Start from Zero (从零开始) by Thunderstorm (雷云风暴)



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    Book 2, Chapter 9
    The Ring of Stars


        "Of course it's hopeless!" The guild master teased, "Or do you think you can just find some connections with the Dark Palace and waltzing in?"

        "Ugh. I'm just a little starter warrior, when can I make a name for myself?"

        Then I took out the ring I never managed to identify. "My Luck is supposed to be high, but I've tried this ring hundreds of times without success!"

        "Wha--wait!" The guild master suddenly gazed at the ring with his eyes glittering. "Where did you get this?"

        "This ring?" I raised it in front of my face. "I got it from a system reward. No idea what it is, I can't Identify it. Oh right, You are an Appraiser! A little bit help ok?"

        He picked up the ring carefully.

        "Appraisal fee is 10,000 gold!"

        "What the fu--" Did I hear what I hear?!

        "I'll identify it for 10 thousand gold. Now don't think it as expensive, believe me, as long as you got this ring everything will turn into your favor!"

         "Really?" Well now I really want it but...I checked over my pockets and only found 32 gold in there.

         "I don't have that much money!"

        Clark suggested: "Now just help him out! I'll pay the bill."

        I thanked Clark gratefully. "That's too nice of you. Consider the money as my debt, I'll pay you back when I can!"

        The guild master carefully moved a painting on the wall away. There's a safe hiding behind it. This old man took out three keys from three different parts on his body to open the safe, revealing a nicely-crafted metal box.

        "Now this is my secret treasure. There's nothing in the world it can't identify!" Then he placed the ring on the table, and opened the box lid while aiming at the ring. A golden ray leaked out from the gap and shined upon the ring, after a colorful flash, the whole ring turn black. The decorative bat on the ring disappeared, leaving a big ruby behind.

        The guild master put back his box and returned the ring to me. "The ring can trigger a quest for you. Since ur good friend with this hammer guy, (this is how guild master calls Clark. While Clark calls him "scammer guy".) I'll just tell you. Take this ring to the Sanctuary of the Earth Mother, located at the Eternal Neutral Land, Oskar, to get the quest. I dunno what you will get from it, but this ring is special-grade Artifact, it will definitely give you something nice! But the ring is pretty high leveled stuff, you'd better try the quest when you've reached level 500 or more!"

        I just kept nodding. But when I checked the ring's attribute I froze.

        Clark asked in a hurry, "Come on, what is it? I was a big help here and you can't just keep me hanging!"

        I swallowed and said: "The ring is called the Ring of Stars, it takes your highest base attribute, and modifies every other attribute to that level. Magic Attack +20%, Magic Speed +20%, grants you the knowledge of all Dark spells, +20% resistance against all spells, Mana +20%, converts 20% of the damage you take into your Mana, all skills +2, Luck +7."

        "Maaate!! Now that's something beyond terrific. I never know there are such overpowered Artifact out there! With those base attribute buffs you're going to become superman! So now all your base attributes are 13 right?"

        I equipped the ring, and yes, they are all 13 now! I'm starting to regret. Why didn't I put all my points into one single attribute?

        "Yeah, all 13!"

        "Huh?" The old man asked with disbelief. "How come you have such high base attributes? Even if you chose a main one to add up, 13 is still too high!"

        I scratched my head, "Oh sorry I didn't tell, I'm that only one player who got 4 rewards from the start. Then I chose Divine Demon as my Race. It got more points then others!"

        "What?" He's even more shocked. "Well people sure can't judge a book by the cover! It's nice knowing ya, hahaha!

        But on the other hand..." The old man paused. "You'd better keep it to yourself. Nothing good will come if too many know about this."

        "Yeah. I know." Too bad my Companion Slot is determined from the start. Otherwise I can have dozens of them with such high Charisma!

        "What's your level now?" Clark asked all of a sudden.

         "70. Why?"

        "Still long way to go. Work harder! You should have done better with the help of Dark Dragon Lord!"

        "Of course I will!"

         After some other chit-chat with the old man, I departed again for more grinding. This time I bought 4 packs of Wreath Pills from King Chemist's shop. I ate all my stock from last time! Before I left, I sold all the equipment I picked up before and bought three Town Portal Scrolls for Lost City. (Every city got its own portal scrolls. They teleport the user to the specified city, rather than the nearest city.) (*)

        When I left the gate I started to consider about where to go next. Definitely not Dark Valley, those low level zombies can't give me much exp now, and there's no way I can deal with those high level Undead Fighters who just come at me as human waves! I found a place called the Monster Forest on the map, it says the place is suitable for level 50-150 players, a lot of monsters there are good at piercing defenses.

        I decided on my destination. Now Lucky is big enough to be my transport outside the city. We reached the forest pretty soon. It looks creepy. Outside the edge I can see white mist flowing among the trees and I can't make out what's in there. But according to the map the place isn't that dangerous, so I collected my courage and entered the forest.

        The ground is slippery with tree roots covered with green moss crossing the path everywhere. I marched forward awkwardly with hands and feet.

        Now I remember, that Ring of Stars can teach me all Dark spells right? I searched around the skill list and only found something called Dark Mist, which can reduce the humid air around and makes me feel a bit better. Everything else is useless! There are more than 300 Dark spells, with only two healing ones, several support spells, and a dozen half attacking half protection ones like the Dark Mist I just used, all the rest are attacking spells! Now I know why Dark Mages are powerful. There are barely any Dark spells which aren't meant for causing damage!

        While I'm complaining, Lucky sent me an alert. I quickly got into fighting stance. Our first target is about to appear!


    (*) Town Portal Scroll, the author used "回城卷", which probably came from a traditional Korean game. It teleports the player back to the nearest city. I'll call it "town portal scroll" here. This item in Diablo allows you to travel back to the dungeon as well, but it's only a one-way return in this case.


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  • Book 2, Chapter 10


        I looked around nervously and saw nothing. But suddenly my right hand raised up on its own, and moved my sword towards my neck. I quickly used my left hand to grasp the blade, panicked.

        Of course they're both my own hands. From a third person's view I must look like to be performing some sort of weird dance. Lucky sensed something nearby but couldn't see it. He(*) angrily broke a tree in half with a tail sweep.

        The broken tree must have disturbed the assailant, the force on my right hand disappeared and I regained control. Looks like its hiding in the trees.

        I looked at Lucky. "Clear the whole area!"

        With a dragon roar, leaves began to fall like snow. After a powerful tail swipe, those waist-wide trees around us all fell to the ground. With the trees gone, a black figure flashed in the air, then vanished. The area is very quiet now, I can almost hear my own heartbeat. Lucky is panting heavily beside me. That move drained him(*) a lot since Lucky is still considered a child. It would be better if Lucky is level 200 and can use dragon fire!

        Obviously the enemy is still nearby cause I can feel the killing intent. But whoever it is he/she must be good at hiding. I started to gather magic power and use a very practical support type dark spell -- Intimidate. This spell intimidate the enemy with pure imposing aura, causing enemies around the caster to lose some Attack, Movement Speed and HP & Mana regen speed. But the mental pressure is also a good way to flush enemies out of hiding. One important feature of such support spells is that they don't need a target and they affect a huge area.

        My level-2 Intimate spell (the ring gave me skill levels) worked, the leaves around Lucky's feet moved. Lucky instantly threw a lightning and burned the spot smoking, but it didn't hit.

        A miniature black twister appeared in front of me and then vanished quickly. It showed itself for just less than two seconds. Then there's a white, half transparent...thing, left behind the twister. Out of instinct, I slashed it with my sword but it didn't hit anything. The white figure rushed at me, and then disappeared into my body, like water gets absorbed into sponge. Then my hands lost control again. I charged at Lucky with my sword raised. I tried hard but couldn't control myself, so I could only shout at Lucky:

        "Get away! This thing controlled my body!"

        With a wing flap, Lucky wisely chose to fly into the air. I can't reach him on the ground!

        Just as I'm feeling good about how Lucky got out of danger, the thing moved my body and bashed against a tree. With a THUMP, my head slammed into it. That hurts! I'm seeing stars all around me!

        It didn't stop, and ordered me to slit my own throat again. Out of desperation, I shouted at Lucky: "Quick! Lightning! Stun! Knock me out!"

        Lucky immediately cast a lightning straight at my head. I can feel that Lucky tried to limit the power, though. The electricity caused my whole body to go numb and I feel like vomiting. I definitely will try to avoid getting shocked again.

        As I'm hit by the lightning, a white figure covered in electric arcs emerged from my body.

        Ignoring the dumbness, I tried to move my already stiff tongue and shouted at Lucky again: "Do it! Lightning! It's weak to electricity!"

        Lucky didn't fail to qualify as a top-leveled boss monster, a serial of lightnings went down without stopping. I'd like to help but there's no way I can move a finger now.

         The white mist is shocked rolling on the ground (actually it doesn't have a fixed shape at all), then it disappeared in another of those mini twister. I quickly ordered: "Keep it up! It's escaping!"

        A giant chain lightning fell onto the spot where the figure disappeared. I thought it missed when the attack fell on the ground, but then there's electric arc, with a lump of "air" trapped inside. The air turned into the white figure again, with visible electricity moving all over it. Looks like it took quite a beating.

        Just as I'm feeling victorious, the electric arc parted towards me. Pzzzzzt! Not expecting the shock, all the hairs on my body stood up.

        I kinda lost my mind from all the shocks, and roared at Lucky: "Shock it! Use your most powerful lightning move! Don't stop! Shock it till it's dead!!"

         Lucky thought I just wanted to take my anger out, so he cast another really big lightning at the still-covered-in-arcs figure, and struck it jumping into the air.

        "Wait! Wait!! I lost! I surrender!! Stop shocking me!" The while figure started talking all of a sudden.

        Lucky glanced at me. I ordered, with a devilish tone: "Don't spare it. Strike!"

        Then more lightnings went pouring down like raindrops. The white figure ran about in panic and shouted: "Wait! Please wait!! Stop shoc--I can--Ouch! I can--can be your companion! Ow! P-Please! Yarrrr!" It's voice is now trembling due to all the electric shocks!

        "Hold it!" I raised my hand and stopped Lucky's attacks. The white figure slumped on the ground like a puddle. Its edge is still shivering. "You will be my companion?"

        "Yes!" It answered while panting heavily.

        "Just...what are you?"

         "I'm a mutated monster."

        "Mutated? So you're the only one who can control others like that?" I was worrying about encountering more of these guys. That ability was really scary!

        "There's none! I'm the only one. Others in my clan can only go invisible but they can't do what I just did!" The figure seems rested now. Lucky prepared another giant lightning nearby, to prevent it from trying to escape.

        "So what's the level of your clan?"

         "They are 177. But I'm now 600 after the mutation."

        "You're 600? You didn't look that strong!" Well he was quite powerful, but that was nowhere like level 600!

        "600 is my rank level(**). I'm only level 197 now, far from reaching my final state. Like that Mr dragon over there, he's a level 1000 monster but haven't reached level 100 at the moment right?"

        "How did you know that?"

         "I ate hundreds of those lightnings and am still alive! A level 200 dragon is enough to finish me in one shot but you guys took so long!"

        "That makes sense. But I want to make sure you're worthy enough to be my companion! You know I can't change companion once I determined one right?"

        "Of course! My main abilities are Merge and Blink!" The figure began to display the skills. With three blinks he immediately appeared behind my back.

        "That is quite nice trick! But what good will it do to me?"

        "Of course it'll do good! If I Merge with you, you will learn my skills. In other words you will be able to Blink too! And Blink is my instinct skill, it doesn't cost MP!"

        "That sounds nice!" I'm starting to get convinced. "Lucky?"

        Lucky nodded towards me, looks like he agreed. I got many companion slots left anyway!

        "Ok then!" I started to use Capture on the white figure, and succeeded after a dozen tries, the figure turned into a white companion egg and fell on the ground. A system notification followed up: "Congratulations, player Ziri has become the first player to capture the level 600 boss monster, the Spirit Mutant. Receiving 3 Skill Points."

        "Oh? The Spirit Mutant? And he's a boss! But why didn't the system give me equipment as reward?"

        I performed the mastership ritual, named him "Phantom", then the egg cracked open. Some white fluid came out, and instantly disappeared when it reached my body. A voice came alive inside my brain, it feels like I'm talking with myself.

        "Master, this is Phantom! Now I'll show you how to use my skills! Please look at a spot 1 meter away, and imagine yourself moved there."

        "One meter?"

        "Yeah. I'm only level 1, can't manage long distances yet."

        "How far can you do it when you reach your final form?"

         "When that happens I'll be able to blink within an area of 10 kilos, and almost without intervals. But now you need to wait for 30 secs between each blink!"

        "Fine. You're my companion now, there's no refund anyway!" I started to stare at a place a meter from me. When I finished my thought, I felt a whirlwind and then I'm standing at where I looked at. Yes this could come in handy!

        "Master! Now I'll tell you how to Hide. After I Merge with you, you just need to think about "Hide" to conceal yourself!"

        I followed his words. With a thought in the mind, I blended into the air.

        Phantom exclaimed with excitement, "That's a success! But remember, you can't Hide forever (***), with my level now I can only let your hide for a minute, any attack or movement will break the effect. Plus you need to wait for 15 sec before using Hide again! Also, Hide is ineffective against players and monster who are 50 or more levels above you, oh and, you can be detected with Detection spell!"

        "That's so inconvenient!" I'm starting to doubt that Phantom was just exaggerating his abilities!
        "That's because of my low level. It will become better with higher levels. Hide ability when I reach ultimate level can stay for 12 hours, and you will be able to move slowly as long as you don't do anything too obvious. Ultimate Hide has no cooldown. You can just hide again if discovered. And it will fool enemies up to 100 levels above you, and has lower chance to get caught by Detection spell."

        "That's what I'm saying. Do you have any other skills?" I want to squeeze out the last bit of his capabilities. He occupied one of my slot after all!

        "I can absorb some damage. 1% for the moment, but to a maximum of 50% in the future! How about that! Just think about it, others will only deal half of the normal damage to you! Isn't that awesome??"

        Phantom is beginning to lose himself into bragging!

        "Oh! There's more! I can perform mind control. The effect will depend on the level difference between me and the target."

        "The skill you used to control me into bumping a tree and cutting myself?" That was horrible. I'm still terrified of it!

        "Yes. Master is level 70 while I was 197, that was why the control was so smooth, almost total control! Even if I can't control the target, I can still easily dampen their movement! This move is best when battling against ranged classes, like those archers who got high Dexterity!"

        "Good against archers? Really?" I absolutely hate archers when playing other games!

        "Of course! Now imagine, what's the most important for an archer? To hit the target! With me messing with their body how the heck do they aim?? And those mages, I just wait for them to drop their guard and let them throw a big spell at nowhere and drain their MP empty! "

        Even I am becoming complacent listening to Phantom's ideas. I think his biggest ability is flattering, he's so good at it!


    (*)I'm really not good at dealing with details like "he" "she" "it" when it comes to describing something non-human. So forgive me if something looks out of place. Like this one.

    Yes, Lucky should be a gentleman dragon (spoiler?). The author haven't emphasized this but I don't think I should keep calling Lucky "it".

    (**)Please consider this as "maximum level". Players can reach 1000 but monsters got different level limits.

    (***)Why does this sound so familiar??
  • Book 2, Chapter 11


        After I got Phantom I started to grind in the monster forest. With the help of a "native", I found a crowd of Killer Trees soon enough. Identify reads that they're level 100 monsters, they attack their targets using mutated tree vines. Extremely high defense, cannot move, only weakpoint is fire.

        They don't look much different from ordinary trees, the only problem is that they got several really long vines, and will immediately attack if you get close. It's a good thing they can't move at all.

        Same practice. Lucky clears the way while Phantom gets inside me and cause fire everywhere. Because of the Ring of Stars my Intelligence now is 13, so my Magic Attack is quite good now. The wild fire tactic is super effective. I just need a small ember to turn these rotten roots and branches into a mess forest fire. Then my exp bar began to fill up like a water meter running full speed!

        Lucky's fire is way more powerful than mine, so I stopped and began to check my Gather skill from my Blacksmith class. I used Gather at a collapsed Killer Tree, and quickly got a pile of lumber. Why do I need lumber in this game? Since every tree I Gathered on can give me this lumber, it probably means this thing doesn't have much value. So I kept 10 units of lumber on me and discarded all the rest on the ground.

        During my boring practice I acquired a block of black wood from a Killer Tree. It looks like burned charcoal. I checked the item, it's called "Darksteel Wood". That looks worth something, no idea what it does so I just put it away.

        As I said I enjoy grinding. The clock reached 11:30 a.m before I noticed it. I checked my level. 78. Lucky is same as me. Phantom has already reached 66 now. Seems low leveled companion really goes up faster.

        Through some more grinding, I noticed that those bigger Killer Trees with stronger attacks tend to give me more of those Darksteel Wood. I don't know what it is, but rare drop means valuable drop, so I put any piece I can find into my inventory. I got a total of 50+ Darksteel Wood by 2 pm.

        I felt a bit hungry, called Lucky and Phantom back, and logged off. I saw Wayne on the bed with a helm on. Looks like my buddy has started his game! I went downstairs and bought a bunch of food, filled my belly, stored some in the fridge, and readied myself to play again.

        Before I put on my helm Wayne called me. "You got out?"

        "I played through the whole morning, of course I need to eat. The problem is you. Just reach 20 as soon as possible so I can help you!"

        "I just created my character and looked around. Then I'm here to eat too. I haven't had anything since I got up in the morning!"

        "So you have your character now?"

         "Yeah. Name is Soulless, Undead. Dark Mage, plus Mailman and Pharmacist." (The author used "Alchemist" here, mistake?)

        "What is that name? Soulless? Terrible taste."

        "You don't know the art of names! It took me quite some time to come up with it!"

         "Oh, So what's your level now?"

        "Three! Now you mentioned it, the game is so f**king hard to level! There are people everywhere. I can find a good number of monsters but even more players. Then I tried somewhere high-leveled, and those monsters one-shot me twice. Thank god a rookie doesn't lose level when killed!"

        "Really? Well I slaughtered myself a way just like that and I didn't have much trouble. And that Boar Cave! Haha! That cave is a heaven to grind."

        "Boar Cave? A boar killed me with one hit! Nevermind. You can't find me anyway. I'll just try to reach 20 and you can drag me out of this hell! Yeah right, find something to wear for me! I only got these initial gear which all look like beggar rags!"

        "Forget it! I can help you grind all right, but not the equipment. I haven't filled up my slots yet! Maybe I can give your some shoes and robes and such, but not the other ones."

        "That will do!"

         "Ok. I'll log out for food at 8 pm, try to get to 20 till then, I'll go find you something to wear. Now off I go!"

        "Roger that!"

         I entered the game and called Lucky & Phantom. "Hey Phantom. Do you know any place around here where I find Dark Mage equipment? The Killer Trees here got nothing other than money."

        "Male or Female?"

         "Is there a difference?"

        "Of course there is! You haven't known? Apart from accessory, weapon and shield, all other equipments are gender-specific. But you don't have to worry too much, the blacksmiths in the cities can change the gender of your gear. You will need to pay though, and the price is quite high if I remember correctly."

        "I need male ones!"

         "I see. I know somewhere not far that can give you those, not guaranteed though. The place drops male mage equipment more but it's not 100%!"


         Phantom took over the control and started to move deeper into the forest, while Lucky stay guard in the air. We reached the edge of the forest not long after. There were some singled out monsters on the way but they were all picked out by Lucky's air-to-ground assaults

        It's a giant swamp outside the forest, there are bubbling water pits everywhere, and I think I saw will-o'-the-wisp (ghost fire) burning on the water!

        "We're here. This is the Death Swamp, populated by Poisonous Swamp Flies and Tailless Crocodiles. Watch out for those pits. If you fall in you die! Those crocs will drop the equipment you asked for."

        I saw a crocodile crawling out of a pit and used Identify.  "Tailless Swamp Crocodile", level 125, slow movement, high Attack and Defense, poor Magic Resistance.

        125! That's quite high. Me and Lucky are only 83 now. And Phantom is 80. This can be troublesome.

        Lucky flew over and clawed at one of the crocodiles, 100 damage. It countered Lucky with a bite and caused 50 damage. Damn the high Defense part is no joke, a dragon claw didn't have much effect!

         Phantom said: "Forget about physical attacks, they're too hard. Spam your magic!"

        I cast a Dark Flame at the crocodile, then a series of "20"s began to emerge above its head. Lucky also got into the air and started to drop lightning. We killed the ugly creature in several rounds and it dropped a pile of copper pieces here and there. Damn it can you at least put them all together? My back hurts after trying to pick up money all over the place!

        After we finished this one, groups of crocodiles started to emerge from the pits. I began to set fire while Blinking about, and the whole area is burning. It looks like the flames of dark magic can't be put out with water, actually those water pits are on fire now!

         With the attacks from both me and Lucky, crocodiles died in waves, leaving piles of equipment on the ground.(*)  I started picking stuff. All useless ones went down into the pits.

        Ha, good haul! The money I got summed up to around 17 Crystal pieces.

        I found Wayne a staff, Attack 2-7, Magic attack +10%, all spell level +1. A robe, Dexterity +3, Luck +1, and a Rattan Mail with 13 Defense. Man this guy is lucky. My own armor only got 9 Defense!

        But I got myself something too. I found a shoulder armor piece. Wyvern Shoulder Pad, Defense 5 Dexterity 1. And a bracelet which gives 1 Attack Speed. It's junk but I equipped it anyway. better than nothing.

        The time reads 5 pm. Not a very good place to train so I decided to move. After some walking I came to another forest.  This time it's no ordinary forest. It's pitch dark in there, I can't see anything.

        Phantom explained: "This is Death Forest, the boundary of Lost City. The whole city is surrounded by this forest. If you go through it you will reach the world of the living ones!"

        "I'm checking it out then!" Then I entered the woods.

    (*) There's a badly made poem here and I'm not gonna try translating it. Same in the future. Most of them are meaningless anyway.

    P.S. The novel will get TONs of various concepts and the author will begin to confuse himself up sometimes. You will notice the errors if he managed to confuse me as well, ha!
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    Book 2, Chapter 12
    Across the Death Barrier


    From now on I'll use "[ ]" to highlight skills/spells etc. 

    Buuuut you don't have to remember all of them. The author tends to create one-use names pretty often.


        The forest is dark, I mean real dark. I can't even see my own feet. We can only rely on Lucky's [Illuminate] spell to find our way.

        "Hey Phantom? You said the forest surrounds the whole Lost City no?"

        "That's right!"

         "But I didn't go through such a forest on my way in!"

         "Did you go pass any forest at all?"

         "I did."

        "Then that's the one. The Death Forest isn't entirely dark, several routes are relatively bright. The other ones like this one is dark though and there are full of monsters! But there is a monster here which is a perfect grinding target."

        "Where is it? And what is it?"

        "Just ahead, we're about to reach them. They are Death Skeletons, level 90, they appear in groups! Their Attack and Defense are just so-so, easy target!"

        "Then what are we waiting for?!" I rushed at the direction while using [Blink] to help me go faster. Now Phantom's Blink can go a little more than 2 meters each time, it's quicker too, the cooldown is now 20 seconds. A pretty good way to travel faster!

        As expected, we saw a horde of Death Skeletons piled together, wandering aimlessly. I said "piled" because the number is really big!

        "Lucky! Use something with wide effect area!"

        I used [Hellfire]. This spell burns a huge area and at the same time it lasts long. The problem is the damage is too poor. Luckily, the skeletons are obviously weak to magic and they move really slow. Lucky's [Thunderfire Hell] on the other hand, is just OP. The skeletons went down like a wheat field getting run over by a farm tractor.

        As Phantom said, the place is really nice to level up. Level 90 skeletons don't yield much experience, but with our massive slaughtering the actual reward is quite decent.

         We maimed our way through the skeletons like going through a snow pile. Their number is beyond countless, no, they literally filled up every tiny space of the forest. We at least got 100k kills along the way we just cleared out. We got out the forest after dusk. The stars are already out, but it still feel a lot brighter than in the forest. Looked at the levels, me and Lucky are at 90 now, Phantom just reached 89, and will probably catch up with us during the next grinding. I think I may have surpassed those guys on the ranking after all the crazy ordeals, so I opened the list to check.

        Bingo. The Ranking Board now looks like this:

        Rank Name                                Race             Gender Level       Class                       Pet

           1    Big Blade More Killz        Half Orc            Male      87        Warrior              Level 80 Wild Horse Leader

           2    Red Moon                   Divine Demon     Female   87    Dark Wizard          Level 85 Night Spirit Lord

           3    Merciless Autumn Wind   Angel               Male      86        Warrior                     None

           4    Sky Fire                           Human             Male      85     Spellsword                  None

           5    No Dating                        Gnome             Male      84   Rogue+Black Mage      None

           6    T-Rex                             Half Orc             Male      82       Warrior                      None

           7    Descended God              Angel                Male       79       Warrior                     None

           8    Sunshine                        Half Elf              Male       79       Archer                      None

           9    Tender Heart                  Half Elf              Female   78       Archer                      None

           10  I Luv Money                   Demon              Female   76       Priestess                 None

        No obvious change, but man I'm really the number one now. Oh right, Wayne is still waiting for me to help him! It's already 8:20 pm now! Quickly, I logged off.

        "You finally came out! I thought you ditched me!" Wayne is sitting at the table, eating dinner.

        "Sorry about that! Yeah I truly forgot the time. But I remembered now! Next time you can just press the Call button."

        (Call button is located on the forehead of the helmet, it sends the in-game player a notice, like a door bell, telling them that someone is asking them to come out. If you press and hold it for 5 seconds the game will shut off by force.)

        "Well I didn't want to disrupt you of anything."

         "You reached 20 yet?"

        "I did! I'm 21 now. But I don't have the money to register my classes! Can I borrow some? Shoot. According to the rules by Zhong Hua company, exchanging game currency using real money is not allowed in the first six months (but you can do the opposite), otherwise I'd already get myself several thousands of Crystals coins! (*) Now I'm too broke to buy a red potion! Oh right, boss," Wayne looked at me with stars in his eyes, "Did you get me anything?"

        "Aha!" I chuckled, "Boy ur just lucky, I found a little nice staff for you. Attack 2-7, Magic Attack + 10%, all spell levels +1. How about it?"

        "Hahaha! Boss I love you! Your light points us to our bright future! So...bright..." Wayne lost himself in happiness.

        "That's not all. I got a robe, 3 Dex 1 Luck, and a Rattan Mail, 13 Defense. Now, isn't your boss nice to you?"

        "Nice! You're so nice!" Wayne's jaw is breaking apart, he's smile is too big!

        "But seriously. Where are you now? When rookies leave the village they spawn randomly. How do I give you stuff if I can't find you?"

        "...You have a point! Boss, eat your meal and get into the game, let's try to find each other using /Tell channel!" (**)

        "Alright!" I wolfed down my food and started the game with Wayne.

        I toggled Chat and send a /Tell to Wayne, a portrait immediately showed up. I saw Wayne's image floating in the air.

        "Boss! I'm sending you the cords of Flowing Cloud City. Where are you now?"

        I sent my own coordinate over and said: "For crying out loud! That's too far!"

        "No worries! Boss, find the nearest city and use the teleport station. You can use it once you reach level 90 and pay some money!"

        "Ok. You just grind some more near the city, I'm on my way! I'll send you a /Tell when I arrive!"

        I cut the chat and called Lucky and Phantom. "Phantom, How to get to the nearest city?"

        "This way!" I let Phantom take control and my body started running to the city. I bumped into some buffaloes on the way, but these things now can't do anything to me. I just ignored them and sprinted to a city in a straight line.

        The city is called "Destiny City", bigger than Cold Jadeite but obviously smaller than Lost City. Once I entered the city I began to look for the teleport station. But there are not a single soul besides NPCs. The NPCs will not care about anything other than their own quests so I can't even ask for directions!

        I wandered for half an hour before I finally found that god-forsaken station. The responsible NPC told me each teleport costs 2 Crystals, fixed price, regardless of where you want to go. I paid the fee (my heart hurts!) and heard a system notice: "Congratulations. Player Ziri is the first player to use teleportation in the game. Receiving an Artifact: Ring of Teleportation! Now where would you like to go?"

        There's a reward for this?? And, Ring of Teleportation? Lucky!

        I realized I still need to tell the system my destination. "Flowing Cloud City!"

        I appeared in the city after a white flash. That was fast! While walking out of the station, I checked the ring I just got. It looks ordinary, with a black gem embedded on it. When I look closer I can see a nebula slowing spinning inside. The ring is already identified, that saves some effort. I checked the attributes:

        Can teleport to any teleport stations in any cities & towns (No limit).

        Can teleport to specified coordinates (Limited three times per day).

        "Awesome! It's my lucky day! Now I can save my traffic expense when going between cities, and I don't need to buy portal scrolls anymore!"

        I nearly forgot about Wayne from the sudden bliss. I quickly sent him a /Tell. "Wayne I'm here. Meet me at the teleport station!"

    (*) Yes the game has a built-in RMT system which is used to convert game currency and real money (and probably sell items for real money in later stages). Now don't be surprised, this is a common practice in China.

    (**) /Tell, /Whisper, /Private... However you call it. I may confuse it in the future.

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  • Book 2, Chapter 13
    Wayne is Dead!


        "Boss! Here!" Wayne rushed all the way in front of me. "Woah boss you're fast!"

        "Fast?" I wondered. "I lost my way. It took so long to find that damn station!"

        "Boss boss, gimme the equipment!" Impatience is written all over Wayne's face.

        I traded the equipment to Wayne and followed him to the Occupation Institution. The registration took me another two Crystals. Of course Wayne is now jumping with happiness. He didn't need to pay the bill!

        "Come on, let's go level up! It will be free registration the next morning, and low level areas will surely fill up with people. Get higher now so you don't need to fight over others!"

        "True! Let's go then!" Wayne dragged me out of the city. There are no street torches, we can barely make out the surroundings under the starlight.

        "Boss, let's kill these oxes! The won't kill me easily!"

        "Oxes? That will take forever! Come, follow me!"

        "Hey wait up!" I led Wayne and ran over a small hill pretty far away. There are lots of level 50 Frenzied Ox here, their eyes are emitting a red light in the dark night. Wayne went hiding the instant he saw them. He's a squishy caster class, these things are 20 more levels above him and can instakill Wayne easily.

        I decided to show off a bit in front of Wayne so I walked to an open area. Then raised my sword, pointing at the sky:

        "O Dragon Lord from the Underworld, heed my call and show yourself!"

        Of course those chantings were totally unnecessary. I just need a flicker of my mind to call Lucky.

        However Lucky decided to play along. A black hole appeared above me, covered with electric arcs. Slowly, Lucky squeezed his head out of the hole, then claws, then finally those now 10-meter-long wings, and soared into the sky. It truly looks like Lucky just crawled out of inferno land.

        I glanced at Wayne. Yes, he's sitting there, jaw on the ground. I think I broke him.

        Same practice. With a bellow which sounds even more loud than the whistle of a steamship, Lucky caused all the oxes lose their balance. I pointed at the ox herd.

        "Smash them!"

        Without a word, Lucky charged into the crowd. (Dragons began to speak after level 200, so he can't say a word anyway.) Now it looks like a pack of wolves just got into a chicken farm. Lucky is now using everything he can use to slaughter the oxes. Waves of corpses were knocked flying by his claws and tail. Another mess disappeared when he opened his mouth. The scene looks awesome but it basically is useless to me. These level 50 oxes won't give me much exp. I guess Wayne is growing really fast, though.

        Somehow Wayne managed to collect himself. "Boss! Is-is-is-is that your Companion?"

        "Yeah. Cool right?"

        "Tell me the truth! Did your mother gave it to you?"

        "What--nonsense! The game is running on itself for Christ's sake, no one can cheat!"

        "But but, you are THAT lucky?? Seriously, new player got a dragon as companion? Well how will the others complete with you?"

        "You know, you have a good point. Even you, are doubting me. If other people know about this they will report me for cheating!"

        "No worries! We know you didn't do anything wrong right? That's enough!"

        "I personally don't care but, it isn't a good idea if just anyone tries to accuse me." I tried to think.

        "How about this?" Wayne suggested again. "You just kill every single witness who saw your dragon!"

        I knocked his head. "You nuts?? Dead players respawn at the city. This is not real life! Nevermind, I decided! When I grind I find somewhere safe and do it myself. I don't call Lucky in other occasions."

        "But...That's a pity."

        "It's settled! Nothing pity. I don't like crowds anyway. We used to level up where there's no other people around when we play other games remember?"

        "Alright then! But boss you gotta help me level more tonight!"

        "That's no problem. What's your level now?"

        "I forgot to check. Gimme a moment." Then Wayne froze. "Boss! I'm 37!"

        "Are you still doubting me and Lucky?"

         "Nononono! Boss you're the best!"

        I chatted with Wayne while we ran away from the city. Normally monster levels go up the farther you go from a city. After we are done with oxes, we began to kill Steel Sabrelions. These guys are level 100. Wayne stuck to me like a tail along the way, worrying about getting mauled by a lion. Good for him, the lions mostly regard me and Lucky as their target cause Wayne didn't attack at all.

        The Steel Sabrelions are higher leveled than us so we can't mess-kill them very fast like we did to the oxes. At first, Lucky will face several lions while I fight only one. As we got higher however, I started to insta kill them one after one.

        But just as I hit 100, something bad happened. I don't know if he was just too bored, or just felt embarrassed being carried all the time, Wayne threw a fireball at one of the lions, you know the result. A swift leap, the lion dropped in front of Wayne and sent him back to the city with one bite.

        When I noticed it I just saw a white flash!


        "Oops, Wayne! Sorry about that, I forgot about you with all the fightings!"

        "Don't worry. I pulled that one myself. I'm 53 now! I wouldn't even dream of going this fast if not for you!"

        "So you were 54 just now?"

         "Yeah. That death dragged me down a level."

        "Where are you now then? I'll go fetch you!"

        "Huh? Boss stop teasing me! I'm here, in front of your face!"

        "Wait what? In front? I don't see anything. You're using /Tell with me right?"

        I looked around, still nothing. "If you are there, try poke me with your staff!"

        "Ok!" Then Wayne exclaimed: "Hey boss! I went right through your body!"

        "Uh, you're a ghost now? Try use some magic!"

        Wayne panicked again. "I can't! The system says I can't attack when I'm a ghost!"

        "Oh seriously?! So you turn into a ghost when died, but don't go back to the city?  What should we do now?"

        "How about call the Game Service for help?" Wayne suggested.

        "Ok. Wait here, I'll do it." Then I called the service.

        "Hello! This is customer service system, Operator 1701 at your service. What can I do for you?"

        "Hi there, My friend just got killed by a monster, but he didn't return to the city and now he's a ghost. What happened? Back in the Rookie Village, we usually get sent back when we die right?"

        "This is normal! Players above level 20 will become a ghost upon death and they will not respawn back in the city."

        "What do we do now? Now my friend is invisible, he can see me but I can't see him. Oh it seems monsters can't see him either! He can't attack or use any magic now. How should he keep playing?"

        "Please do not worry, this is totally normal situation! Your friend just needs to go back to the city, find a Resurrection Wizard at the Wizard's Guild to come back. But there is a price. You can also find a player with Resurrection Wizard as a class. Do you understand now?"

        "I get it! Thank you!" I hang up and told Wayne about the situation. Now we had no choice but to go back!

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    This gentleman here made a brilliant point.
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    I already stated that I will certainly drop out somewhere.
    Well, thanks for the reminder. It's really clever of you to predict something that is obviously 100% to happen.
    Lol, there's a saying "normally it's the writer who gives up a book, but for this book, it's the readers that give up". It took more than ten years to finish (just checked, it's finished). Really, it's a legend. The author who always comes back after a period of time of non-updating (instead of just silently fading away like most authors would do) and ultimately finishes this insanely long book is highly admired for his dedication.

    "normally it's the writer who gives up a book, but for this book, it's the readers that give up"
    This sentence in Chinese slang is always written as "This book's writer doesn't castrate himself but this book makes the reader castrate themselves."
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    cacue23 said:
    LZ_Wolfy said:
    从零开始都有人翻译了? 我看能太监多少人……
    "Lemme see how many are going to give up."
    This gentleman here made a brilliant point.
    This novel has a total number of 20 million characters. 20, million. I say again, 20, million.
    I already stated that I will certainly drop out somewhere.
    Well, thanks for the reminder. It's really clever of you to predict something that is obviously 100% to happen.
    Lol, there's a saying "normally it's the writer who gives up a book, but for this book, it's the readers that give up". It took more than ten years to finish (just checked, it's finished). Really, it's a legend. The author who always comes back after a period of time of non-updating (instead of just silently fading away like most authors would do) and ultimately finishes this insanely long book is highly admired for his dedication.

    "normally it's the writer who gives up a book, but for this book, it's the readers that give up"
    This sentence in Chinese slang is always written as "This book's writer doesn't castrate himself but this book makes the reader castrate themselves."
    I dunno where this slang came from but, this one is just perfect to describe this book.
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    Asvsaol said:
    How can there be a player with a Resurrection Wizard as a class when the MC didn't get that class as an option?
    And thanks for the translation (and who knows, maybe you'll have the patiance to finish this novel? At least that's my hope -.^) 
    Yeah the setup of the novel will be full of bugs.
    The next chap will add like another ten advanced classes. And I'm struggling about how to translate those names...

  • Book 2, Chapter 14
    Strange Quest


        When we're back we directly went to the Wizard's Guild. The guild in Flowing Cloud city isn't hard to find, which just sits at the center. Actually the guild building is even higher than Eiffel Tower. I don't think anyone is going to miss it.

        We came to the gate. Man it looks gorgeous, the stone gate is as big as the city gate! We saw an old wizard standing at the gate.

        "Young adventurer, what is it that you need?"

        "Oh yes!" I quickly go to him. "A monster killed my friend, can you please revive him?"

        "I'm afraid I can't do that for you." The wizard pitied. "I'm just a combat wizard. Go in there and find the oracle wizard , he will help you!" (*)

        "Thank you!" I dragged Wayne in. (TL Note: but but, you can't see him right??)

        The interior decoration is as beautiful as the outside. Marble sculptures, crystal chandelier, giant woollen carpet...Everything reads "luxury"!

        "Is there anything you need?" An old wizard wearing white beard appeared in front of us. That beard looks more than a meter.

        "I'm looking for the oracle wizard!"

         He looked beside me. "Oh. A ghost! You want me to revive him right?"


        "It's easy!" The wizard reached out his left hand, obviously asking for payment.

        "I know! How much is it?"

        "Oh, not much! 55 Crystals!"

        "Whaaat?!" I jumped. "You might as well go rob a bank!"

        "Well I'd like to try that! But I'm no combat wizard, I can't!"

         Wait a second here, he actually is considering it??

        "How about you youngsters help me? I can see your level is pretty high now, go rob someone for me alright?"

        "Wait-what-why--are you an NPC or a player?" My jaw is dropping now! "Robbery?? Are you serious?! Forget it! Here's the money. Get my friend back now. We don't want to see your crazy face for another second!"

        "Calm down will ya?" Old geezer started explaining while stuffing the payment into his porch. "Now how about this: I have several quests here which are used to switch into hidden classes. You go snatch something for me and I'll sell them to you, deal?"

        "That can wait! Revive my friend first!"

        "Sure." He waved his hand and Wayne suddenly appeared beside me. "Can we talk now?"

        Wayne questioned, "At least tell us what they are and what they can do! We can't decide without knowing these!"

        Seeing that he caught our interest, the old man dragged us into a side room. The room is not big, there's a big workbench in the middle, and a circle of bookshelves. But nothing to sit on!

        "I'll tell you how to get the target first." He took out a scroll from one of the bookshelves and spread it on the table. We leaned on the table to look. It appears to be a map.

        "This is the map of the surrounding area of Flowing Cloud city. Look here!" He pointed at something on the map. "There is a valley here, the entrance is narrow, only like three people can pass through at a time. Every month, there will be a shipment of tribute goods going through. And there will be one of them tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock. What you have to do is to raid the transport team. If you can get the goods for me, I'll give you all the hidden class quests I have, plus 50k Crystals for each of you. What do you say?"

        "That's...a lot of money. But can you tell us about the hidden classes? We don't want to risk ourselves for something not worth it!"

        "Of course they're worth it!" The old fellow became excited. "I have 5 hidden Main Classes and 7 Side ones. The main classes are: Demonized Fighter, Spectral Mage, Soul Manipulator (**), Divine Punisher, Fallen Angel. The side ones: Inventor, Soul Sorcerer, God Mind, Requiem Wizard, Frostfire Wizard." (***)

         "So what's the deal with the main classes?"

         "Patience! Demonized Fighter is an alternative class of Dark Fighter, a warrior type. All attribute bonuses are focused on Attack and Defense. If you turn into one of them I guarantee you will knock out anyone the same level as you within a minute! But there are requirements for this class: One, you must be a Dark Fighter; Two, you're above level 200; And three, you need to have at least two dark-type companions.

        Spectral Mage is a stronger version of Dark Mage. All bonus goes to Magic, and they have a 50% buff to their Magic Attack and Magic Defense too. The requirement is high. One. Player must be above 150; Two, all skills are max leveled; Three, your race must be Undead.

        Soul Manipulator is a scary one! You know what, they can have another two extra companion slots! Their ultimate skill can let them drain experience points. When you PvP with someone you absorb 1% of your opponent's Exp every 20 seconds! I mean only the Exp for current level. Of course you can't drain them back to level 0 just in 2000 sec."

        "Say what? Two slots?" I thought it over. Now I have 7 slots already. That will make it 9. Geez, maybe I can just stand there and chill out and grind at the same time if the future!

        "Now don't you interrupt me! The requirement is...peculiar though. It needs the player to have more than 10 Charisma, and they must be a Divine Demon too! I wonder what kind of fool would waste their points on 10 Charisma?! Buuuut it's reasonable. The class is highly unbalanced, they'd better not let too many players get it!

        Next, the Divine Punisher. They will learn all non-advanced Light spells by nature, and they have special kill [Fist of Punishment]. This skill will ignore Defense, and cause double damage to Dark affinity players and monsters. Requirement is player must be a Holy Priest, and above 200 level.

        The last one, the Fallen Angel. This class got triple HP & MP regen speed, and +10% to their Attack and Magic Attack! There's only one rule, you must be an Angel! How was that? Good enough right?"

        "How about the side classes?" Wayne is hyper excited now, as if he already got these classes.

        "Those ones? They're secret for now! How about you finish my quest and check them for yourselves? So are you in or not?" The old timer must've known that we will accept, because, well, we're drooling.

        "I have a last question!" My instinct tells me that safety comes first. "If we finish this quest will us get into any trouble?"

        "Trouble?" The old man didn't understand.

        "Yes. Trouble. You want us to rob someone's goods, what if we become wanted criminals? Well then every city guard will kill us on sight! Money is useless if we can't stay in the city!"

        "Oh you don't have to worry about that!" He grinned wickedly. "I've already talked to the escorts. You only need to act like a bandit and make a show, like, shouting something. Then the guards will just run away. You just gather those crates with "TRIBUTE" written on them and pull them away!"

        "Ohhh, inside job!" Wayne put on the same creepy grin as the old man. "Wait for the good news then!"

        Then Wayne dragged me outside. I don't know if it's for the 50k crystals or the hidden classes but he's hyperactive anyway! He just kept running,  my HP began to drop! (In [Zero], running costs Stamina, if you don't have Stamina it will drain your HP instead.)

        "Hey, Wayne! We there yet? Let's rest for a bit!"

        But Wayne just sprinted without slowing down. I never seen this guy so energetic. He just run while gulping down his HP potions. "We can't stop now! It's 4 am now, if we miss it we'll have to wait for the next month when whole lot of other players will be competing for it!"

        "...You are right! Let's keep going then!" I had to ate a pill too.  Ouch! I didn't even use my pills when grinding, now I wasted them for a freaking marathon!

        After some exhausting running, we finally reached the valley entrance at 6 am, panting like dogs.

        The thick weed on the ground indicates that the transport hasn't passed yet, or the grass would be flattened by now. We hid in a concealed spot. We felt tired but didn't afford to log out and rest. We just sit in the grass, waiting for our prey.

        A transport convoy appeared at the entrance at 7:50. The old man's schedule was pretty spot-on!


    (*) And the author used a different name again. I will not fix these errors cause it may bring even more trouble.

    (**)This class' name sounds a lot like the "Dementor" from Harry Potter. I decided not to use it though.

    (***)No I didn't miss anything here. He only mentioned 5 instead of 7.

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    Is it me or can he choose three (fighter, soul and fallen) out of five of those advanced class? (And if he can meet the undead requirement of mage class than four) Lol, talking about a borken character xD

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  • 少年,你决定翻译这本书无疑是大胆的、有野心的,可惜注定不能尽功。
  • Book 2, Chapter 15
    Looted Artifacts



        Wayne jumped out, and I followed.

        "Hold-up! Guys on the left women on the right the rest in the middle crouch on the ground hands behind your head!!"

        I tumbled on my feet hearing Wayne's ridiculous words. Obviously those escorts didn't understand any of the deal because they just stared at us with blank faces. Crap. I have to do this myself.

        "Attention now! This is robbery! Now you all leave the place as fast as you can! We only want the money, not your lives!"

        It seems they understood me better. But their reaction is...a bit off, according to what we expected from the old man's words. The leading warrior in golden armor drew his sword, lowered his helmet mask and charged at us, with all of his followers running behind.

        Wayne is stuttering now: "Bo-Boss! What should we do?"

        "We hit the road!" I quickly grasped Wayne and turned tail, while spamming some [Identify] towards the pursuers.

        The leader is Escort Captain, level 300 boss, adept at close combat and have high Attack & Defense, can use group healing skills. On his side are Escort Members and Wizard Guards. The members are level 200 humanoid monsters, low Defense, but can use union attack skills. The wizards are level 250, good at all kinds of basic spells, especially lightning.

        Damn it that old f**ker set us up!

        I heard a scream beside me. A lightning hit Wayne and killed him instant. With Wayne gone, I can run more freely. But the situation is still not good. There must be something wrong with these guards! I've run so far but they're still after me! Seriously, if we got more people we can just lure these idiots everywhere and take the goods.

        I ran for a while and realized something's not right. The group is no where to be found, only the leader is still chasing me now. Probably because their Speed is different so the rest can't keep up?

        However that's not my concern now. The leader is alone! Hehehee...

        I called Lucky & Phantom, merged with Phantom and jumped onto Lucky's back. I ordered Lucky to control his speed and keep a certain distance with the target. I started to try out various spells. First, I threw a [Blast Fireball]. Boom! The leader is charred black. Oh, not bad!

        I tried [Light Bullet] next. A tiny ball immediately hit the leader. Bam! Another explosion. His golden armor lost some pieces and is now ragged!

        We just kept the hit-n-run going. I nearly tried every spell I can use, in the meantime I even set some Quick Command for several useful ones.

        When I'm just enjoying it, Wayne sent me a chat.

        "What's the matter?"

        "Where are you boss?"

         "Where?" I looked, trees everywhere, not a single waypoint in my view. "Well I don't know! I only know they chased me really far!"

        "Impressive! You survived? What are those guys doing now?"

        "Their leader is still hot on my ass, I'm riding Lucky and harming him! I think it won't be long before I kill him. I don't know about those minions though! What about you?"

        "At the old man's place. He says he doesn't know about the leader today, they must have been switched duty for some reason. He apologized and revived me for free, and agreed to just give us those hidden classes. So...still worth it!"

        "Not! I'm still running like a loser here, I can't just let it pass! Since you're revived help me with something!"

        "What is it?"

         "Run to that entrance now. If what I think is right, all of the escorts should be out chasing me now, the shipment must be unguarded. You go there, line them up and pull them back to the city."

        "You sure about that? Alright. I'm on it. Be careful!"

        "Ok!" I cut the chat and returned my focus to dealing with that leader. I chose the best single-target spell I have and spammed it on him. With Phantom my MP recovers fast, don't have to worry about MP issue.

        After a while I figured he's almost done for, so I jumped down from Lucky and engaged him in melee combat. Lucky stayed in the air using lightnings to paralyze the leader while Phantom used mind control to restrict his movement. Now most of his attacks would sway off their marks and hit the air. I just kept using my most powerful skills.

        After cutting him several times he managed to hit me once, bringing down more than half of my HP & MP bar. I jumped away in scare and quickly swallowed a pill. Oh shit, he is still a level 300 boss and I'm only level 100, of course this would happen. I would have been dead if not for my Ring of Stars which can convert some damage into my MP. Anyone else fighting against something 200 levels above them would probably get squished like a bug. 

        As I'm thinking nonsense he charged and made another slash. I closed my eyes, waiting for game over. That pill I ate hasn't brought my HP to half yet. This one is gonna finish me off for sure!

        Then I heard a shrilling dragon scream. Lucky lost balance and crashed on the ground, with about 1/3 HP gone. I, on the other hand, is now at 1 HP. But I was the one who got hit... ?

        Right, the Collar of Protection! The collar must have transferred the damage to Lucky, which was...lucky. Because Lucky got tank-level HP too. If it was Phantom who took that damage we're probably done for.

        I didn't dare to stand idle anymore, and performed a quick triple-slash at the leader. Lucky seems pissed off by that damage, he rushed over and gave him a powerful tail swipe too. The poor leader died soon under our attacks, dropping lot of stuff on the ground. I checked over, most are potions, plus 23 Crystals. (which is a lot of money!)

        After we killed the leader, me and Phantom are at 102 but Lucky stopped at 101. I guess the exp I got when I was riding on his back didn't count as his.

         When I finished sweeping the ground the other pursuers arrived. They are only level 200 but the number is too big, we certainly can't use the paralyze & mind control to deal with them again. So we wisely chose to flee. I jumped onto Lucky's back and started going for a branch. After we shook them off I returned towards the valley entrance.

        When I arrived Wayne had already attached all the carts together. But those escorts took most horses away in order to chase us, now we don't have enough horses to pull them.

        "Boss! You're back! That was amazing! But we got too many stuff here we can't take all of them!"

        "Let's do this then: Open all the crates, find and take the valuable items but leave everything else!"

        "That's such a waste but...I guess no other choice." Wayne started pushing all the crates down, various items scattered on the floor.

        We picked. The first is money. Money will take space when stored in containers but they don't use up your slots or weight limit when carried in inventory. So we cleaned them up. When we're finished I took nearly 3 million Crystals, same for Wayne. Seriously, money really comes faster if you just go robbing people. We would make quite a fortune if we keep hijacking NPCs like this. But obviously this quest is unique, so that's a no-go.

        Next is equipment. I looked for a while but found nothing worth noticing. Until I saw a strange-looking crossbow.

        The body is longer than ordinary crossbows, overall it looks like an eagle, its two wings being the two bow arms.

        I checked its attributes. The "Revenger", a sniping crossbow.

        The next line made me jump. It's an Artifact!

        Attack 650-800,

        Attack Speed 1 per 4 seconds (increases with player's level),

        Durability ∞,

        Damage +100%, ignore Defense,

        Accuracy +300%,

        Curse (players who got killed with this weapon will lose two levels instead of one),

        Target will bleed, losing 20 HP per second for 1000 seconds,

        Reduces target's Speed by 20%, lasts 100 seconds,

        75% chance of causing double damage,

        Reduces target's Luck by 3 until target logs off,

        Carries two [Soul Chaser] bolts, which will recover by 1 every 3600 seconds.

        [Soul Chaser]: Attack 200-200,

        Explode on impact, damage radius is (player level / 10) meters, explosion attack is 150 and will ignore Defense while stunning targets for 5 seconds.

        Requirement: Base Strength 11, Current Dexterity 2000+.

        OP! I mean real OP! But the Dexterity limit is a bit high. 2000 divided by my Base Dexterity, 13, which means I need to reach level 154 to use it. And that's me. I don't think many other player will have more than 9 Base Dex, it will take them forever!

        "Boss! I found nice stuff!" Wayne carried a mage robe to me with excitement and won't stop displaying it in front of my face. "Look! A high class mage robe! Guess, what rank is it?"

        "Don't tell me it's Artifact?" I guessed without believing myself.

        But Wayne shouted: "You got it! It IS Artifact!! This thing can convert 75% of the damage to your MP, plus 10% damage reflection! From now on I can exchange blows face-to-face with a freaking warrior! I got 1k+ MP, no one can insta kill me this time! Ahh hahaha!!"

        Wayne is laughing like a pervert. He must be dreaming about how he can close-combat with a warrior. Then he saw the crossbow in my hand. "Oh? What is this, boss?"

        I passed him the crossbow.

        "My f**cking goodness!  Damn it this thing's numbers broke common sense! Now this is the perfect weapon to murder, slaughter, or stab someone in the ass! If I had known about such thing I would choose to be an Assassin!"

        "Why is that?"

         "You don't know? Assassins have a +5% buff to their Attack when using crossbows and daggers!"

        "Why don't you just choose Archer then?"

         "But Archer's bonus is Accuracy! Shoot. Why can't I find such nice weapon?!"

        "Duh. This thing shoots like a machinegun. One is enough to break the game!"

        "Figured." Wanye passed the crossbow back to me. "Hey boss, apart from these two the rest are all garbage."

        "Don't worry about them then! If they're garbage we can just prepare to move now. The main group will be back here any minute." I grasped Wayne and activated my Ring of Teleportation. The ring is so convenient, we returned to the city in a flash. I was worrying about whether this thing can only teleport myself or not.

        "Let's go blackmail that old timer!"

        We came to the Wizard's Guild but soon realized something's gone wrong. The old man came to us, he still look like before but...somewhat different.

        "You two follow me!"

        He led us towards a secret room. Then he closed the door, and looked at us with a serious expression. Now I know why I felt something different. This old man no longer wears that filthy grin, he looks...solemn.

         "So you must have noticed I'm different."

         "Yeah. What happened?"

        "Truth is, I'm not the oracle wizard you met before."

         "Huh?!" We both yelled.

        "What you met was the system NPC 'oracle wizard'. But I am, the manager of Zhong Hua Company technical issue department. You already know that all NPCs are controlled by AIs. But have you noticed that some NPCs are either dumb or slow while the others are cunning as old foxes?"

        "Right! That leader I fought this morning was a total idiot! But this old wizard was way smarter then he looked!"

        "These all have a reason. Our corporation is testing a new AI system. The old system is stable but, every NPC is like, brain dead, dull, without any characteristics. The new AI system will give NPCs real intelligence, emotion, and different personal temperament, like this wizard who appears to be a money lover. But there was a bug with this wizard, that's why he exposed much confidential information to you. Good thing that it was you who acquired the info. I heard that you are the young master of Zhong Hua Company right? I thought you were a lady though!"

        "Eh? Oh! But--but--"

        "Well the bug wasn't your fault so you can keep the reward. But we will need to recover the money you got, you can keep the equipment, and we will convert your main classes into those hidden ones. How about it? This is already special treatment! If it's anyone else we would just reverse all the data!"

        "Ok! We still got something great anyway. By the way, I met a bunch of NPCs in Lost City who just lent money to me. Were those bugs too?"

        "No, those were normal. They lent you money because of your high Charisma. I'll tell you this: the Lost City is one of our AI experiment sites, all NPCs there have their own mind and behavior, like humans. Ok then back to business, which classes would you like to be?"

        "Spectral Mage!" Wayne jumped first.

        "Here. This is your quest scroll. Start the quest after you reached the requirement, finish the quest to change your class."

        "But I have two main classes." I'm worrying about that he might only give me one.

         "I know. Pick as you like."

         "Then I'll take the Demonized Fighter, and Soul Manipulator."

        "Here. Your scrolls." The manager continued: "I'll take my leave here. From now on the old wizard at the gate will take over the reviving duty, and players will begin to choose Resurrection Wizard as a side class too so you don't have to always look for an NPC. But remember: You lose one level when dead, NPC revival has a 10% chance of causing another level loss. Players have even higher fail rate due to their level, but once they learn [Advanced Resurrection], they will have a chance to return 50% lost exp to you. Which means you will only lose half a level if killed."

        "Oof, that sounds dangerous! Thank god I didn't hit that 10% mark." Wayne thought about his two deaths within the past hours, and shivered.

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    Book 2, Chapter 16
    Selling Charcoal to Get Rich!


        We left the Wizard's Guild and logged off. It's near noon now, we've been playing since last night!

        We rested until 8 pm. The alarm clock woke us right on schedule. We ate something and started the game again.

        Soon as we appeared in the city we noticed something different: there are so many people! We remembered that account registration has become completely free for everyone in this morning. After a day most people should have reached level 20. I must say, the populated streets looks fun!

        When we're trying to get familiar with the new environment, we heard a sweet, almost annoying, female voice: "Hey handsome, your gear looks really cool! Is that your girlfriend? Hey you almost got a full set! Can you carry me for a bit? Pretty please?"

        "No problem!" Wayne just agreed before I even tried to correct the "girlfriend" part. The player looks like a standard beauty. I think Wayne is about to drool.

        "You just reached 20 right? Don't worry, I got you. We won't need much time to level up!"

        "Thank you very much!" The girl wears a seductive smile. "Then you won't mind bringing an extra player right? Come here darling!"

        A big, muscular man appeared in front of us. "Oh! You guys can help us grind? My thanks!"

        I never felt attracted to women, because...well, I'm always staring at myself in the mirror in the morning so, you know.

        "Not 'you guys'! Only him! I have something to do I'll leave here." I didn't wait for any objections, activated my ring and disappeared which caused people to shout in awe.

        That girl asked Wayne, eyes wide open: "Is is is that your friend?  He can teleport?!"

        A crowd of new players came to Wayne, demanding answers.


        This time I directly went back to Lost City. After stepping out of the teleport station I headed towards Clark's weapon shop. Clark is enthusiastic as ever: "Oi mate! Where have you been? I was looking for you!"

        "You look for me?" Wasn't expecting that. What would an NPC want me with? "I came at the right time then. I happen to have something to tell you too!"

        "Let's chat at the quest room!" We went upstairs. "I'm hoping to talk business with you!"

        "Business? But I'm no merchant! I do have a Blacksmith job but never actually used it."

        "That's not what I mean. I want your help to bring some materials and transport them!" Clark explained, a little bit excitedly.

        "Materials? What materials?"

        "The stuff used to craft equipment. Their origin is a bit complicated, my own gathering team can't get them! You're pretty high leveled now it should be easy for you though."

        "Just tell me, I'll help if I can. So what are you looking for?"

         "Here's the list!" He passed me a paper. "If you help with this I'll give you an Artifact. Plus you will not need to pay the money you owe me."

        "Well we can get past the money alright, but I'll not take the Artifact. I'm in too much debt to you!"

        "Ha ha! I'm the one feeling indebted here." He scratched his head, "This is the Artifact!"

        Clark gave me a bracelet. Space Bracelet, a inventory without space and weight limit. Able to fetch items within a range of 20 meters. Not upgradeable.

         "I give you this thing to help me carry stuff. Or it will be too much materials for you to hold!"

         "Oh, ha! I'll take it then!"

        "By the way, you wanted to tell me something right?"

        "Oh! Almost forgot!" I took out the Darksteel Wood I got earlier. "Can you tell me what this thing is?"

        Clark carefully picked it up, then his eyes went wide. "Where did you get this thing?"

        "Those Killer Trees dropped them! Is it valuable?" I knew this thing would have some value but didn't expect such a big reaction from Clark.

        "Valuable? Beyond valuable!!"

        "Really?" I took another one out and checked over it, hoping to understand what's so good about it.

        "Ya got another one?" Clark saw the second piece and jumped.

        "Yeah. What's wrong? I have like 50 more pieces here."


        Bang. Clark dropped on the floor.

        I pulled him up. "Well you don't have to be THAT surprised! Just tell me, what is it? What's the use of this black 'n' dark stuff?"

        "Don't underestimate this black 'n' dark stuff! It's super grade fuel!"

        "Fuel? That's why it looks like charcoal?" I didn't expect it to be something used for burning.

        "If you burn this wood you get Hellfire, equipments forged with Hellfire will all carry its effect, and weapons will have a 50% life steal attribute! Besides your craft success rate +20% when using Hellfire!"

        "That's awesome!" Didn't know this thing worth so much. Looks like those rotten branches got some uses. Maybe I should go there more often!

        "Will it use up fast? How many pieces do you need to forge one equipment?"

        "Well, the consumption is quite fast. If you only use Darksteel Wood, your will need 10 pieces to complete one equip. But usually we only use one piece, mixed with common wood. The outcome would be less effective but it still got higher success rate than normal forge fire, and a bit of a chance to add some additional attribute too. Of course not as good as using full Hellfire though."

        "Are you buying it? Should I go and get some more?" I would make a fortune if I sell this thing!

        "Buy? Of course I'll buy it! The market price is usually 2k gold per piece but no one's ever selling it!"

        "Seriously? That's overpriced! I have 53 on me, you can buy them all!"

        "Wait wait wait! I don't have enough funds for that!" Clark looks really troubled.

        "Duh, we're friends, of course I won't ask for the market price." I do want the money but surely I can't take it from Clark! "How about this, I'll give them to you for 1k gold per piece only. How many can you take at the moment?"

        "You meant it??" I see Clark's eyes glowing! "I'll buy 40!"

        I considered. "Listen: I give you all 53, you pay me 40k gold and help me improve my equipment. How about it?"

        "Not a problem! Here's the money! From now on all my merchandise are half price, only for you!"

        Clark is the straightforward type, he immediately called helpers to carry the wood into his storage. "Come, buddy. Lemme see what I can do with that outfit. What's your level?"

         "Just reached 100!"

         "That was fast! But not surprising. Your dragon friend is quite the damager. You wait here, I'll go pick something for you."

         It didn't take long before he rushed back with a pile of equipment in his arms. "Try these. They are the best level 100 gear I got in my shop!"


    Happy new year's eve! And Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon, too. I don't think I will be updating during those periods cause I gonna go out and enjoy myself!

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    Book 2, Chapter 17
    Cape Quest


         I threw my current crap to the side and started fitting.

        Clark handed me a pair of metal boots. "I picked them according to your numbers. Don't worry about the requirement. This is Wind Boots, Defense 20, Dexterity +1, Movement Speed +10%, +20% dodge rate against projectile weapons."

         "Nice!" I put them on. Umhmm, comfy. I walked around, and felt like floating!

         "Wind Legguard, Defense 35, Movement Speed +10%, +5% dodge rate."

         "Wind tasset, Defense 33, 5% chance of countering your attacker with a lightning strike."

         "Wind Armor, Defense 45, +10% Lightning resistance, reduce Poison damage by half, 5% rate damage reflecting."

         "Wind Armguard, Defense 20, +15% Attack Speed, +5% damage absorb."

         "Wind Shoulder Guard, Defense 25, Dexterity +3, 5% rate damage reflecting."

         "Wind Heavy Gauntlets, Defense 20, Attack +5%, Strength +3, +20% Attack & Spell Speed, 5-6 Poison Attack, lasts 10 seconds, 3-7 Fire Attack."

         "Wind Helmet, Defense 30, +10% Spell Speed, all spell level +1."

         "Wind Shield, Defense 100, Block Rate 37%, 15% rate damage reflecting, 25% rate to paralyze attacker for two seconds."

         "That's all of them! Your sword is probably the best at this level, I'll not change that. If ya need quiver, cape, belt and accessories you will need to go to the other stores!"

        I put on all of them and stood in front of the mirror. They look real cool, plus now I appear more "manly", at least.

        "They look awesome! And I think I can see some golden shimmering!"

        "Of course! I took my best level 100 equipment set I have!" Clark seems satisfied with the result, too.

        "Then I'll leave you to your business now, and see if I can fill the other slots. After that I'll go look for those materials you need."

        "Off you go then! You'd better be quick with it, I'll need them soon!"

        "Got it!" That answer came from the outside. Instead of walking downstairs, I [Blink]'d out of the shop.

        I asked several NPCs how to find the clothing store, surprisingly they all know me somehow.

        I finally found the place at a corner, and saw a female NPC about the age of 30 sewing cloth. She dropped her work when she saw me.

        "Isn't this Ziri! What can I do for you?"

        "You know me?"

         "Well that old man kinda introduced you to the whole city that day."

        "Now I remember it. I was wondering why everyone knows my name."

        "So what will it be?"

         "Cape and belt!"

        "Oh the belt is easy. Your level?"


         "Just one moment." She ran inside and came back with a shiny belt. "Try it! This is the Spring Belt, Defense 10, HP regen speed +20%, money reward from monsters +20%. How is it? Quite nice attribute!"

        "Sounds good!" I checked the belt and yes, a real nice one. "How much?"

        "200 gold!"

         "Not bad. Here's the money!" I'm pretty rich now and don't need to count my coins anymore! Ha-hahaha!

         "But, you...don't have capes?"

         She answered apologetically: "Capes are special equipment, I can't craft them now. You can go and defeat the Hidden Palace Knight Captain at the Dark Valley, he will drop a cape. You can use the cape yourself, if you're not satisfied with the attribute you can bring it to me and I can help you make it something better. But whatever you get, I hope you can let me see it anyway so I can learn something!"

        "Not Dark Valley again! Those Undead Fighter almost buried me alive last time!"

        "Ah you don't have to be afraid! I have something here that will help you get past those fighters, and challenge the captain directly. That shouldn't be too hard!"

        "That...sounds better. But the captain won't be a push-over! I don't even know his level!

        "He is level 600! How about it? Not that dangerous right?"

        She said that with a innocent smile but I'm not foolish!

        "600?!" I gasped. "Ah, my beautiful young lady, I'm positive many kind warriors will be willing to take over your honorable mission, but I'm a mere nameless peasant, forgive my incompetence and let me go!"

        I turned and left.

        Only fools would accept that quest!

        (Sometime later)

        I'm well on my way towards the Dark Valley.

         Two days ago I bumped into Clark when I left the clothing shop. Then I was told the mistress was Clark's lover. Clark decided to turn coat after some "affectionate persuade". I logged off for two days only to consider the situation, and now I just decided to step on this path of no return after I finally submitted myself to Clark's friendship, and the potential profit behind all this.

        Still, I kept mumbling complaint, with a Demon's Eye in my hand. It's just a purple crystal. [Identify] reads "Demon's Eye", can be used to trigger a series of quests, only needs to be in the inventory to take effect.

        But why would the owner of a clothing shop give me such stuff?

        While on Lucky's back, I figured people's level would have gone up while I was gone for two days, so I opened the rankings.

    Rank Name Race Gender Level Class Pet
    1 Big Blade More Killz Half Orc Male 112 Warrior Level 80 Wild Horse Leader
    2 Red Moon Divine Demon Female 110 Dark Wizard Level 109 Night Spirit Lord
    3 Merciless Autumn Wind Angel Male 108 Warrior None
    4 Sunshine Half Elf Male 107 Archer None
    5 No Dating Gnome Male 107 Rogue+Black Mage None
    6 Cloud Fairy Half Elf Female 107 Priestess None
    7 Descended God Angel Male 100 Warrior None
    8 Skyfire Human Male 97 Spellsword None
    9 Tender Heart Half Elf Female 96 Archer None
    10 Am Number One Demon Male 96 Dark Fighter None
    No big change in my eyes. Someone came up, someone went off. But man they level fast! It's only two days and they are way above me.

        "Master! Enemy ahead!" Phantom alerted me.

        I looked, several zombies are wandering. I'm not looking for these things. I'm level 100 now and they're just a waste of time.

        I ordered Lucky to fly above them. Lucky is fast, plus we ignored minions this time, we arrived at where we were chased off pretty soon.

        The place is just as creepy as before, several Undead Fighters are patrolling. I was terrified of last time, I just felt like running away when I see them. But I need to finish Clark and his lover's request, so I collected my courage and walked towards them.

        The two fighters spotted me soon. "Freeze!"

        "Sorry! I mean no trouble, I wish to talk to your boss!" Better avoid any fighting. I don't want them to pile up on me again!

        "You want to meet our captain?" One of them came to me.

        "That's right!" Looks like I actually got a chance, so I nodded quickly.

        The fighter considered for a bit. "Do you have anything to prove you're worth it?"

        "I do!" I took out the Demon's Eye.

        The Undead Fighters went down on one knee immediately. "We do not know the Demon Marshal has arrived. I will lead your highness to our captain right away!"

        So they don't even need to go in and notify their boss or something? This is convenient.

    Ugh. How do I make that name list look more "straight"? Even if I try to fix it in editing mode they still come out jagged after I save.

    Asvsaol for reminding me how to make the list look better! I should really learn some basic coding... But I'm too lazy!

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