[Novel] Star Martial God Technique



  • I hope somebody will pick up this novel only read up to chapter 13 all the rest are machine translated i am praying to sovereign of wuxia plase translate this novel 
  • Please don't put off the novel because mad snail translated it still in early stages Of the novel only 13 chapters hoping for someone to translate it
  • Mad Snail should be blacklisted.
  • i just want this novel I wish I went to uni to learn how to read Chinese  I would do it my self but in real world doesn't always happen but I'm willing to support the translater who picks this up I'll even give him money to translate chapters
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    For those of you interested this novel has been picked up by the translator of http://gravitytales.com/novel/the-nine-cauldrons and will be translated at; http://forum.gravitytales.com/threads/star-martial-god-technique-星武神决.165/#post-1360
    it will be done from the beginning...with an unspecified schedule...
  • I think that gravity tales site is dead and they tried to transfer it to someone else but it doesn't seem like anything came of that.  Even though the series is in hiatus, it does have a manhua and the story is pretty good while it does have similarities to tdg it also has classism as one of the primary plot points which is what makes it interesting.  I was actually surprised to see this wasn't already here on ww.
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