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Feel free to ask me anything. Can't say it will be 100% accurate especially some of the earlier stuff which feels like a blur now. Also read it through lnmtl so there might be mistakes, but while it is still fresh in my mind I can help. I would definitely rate this in my favorites just for how different it felt in styling of the Main Character. This character almost always stays true to himself throughout the whole novel. One of the very few that shows mercy, and the author is good at showing the benefits and consequences of showing too much mercy in this type of world. There is one other vague way I can describe this compared to other Chinese novels. It is usually cut and dry in who is your enemy and ally, but in this novel it is a lot more flexible. Of course there are still people that generally stay allies and people that stay enemies, but you have to remember that even those allies and enemies have other connections that can get in the way. So to sum it up allies can become enemies and enemies can become allies, nothing is set in stone usually.


  • Could you please write the power level advances of the mc? 
  • What happens with Yi Yuan when MC and him confront
  • What is going to happen to Armament Sect? Would Qin Lie and Tang Siqi scape from the Sect?
  • You guys do realize you can just read LNMTL and it'll answer all your questions. 
  • Not everyone wants to read cancerous MTL. Plus this thread was started specifically to answer spoilers, even though OP didn't answer a single one.
  • I read mtl for against the gods but it's not easy to understand sometimes lol. Can't really blame people for avoiding it
  • Can someone tell us the harem list ?
  • Summary for God Burial Site arc?
  • Can someone tell us the harem list ?
    First, although he has harem. He only did have "physical relationship" with only 3 girls. (Song Tingyu, Tang Siqi, A human (Moon Palace Sect) <-- cant remember her name)

    1. Ling Yushi, the fiancee. Will be mentioned up until the end
    2. Song Tingyu, the "Manager" will be forgotten by the the author after he awaken his bloodlines
    3. Tang Siqi, the "Artificier", helps QL with his wealth right after the Burning Sun arc but just like Song Tingyu, she got forgotten
    4. Lin Liang'er, a frost pheonix (human form) author tries to hook them together, but again, she got forgotten right after MC enters the Abyss Channel arc.
    5. A human from Moon Palace, his soul slave.
    6. A demon from Abyss Channel, promised so that QL can build up his forces in that place. (fiancee)
    7. Basically all of God Clan young women, as the 5 God Clan patriarch wants QL to raise a whole bunch of new generation which have the "perfect blood". (It was planned, but the story was cut short. Basically QL agrees so that he can protect Spirit Realm from God Clan invasion.. XD XD XD)
  • What happens with the plot from terminator sect to get Shen Yue and Qin Lie to produce a baby ?
  • when does QL see his grandfather again?
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