did I do something that pissed you off?”

    “How exciting to meet your fiancee!”

    “Nope!” Having been teased for so long I was pretty much immune to such conversation.

    “Lying! You’re all blushed!”

    “No, I’m not!” My heartbeat speeded up a little.

    “Drop it.” Flynn said, “Cohen, you are done here, on your way.”

    “Hey, where are you going today?” I asked, “Hanging out somewhere?”

    “Yes, we are hanging out!” Carey sniffed, “Without you! Go see your fiancee!”

    I dashed out of the room unaware of what happened to these girls.

    Sat next to father, I felt carriage flicking.

    “Cohen.” Father said mildly, “I know you are not ready for this, but it’s His Majesty Climos’ order. There’s nothing we can change.”

    “It’s OK, dad.” I whispered, “I understand.”

    “I’m not a big fan of the Prime Minister, as always. Because we have disagreements on so many subjects.” Father continued, “For this, we are never really connected. Perhaps His Majesty wanted me to go easy on him, hence the engagement.”

    “OK,” I said, and I’ve decided to try to make friend with her, my unmet fiancee, and maybe wife in the future.

    “Duke Visual Kheda!” A chubby man stepped out, shook father’s hands firmly, “Our best viceroy, my friend! Welcome!”

    “The pleasure’s all mine!” Father said with a smile, “How are you, Minister?”

    “Call me Luhrmann, and allow me, Visual. We are about to become one family!” Minister asked, “Is this your son, Cohen Kheda?”

    “He is, this is Cohen, and he’s new to the city.”

    I stepped forward and addressed myself to Mr. Luhrmann.

    “Bless you, son.” Luhrmann attached his hand on my forehead, and told the maid, “Go fetch my daughter.”

    “Yes, your Highness.”

    “Have a sit.” Luhrmann looked very approachable, “Acadian wine, give it a try.”

    “Pleasure.” Father nodded, and showed me down, “Nice wine.”

    I cupped my glass of wine with a thumb scratching around and gazed at the door through the red liquid. After a while, I picked up a sound of comfortable footsteps getting close. I knew my fiancee is approaching the dining room. I grew much anxiety and my heart was beating like bouncing deer. Such tension was indescribable.

    “Father,” What a soft voice, “Am I being summoned?”

    I would hide under the table if I could.

    “Yes, good girl. Meet Duke Visual Kheda.”

    “Glad to meet you. Mr. Kheda. My name is Lisa.”

    “Bless you, child.” It’s father’s voice, “You look beautiful.”

    “Thank you, Mr. Kheda.”

    “My daughter, this is Cohen Kheda. He is your fiance, and he’s attending the Royal Academy like you.”

    “Cohen,” Father whispered, “say hello to Miss Lisa.”

    I used up all my courage and raised my head. From the tip of a pair of silver sabaton, then silver knight’s suit, and there was a dark blue belt around her waist. A turtleneck decorated by blue patterns set a slender neck off the beauty. Her white cheeks touched with red, and she’s staring at me curiously…

    “Miss… Lisa, how do you do, I am Cohen Kheda!” Before I could finish, I got all blushed and stared deep down once more.

    “HAHAHA…” Mr. Luhrmann and father all laughed, which made my situation even worse, “Lisa, Cohen is new to the Saint City, why don’t you show him around. I’ll have a nice talk with Duke Kheda.”

    “As you wish, father.” Gentle footsteps knocked the floor again and stopped in the hallway. Why did it stop?

    While I was wondering… father spanked me and urged, “Stop stopping! She’s waiting!”

    Laughter and laughter… I cleared up and followed… knocked over a wine glass on the way and stumbled by the door frame.

    Lisa paced slowly in front of me and I went after silently with several servants behind. This situation continued itself until a crossroad… Lisa stopped, turned and hinted me.

    I approached closely while made an effort to look cool, “Where are we going, Lady Lisa?”

    Lisa said with the hint of a smile, “Let’s go to the altar. It is huge and views better, and I don’t like us being followed. That place is only for nobilities.”

    “Sure.” I committed to it. Perhaps she was my fiancee, or she used the word us, or because of her fair face and flashy eyes and tender manner… my voice was harsh.

    “How is it? Isn’t the view great?” Servants gone, Lisa seemed to be extra delightful.

    “Exceptional, what is this place for? It is huge, and it has three layers.”

    “It is a place for His Majesty when he prays for the Divines, that’s why it’s huge.” Lisa moved to the sideway stairs and rested, “Have a sit you.”

    My heart tossed me one more time. I slowly wandered and rested beside her. I tilted my head and gazed at her solely. And thought I discovered her beauty. Every word she said and every smile she made was addictively unique.

    “Cohen?” She asked.

    “Ah, what?” Could she don’t like me watching her?

    “Tell me about you, I don’t know what kind of a person you are.”

    “Yes, Lady Lisa. What do you want to know about me?”

    “Everything, you can start from the beginning.”

    “As you wish.” I began recalling, “I have black hair, black eyes since I was a boy…”


    “Then I found out I can’t use magic…”

    “I heard that you hate weapons?”

    “You know that?”

    “En, they talked about this in the academy.”

    “They are right about me. Do you care?”

    “Not really, anything else?”

    “Sure, I have many friends! And I am their boss…”

    “Sounds exciting.” She smiled like blooming roses.

    “Really? They are here in the city! I could have you meet them!”

    “I’d say no, your commoner friends.” A male voice came behind me, “How could they meet the graceful and elegant Lady Lisa.”

    “Who is it?” I turned and found three teenagers were silently standing behind me and Lisa, our conversation was interrupted “That's rude, you!”

    “Hahaha!” The shorter boy on the left burst into laughter, and he looked ugly, “You have manner? Are you joking, black loser?”

    “Please leave!” I had the principal's words in mind, “I’m not a loser!”

    “Look at that, he knows the magic word.” The boy on the right was taller, “Black-haired, black-eyed loser!”

    “I repeat!” I decided to not step back, “I am not a LOSER!”

    “Aren't you serious about that?” The boy in the middle said, and he gazed at me like I was a monster, “Are you even a nobleman? Am I right, my darling cousin?”

    “Cousin?” Surprised to hear that, I turned and stared at Lisa.

    “You are late.” Lisa smiled at that boy like she smiled to me earlier, “Don’t call Lisa that way in front of a stranger. Lisa doesn't like it.”

    Seeing this and Lisa’s look, my blood was frozen like being thrown into a river. It was freezing.

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    "What fun would it be to become the king of the Tower? Tell Zahard to keep his boring seat. I will get out of the Tower." - Urek Mazino
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    Book 1 - Reborn

    Chapter 16 - Loser

    “Stranger?” I murmured, “Who… is a stranger?”

    “It’s you, haha.” The boy in the middle said, “Let me present myself, I’m Laika.”

    “Stranger?” Lisa called me, her fiance, a stranger, in front of another person who’s a total stranger to myself? My stomach churned one more time when I caught her unchanged smiling face.

    Laika paced nearer and drawled, “We’ve been listening to your talk. Your loser fiance was funny enough. Did he touch you?”

    “Eww, I can’t go out too often. Father was watching.” To my surprise, Lisa sounded as if he’s her lover, “Then I promised dad and took this loser around here so that I can see you. I didn’t even let him grope my hands!”

    “You hear that?” Laika faced me, “Loser, get your ass out of here!”

    I gazed at him then turned to see at Lisa. Anger or pain was not enough to describe my agony.

    “Why are you doing this! Why do this to me?!”

    My look scared Lisa off for a few steps, then she appealed to Laika, “I don’t like him! His eyes!”

    “He’s probably another loser who's crazy about you.” Laika scorned, “Never mind, he's a loser.”

    “If you want to go out, or to see someone,” I said slowly, “you could just tell me, why lie? Why are you saying I’m a loser?”

    “Because you ARE a loser!” Lisa screamed, “You don’t know anything, like you father!”

    That moment, my chest was on fire!

    From the day I was born, whenever I was, whoever I met, all I heard were compliments on my father. I did know nothing on magic or martial arts after all. However, if anyone were to say a single bad word about my family, I will not tolerate it! My father was a good viceroy! My family's pride is worth fighting for.

    In this confusing moment, I grabbed Lisa’s arm, “No! He’s not! My father is the best viceroy!”

    “Hands off! Cousin, help!” Lisa was full of contempt and looked at me as if I was a filthy bug.

    “How dare you touch my woman!” Laika threw his foot hard towards my belly.

    Meanwhile in the Prime Minister’s mansion.

    “Visual,” Loman approached a glass of wine to Mr. Kheda, “We will soon be united as one family, it's an honor to have your son.”

    “Minister,” Visual Kheda too held his glass, “Please.”

    “I think you are aware that, in your territory, quite a few alien races are expanding leaps and bounds.” Loman’s look grew impulsive and fierce, “This is not a good news to both of us. We've also discovered the existence of several rare ores in the Dark Forest. My men are planning for occupation. But considering Dark Forest is within your territory, I sincerely hope that you are with me on this matter. I will be asking for His Majesty’s permission. If it works, I’ll cut you off a deal.

    “Mr. Loman, your offer is much appreciated.” Visual Kheda replied, “However I wish you take this matter a second thought.”

    “Oh? Is there anything I should know?”

    “First,” Visual Kheda flicked his glass, “Let’s suppose that His Majesty will say yes to your proposal. You need to know that His Majesty has never actively initiated any wars since the crown. We are blessed to have such a king in this peaceful realm. I do not intend to bring this up to His Majesty. One more thing, those races were abnormally united, the cost of attacking will be heavily burdened on us. I suppose you remember the elimination of the Black Storm right? I, for one, would like to retain a favorable relationship with them.

    “I take it that you wouldn’t join me, in a moment we are about to become one family.

    “Mr. Minister!” Visual Kheda stood up, “I appreciated His Majesty’s generosity on this marriage. I’m glad Lisa and my son are getting along well. However, none of these should be a reason for war! You are the Prime Minister, nevertheless, I’m no subordinate of yours. My loyalty lies with His Majesty for eternity.

    “His Majesty would be glad to hear about this.” Loman’s face fell in peace, “But what I said was something he’s been worrying about.”


    “You have no idea.” Sipped his wine, Loman continued, “Orders from the Heaven Island high temple, Swabia’s quota has been tripled this year.

    “The temple is fooling around again, even though, our taxation is well enough to handle that.

    “Visual, my friend. Don’t you understand?” Wine made Loman’s cheek redden, “The temple is preparing for war!”

    “The war… with the Asmodians?”

    “It is, my friend. Once the war starts, there will soon be someone to occupy the Dark Forest. It’s better to be us rather than anyone else, that’s a lot of money…”

    “Whatever you say,” Visual stood up, “I will not do it!”

    “Geez you!” Loman stormed up, face redden, deformed his glass with his firm grasp.

    In this very moment, a servant stumbled along.

    “My lord… emergency!”

    “Fool! What is it!” Loman shot the servant with his glass.

    “Ahhhhh!” Then the servant said with one hand covering the wound, “Her Lady… and His Highness Cohen… emergency!”

    “What!” Visual Kheda, who’s been watching Loman’s clumsy act, jumped up, “Where are they!”

    “... the altar!”

    “Take me there, HURRY!!!” Visual and Loman called a truce and rushed towards the altar.

    The pain came from my stomach, after being kicked. Before it went away, I was slapped in the face. After a short numbness came hot pain. My left face was puffed… I roared to fight back, but it all seemed powerless against three other.


    “Sucker, how dare you!”


    “Kick his ass!”

    I suffered great pain on the chest, head… I was like a boxing sandbag swagging in waves of punches. I couldn’t see with left eye puffed. Blood was streaming down from my head on the right, through my eyebrow down to my chin. My vision was filtered with a scarlet color. The pain was all over my body and it felt loosened. My clothes were covered with dust and foot stamps.

    However, compared with the sorrow and humiliation I received, the pain was nothing worth mentioning. I was a boy who grew up in a loving and caring family.


    My powerless legs couldn’t hold its body any longer. I waggled and fell beside the rail. I was too exhausted to even wipe the blood off my mouth…

    In the red vision, I saw a foot on my chest. I turned harshly, it was Laika.

    “Peeking my woman, ASS!" His sound was mixed with humming, “Who do you think you are?”

    Pressure from my chest crushed me. I was unable to breathe. I made an effort to not tear and stared at him stupefied.

    “My father is a general. I will let him appeal to His Majesty and cancel your engagement.”

    “Cough...cough” It shuttered my wound, I felt terrible…

    “Then I…” That dirty swine gabbled, “My future… I have to trash you…”

    “For me… trash you…”

    “Trash you…”

    “Trash you…”

    “My future… trash you…”

    It repeated itself in my mind. Disregarding all other sounds, a tiny part of my brain boomed and shrank… this ain’t no good! I tried to calm, but Laika stamped even harder, I couldn’t control it. The feeling from my mind was trying to burst hands and feet started twisting…

    Finally… that part of my brain cracked…

    It felt like an explosion and a huge energy wave filled my body.

    I twisted even harder, my body curled like a cooked shrimp. My skin seeped flows of blood and BOOM…

    The foot on my chest and its owner were thrown away from me. And dust around furled like a stone in the water, ripple…

    Countless scenes flashed before my eyes, which looked exactly like my dreams in every night. In the chaos, another spirit crashed into me, a strong power cast the two of us, together...

    In Swabia, Viceroy of each province reports directly to the emperor. Their right is not restricted by other officials.
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