Moon Ember (Prologue)

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Basically… The fall of the strongest faction of the Quin Continent gave birth to the most tenacious human cultivator. 

(The usual Xianxia synopsis xD Anyway, I’ll someday update this. Right now, I don’t have any idea how this story will progress.)

Volume 0

Prologue Chapter 1: Eastern Sun Capital

Prologue Chapter 2: Unearthly Spirit

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    Volume 0

    Prologue Part 1: Eastern Sun Capital

    Year 499 999, Sun Dynasty, Eastern Sun Capital

    The silence of the night was disrupted as lively songs sung by children encompassed the streets of the Eastern Sun Capital. In every corner of the city, laughter constantly echoed while citizens of different ages from different families held hands and danced almost everywhere.

    When the moon was at its highest peak, the colossal hourglass at the centre of the city dropped its last grain of sand. Seeing this, the citizens became motionless. The music stopped and the atmosphere became serious. However, the citizens were still grinning.  With a huge smile plastered on each of their faces, the people chanted the Eastern Sun Capital’s Anthem in a unified, resounding voice.


    “Oh noble spirits of our forefathers

    That were granted entry Into Yahweh’s Acropolis

    By the angels that live eternally

    As the heavenly bodies of the night,

    Be your children’s navigators in the darkness!

    Turn them into suns that could blind the angels!

    Cheat the heavens that made you and us!

    And help your children stand above its hard ground!”


    The anthem obviously mocked the heavens and the angels.

    But the most shocking part was that the citizens were all audacious enough to loudly say it!

    Everyone, even the non-cultivators, powerfully thumped their chest. They slowly and proudly raised their heads high. The boisterous children, the sickly elders and even the elegant ladies made a dignified stance as if they were soldiers who were about to take part in a war.


    “We are of the Eastern Sun Capital,

    Only we can prevail over ourselves!

    And only we can dominate the heavens!

    We now lived for 500 000 years

    And we’ll continue to do so eternally!

    Because no wrath of the heavens can touch us!”


    Most of these people were imposing cultivators who reached the pinnacle of their power. They were brilliant men who were compassionate to their own kind but merciless and savage to others.

    This was the Eastern Sun Capital, one of the 3 strongest factions in the Quin Continent! 

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    Prologue Part 2: Unearthly Spirit

    At the southern end of the capital was a vast plateau where the Imperial Palace stood. The Imperial Palace was intricately designed with lustrous crystals that radiated holy auras. It was surrounded by an array of plants of various colors that made the area seem otherworldly.

    This was the dwelling place of the Xi Royal Family, the most influential family in the Eastern Sun Capital.

    On a terrace of the Imperial Palace stood a young couple worriedly examining a quiet newborn. The young man exuded a noble aura while the alluring lady beside him seemed enigmatic. Viewing them at a distance, they appeared to be a match that could defy the heavens. Even the beauty of the countless stars surrounding them pales in comparison to the charm they exhibited.

    They were Lohan Xi, the heir to Xi Royal Family’s throne and his wife, Miho Yan.

    “Our son’s life force is unsteady. I can barely sense it.” Lohan Xi gently patted the child’s small forehead with his trembling hands, as if he was touching something incredibly delicate. He was anxious because his son’s life force was currently struggling against a mysterious unearthly spirit.

    Watching her nervous husband, Miho Yan lightly chuckled. She could sense how much he values their child.

    “He’ll be alright. Both our special blood are flowing in his veins. Besides, according to my father, if a newborn is in this state for 5 hours, it means that his unearthly spirit is strong. In the future, he’ll surely have a powerful divine sense.”

    The exquisite lady calmly caressed her son. “And it seems to me that he’ll reach the 5 hour mark soon.”

    The Yan Clan of the South was one of the 3 strongest factions in the Quin Continent. Though the Eastern Sun Capital was still stronger, the members of the Yan Clan possessed an unearthly spirit that could mysteriously enhance their divine sense, an ability to perceive and control the world. With this spirit from unknown origins, the Yan clan managed to prevail against others.

    The only problem was that in order to conceive a child that has an unearthly spirit, the couple should both have the unique bloodline of the Yan Clan. This made the Yan Clan few in numbers and more secretive.

    That's why…

    If someone heard that a Xin Royal Family descendant and a Yan Clan member gave birth to a child with an unearthly spirit, a catastrophe will surely break out!


    “This… this is weird.” Miho Yan’s calm demeanour became distressed. More than ten hours had already passed since her son entered this weak state.

    This was something unheard of! Even for Miho Yan, a genius seed of the Yan Clan.

    Throughout the thousand years history of her clan, no one, even the legendary figures, had passed the 10 hour mark.

    “What should we do? Should I call your father?”

    Hearing this, Miho Yan shook her head. “No, we can’t. Father is currently handling the issues concerned with my disappearance. Plus, even I can’t assure you that he'll remain calm if he'll see that our child possesses an unearthly spirit.”

    Suddenly, Miho Yan had an idea.

    “I’ll… give him a bit of my life force. I think… it will work.”

    Aside from having inborn unearthly spirit, the Yan bloodline also has the ability to transfer their life force to someone alive. This could elongate someone’s life span, regardless of their condition. However, transferring their life force could shorten their life span.        

    “I will not allow you to do that! I know the consequences of transferring your life force to someone! You’ll lose months of your life, possibly years!”

    Seeing how hell-bent Lohan Xi was, she shook her head and sighed.

    “Our son’s life is in danger. I can’t just sit around and watch!”

    “There must be another way.”

    “There is no time. I’ll just transfer a little life force. At most, I could possibly lose a few months.” 

    Miho Yan looked at her husband intently. “Is your son's life worthy of those few months?”

    Lohan XI was taken back. His wife was right. Right now, what they wanted most was to save their son.

    Lohan Xi nodded. He could only trust his wife right now.

    After getting the approval of her husband, she placed the child she was holding on a bed. She closed her eyes and she began uttering a chant in a weird dialect. Placing her hands on the child’s chest, a white glow appeared on her palm.

    This radiance is the human life force – an inborn energy that could be developed by cultivating. The larger and the purer the life force one has, the more powerful one's cultivation is.

    Transferring her life force to her son, her child should be able to subdue the spirit in his body.  

    The warm light entered her son’s pores. It flowed in the child’s meridians to the core where the unearthly spirit and her son’s life force were kept.

    “This is bad!”

    Miho Yan immediately retrieved her life force. Her face filled with sweat became deadly pale.

    “Lohan Xi, immediately gather 3 barrels of demon beast blood! Any rank! I just need a lot of blood!”

    Sensing the urgency of the situation, Lohan Xi did not ask anymore questions. In an instant, he vanished and had immediately departed the palace.

    Outside the Imperial Palace was a forest inhabited by demon beasts from Earth Rank to Cloud Rank. This forbidden area was used as a training ground for Xi descendants to polish their fighting skills. In this forest, the descendants can have life and death battles with demon beasts as much as they want!

    Lohan Xi entered the forest with 3 humongous barrels on his back. With a flick of his finger, he slaughtered every demon beasts he encountered. In a span of 3 minutes, the outer region of the forest became a desolate, blood bath.


    “Here are the demon beast blood.” With a panic expression, Lohan Xi handed 3 barrels of demon blood.

    Miho Yan nodded. “I will use the Spirit Sealing Art on our son. It’s a powerful technique and so with my current cultivation, I will not be able to generate it. I need you to lend me a hand later.”

    “Spirit Sealing Art? Ah! Don’t tell me…”

    With a haggard face, Miho Yan nodded.

    The unearthly spirit inside her son was too massive! Even if she sucked her life force dry and transfer it all to her son, the unearthly spirit will still not stabilize. Right now, the only thing she could do was to seal the spirit inside something until they find a strong source of life force that could resist it.

    “Lohan Xi, I know it’s bold for us to ask. But please ask your father if he could lend the family’s Moon Ember.”

    “Eh? The only thing that could seal his energy is the Moon Ember?”

    Lohan Xi was surprised. The Moon Ember was found in the bloodiest era of the Quin Continent, the generation of the Xi founder, Mu Xi. The Xi founder said that the ember was once part of the Moon and so it once contained a great quantity of Moon Spirit. But since it was away from the Moon for thousands of years, the spirit had depleted. However, since the Moon Ember had received the spirit of the Moon, it has the capability to hold a tremendous amount of spirit!

    Until now, the family has yet to find a great source of spirit. Nevertheless, the Moon Ember’s capacity to hold was still priceless even for the Xi Royal Family.

    Miho Yan nodded. “The unearthly spirit is violent and too immense! I am not even sure that the Moon Ember could completely seal it but it’s still worth a try.”

    Lohan Xi sighed. Given his current standing, he could ask for anything he wanted from the family. Though there are still exceptions and those include the Moon Ember! One of the priced possessions of the Xi Founder, Mu Xi.

    The only way the family could probably lend it to him was for him to beg!

    After a short contemplation, Lohan Xi agreed. “Wait for me. I’ll do what I can.”

    He’ll do whatever it takes to save his son. If someone asked him to swallow a million needles, he would do so for the price of his loved one’s life.

    Lohan Xi immediately disappeared.

    After the departure of her husband, Miho Yan carefully controlled the demon beast blood with her Divine Sense. With the demon blood as the ink, she painted a detailed pattern of cryptic symbols. When she finished the crimson formation on the floor, she laid her weak son at the center of the formation. The child was now grasping for air, almost lifeless.

    “You’ll be alright. Papa and Mama are here for you.”

    With tears on her eyes, Miho Yan sat crosslegged at one edge of the formation. She closed her eyes and her hands immediately flashed complicated signs.

    Half an hour passed. Finally, Lohan Xi returned. He was fuming and his face was red, as if he was severely humiliated.

    “That bastard… Tch.”

    On his hand was a dark blue ember as large as his fist. He placed the Moon Ember on a pool of demon blood near his son and he immediately sat at the other end of the formation. Before closing his eyes, he saw that his son was ashen, his body didn’t have a hint of color.

    “There’s nothing as important as you.”

    Like Miho Yan, Lohan Xi immediately displayed weird incantations with his hands. Ripples of energy from Lohan Xi and Miho Yan made a silent disturbance in the space of the room. For each passing second, the fist-sized Moon Ember gradually became smaller.

    A minute passed. The Moon Ember was now nowhere to be found. It was inside the child sealing the unearthly spirit.

    Suddenly, the child started to wail like any normal infants do. Hearing the loud cries of her child, Miho Yan whimpered. Even Lohan Xi trembled. Success! Their son is alive!

    “I thought… I really thought I’ll lose him.”

    She ran and embraced the child in her arms. Tears were dropping off her face.

    “Can I hold him?”

    Miho Yan smiled sincerely. She gave the child who was now full of life to her trembling husband.

    Lohan Xi caressed the crying child he’s holding. His teary eyes showed how happy he was that his son was alive.

    What he felt was beyond the excitement he felt when he advanced to a higher realm. Only if someone important to you will die and they managed to survive would you be able to feel this elate happiness! It was as if all the worldly pleasure does not matter anymore! 

    “I will protect you. I promise.”

    Immediately, Miho Yan’s face became serious.

    “We can’t tell this matter to anyone.”

    Lohan Xi nodded. He knew the consequences of having a large amount of spirit in a small body. Every cultivator in the continent would kill for it.

    “Since we sealed his energy, he can never cultivate until we unseal it.” Miho Yan sighed.

    In order to completely seal the unearthly spirit, the Spirit Sealing Art clogs the meridians of the cultivator. This is a technique used by the Yan Clan that temporarily subdues the unearthly spirit of the clan's criminals and render them unable to cultivate.

    “Yes. Until we find a source of life force that is strong enough to handle his unearthly energy… he’ll be called a cripple.”

    Lohan Xi’s face darkened. In a world where only strength matters, how can his son survive? 

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