Wuxia Word T-shirt

Greetings Fellow Daoists,

I've been roaming Wuxia World for quite some time now and in my adventure managed to gain treasures here and there and different how-to scrolls which allowed me to refine this..

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I started to cultivate T-shirt Designing and this is my VERY FIRST shirt AVAILABLE at AMAZON.
Am I making any money off this? For this shirt - NO. $11 is the lowest Amazon would allow me
and I get 4 cents of it. Lol.

I hope this is acceptable, if not i'll put the shirt off the listing.


  • It looks OK
  • Thanks. I'm thinking of doing another one a scene with the Lord Fifth (Parrot) and his Choir of Demonic Seafood Dish.

  • Hi guys, specially the two people who bought the shirt :) Whoever you guys are, thank you. This way, that shirt will stay there forever, no 60 day countdown to removal. Mind replying to this thread about the quality of the print, when you get them? (I haven't seen them myself hehe.)

    Thanks again! :)
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