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what is law an divine energy ? the sipiritual god and heavenly fate realm ? what is intent ( Nie Li says that 'The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting' is created by a supreme expert intens ? , so what is dao  in TDG ?) what is tiny world , subsidiary world, and draconic ruin realm mean?


  • been a while but basic idea based on memory (at least 50% accurate)

    rank things...
    (having to do with how proficient the fighter/practitioner is at their cultivated art that may or may not involve their demon spirit, martial prowess, energy/power level stuff)
    - bronze 1-5 - the guy people keep saying looks like sasuke or something
    - silver 1-5 - Shen Xue (fox teacher lady that gets her ass kicked a few times)
    - gold 1-5 - Ye Han
    - black gold 1-5 - Shen Hong
    - legend 1-5 - Ye Kong
    - demigod (1-?) - might just be maxed legend 
    - spiritual god (1-?) - nether lord maybe
    ------------------ tiny world ^ (limited because of energy related gathering methods)
    - heavenly fate (1-5) - need rank 2 to be able to revive without dying completely
    - heavenly star (1-10) - the Murong guy that stole Nei Li's scales 
    - heavenly axis (1-10) - Long Tian dude that is involved with Demon Sect
    - dao of dragon (1-10) - Long girl's mom is ranked 8, Venerable Flameless rank 3, can no longer revive when dead sort of
    - martial ancestor (1-10?) - Those guys that control the Sect
    ------------------ draconic ruins ^ (limited because of energy related gathering methods)
    - deity (1-?) - Those Deity Beasts Nei Li talks about, his eventual pet maybe, and some of those old guys who use to fight the Sage Emperor that might include Kong Ming
    - ???
    ------------------ ancestral lands or something like that ^ 
    - emperor (1-?) - Sage Emperor and possibly some of those old guys
    ------------------ something space time fancy fancy ^ (sealed by Sage Emperor so he can the bestest)
    ------------------ something heavenly dao... (grand scheme of things sort of maybe)

    more rank things involving the demon spirits...
    - regular demon spirit - Panda
    - ancient bloodline spirit - the Horse thing that Nei Li gives to his buddy
    - dragon bloodline spirit - cause dragons are cooler maybe
    - primordial bloodline something - the bestest because "prime" maybe the deity beast are in this category

    6 sects in draconic ruins
    - divine feather - Nei Li
    - skyblaze - Yan Yang
    - heavenly something - Girls only
    - demon - demons only?
    - that other demon related one 
    - forgot :(

    (having to do with understanding and ability to utilize some kind of energy outside of ranks and stuff possibly involving the environment of the dimension or realm present and its properties)
    dark, light, death (Nei Li),
    fire (the little goddess that follows Nei Li),
    nether (nether lord),
    ice (that one guy that fights the nether lord who we don't know much about after),
    hell (demon lord)

    (having to do with one's ability to influence surroundings with energy, understanding, detection and stuff)
    - remember how Ye Kong scanned the area for Nei Li? could be a simple form
    - when Gu Bei could use his fingers as a sword that shoots projectiles of energy
    - that cocky demon guy who uses his intent to search for treasure but gets caught in a trap and has to cut his intent which hurts his cultivation
    - the old guy that traps Nei Li and the Long girl under a mountain or something

    realms and stuff...
    - space and time - allow for overpowered things like time travel, stop time, go beyond understandable means of logic sort of which is why Sage Emperor sealed it so he could be above all maybe
    - tiny world - possibly created by one of the old guys who became strong enough to fight the Sage Emperor at one point,
    think of it as an even bigger painting than the The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains but in the form of a world
    -  subsidiary world - guessing the tiny world is one example and abyss prison another?
    - draconic ruins - guessing one of the many realms in this world that exist kind of like earth and heavens.
    so think of earth, then heaven, then some greater heaven, then some even greater heaven, and lastly space and time which is all part of this heavenly dao thing


    every fantasy story of this kind of genre involves some kind of energy, power, dimensions, worlds, and such for story progression purposes
    the more complicated it gets, the more easy it is to lose track of what makes sense or doesn't
    in the case of this story (as well as many others based on the situation),
    it looks like this story can't continue without causing more loose ends, inconsistencies, need for fillers, or just feelings in relation to "what am i reading and why do i care but looks like i'm back again to check for updates cause story hasn't ended yet and the manga is enjoyable"

    hope this helps and isn't so horribly wrong or inaccurate that cringe + face palm + lol wut happens
    Today I learned "Ensiklopedia" is "Encyclopedia" in Bahasa Indonesia, Hi
  • Hi everyone,Iam a newbie here..just wanna ask,can I translate this novel in to Indonesian? I mean from English to Indonesian? Where I can have a permissions to translate this awesome novel? Thanks n best regard..
  • The people translating this novel are already doing it without permission of the author.

    I wouldn't worry about it. Credit this site, the English translators and the original author Mad Snail, if you want to feel moral about things.
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