Academy Life

Any summary on the experiences Mu Chen has at the Northern Spiritual academy?


  • Just know its extremely long. They spend too much time on that academy probably at least 500 chapters. The experience is well it becomes repetitive. It's basically treasure hunting and his masochist training.  You know how he did that test thingy in the woods and found them fruits as treasures. Basically the rest of the arcs like they except people always getting in his way. He does get almost killed during this long arc and got saved by plot armor. lol
  • Yes, the academy arc is very long. Mu chen will climb through the northern heaven spiritual academy ranks quickly and become the first in heaven rank list. He'll be accompanied by luo li. Later, he will join the competition between all the academies and get his revenge with ji xuan. He'll become the champion. Not long after, luo li has to go back to her clan so mu chen also graduated and left the academy to the outside world with jiu you to quickly rise his strength so that he can be of help to luo li.
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