Novel Request : Ancient One (万古至尊)

I saw a group translate 5 chapters but that's it.
Can someone translate it, it looks good.


  • Ancient one is good.  SO IF ANY ONE CAN TRANSLATE THEN PLZ.. 
  • yea its a good one please translate
  • I'm curious if only 5 chapters were translated how is that enough to deem a novel as Good? I would understand 50-100 chapters tl'ed to be deemed as good but just 5? 

    Have any of those stating that it is good read it from beginning to end in the raws? (Machine translation) I mean if it was so good wouldn't translators be fighting over it, to translate it?

    please ignore me, I just always wanted to make a post like this when a novel with little to no chapters is regarded as good...
  • it's a good novel ,i have read 3800 chapter (personal opinion)
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