True immortals

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lqy has been asked many times if true immortals truly exist or existed but he always answer it in a mysterious way that they are in tenth world.. there are still no presence of true it made me think that maybe 9 heavens is where the true immortal lives??? So what do you guys think ?? Do you think the story will move to 9 heavens after the 10th world arc and battles against true immortal??  
. .… be honest there's no spoiler in this its just my mind going wild B)  


  • I think  Ultimate Expedition have true immortal or even higher.
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    They probably exist in other worlds. Its plausible that they might be hiding in 9 worlds since 9 worlds has a lot of shit going on there, incoming catastrophes, ancient mysteries, burial grounds that might have something to do with True Immortals.

    I'm looking forward to the story side tracking to how the various realms(and LQY's peeps who didn't ascend to the 10th world) in the 9 worlds mature and fight off the catastrophes without LQY since LQY left behind some inheritance for all possible contingencies.
  • maybe Meng Hao will appears one day haha
  • anhrefn said:
    maybe Meng Hao will appears one day haha
    Sorry to break it to you, he becomes something else at the end :P 
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    Li Qi Ye has said time and time again that True Immortals do not exist in their world (the 10 worlds). However, he does say that there might be True Immortals somewhere else. In the current raws Li Qi Ye himself is searching for a trace of True Immortals. He is in a world that should not exist and is outside of the 10 worlds. In fact, Li Qi Ye has found some clues about True Immortals and he is currently searching for more. 
  • He doesn't find any traces of true immortals albeit some evidences but all for naught. All has been reset and author hasn't showed whether LQY still remembers everything and he has to start all over again and reach the top.
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