D&D 5e Coiling Dragon Adaptation

As a D&D 5e player, I've been wanting to create a campaign based on the CD world. The challenge is adapting 5e rules to the magic/combat hierarchy of CD. I am hoping other D&D 5e players here can help flesh out a conversion module, so that anyone can use this for their own D&D sessions if they want to DM a CD adventure

To start with, to adapt the 20 levels of D&D to the CD power levels

Level 1 = Rank 1 Warrior/Magus
Level 2 = Rank 2 Warrior/Magus

Level 3 = Rank 3 Early Stage Warrior/Magus
Level 4 = Rank 3 Peak Stage Warrior/Magus

Level 5 = Rank 4 Early Stage Warrior/Magus
Level 6 = Rank 4 Peak Stage Warrior/Magus

Level 7 = Rank 5 Early Stage Warrior/Magus
Level 8 = Rank 5 Peak Stage Warrior/Magus

Level 9 = Rank 6 Early Stage Warrior/Magus
Level 10 = Rank 6 Peak Stage Warrior/Magus

Level 11 = Rank 7 Early Stage Warrior/Magus
Level 12 = Rank 7 Peak Stage Warrior/Magus

Level 13 = Rank 8 Early Stage Warrior/Magus
Level 14 = Rank 8 Peak Stage Warrior/Magus

Level 15 = Rank 9 Early Stage Warrior/Magus
Level 16 = Rank 9 Peak Stage Warrior/Magus

Level 17 = Early Saint Warrior/Magus
Level 18 = Peak Saint Warrior/Magus
Level 19 = Prime Saint Warrior/Magus

Level 20 = Ascension to Demigod

Levels beyond 20: Use of Epicboons/additional ability score increases, maybe 23 God, and 30 Highgod (Reaching Highgod is a lot harder as it requires mastering all of the laws, whereas God is just 1/3 of the laws)

Only on odd levels after lvl 3 are considered advancements to the next CD rank.
The level breakdown makes sense for magic users, as wizards get access to higher level spells every 2 levels. For example, only at lvl 9 does a wizard get access to 5th spells. Lvl 10 gives him another spell slot as well as additional stat boost so he's considered peak stage, but only at lvl 11 does he get access to 6th lvl spells. Getting access to a high level spells is a substantial power boost, hence the next rank magus.

For Fighters, they get stat boosts every even lvl, but odd levels they get unlock a unique class ability, so it kinda fits.

One thing about CD power levels is the difference between ranks is very very substantial. Peak stage can trash early stages, a whole rank difference is lopsided, a 2 rank difference is suicide. Hence additional mechanics should be used such as disadvantage on attacks/target gets advantage on saving throws if theres a 1 D&D level difference, and beyond that for every lvl difference, the damage is halved/effects halved/dont work. These numbers will need some work, but the idea is that a lvl 4 rank warrior isn't able to do squat to a rank 6 warrior.

At lvl 17, wizards get access to 9th lvl spells, which are epic world changing spells. 17-19 give more 9th lvl spell slots as well as additional benefits so those are the various classes of saint. At lvl 20, classes get their capstone class hence demigod.

Additional mechanics: at lvl 17, which would be saint ranks, all characters can fly and live forever
Pure classes only. Fighter/Wizard. Other classes could work, but would need some sort of work. Dragonborn sorcerers are similiar to Baruch clan dragonforms, For those who dont want weapons, monks may be doable, however we'd have to somehow work out the way of shadow/elements/fist. We see linley occasional use fists, as many gods will do (but this is all after linley goes to the infernal wealm. previous to that, he's all about the heavy longsword/bloodviolet.

No multiclassing. Linley is the MC so he's special as a dual warrior/magus but no one else is. Or allow multiclassing, but they would suffer in power lvls, as a 10/10 warrior/magus would be far inferior to a 20 wizard.

Spells: instead of wizard schools, we would need to split the spell schools by elements and perhaps create new spells for CD spells to work. Some of the existing ones work well, like stoneskin is earthguard, and Elemental Evil Unearthed arcana gave us more elemental spells.

Any other Ideas?


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