The amazing caculator that use for Chinese ancient astrology is here. It's not only in fiction.

There is often a mysterious person in Wuxia fiction who can make prediction, for example, the fate of leading character, the develpment of Wuxia world in the future. This person often have a special caculator to use. It is full of Chinese ancient wisdom and seldom people have knowledge on it. Most people think it just fiction, however, it's real. 


  • This interesting caculator is made by an instrument maker in China. He use it to find the right time and direction which can help him making a perfect instrument. Actually, you can know what people thinking by reading the permutation and what will going to happen. It's a little bit like making weather prediction. 
    this is part of a Wuxia movie which shows making prediction.
    It can be learn and it is not so difficult to learn. :D
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