Can someone help me fill in the cultivation of ppl I'm missing.

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Shui donglui, dao 9
Paragon Sea dream? 
Blood demon 
Turtle dao 4
Fang shoudan dao 1
Chou taiman? 
Ke jesui ? 
Ji Tian? 
First fang patriarch? 
Lord li? 
The nine sea God world ppl.? 
Ninth sea? 
4th mountain lord? 

Feel free to add a few more


  • ke jiu si is peak / great circle of ancient realm so far. ji tian was dao  or 4
    fang clan founder was dao 3
    what 9m9s dudes?

    I believe the 4th mountain lord k-something was the strongest at dao 6
  • Sry meant the nine sea God world ppl. Typo. 
  • 4th mountain lord is dao 6

  • His father is peak Ancient Realm and then Meng Hao helps him reach Dao Realm

    7th Mountain Lord is Dao 5 peak with a Eternal Stratum
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  • jackroxy said:
    Shui donglui, dao 9
    Paragon Sea dream? dao 7(after dao 7 they are called paragons)
    Blood demon dao 1or 2
    Turtle dao as strong as dao 6 (he fights heaven leaders level (dao6) in later part)
    Fang shoudan dao 1
    Chou taiman? he is from another part of universe and supposed disciple of Su Ming
    Ke jesui ? could be peak ancstor realm
    Ji Tian? Dao 3
    First fang patriarch? Dao 3
    Lord li? paragon
    The nine sea God world ppl.? no dao level may b few through history
    Ninth sea? 
    4th mountain lord? Dao 6

    Feel free to add a few more

  • is Ke Jesui the dad or the son?  The dad was a Quasi-Dao Paragon before he passed.
  • ke juisi is yunhai father
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