[Suggestion] Category: Request Novel translation


Simple as the title suggests. There are many asking for a certain novel to be translated and there is no matching category

How about it?


  • I am not against it, the problem is the following one. It does not matter if they request novels or not, it's highly unlikely for WW to be able to start more works in that way. All the translators are doing multiple chapters a week, and some of them even 2 or 3 a day. It's impossible for them to be able to work in more novels. Thus, we'd need more translators to be able to increase the number of titles. And in order to do that, it's easier to rope in people already working on novels, rather than offering some sort of commission or paying a translator to work on novels they are not familiar with. If the novel in question has no translators, then we are not likely (like, almost 100% guaranteed) to start it. That is, unless a translator became free and finished his novel, for example. And just as a reminder, poaching novels is a big NO. That means people that says novel X is being translated very slowly are not candidates for inclusion, and nevel will be. There are other things to take into consideration and that I'm not going to discuss, but it's easy to see why those requests make no sense. 

    If I added a new category, it would cause even more people to add their requests, only to end up frustrated. That's why I'm reluctant to do so. I hope you understand. Aso, I'm not aware of all the specifics involved. 
  • I sure do get where you are coming from. The sole reason why I suggested it is to at least have the "Novel request" stashed somewhere together. I am also of the opinion that it's highly improbable that a requested novel will be picked up by a translator as they already have enough on their hands.
    The most recent request I remember were Douluo Dalu 1 and 2 but obviously these novels are being translated by Blue Silver and CookiePasta.

    In conclusion: I wouldn't mind it but I know that it's more useless than useful.
  • You've convinced me. At least that way I'd have a place to put those.
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