Code Death (Chapter 6, Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 is out!)

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Hi guys, this is my story I am currently writing dont expect too much since i'm just starting out but i do hope you enjoy it. Writing as i go so nothing is set and you might think one thing will happen but guess what, something unexpected happened instead :D. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing it, i'll also try for 3-5 chapters a week until i'm at a steady pace then might lower it or keep it the same all depends on life i guess. Chapters will be uploaded at my site before they are here, might just be a 1 day difference or a few hrs.


Finally I ‘m 14!!! It’s the start of a new day, a fantastic day, It’s the day I found out my life was a lie. Turns out as a giant meteor was about to hit Earth one day, a god descended upon us, and transported all the humans to a new world. A world were magic, swordsmanship, merchants, nobles are all real. But the best thing of all, we have LEVELS! It’s like a mmorpg, too bad my parents never told me about it.


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    Chapter 1 - Why didn't you tell me

    Xzavon just got up from sleeping on his medium-sized bed, of course Xzavon is not his real name, but that’s the name everyone calls him since he told them to. Why you ask, it’s because that’s the name he made up when he role plays with his friends.

    “Wha-What the Hell is this!!! I mean I know its a book, but why is it that when I look at it, a white screen pops up and tells me exactly what it is.” Xzavon started breathing heavy, like he was panicking, no it’s not like he was he is panicking. He exhales slowly and the white screen disappears, “Man I must have eaten something bad, thought I was messed up in the head or something.”

    Scratching his head he just decides to go downstairs instead. Upon entering the living room white screens start appearing again and again where ever he looks, “Oh My GOD! why is this happening to me? Is this…what they call a power? Am I going to be a superhero?” Shaking his head he decides that can’t be the case. “MOOOOOM! DAAAAAD!!! there’s something strange happening in my head!”

    A bulky man comes into the room, white hair, pale white skin you would think he was some kind of monster if you looked at him, but sadly that isn’t the case it’s just Xzavon dad, Jim. “What are you yelling for!?”

    Jim Phenix


    “Dad listen! Don’t freak out, but I think I have just awakened,…a superPOWER!” Jim starts to laugh”Hahaha, really my boy, tell me what kind of power did you awaken? X-ray vision, super-strength, can you fly, shoot lasers out your eyes?”

    “Dad this is super serious, I mean you have a white box on top of your head.”

    “Oh, really? I thought everyone had one when you first meet someone.”


    Jim points towards the couch and he sits down. Sighing he says, “It’s normal to have that kind of reaction. You should be 14 today, so that’s the day that your qi stabilizes, which in turn makes you see the world in a new light.”


    “Yes qi. It’s the source of this world, but it takes a long time for our bodies to adapt to it, for example a new-born baby usually takes 14-16 years before their body stabilizes. But for an adult who just entered this world like us many years ago it took 20+ years for our bodies to get use to it, we all had the same reaction as you.”

    “Wait hold on. did you just say when an adult entered this world? so your saying…”

    “Yes, we are not from this place originally. It all started 30 years ago when we were on planet earth, happily living our lives but out of nowhere did this giant meteor come into the ozone did we start panicking. It was bigger than our whole planet, we were going to die if it hit earth, no questions asked, death was certain. But a man with white wings, tan skin, and white hair came into the air holding this golden trident. To us he looked like a god, the only thing he did was yell, “If you want to live raise your hands.” Of course people raised their hands to that god like figure I mean if I had wings and could fly you would think I’m a god too. The next instant we were all here on this planet, but not everyone was sent to the same place we were all spread out and civilization looked like it hadn’t begun yet. It was just grass, dirt, trees, and animals we had to start all over from the very beginning, after 15 years of living like that everyone woke up one day and we all seen what you are seeing now, white screens. The gods of this world got annoyed at all our screaming and once again descended upon us telling us not to mind them (the white screens) and just keep living our lives. Hence we did, but the thing that was different this time was that we started leveling up and getting new skills. For example, I joined a group of men and we went hunting sheep’s, when we first met them after our qi awakened they were all level 3, after killing a few we leveled up. For skills it’s different, if you keep digging, then you will gain a digging skill, the more you use it, the better it becomes. To be honest the younger you are the better it is for you to start training your body, because once you reach an age where your qi stabilizes you gain stats, so the younger and more training the better your stats will become. Anyways, after a few years organizations started popping up and people started doing different things. Oh yeah, we also have “Nobles” but they aren’t much they just run the county or city. The real deal comes from us, adventurer, we travel the world to complete certain quest, kill monsters that appeared or escort merchants to different parts of the city/country.”

    Wide eyed Xzavon just stares at his dad in amazement. “Amaze! Just Amazing How do I see my stat points, my level, and skills? When can I become an adventurer? And most importantly…WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!!! I mean if I would have known I would have trained like crazy to increase my stat points.”

    “Hahaha..we didn’t tell you because we are just living an easy life and we don’t need to do anything. Not unless you want to fight wars with the other countries but those are just small things, nothing big ever happened here.”

    “What! This is lame, didn’t you say that you slayed monsters? I want to go do that.”

    “Well…that’s the thing we killed all the monsters…so there’s really none left in the world.”

    “DAMNIT!!! Why couldn’t I have been born earlier. I want some action, I want to travel, I Want ADVENTURE!”

    “Don’t worry soon, just because there isn’t any monsters doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. But for you don’t need to do anything, just check out your stats and see what you have.”

    “How do I do that?”

    “Easy, Open Info.”

    “Open Info!”


    Raven “Xzavon” Phenix
    Spirit Pool:
    “My stats suck balls dad.”
    “Hmm that’s weird, usually everyone starts out almost the same. Let me see, Say “Share Info.”
    “Share Info.”
    Jim looks at Xzavon wide-eyed, mouth wide open. Grabbing his sons arm and lifting him up “My God, MY son is a Genius! A one of a kind Genius!”
    “What? My attack is only 5, I have no strength and I have slow movement speed.”
    “That doesn’t matter son, the only thing that matters is that you have a high amount of Spirit, let me tell you that is amazing. When you were born you must have been born with a powerful spirit beast, it could even be a Divine beast.”
    “Divine beast? Pft yea right. I don’t want a spirit I want to be the strongest magician and be like Pew pew. Casting spells super fast, teleporting all over the place, now that would be fun.”
    “Xzavon listen to me, you can train your magic power, or even strength, but in this world no one has been able to train spirit. With this amount of spirit you can do so many things that others can’t do. Listen well son, when your mother gets back we’ll talk more about spirit beast, she’s more of an expert on it than me, but even she’s not as amazing as you with your stats.”
    “Not like it matters anyways, there’s no monsters to fight.”
    “No son, I said there’s no monsters to fight in this world, all together there are 50 different worlds.”
    “WHAT! Why didn’t you tell me!? That means I can still become an adventurer.”
    Nodding his head Jim says. “Of course you can, but only when you become 17 can you become an adventurer. But for now you just need to go to train your stats and go to school, and upon graduation you can do whatever you want.”
    “Do I have to go to school, those kids are mostly lame and all my real friends are in this area.”
    Jim bitterly smiles, “Yes, you do this is the most important thing, without going to school you can’t do anything unless you want to be a farmer or a miner. Going to school is like the taking the next step in life.”
    “Fine, I’ll go, but that doesn’t mean I’ll like it.”
    Jim shrugs his shoulders, “Whatever you say, but when you go to school you can never tell them how high your spirit is otherwise…well just don’t tell anyone about it.”
    “…If you say so, it’s still early in the morning so I’m going to go train my agility.”
    “Wait, I have something to help you with that, stay here for a bit.”
    Jim runs out the room and a few minutes later he comes back with some leg weights.
    “Here you go son, put these on they are special and you can never lose them. Or I’ll hate you for ever even in my grave.”
    Xzavon shivers and puts on the leg weights, “I don’t feel any different…”
    “The weight will auto adjust depending on what you are doing, when you start running it will increase the weight by 10 pounds every 5 minutes you continue to run it will increase it by another 10 pounds. Its best for speed training, remember to take it off at night-time, but other than that keep it on unless you’re in a dire situation.”
    “Gotcha!” Xzavon rushes out the door to start his training.
  • Chapter 2 - A Different Class

    Under the blazing sun there is a youth who is none stop running around here and there, at first glance it looks like he might be running errands, however this youth is training. There might not be that many people in this small village that the youth is running in, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not being stared at. Some of the people looked at the youth like he was crazy, others showed a little admiration for him, but he himself is feeling proud because he has successfully ran for 2 hours only taking a 5 minute break every 30 minutes.

    “Check info.”

    Name:Raven “Xzavon” Phenix
    Spirit Pool:500000

    Yes, the youth who was running back and forth was none other than Xzavon. Trying his best to raise his stat points up so that he will be able to survive when he goes to another world and hunt monsters.

    “Man, that was terrible. These leg weights are heavy, too heavy for a normal 14-year-old boy who has no previous training to wear. I swear, one day i’ll pay dad back for what he is making me go through, but luckily this time it is paying off.”

    Xzavon wasn’t exaggerating when he said that they were heavy, 10 pounds just by being on and another 10 pounds every 5 minutes he’s running added onto the 30 minutes of none stop running for 2 hours. Yes, it would be terrible for anyone, but in this world only those that are strong can survive and others stay out-of-the-way in a safe place or under others protection.

    Just as Xzavon was walking back home to give his dad trouble, another youth appeared. Ruff brown hair, white skin, orange eyes and skinny, not too tall looking either, he was about 4’10. But the thing about this kid was that he kept coming closer to Xzavon, not that it mattered to him because he knew exactly who this kid was.

    Name:Eric Glade

    “Hey Eric, whats up?”

    “I went to your house a few minutes ago to look for you, but dad said you were out training. Such a shame too, was hoping you could join us for a game of realix.”

    Realix was an ordinary game that kids played, mostly because they were bored but they never knew who created the game. It is quite a simple game to be honest, someone is the tagger and everyone is are hoppers. Taggers run around catching hoppers, but be warned that not all hoppers are fair game, some team up to beat up on the taggers which might turn into a big fight like 1v5 or even higher, so no one wants to be a tagger. To Xzavon being a tagger is like overcoming another obstacle in life, overcoming many people against 1 person that is what men always dream of doing, well besides living a successful life.

    “Oi, yeah sure i’ll play, but first let me ask you a question Eric do you see the white screens?”

    “Nah, those things are long gone man, all you have to say is “Hide screen” and poof they disappear and only appear when you need them to. Thought your parents told you that when your turned 14 today?”

    ‘Fuck, Old man did tell me anything about that, making me seem like I’m dumb or something, I guess I’ll have another thing to tell him when I get back.’ Xzavon shakes his heading telling Eric his parents didn’t tell him anything about it.

    “Hide Screen”

    “You know Eric, sometime’s I always thought you were just useless, but today I will never think that again now that you have shown me the way. If you need anything or get into trouble let me know man, i’ll help you out with it or we can be in it together.”

    Xzavon and Eric both begin to laugh, shortly after 2 more youths walk towards them. One is a tall guy about 5’2, short jet black hair, black eyes, white skin, wearing a t-shirt and some shorts. The other is about 4’10 wearing some blue jeans and a white shirt, you think her beauty is something that would make everyone fight over her. I mean smooth white skin that almost shines like a pearl, glossy pink lips, slim waist, purple eyes, long jet black hair coming down to her subtle buttocks, and long legs. If there was a way to describe her, it would be absolute stunning, but if there’s one thing you know it’s never judge people by their appearance, because she may look good on the outside, but she is also a tomboy who roughs it out with the guys.


    Name:Shina Simon
    Name:Jack Simon

    “Took ya long enough, had us waiting on you goofballs.” Shina said with a slight smile.

    “Shina we would have come back faster but Xzavon had a question about the white screens.”

    “Children, acting like you’ve never seen a white screen before it, nothing to get excited over don’t tell me you woke up and thought you had some sort of super power or something.” The term ‘superpower’ might not be that wrong of a term, considering these people can master skills like no one else can and level up. It wouldn’t be totally wrong to consider themselves as NPC’s in a virtual world, but that only if we were talking about a game world.

    Xzavon shyly looked away from Shina’s gaze, he couldn’t force himself go tell her that was exactly it. However his gaze couldn’t escape Shinas and she started laughing at him.

    Shina found this reason to start teasing Xzavon, “Hahahah, no way, no freaking way you actually thought you had a power.” Shina started holding her gut as the words came out she just couldn’t stop laughing.

    “Shina com’on you’re suppose to be the older one here. Remember 2 years ago when you seen them for the first time you thought some kind of alien invaded your body and was screaming non stop.” ‘Aliens’ only a term kids think of when they think of something that’s beyond this world. Although Shina might not know it now, but later on she’ll find out that she wasn’t completely wrong, those ‘aliens’ she thinks of are nothing but monsters in the other worlds.

    Shina stopped laughing and her cheeks blushed red with embarrassment, never would she have thought that Jack would tell them her little secret. Now this gives Xzavon something to tease her about, she couldn’t let him get the upper hand now that she teased him.

    However before she could think of something to say, it was too late. “Haha at least mines is more believable an alien? Com’on who still beloved in those things what were you like 5 hahaha.” When Xzavon heard she thought of Aliens his mood immediately brightened up by leaps and bounds.

    Shina’s eyes started to turn red and her killing intent rose up sharply as she looked at Jack. “Jack…I’m…going…to…kill…you!”

    Before she could even attack Jack, Jack had already dodged the blow coming his way by ducking. Running away he pointed towards Shina and yell, “Uh on, I guess Shina’s going to be it, hurry and run guys before the beast actually crawls out from her shell.”

    Having been called a beast, on top of being embarrassed her face and neck were both red with anger. Her blood began to boil it felt as if something was going to burst within her she just couldn’t contain it anymore and had to exert it on someone or something. “You have the audacity to call me a beast…I’ll show you what a beast can do.”

    (AN: was sooo tempted to added bring that ass here boy xD but I didn’t)

    -3 hours later-

    entering the house Xzavon was beat tired from all that playing and the training early. You could say he felt tired, but instead he felt immense excitement instead because his stats rose while he was playing around he was like a totally different person. “Dad I’m back from training..well somewhat.”

    Peaking behind the doorway from the kitchen a lady around mid 40’s appeared, “Oh honey your back, your father told me you have awakened your qi. Come to the kitchen so we can talk about the next step.”

    Now this was a golden egg, looking at his mothers luscious body, her big twin peaks, that slim waist, long sexy legs and purple hair she could probably ranked the top beauty in the whole world. Xzavon always wondered what trick his dad used to get a top beauty like her, who knows maybe he kidnapped her from some royal family or something, or at least that’s what he though but he dare not say so.


    Name:Victoria Phenix

    “Mother when did you get home? You could have went outside and got me I want to know why dad was calling me a genius because of my spirit.”

    An irritated voice erupted from the kitchen, needless to say it was Jim as he was upset over his son not understand his talent and being clueless. But he couldn’t be too upset considering he never told his son about any of this and was just waiting for this day to explain things, never did he think his son would have immense talent. “Boy you just don’t know what special talents you have, if it wasn’t for the fact that I.. Never mind just sit down”

    “Dear, there’s no need to be harsh on him, after all he’s just starting out.”

    “Honey listen to mommy OK, spirit power is something you are born with, only 1 out of 100 people are born with it. But do you know the average number the stat is, it’s only 500 that’s right 500. Those that have spirit power are able to have earth shattering power, the only downside is that it depends on how much spirit power you have and what kind of spirits you obtain. Normal people who have spirit power only have 500, some genius that appeared in the world have had 2000 but the max so far has only been 3500 and he is a god like figure with a spirit beast of the dark flaming dragon. Also the king of ( insert name), only a few are a close match to him but none are able to beat him.”

    Her explanation wasn’t wrong, those that had awakened spirit power were special existences in this world, normal people couldn’t compare to someone who even had an ounce of spirit power. The reason was spirit, because once you had spirit power you basically became a different class internally, normally there’s only 2 kinds of classes, the close ranged or the long ranged. With spirit power you can become both not only that, skills in both classes would be easily to learn, also with an existence of spirit beast their power got boasted by leaps and bounds.

    When they summoned their spirit beast it would mean that one person was basically fighting not only the person but also their spirit beast, and how many spirit beast that person had no one could guess so they were basically disadvantaged. Many Schools and Sects were hoping to obtain these people because of the skills they would have in the future and it might help them elevate their status in the world.

    But the one thing that all the spirit power users had in common was their ability to fuse with their spirit beast, sure it would get rid of the beast and now it would become a one on one fight, however the users power would be boasted by however many stats the beast had. Not only that, their skills got boasted by 150% and they can use whatever skills the spirit beast had also, which would only mean trouble for the other person.

    After hearing all of this Xzavon suddenly felt a change of heart, not because of the power of these kinds of users, but because he wanted to overcome them by being the best mage user ever. He didn’t want to rely on his spirit power nor get a spirit beast to help him, he only wanted to use what he earned by himself to beat his enemies.

    “Ok then, I’ve decided that I’ll become this class, however I won’t use a spirit beast but only magic.”

    Jim stared at Xzavon like this boy was crazy, even after hearing all of that he still wanted to become a mage instead this kid must have been hit on the head when he was playing outside. “You’ve chosen your path, it’s a path that shall be forged by you i just hope you don’t regret this decision boy.”

  • Chapter 3 - Have to go to this world but I get to choose the school

    Next day Xzavon rushes downstairs after he takes his bath because today is the day his parents tell him about school and the different worlds, which makes him extremely happy. Who wouldn’t be happy that they can learn about the different worlds and have your name transcend the whole universe and spread to other worlds also its like an amazing thing that he never thought would come true.

    Downstairs both his parents are already up and discussing something, it seems they are talking about some Blood of the Phoenix or something like that, but Xzavon quickly ignores that and interrupts them.

    “Mom, Dad, I’ve decided I want to go to the World with the most monsters and the best adventurers. That way it will give me a good challenge of my skills, no need to pick out a school i’ll just learn as I adventurer, how does that sound?”


    They both look at him like he’s crazy, he is just a 14-year-old kid who doesn’t know the dangers of the world. Just because this world is docile doesn’t mean the other worlds are, they are extremely dangerous, just walking out the front door could get you killed and yet he wants to go to the most dangerous world. Nope, they don’t think so, he is definitely going to school first once he graduates he’ll team up with some of their relatives.

    A hint of a smile appears on Jim’s face, “Boy you’re just plain stupid aren’t you, you want to go to the Celestial World where almost all the gods run wild and divine beast are. If you step foot in that world, even half a foot I can guarantee that you will die before your whole body even gets there.”

    Disappointment appears on Xzavons face, “Then what am I suppose to do?”

    Last night he dreamt of going to the strongest world and traveling going here and there. Learning all different kind of mage skills from people in exchange for help, he would basically become a mercenary before he would become an adventurer. Once he had enough skills he would go to the adventurers guild (If there was one), and travel all over slaying monsters and spirit beast so that his name would become famous. Once he was famous enough he would settle down in a huge town and have 5 wives, not just anyone only the strongest and cutest ones. Who wouldn’t want a dream like that, just thinking about it one more time gave him shivers.

    “Me and your mother were discussing about your future before you rudely interrupted us, we are gathering the materials necessary for you to go to another world. This world might not be the best, but it’s where most of our relatives are, so if you get into any trouble or need anything they’ll be able to notice. Also the once you are in that world you will go to school for 3 years, once you pass the graduation exam then you can leave the school or continue your studies for another year. After that…well lets just say you’ll know once that happens.”

    Going to school was a big deal, not just for Xzavon but for his parents also. They have to put out lots of money just for the tuition fees, not to mention room and board, if they were to have their only son waste a chance like this it would be a waste of his talent. In school there are going to be many rivals for him to challenge himself, even if he said he wouldn’t have fun they know that this is the most fun he’ll probably have in his life because outside of school are nothing but life and death battles.

    Fighting other people over spoils of war, or just exchanging pointers could end someone life, not to mention when he fights monsters that have an unbelievable amount of strength and are cunning. If they were to send him there without any knowledge they couldn’t live with their selves which is why they already chose the best 5 schools to send him to.

    “Honey, we have 5 different schools that you can choose from, all of them are located on the Bloodbore Continent. You can choose the school, but you must go to this world, that’s the deal that we have discussed. If it was up to me, you would go to the number one school in the whole continent. But your dad didn’t agree saying we should just let you choose what school to attend since it will help your growth.”

    Victoria laid out 5 different books with 5 different names, on those books where ‘Robust Academy’, ‘SnakeTail Academy’, ‘Black Cloud Academy’, ‘Saint Hail Academy’, and lastly ‘Concave Academy’ these are the five best Academies within the Bloodbore Continent. They aren’t in order by strength, and they each have yearly battles to see which school is the strongest so the title of number one is always changing.

    Holding up the “Robust Academy’ book Xzavon looks through it. Robust Academy the Academy where we teach you all about the ways of the melee class from martial arts, to how to wield any weapon. Use your offense to break any defense, if your can’t break it, then counter it and end the fight in a draw.

    Xzavon shook his head and put the book down, then he picked up the ‘SnakeTail Academy’ book and glanced through it. Behold our Academies leader, Behold his Spirit, SnakeTail Academy will teach you how to beat any melee and ranged classes. We are all about using our spirit to counter theirs, don’t have spirit, that’s fine as long as you have the will to change the outcome.

    Suddenly Xzavon felt like all these academies were stupid, they all taught you nothing good and yet they boast about being able to do this and that. When he was about to give up, he suddenly felt the urge to pick up ‘Saint Hail Academy’ book, it was as if it was calling to him. Since all the schools were the same, why not just go to this one, at least something at this school draws my attention.

    “I will go to this school.” He said pointing towards Saint Hail Academy.

    A surprised look appeared on his parents faces when he said he’ll go to that school, it wasn’t that they didn’t want him to go there it was just that he didn’t even read about the school at all.

    “Why go there? Whats so special about that school?” His dad said curiously.

    Thinking about it, that was actually an excellent school for his son to go to, but he wasn’t going to tell him that. He just wanted his son to grow up and be strong enough to look out for his well-being instead of being this cocky bastard child he is now.

    “No reason at all, I just feel somethings different about this school. Therefore I choose this one, even if it’s the wrong choice its better I find out after I go there.” Xzavon said with a strong resolution as if nothing way going to change him mind. His parents notices the look in his eyes and nodded their head.

    “OK, you have about 1 month before the school exams begin, so i’ll help you train until then. But first let me tell you about this school since you decided not to read about it.”

    Thus Xzavon began to listen to his fathers words, although towards the end he felt as if he was going to doze off. Saint Hail Academy, a school were students do what they want and are only governed by the student council. The student council are all students who excel in strength and are the top 10 within the academy. Their words are the law, even teachers don’t get in their way because they are the pride and joy of their school. Students don’t make trouble for them, and teachers give tell them about the best skills. Not only are they strong, but they all have someone or something backing them, so most of them are stuck up brats.

    The teachings of this school is different from other schools, you only have to attend class once a week if you want, classes are divided by what you want to learn and skill levels. Teachers only teach you the basics, and if you want to learn something new then you will have to either pay the price or you will have to learn on your own and hope your lucky.

    “Dad, how do you know so much about this school if you are always here…?”

    “Hahaha, you forget your father was once an amazing adventurer. You’ll learn that once you go to school, you might even meet that kids son.”

    Jim wasn’t lying when he said he was an amazing adventurer, if adventurers had ranks then Jim would be one of the top ones. He wasn’t going to tell his son that because once his son went to school everything would come to light. He once fought an 8 headed hydra while battling against an ice dragon, that achievement led him to be known as one of the greatest adventurers of all time, but right now all he cared about was his son.

    However Xzavon never would believe his dads story about him being an amazing adventure. His dad? Yea right, if his dad was that good then his mom must have been a monster because she’s always beating on him when he does something wrong. The way she looks, he couldn’t even imagine her beating up a goblin if he seen one.

    “Oh yeah honey, don’t worry about looking for us once you attend school. We’ll be with some relatives taking care of some business for the future, once you graduate someone will come pick you up.”

    Xzavon looked at his mom like she was full of mystery, “What business?”

    “Well when you attend school we will be finishing our original goal, which was to beat the ice phoenix spirit beast. For that however we will have traveling for a while around 2-3 years looking for it because it might have changed locations.”

    The Ice Phoenix, its flames aren’t hot, but they are extremely cold. One touch and your body would instantly freeze up and become an ice sculpture. But this Spirit beast is extremely important for them, it is an SS rank spirit beast and they were planning on capturing for Victoria but now that they found out their son had so much spirit power they are going to give it to him as a graduation present.

    They also need to take care of the savages that are trying to expand their territory, if they want to keep being one of the 11 lords. Being a lord means they have tons of power and they each have a few people with spirit power being over 2000 not to mention they have people who have reached level 300+ which isn’t something normal people can reach. If there are 11 lords then what will their ranking be, naturally the Phenix are ranked 1 but its been up for discussion for a long time now that the other lords have been expanding their power and gobbling up new recruits. This is one of the main reasons they need to go back, to teach them a lesson on who not to mess with, but they couldn’t achieve this goal without their son being of a good age to attend school.

    “Boy, it’s about time I start your training, so that you wont make us lose face when you attend school. We would be the laughing-stock of the whole world if you attend school with that meekly strength of yours, after i’m done with you, you should have ample strength to protect yourself.”

    Xzavon points out one finger towards his father and mother, “I hate one condition to attending school, since I naturally won’t enjoy it if i go by myself I want to take my friends to school with me.”

    “WHAT!” Jim felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest. “You want to take those 3….You have to know son that they aren’t anyone special you can find people like them all over the place. I can give you hundreds of people with their strength.”

    “Jim, you can’t replace friendship that easily, if he says he’ll go if we let him go with those 3 then let him take them.”

    Xzavons eyes were shinning with hope at his mothers words, at least she gets him.

    “But honey you must know that they aren’t that special, if they were to attend school with you that would mean they would probably get bullied and you would hardly have to strength to defend them.”

    “Dont worry, Dads going to train them too. When he does that everything will be fine if they attend with the same strength as mines or slightly lower.”

  • Chapter 4 – Dads training

  • After Xzavon got Eric, Jack, and Shina to agree going with him to Saint Hail Academy he needed to get the permission of their parents. surprisingly they were ok with it, saying it’ll be a good experience and they might even become a noble in the future or marry into a rich family which would be good for them.

    The next few days they were all getting their gear together because they weren’t staying in the village but instead going to the forest for training. Saying their goodbyes to their friends and family they set off to the Forest of Vigour, because they might not ever return out of the forest and just set straight off to the academy after training.

    Standing in the middle of an opening are 4 youths and one older man, the man is giving orders to the youths telling them to set up camp and to get water. Shina’s tent is towards Jim since he doesn’t want the boys to do anything to her, Xzavons, Jack, and Eric’s are towards the river about  a few meters away.

    “Hmm, besides Xzavon can I see ya’ll stats that way I would know what type of training you should do, we can also discuss what type of class would be good for you. If you already have a class in mind I don’t mind helping you out figuring out what type of basic skills you need to start out.”

    Shina puffs out her chest and shows her stats proudly, “Pretty good huh? Don’t worry I won’t show off too much, if you bow down and give me your loyalty maybe i’ll be nicer to you.”

    Name: Shina Simon
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class: None
    Title: None
    Level: 4
    Honor: 0
    Health: 300
    Mana: 200
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 15
    Constitution: 15
    Intelligence: 100
    Charisma: 5
    Offence: 0
    Defense: 30
    “What’s there to show off girl, these stats aren’t even that great. I know people who had twice these numbers and you’re trying to show off, you’re ten years too early.” Jim shakes his head, he has no idea why he thought for a second she might have something to be proud of but she doesn’t. If he had to give her a class she would most likely be a healer class, that’s all she’ll be good for. But alas it’s not up to him to decide others future so he asked her what class she wanted, turns out she wants to be a bishop. He asked her why, her answer was simple, so everyone can look up at me and i can look down on the world.

    Bishop one of the 5 healing classes, they use holy books and recite prayers upon their allies thus giving them boost to their stats and enchants their bodies with holy energy. Main in group play they have 0 attack spells, because all of their spells are for others to use. If they try to attack an enemy with an attack spell, they will receive a rebound effect and it will cause them to be cursed by the divine spirits. Why you ask, because Bishops are holy beings that should not attack, they are there for others to rely upon, attacking is going against the gods will thus they shall be punished if they were to attack.

    The 4 other Healing classes are Saint, Priest, Druid, and Mystic, these classes are different from bishop because they allow you to harm your enemy but the downside is their buffs and healing isn’t as great.

    “My stats are better than yours, I guess that means i’ll have a higher ranking than you on the exam. Don’t worry i’ll beat up anyone who messes with my dear little sister so you don’t have to worry about anything, if someone messes with you call me.” Jack said with a proud voice, although he teases and messes with Shina a lot he doesn’t like it when other people does it because he hates when people messes with someone close to him.

    Name: Jack Simon
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class: None
    Title: None
    Level: 4
    Honor: 0
    Health: 350
    Mana: 100
    Strength: 35
    Agility: 35
    Constitution: 30
    Intelligence: 50
    Charisma: 5
    Offence: 50
    Defense: 50
    ‘OK these stats are better, he would probably be able to make it into the top of the lower tier of people’ Jim thought to himself. Although these stats weren’t great it still was good enough to put him in the top of the lower tier of people who were going to take the exam. But who is Jim, he isn’t going to let Xzavons friends be made fun of when they enter school, he’s going to whip them into shape real good so they will at least make it into the middle tier.

    Although Jacks stats incline more towards being a warrior or paladin type of class, he chose something that Jim would have never thought he would choose. Jack chose to become a Martial Artist, one of the warrior type of sub classes which uses their hands and feet to fight instead of weapons. They are deadly though, their hands can crush steel and pierce through flesh easily but they have one of the hardest training regimen even without him training Jack.

    Martial Artist have to become one with the Heavens and instead of mana they acquire qi in exchange, they use the qi to enrich their bodies and learn heavenly skills to crush their enemies. Jim would have personally thought he should become a swordsman, just based of Jacks looks he would at least look bad-ass even if he didn’t have the skills to back it.

    “Do i have to show my stats? I mean just looking at these two mines pales in comparison, I’ll just tell you I want to become a swordsman. I mean who doesn’t want to slash others in half and draw their sword as fast as lightning before their opponent even has a chance to move.”

    Nodding his head in agreement Jim just can’t find anything wrong with his decision. Being a swordsman is one of the best feelings a man can have, Jim knows from experience that’s because he himself is one of the best swordsman on the Bloodbore Continent so he’ll defiantly make Eric a real contender.

    Staring at the youths Jim makes up his mind on the training they’ll do for the next 4 weeks, although it is a short amount of time it’ll at least give them ample amount of time to increase their strength and learn a few basic skills and control.

    “Listen up, I don’t give a fuck who you are, whether you are my son or his friends or even the mayors kid. Today you are my students for this one month, remember this well don’t complain or else you’ll be running for your life in this forest away from my fist. Not only will you not complain you will also eat when I say eat, and sleep when I say sleep, if you can’t do this then i’ll toss you in the river and tell your parents you have gotten eaten by bears.”

    That sent a slight shiver up the kids back, making the hairs on their skin stand tall. After that they began their first day of training.

    -Day 1-

    Jim starts points towards the youths, “Shina, and Xzavon you two will sit and meditate, try to feel the energy in the air. Once you have acquired the desired effects tell me and I will let you know what else to do. Jack you will do the similar but instead of energy try to feel the sun’s heat penetrating through your body going to your cells this is the only way I can think of you to get the desired effect. Eric…you will follow me we are going to chop some wood for a fire once you have chopped enough then we’ll return.”

    Xzavon sits next to Shina cross-legged with his hands instead the other trying to meditate. After 30 minutes pass by he still feels nothing going on, he doesn’t feel any energy flowing through his body. Opening one of his closed eyes he glances next to him and sees a golden aurora around Shina.

    Xzavon taps Shina, but she doesn’t respond so he grabs her chest instead. *Smack*

    Shina’s face is beat red, she glares at Xzavon with killing intent, “What do you think you’re doing, I think you have some sort of death wish or something how dare you try to touch my chest. I say, if it we weren’t in this forest you would be a dead man.”

    Xzavon grins at Shina, he doesn’t even mind the bright red hand print on his cheek, “Haha, your chest is softer than mines, kinda felt good. That’s besides the point, how did you get that aurora around you, I’ve been trying for 30 minutes and still felt nothing at all.”

    “Baka! Don’t try to feel listen, and don’t listen feel. Just clear your mind of and try to sleep once you do that everything will become easy. What do you think meditating is, staying awake and clearing your mind, that would be boring as hell, who would just sit with their eyes closed not thinking of anything. Now don’t touch me, I felt like I was close to something, if you touch my chest again i’ll drown you in the river.”

    Xzavon shrugs his shoulders and tries to meditate again, another 30 minutes pass but nothing happens. 1 hour later he finally feels something in the middle of his forehead and strangely it spreads to his entire face before he realises its water.

    *Splash, Splash*

    Xzvon’s heads appears out of the water and looks up only to realize that Shina is there giggling at him, “Hahaha, serves your right for touching my chest. Thought I wouldn’t get you back did you, thought i would just let it go, nope you have another thing coming. Hopefully that cool water servers as a warning for you, have fun getting out of the river.”

    clenching his hands until blood comes out, he has never felt so ashamed in his life. ‘Just you wait, i’ll teach you a lesson. You want to put me in the river, ok we can play these games i’ll show you just you wait.’ Instead of getting out of the river he stays in it and meditates. Soon two hours have passed by, and this time he feels something in the middle of his chest swirling around and around. Trying to make it go faster and faster, he suddenly notices the color of it is bluish blackish.

    -Skill acquired Level 1 (Beginner Lv 1 | 0%)-

    Feel the essence in the world moving towards you.

    Increases Mana amount by 1 for every 5 minutes you meditate.

    Slightly grinning Xzavon has achieved his desired goal, now it is time for him to go eat something. Smelling something delicious he immediately runs towards the smell only to notice that everyone else is already happily chatting and eating fish.

    “Oi, boy you’re the last one to come i thought you were going to take at least a day to get results. Don’t show that face boy, usually it only takes 1 hour for others to learn it but you took 4 hours to think I have a son like you. Guess i’ll have to take extra care of you.” Jim says with this villainous smile on his face.

    -Day 2-5-

    Jim had the kids do exactly the same thing as day one, to improve on the skill and so far they have gotten the desired results.

    -Day 6-10-

    After Jim introduces new training methods he takes Xzavon towards the river. There he has him sit down but instead of meditating he tells Xzavon to block his blows or even dodge them, but there’s a catch he has to do it with his eyes closed. He doesn’t even let Xzavon eat dinner until he gets the desired skill. When he notices that his son doesn’t even get how to use his mana to sense the blows coming he get irritated and pushes him into the river.

    “Blah, why did you do that?” Xzavon showed an irritated face, he already got thrown in the water a few days ago and now he is in it again, this really is pissing him off.

    Jim shakes his head, “Boy you just don’t understand, you use your mana to sense my attacks coming that way you can dodge. If you aren’t able to do that how can you even try to dodge my attacks. For you since you want to become a mage this is something you have to learn in case you get attacked from behind you will be able to sense the attack coming and at least prepare for it. But nope you sit here taking blow after blow like an idiot.”

    Xzavon tries again, this time he concentrates on the mana around him, then he noticed that there was a distortion in the mana at one spot so he reacts to it and moves his head slightly barely dodging the blow.

    -Skill acquired Level 1 (Beginner lv 1 | 0%)

    Sensing the changes around you allows you to prepare for incoming attacks

    Senses attacks in a 2 feet radius.

    “Good boy, we’ll keep doing this for a few more days until I feel that you are good enough at dodging my attacks. This is only for the morning in the afternoon you will meditate and for night you will learn to control you mana.”

    A confused look appears on Xzavon’s face, “? what do you mean control it?”

    “Try to send your mana to any part of your body and it will increase your strength at that part for a certain amount of time. Mages use it for defense, but it has one more use if you use it right, it can control the output of your attacks. Usually people think the bigger the attack the more devastating it is, but that’s wrong what you need to do is control the output at a single point and condense the energy of the attack to make it smaller. Once that happens the attack will do twice the damage go ahead try to send your mana in your fist.”

    Concentrating all his mana in his fist it begins to have a faint bluish glow around it.

    -Skill acquired level 1 (Beginner lv 1 | 0%)

    Controls where your mana goes and increases users strength in that area.

    -Skill acquired level 1 (Beginner lv 1 | 0%)

    Creates a shield around user to decrease the amount of damage taken.

    Damage reduced -5%

    “Surprisingly you are good at controlling you mana instead of sensing it. Well at least I can be proud of you for that because that isn’t all that easy to learn. I really thought it would take you at least a few days to condense mana into your first let alone make a small shield around it. My opinion of you have dramatically improved, keep making this father proud.”

    Xzavon is happy also, he finally did something he can feel proud about without asking any questions. He wouldn’t have known that this is one of many things he will accomplish in controlling his mana.

    -Day 11-26-

    In the middle of camp the 4 youths are back together, and each of them are wearing leg weights.

    “I a week so far, we only have 3 more weeks to go but I thought it was time we train you guys stats. You are probably thinking you have raised them high enough, but you are wrong usually when people awaken their qi their stats are all 50. You guys however were lower than normal, so to compensate for that i’ll help you guys raise your stats and we shall begin the real training.”

    A look of delight appears on their faces, they thought they were just learning skills that increased their stats but the best type of training was the one were you actually had physical activity. To be honest they were getting bored meditating and chopping wood they needed something to ease their boredom but never would they have thought it was going to be this. When they heard Jim say they were going to run in the forest until evening they started complaining.

    “Fine then you little shits, you don’t want to run i wont make you run.” The youths faces really brightened up then, but then they thought about it, if they didn’t run what would they do. Grinning Jim certainly had the answer, “You don’t have to run, but you will if you don’t want to get eaten by those guys.”

    Looking behind Jim they seen 4 savage-looking white wolves staring at them. Their heart beats started racing looking at Jim to see if he was just playing around with them, but he wasn’t he sat down and closed his eyes.

    holding up 1 finger he grinned, “You guys have 1 hour to escape from here, truthfully I didn’t want to do this, but you see I knew you guys weren’t going to want to run so I had no choice. These guys I tamed myself why you guys were busy sleeping, and I starved them for a few days so they are really hungry, when you run just make sure you come back in the evening and no earlier. You guys will have around 5 hours to come back, and we can continue doing this until its time for us to leave this forest and go to the other world.”

    Seeing that Jim wasn’t playing around they immediately dashed off into the forest. 1 hour, they had 1 hour to get as far away as they can before the wolves were going to come after them. ‘Got to find the best hiding spot so I wont be eaten’ is what they were thinking, but who knew Jim would go back on his word.

    “Times up, the wolves are coming it seems 1 hour in my world goes faster than yours hope you survive till evening.” Jims voice echoed through the forest, causing their hearts to beat even harder they wouldn’t have thought he would go back on his words, but they could only curse in their hearts.

    (Short story of what happened during the time the wolves chased them, click here)

    -Day 27-

    Happily smiling Jim feels a little proud at the youths he raised for these few weeks. He knows that they have gotten many times stronger than when he first seen them.

    “You know, i really didn’t have any hope for you kids. But you have proven me wrong ‘Sadly’ so to reward you I’ve got a few books for your desired classes that teaches you some skills.”

    Handing each of them 2 books of different colors he heads home instead of staying around because he needs to get his wife so they can leave later on today.

    Xzavon received Ether Bolt and Fire bolt skill books, Jack received Lightning step and Mystic Punch, Shina received Group heal and Regeneration, Eric received Quick Step and Quick Draw. satisfied with their gifts they began to read them and learn the skills within a few hours, you can say that their comprehension of learning has increased by leaps and bounds.

    Shortly after Victoria and Jim come back pointing towards the north, “Lets go to the Bloodbore Continent!”

    [Xzavon’s skills at end of training:

    <Meditate> (intermediate lv 1 | 10%)

    <Mana Control> (Intermediate lv 2 | 45%)

    <Mana Sense> (Intermediate lv 1 | 0%)

    <Mana Shield> (Intermediate lv 2 | 13%)

    <Dash> (Beginner lv 6 | 45%)

    <Ether Bolt> (Beginner lv 1 | 0%)

    <Fire Bolt> (Beginner  lv 1 | 0%)


    [Jack’s skills at end of training:

    <Meditate(qi) (Intermediate lv 5 | 89%)

    <Quick Sense> (Intermediate lv 1 | 12%)

    <Block> (Intermediate lv 1 | 76%)

    <Lightning step> (beginner lv 1 | 0%)

    <Mystic Punch> (beginner lv 1 | 0%)


    [Shina’s skills at end of training:

    <Meditate> (Intermediate lv 7 | 45%)

    <Mana Control> (Intermediate lv 3 | 45%)

    <Heal> (Intermediate lv 1 | 42%)

    <Enchant; Str Up!> (Intermediate lv 1 | 21%)

    <Group Heal> (Beginner lv 1 | 0%)

    <Regeneration> (beginner lv 1 | 0%)


    [Eric’s skills at end of training:

    <Chop> (Intermediate lv 7 | 25%)

    <Cut> (Intermediate lv 4 | 78%)

    <Slash> (Intermediate lv 3 | 56%)

    <Enchant:Sharpness Up!> (Intermediate lv 1 | 36%)

    <Keen Sense> (Intermediate lv 2 | 98%)

    <Quick Step> (Beginner lv 1 | 0%)

    <Quick Draw> (Beginner lv 1 | 0%)

  • Hi guys, this is a mini story  that’ll show you guys how Xzavon, Eric, Jack, and Shina all go their skills while training for the last week. It’ll be divided up in the story and won’t be done in one go as I hoped, why you ask because that wouldn’t be fun doing it all at once i want to write other parts of the story also. Story will change depending on the person who is completing the quest also let me know if you guys would like me to finish this mini story off first or add one of these chapters as the main story progresses. Never know might see something fun ;-P, but no promises.



    Chapter 4.5.1 - Running from Wolves and Punishment 

    ‘1 hour my ass, i’ll never believe in you again’ was running through the minds of Eric, Jack, Shina and Xzavon. Barely 15 minutes have passed before he let those damn wolves chase after them, not to mention they were being slowed down by the weights on around their legs. Although they have increased their strength thanks to training their skills, it still wasn’t enough, at most they could last another 30 minutes before the weights would seriously hinder them. At that time the wolves would catch up, a starving wolf may not have a lot of strength, but a starving wolf wouldn’t let its prey go either.

    “I have an idea, why don’t we just climb into a tree and hide there until time is up?” Jack suggested, this was a good idea but it had one flaw. That flaw was how would they climb the tree whose branches are taller than them, even if they got on each other shoulders to reach the branch at least 2 of them would be left on the ground with the wolves.

    “You going to sacrifice yourself bimbo?” Shina refuted, she would do anything to get away from the wolves but she wasn’t going to become a sacrifice herself. She wasn’t the only one with this idea, the other 3 also had this same idea, thus this dismissed Jacks idea of climbing a tree.

    After running for another 10 minutes they started to feel the weights taking effect, and were panting nonstop. “Fuck, if I live through today Jim is going to get a lot of complaining.” Shina said, but no one said anything because they were all in agreement, although it occurred to them that they might not be able to beat him even if they ganged up on him, they would at least be able to complain in unison to him.

    Pointing towards a small dark entrance Eric’s eyes brightened up with hope, “Guys look that entrance over there, might be our only hope.” Looking towards the entrance they eyes were glittering with hope, a look of admiration also flashed in their eyes towards Eric for pointing this out.

    Stepping foot into the entrance, it was dark and quiet, way too quiet if someone were to drop a pebble it would echo throughout the cave. “Yup Eric, you picked the best place to hide. We can’t see anything…what would we do if we step forward and fall into a pit with no way out.” Xzavon said, but he was still grateful to get away from the wolves. “This is how you take his kindness Xzavon, shame on you. We should just throw you outside with the wolves at least they wont go after us while we escape because they’ll be too busy chewing on you.”

    Anger flared up in Xzavons eyes, “Shina don’t think i forgot what you did, I’ll get my revenge. Just you wait, the moment you let up is the moment you will fall.” Knowing what he meant by getting revenge for what she did, Shina just didn’t care, as far as she was concerned Xzavon was younger and weaker than her. She could take care of him anytime, so she simply smiled, but that wasn’t a happy smile it was more of a i don’t care what you try to do, come at me anything type of smile.

    *Growl* *Growl*

    Hearing that the wolves were close by, everyone shut up trying their hardest not to be heard, everyone had their hands on another persons mouth. 5 minutes passed by, and the youths came out of the cave with sweat covering them and their clothes were sticking to them also. Taking off his worn out shirt, “Phew, would have been dog chow if we hadn’t hidden. Thanks for the quick thinking Eric, we can just keep coming here over the next couple of days.” Eric feeling proud puffed out his chest, it felt good being told that he did something worthy.

    In a tree not to far from where Xzavon and co. were, a dark figure appearing grinning at them. ‘Damn brats think they don’t have to run, think again you only got away for now wait until you go back we’ll see what happens then.’ The figure flashed, a leaf floated down from the tree and before it even hit the ground the figure was gone.

    Sitting around the entrance to the cave, the youths were wondering what to do to pass the time. They still had roughly 4 hours left until they needed to go back, but suddenly Xzavon had an idea, “Why don’t we head back to camp, remember dad said 1 hour in his time isn’t the same as ours. So think about it, the time in his world moves way faster than ours, that means 5 hours must have passed for him and he’s waiting for us to go back.” The other 3 looked doubtful at Xzavon, although Jim did say that how would they look going back to camp before the 5 hours were up. They were already slacking off on their training and if they were to go back to soon, who knows what Jim would have them do. Thinking about it after a few minutes they still nodded their head, thus they went back to camp and didn’t encounter any trouble.

    Making it back to camp by the same path they came, they encountered a problem. It wasn’t a simple problem, more like a big one because were the camp was supposed to be it wasn’t there at all. They were lost, and the ones who led them was none other than Jack, feeling arrows piercing his back he really didn’t want to turn around and see what kind of faces they were making at him. All he knew was that he went the right way, but evidence shows that he didn’t go the right way otherwise they would be back with Jim by now. Little did they know that Jim caught them slacking off and packed up everything and left, hiding while they were looking for camp.

    But why would Jim care, they are slacking on their training so he’s going to make them train even if they don’t want to. He already thought of his master plan, while they are searching for him and the camp he will wait until nightfall. Once at night he will abduct them one by one and separate them making it so they can’t work together. He’ll also add weights to them that way even if they don’t run, it’ll still feel as if a mountain is crushing down on them. Yup, his master plan that he thought of, but he didn’t put much thought into it. Simply thought, ‘Separate them and make them find their way back, add weight and they’ll have to work twice as hard to get back, add dangers and it’ll show them not to slack off’.

    When nightfall hit, Xzavon and co. were feeling tired after searching all over for Jim. At one point they thought he might have went home, but knowing him they easily dismissed that thought. Yawning Shina looked at the group, “Lets go to sleep here for tonight, tomorrow we can search again.” They nodded their heads and each picked a spot to lay down for the night, little did they know that a figure was watching them from not to far away happily grinning away. “AH!”, Someone screamed, waking up Xzavon who looked around and saw everyone was still asleep. When his eyes fell on the spot where Shina was he didn’t see her, one thought went through his mind and that was Revenge. Getting up he stealthily passed by Jack and Eric, looking behind the trees hoping to find Shina, but he was disappointed because she was nowhere to be found. Suddenly something grabbed him, he tried to fight it but the force was too strong and he fell unconscious. When he woke up the next morning he was laying on the floor in a suit full of weight, it wasn’t even flexible at all. His eyes stopped and spotted a note that was left on the ground, he grabbed it and read it carefully, ‘Boy you should know who this is, if you don’t then I feel sorry for you. You little brats thought I wouldn’t know you hid in a cave to get away from the wolves when i told you to run huh, well think of this as a reward for your laziness. You are someone in the forest, heck if I know where you are exactly but I surely don’t care. You have a week to make it back to camp, if you don’t then you have failed and won’t be able to go to a new world and will live the rest of your life here. Don’t worry about the weighted suit, it wont come off at all, just think of it as another gift, also don’t mind the other brats they are receiving the same treatment as you. Have fun, and don’t let the wild animals catch you.

    ~Best Damn Teacher/Father’


    Quest: Go back to camp

    Jim has sent you to a different part into the forest, he has set up a camp at (213,122) and is waiting for your return. He trust that you have enough time and perseverance to complete this task. Be warned, there are dangerous around every corner and you have no help if you get into danger no one will help you. This is the most basic experience it’s survival of the fittest, if you can’t make it back in time you will be left here to live alone. Failure to complete this quest will result in your dreams being crushed and no way to escape the forest.

    Time limit: 7 Days

    Rewards: Going to a new world, ??


    ‘Damn you dad! I’ll play your little game and go back to camp.’ “Accept’

  • Chapter 5 - Bloodbore Continent

    Showing up with Victoria, Jim gathers the kids up because it’s now time for them to go to a new world. This might be their first world, but at least it’s a little safer than the other worlds, because there they wouldn’t have anyone helping them. At least on the Bloodbore Continent they had one of the 11 lords helping them stay out of trouble, this eased his worries a lot. Victoria is simply happy, because she can finally leave this place now that her son is old enough. She has been stuck here for 15 years already and is really missing home, and some of the clothes too.

    Opening a portal, the kids didn’t know what to say, were they suppose to step in it or was she just showing off her attack skills. Urging them forward they leapt into the portal, then in an instant they were popping out in the middle of nowhere.

    Seeing nothing but sand around and no one else they were wondering where they were, but suddenly their parents said some strange spell and a door appeared out of the ground. Passing through the door it was as if they were in some holy temple, there were relics everywhere and statues of different people. “Whats this place?” They said in unison, glancing around.

    “This is Len Temple, my lords. This is where you transfer and go to another world, just name it and you’ll be able to go there.” A mysterious voice sounded out and shortly after an old man in a black suit came out.

    Jim showed a bright smile towards the man.“Victor! Haven’t seen you in a while, its been what 15 years man. You really haven’t aged at all.”

    Seeing who it was coming into the temple Victor felt happy, but also slightly disappointed knowing they wouldn’t stay around for long, “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Phenix I knew you would show up one of these days. Hardly anyone ever comes here anymore and no one ever leaves, such a pity i can’t really do my job. But what can I do for you today, going back to the Bloodbore Continent?”

    “Sorry we have to keep our conversation short, maybe i’ll stop by in a few years after my son grows up more, but yes we will be going there.”

    “Certianly my lords, right this way.” Victor said opening up a gate in the middle of the temple. Xzavon and co. stepped into the portal, but this didn’t feel like the last portal it felt like they were dreaming. After a few minutes passed by if felt like their consciousness was returning then they seen the end of the portal was a white light.

    -Bloodbore Continent

    Stepping out of the portal there are 6 people, but no one is really paying them attention because this isn’t something that they haven’t seen before. People come and go to new worlds all the time, but they didn’t know this was Xzavon’s first time coming to a new world. Not only him, his friends too they are all staring with amazement at the scene in front of their eyes.

    This isn’t like the small village they grew up in, this is at least 5 times as big as that, not to mention there are houses everywhere. Tons of stores around and Inns, Merchants selling products in the street, people walking around with swords, even a few people in magician robes. To them it feels surreal, like something that came out of a fantasy; which might be true, carriages, horses, beautiful ladies all around you name it this place has it. They are getting excited at this new scene but it is just the tip of the iceberg because this isn’t even the whole continent, just a small town.

    Victoria takes the kids to a tailor shop so they can get some new treads, that way when they go take the entrance exam they at least won’t look like poor commoners. Stepping foot into the shop the first thing that catches Xzavons eyes is this blue outfit; it may look normal but it’s not. Attached to it is a tight black shirt, short blue jacket with furs on the rim of it, and loose blue pants. Although he wants it, he doesn’t know how much it cost, he also doesn’t know if his mom has the funds to pay for it.

    Seeing the young man looking at this exquisite outfit the owner puts on his best face to try to sell his product. It took him half a year to get the materials for this, and yet anyone who has seen it doesn’t have the funds to buy it, it would be a shame if his best product were to rot in this store. After taking a few steps forward and he gets a good look at Xzavon, he notices that his clothes aren’t even better than his worst clothes in the store so he decides to give him.

    Seeing her son looking at the outfit Victoria urges him to get it, saying no matter how much it cost she’ll have enough for it. It wasn’t just Xzavon, the other kids also wanted something but they thought they wouldn’t have enough for it. Victoria sincerely urged them to get whatever they wanted, the cost would be covered by her, seeing her urging them they didn’t waste a second and immediately grabbed their outfits.

    After the owner seeing the youths grabbing the outfits, not just any outfits but some of his best work, he felt a vein in his forehead. How could he not be angry, these commoners are coming in his store and messing with his work, but he wouldn’t dare say anything instead he can only hold it in. Or so he thought when he seen Xzavon grabbing the blue outfit, his best work is being touched by a merely poor commoner his anger exploded. “Put that down! I have put up with you peasants touching the others but you can’t touch that! Your whole life savings can’t even pay for 1% of what that cost, and you dare to touch it. Shoo, go away, you will disturb my other customers if you stay in here, they’ll say I serve commoners and even the nobles won’t dare to come into this place anymore.”

    “Fuck you! Who says we can’t touch this or touch that, money is money if we have it we’ll spend it. Even my own mother doesn’t say such nonsense as you, wait until i pass the exam i’ll come back here and blow your damn shop up.” Shina’s voice exploded with anger, even the people who were passing by stopped and looked at the commotion. Seeing the clothes that Xzavon and them were wearing, they didn’t know what was happening but they did know that they couldn’t afford the clothes in the shop. I mean, if they couldn’t afford it how could commoners afford such clothes, just seeing them in the shop made them angry that they even wanted to step into the shop and kick them out themselves.

    “Sir, no need to get worked up over some clothes. The clothes in this shop aren’t even the best out there, but they will do for them for now. We’ll just take these clothes and get out of this shop, don’t worry about future business because you will never have a future. Treating your customers like this, who cares if they are commoners or nobles, it’s all the same.” Vicitora said trying to hide her disgust at this man.

    Glancing out the door the owner has seen the crowd and thought this was a good opportunity to show off. Telling all those out there that if you don’t have the money then don’t even step foot in this shop. Finally he looked at Victoria, even though she was a one of a kind beauty it was to say that she was poor. Such a waste he thought, if she were to grow up in a noble household then maybe he would give her face, but she was but a merely poor commoner. Making up his mind he decided, “Since you insist on buying these clothes, i’ll give you a discount and make it 5 gold and you can have the clothes. You should know that these originally cost 15 gold all together but for a commoner like you i felt pity. Oh not paying, fine then 1 gold, what still can’t pay then get the hell out!”

    Victoria shrugged her shoulder, then pulled out a white coin and tossed it to the owner. “This should do, keep the change because i doubt you would even have enough to pay me back anyways. You should know who are the ones in control, ‘Phenix’ won’t take kindly to people like you, enjoy your last days sir.” She then gathered the kids and left the tailor shop leaving all the spectators and the owner stunned.

    Not only did they not expect her to pull out a white coin but to say the ‘Phenix’ wouldn’t take kindly to this was even worse. Who are the ‘Phenix’ one of the 11 lords of Bloodbore, no one would just toss around a name like that, because if you did and later it was found out that you were a part of their sect that would mean the end of you. This caused ripples in the town, shortly after they left everyone passed around this news; that someone had used ‘Phenix’ name and that she was a beauty. They were trying to find out who this person was, even if she wasn’t one of them she has to have someone backing her up to use their name as easy as she did.

    Meeting up with Jim in the Inn that he booked Xzavon and co. talked about what happened the whole day and night. Knowing that his wife caused a big commotion he knew that they were going to have to leave early in the morning or else they would have to reveal their identities. “Why did you use our name so easily, this is going to be trouble we just can’t have people come over here and shut him down. The other lords would say we were abusing our power, we would be the laughing-stock of town if they knew about this.”

    Putting her slender hand on his shoulder she comforted him, “Don’t worry dear, Shina already said she’ll take care of it once she passed her exam. I we can just give her a temporary pass and ignore what she’ll do to that shop, besides i already gave him enough money to live happily even if his shop is destroyed.”

    “Y-you didn’t, you gave him a white coin, where would he even spend that much money, let alone who would have enough money to give him change. He would have to travel to the capital just to even get change for a white coin, and everyone knows he has it so he might not even live to see tomorrow.”

    Pursing her lips, “It was his fault, hmph! acting like we were some poor commoners. What right does he have, why should i care if he lives or dies tonight, all the better if he does.”

    Giving his wife a kiss, “No wonder I fell in love with you, this is the Victoria I know. Too bad we won’t see the outcome of this.”

    Early the next day, Xzavon and co. were on their way to Devertown City, the Capital of Flair Kingdom. As they were boarding their carriage they were stopped by the guards of the town, who surrounded them.

    “Halt! You have used ‘Phenixs’ name and yet no one in this town can figure out who you are. Therefore we have come to the agreement that you aren’t related to them, you are herby sentenced to execution.”

    Noticing the noise that was happening, everyone in the town was looking out their window or stopped their transactions to take a look at what was happening. Even the owner of the tailor shop stepped out to take a look at what was happening, when he noticed that it had something to do with Victoria he felt glad, ‘serves her right’ he thought.

    Jim was fed up with this, “This is getting irritating, officer whats your name?”

    The brown-skinned guard noticing that Jim was talking to him was terrified, instead he felt that Jim should at least know the name of his murder. “My name is Kalin, may I know the name of the man i’m going to kill and his wife?” Kalin said this is the nicest voice, he hated killing other people but knowing that they used ‘Phenix’ name and they weren’t even related irritated him so he felt he should at least kill them to calm himself down.

    “What, you didn’t even inspect my name? You should at least do this before you make a scene.”

    “Its not that, it’s just that I cant see anything.”

    Jim’s face greatly changed, he know remembered that he always hid his name and told the kids to hide their info also or else some nasty bastards would try something against them if they found out who they were. “I see, in that case I’ll let you know who i am. This is really an honor for someone of your status, or a matter of everyone in the town.”

    Name:Jim Phenix
    Title:[Headmaster] Blood of the Phenix



    After he said that, the guards and everyone started seeing his info, one after another inspected him. Noticing who he was they immediately kneeled, and the people who were looking turned and went into their houses. “My lord, I didn’t think you would grace us ever. No one outside your clan or the 11 lords have seen you and lived to tale about it. Thats why we didn’t notice who you were, if you would just let redeem ourselves and spare our lives that would be our greatest honor.”

    Jim didn’t even have a change of face after hearing these words, he just looked the same but after thinking about how they were planning on executing him he was about ready to kill them. As he was about to move Xzavon interrupted, “Just leave them alone, we are wasting time already, if this keeps up we’ll be late to the entrance exams. Besides i’m in a somewhat good mood, who knew that dad would be famous, i guess you talking about being a famous adventurer wasn’t just a lie.”

    “Just kill the fuckers, especially that tailor shop owner I would do it personally but I don’t know if i can currently.” Shina’s voice sounded, and the ever so nervous guards looked at her, ‘Damn this kid does she not show us face even though we didn’t know who she was’ they thought. The owner of the shop was even more nervous, his legs were shaking thinking how could a he protect himself against a powerhouse like him, if only he didn’t make those comments yesterday then he could still live to see tomorrow.

    A vein popped up on Jims forehead, not at Shina’s commoner but because his son didn’t realize that he wasn’t just a famous adventurer but also one of the 11 lords of this world. Oh well, he knew they were wasting time and relaxed thinking since their identities are already discovered they might as well teleport to Devertown. Turning towards his wife and scratching his head, “If you would Tori, just teleport us straight there.”

    Nodding her head she opened a portal up and told them to go inside, after they entered they were instantly transported to the middle of another city.

    -Captial of Falir Kingdom, Devertown City-

    Smiling at the kids behind her she raised her hands, “Welcome to Devertown City, the capital of Flair Kingdom. At the building over there you will take your entrance exam, hopefully you get a good score and don’t put shame on us.”

    Xzavon and Co. all looked at the surrounds, which were even more grander than the last town they were in. The population on the street was at least 50 times more than what they have seen in the last town, everything was wider and the shops were so dazzling. Taking a look at the school building that more looked like a castle they were stunned, jaws dropping thinking this is the school they were going to attend. Little did they know that was only one of the 5 buildings Saint Hail Academy owned, and each one got even better than the last.

  • Chapter 6 - Saint Hail Academy Entrance Exam

    -Captial of Falir Kingdom, Devertown City-

    Smiling at the kids behind her she raised her hands, “Welcome to Devertown City, the capital of Flair Kingdom. At the building over there you will take your entrance exam, hopefully you get a good score and don’t put shame on us.”

    Xzavon and Co. all looked at the surrounds, which were even more grander than the last town they were in. The population on the street was at least 50 times more than what they have seen in the last town, everything was wider and the shops were so dazzling. Taking a look at the school building that more looked like a castle they were stunned, jaws dropping thinking this is the school they were going to attend. Little did they know that was only one of the 5 buildings Saint Hail Academy owned, and each one got even better than the last.

    “Wow, this is simply amazing. If I didn’t see the last town I would think this is as big as it gets.” Jack said in amazement at the view of the city. The other youths were slowly nodding their heads in agreement at the amazing view, while Victoria and Jim were laughing inwardly at them. Knowing its the first time they have seen something like this, they truly felt like they were country bumpkins.

    “I thought there would be nothing but humans here. Look at that girl over there with the silver hair and long ears, and that guy over there with the beard but he’s so short.” Shina was truly astonished at the sight, but she wasn’t wrong there were other races besides humans in this town. When the humans came here it was later discovered that the Elves were the first among them to come to this strange world, but they went into hiding in the dense forest. Next were the dwarves who weren’t hiding but they didn’t have time to meddle with the surface world affairs. They simply stayed in the caves in the underground, until humans started appearing.

    Once the humans started building a new civilization the other two races started to help out, they were wondering why didn’t they do something similar when they arrived. Dwarves helped build buildings, carriages, weapons while the elves helped with decorations, site locations and management. The humans were mixed in with both groups helping each with whatever were needed, when the first city was done they went on and on building more, but slowly the monsters didn’t like how they were expanding their territory.

    Now that the monsters appeared out of hiding the elves immediately knew why they never had this idea, it was because of the monster who were in control of everything. They simply dominated them with overwhelming strength, and numbers. But who are humans, they have overcome great hardships and they worked for what they have so they wouldn’t let the monsters destroy them or their creations. They banded together and worked to take control of the area slowly pushing the monsters back all while expanding their territory. adventurers guilds were made to help subjugate the monsters, merchants started appearing selling different types of weapons, armors, potions, skill books they have found, and even information. All new types of classes started to appear, and with it a new hope for all the races except monsters who were being hunted down.

    The monsters retreated but not for long, they expanded their territory in other unknown lands and built up their strength fighting against the humans, elves, and dwarves. Thus a war began which is still going on today, but some monsters felt threatened and went to different worlds with different leaders to expand there. Never would they have thought that the other races would follow, now in all 50 worlds one side dominates the other, and heroes are born and destroyed.

    While all this was happening new races started to pop up, mixed breeds between humans and elves and humans and dwarves. They are their own races called demi-humans, but are still accepted by all races.

    “Shina it’s impolite to point and stare at other people.” Jack scolded her, but he was staring too at the unfamiliar scene in front of him.

    Jim told them not to mind themselves since they would soon be seeing a lot more once they entered the academy. Victoria ran to a store to buy some horses so they can at least arrive at school in time for the first exam. She knows how important the exams are, they add up your total score based on a few test to determine what class you are placed in. She wants them to place high enough that others wont look down on them, and to do that they need to take the first test.

    While riding the horses to school the youths obtained a new skill called  <Riding skill> which lets them be able to ride any animal they are able to mount, the higher the skill level the better they are at riding certain animals.

    -Saint Hail Academy-

    Arriving at Saint Hail Academy entrance, there are tons of other kids and adults at the entrance trying to get in. On the street are tons of carriages and different types of animals that were used to get here. Looking at the surrounding kids it numbered more than 5 thousand Xzavon thought, the seer number sent shivers down his spine as he thought how many would actually get in. He was right on that point, not everyone who took the exam actually got to enter the school, Saint Hail Academy only allowed 2 thousand students in each year. The number of students who took the test and repeated it numbered more than 20 thousand, but Saint Hail Academy couldn’t let just anyone in, they had a condition and that was you needed to be under age 18 to take part in the exam. This was set so that people wouldn’t keep trying to enter the school, it also decreased the number of participants who came back next year to try to take the test. They didn’t come back because of their skill levels, they dind’t come back because they passed the age requirement.

    Sighing Eric looked at the group, “Too many people, I wonder if we’ll even be able to take the test.”

    Comforting him with a smile Victoria said, “Dont worry Eric, we’ll reach the top of the line before you know it. With me and Jim here it shouldn’t be a problem to even enter the school without the test, let alone take it.”

    (AN: You wouldnt Victoria, don’t make use of your status to get them in the school.)

    Chopping his wifes head, “Dont say that, or else you’ll make these brats not want to even take the exam and try. Can’t use status for everything, those that don’t work hard are bound to end up alone.”

    (AN: Yes, Jim way to go man. Got to keep your wife in check man, who knows what she’ll do if the school doesn’t accept them.)

    (Victoria: How dare you, you are just the author what would you know about what I would do. Come here, let you mother show you what she would do.)

    (AN: ….’Dafaq….how you talking to me in my own story….)

    (Victoria: Don’t you worry about that, Bring your ass here boy!)

    (AN: Mother NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *runs*)

    “Mom. Hey Mom! Didn’t you hear me?” Xzavon tilted his head looking at Victoria confused. He’s been calling her name to ask her what kind of test they would take, but it seems as if she’s in her own world.

    Finally realizing that someone was calling her name she came out of her daze with a wry smile, “Oh sorry son, was taking care of a pest. Its gone now shouldn’t be a bother anymore. Now what did you say?”

    The whole group looked at her like she was crazy, she’s been standing there the whole time and now she just said she took care of a pest. They don’t even want to know what she was doing anymore, “Nothing never mind, forget I said anything.”

    Shortly after that akward moment, the group arrived in front of one of the examiners. Staring at the two adults he felt like he knew them from somewhere, but he just couldn’t put a finger on where he had seen them before. taking a glance at the kids he asked for them to go behind the door and come out on the other side. If they passed then they passed the first part, the score would be determined by how long it takes you to pass through. Little did they know that this wasn’t a simple test, you couldn’t walk through the door if you didn’t have the strength the withstand the gravity, or the agility to dodge the arrows.

    For Xzavon and co. it was a simple walk in the park, although they were surprised at the fly arrows coming at them, they didn’t feel the gravity. This was mostly due to their training with Jim, the gravity displayed in this room was too light for them, it felt like nothing was pressuring them at all. After around 20 minutes they left the passage and arrived at an open dome like room. It was full of books, and other people who just like them passed the exam.

    Taking notice of Xzavon and co. he had a surprised look on his head, this is one of the fastest times he has seen someone complete that exam. Although it isn’t the fastest someone has completed it, but this year it is. The fastest time was 10 minutes, and the person who came out of their dominated all the exams, and became the number 1 disciple and he was only 15 when he did that. His future was limitless, not to mention he had the backing of one of the 11 lords behind his back. His attitude was ok, it wasn’t the best, but at least he wasn’t like those arrogant kids who threw around their family name for respect.

    He wasn’t the only one to take notice of them, other youths also noticed the time it took Xzavon and co. to complete the exam and they were all stunned. The longest it took for one of them to complete the test was 1 hour, and yet they seemingly walked through the passage like it was nothing. Only one word ran through their minds, ‘Monsters, these 4 guys are monsters’, but how were they suppose to know that Jim personally trained these 4 youths. How were they suppose to know that in the passage they were also playing around and instead of coming straight out, they were checking out the arrows that were flying at them and seeing who could dodge the most. If they were to rush straight out, they would have finished in roughly 10 minutes also, but they didn’t know that or else if they did they would more than likely give and not take part 3 of the test at all.

    “Why are all these fuckers staring at us like we are some sort of animals. If anything their mother looks likes a monster not us.” Shina said, she didn’t like the way that they were staring at them, but it wasn’t like she could do anything to them.

    The others who were taking the test felt weird, her talking about their mother like that who does she think she is, someone should go teach her a lesson. Suddenly someone exactly did that, a youth with blue short hair, gray eyes went right over to her, “Who the fuck are you! You must not know who I am, and yet you still talk about my mother that way. Wait until I tell father about this matter, your whole damn family will be exterminated, if you get on the ground and kneel right now just maybe, just maybe i’ll let your family die with corpses.” Seeing how this kid was talking so arrogantly to Shina, Jack stepped forward and was about to smack his face from white to blue when the teacher got involved.

    “Ali, don’t go overboard here, no need to get ones family involved with this. How about you guys settle this at the dueling arena. But I must say, that’s only for the ones who pass this stage, if you pass i’ll make special accommodations to let you fight the person who said something about your mother.” The teacher said with his best smile, he didn’t want to offend Ali, but with his status he could only stop the fight for now and hold it later on stage.

    Seeing how Ali stood up for them, made the others look at him in admiration, their eyes were sparkling. ‘Just because you got a good time on the first exam doesn’t prove you are strong’ they thought, they all were going to back up Ali in the upcoming fight. Besides, he had the 2nd best score on the exam coming out of the passage in 30 minutes, and he was one of the wealthiest nobles in town. Who would dare lay a hand on him, if it got out that someone actually beat him up, they knew how nobles were with their self-righteous pride, they would tell their family members to go beat that person black and blue. And if they got close enough to Ali, who knows, they might get some money or some skill books from his family.

    Xzavon and co. all broke about laughing, they didn’t mean to but it was just that they were playing around. They didn’t expect people to take them seriously, and now Shina has to duel one of them later on.

    Seeing that no one else was coming into the 2nd exam the examiner told the youths to approach the stone. Everyone was looking around but no one could find the stone he was talking about, suddenly a large stone, bigger than a boulder appeared from above. *Boom!* It landed hard on the ground, but there weren’t any cracks or dent in the floor, it was more like the stone didn’t even hit the floor. No, that was exactly the reason, the stone didn’t hit the floor it was floating 5in above the floor.

    Everyones jaws dropped open, how was the stone floating they all thought. The examiner didn’t take any time to explain and go someone to approach the stone. “This is a magic stone, if you don’t have enough magic power to make the stone turn orange then you have failed the test. Simple right, then we shall begin.”

    First person got up and touched the stone and put magic into it, it lit up, but just not orange it turned red.

    A voice ran out, “Failed”

    This was one thing the examiner didn’t tell them, and that was that in order to light the stone orange you needed at least 500+ mana, anything below that would only light it red. Anything way above that would light it, purple and anything beyond that white. But usually newcomers never lit it past orange so he didn’t think about anyone reaching purple or white.

    Next person came up…Failure. Next 5 people Passed, when it came to Ali’s turn he passed and had a grin on Xzavons group.

    Xzavon went up, the stone lit up orange, then it went onwards to Jack his also lit up orange. Eric passed also, when it came to Shinas turn however, the stone didn’t turn red, instead it turned purple. The examiner was stunned, in his entire lifetime he has never seen someone new light up the stone purple. This alone meant that they would shake the world, Ali also knew what it meant when the stone got lit up purple. He recalled the fight he had to take part in during the 3rd exam, he already knew he was going to lose no questions asked. Little did he know Shina couldn’t use any magic to fight him with so he was afraid for nothing. The other youths were wondering if she passed the test or not, because clearing it didn’t turn red nor orange, but shortly after the examiner said she passed.

    “Trying to show off are you? Not like these guys would get on their knees and beg you to take them as your underlings or something.” Xzavon commented. Eric and Jack burst out laughing, but Shina’s checked blushed red like her secret was getting out. “Shina don’t worry, if Xzavon doesn’t take you, i’ll do you the honor.” Eric said smiling.

    “W-what are you talking about. Who would like that thing!” Shina and Xzavon said in unison denying Eric, who was simply grinning.

    Jack was scratching his cheek, “Well i guess i’ll have a brother after so long.” Then he patted Xzavons back.

    Jack isn’t stupid he knows his sister acts rude and more like a boy instead of a girl, so the amount of guys that would actually like her are slim. He’s really happy that she didn’t decide to become a fighting class because knowing how she is, if she were to fight the number of guys wouldn’t even be slim it would be none. But he also knows if anyone were to go out with her it would have to be Xzavon over everyone else, mostly because they fit each other so well. If someone were to date Shina they would probably wouldn’t last even 2 days around her, but Xzavon has been around for almost 5 years and even though they play around at least he treats her well.

    If one were to scan the room you would roughly see about 2500 youths have passed the exam out of the 4000 that were in the room. Now they were going to the last part of the exam, which was to duel it out with the other youths. It was tournament style, elimination matches. They would keep going until they crowned the champion, who would have special privileges as his years president.

    Lining up each youth walked forward and stuck their hand into a box, when they pulled it out a number appeared on their hand. After everyone got a number, they looked towards the big screen to see where they were placed and what arena to go to.

    This is were Xzavon split off from everyone else, he drew number 523 and had to go to arena B. Eric and Jack went to arena A, while Shina went to arena D, as long as they win at least one duel, they will be able to get into the school.

    Once seated in the stands waiting to see what was going to happen he heard voices talking. “Hey, who do you think will be number 1 this year? I heard that there was this girl who passed the magic test with it glowing purple, not the mention she passed the first exam in 20 minutes. Shes totally a monster, whoever duels her will lose i’m putting my money on her.” “What are you talking about? It’s obvious that their whole group are monsters, she was just the only one showing off. I bet you anyone in that group will obviously win, they’ll be the top 5 for sure.”

    Xzavon didn’t think his group would be this famous, its only the first day they came here but they are already making a name for themselves. If this keeps up it won’t be long before a spot in the top 10 in the school becomes his. The only question that’s running through his mind is who’s going to be number 1 this year.

    (AN: Phew finally got away from that crazy lady. At least she won’t be appearing anytime soon, i knew i should have named her something else to match her attitude who would have knew she would have come alive. *Shivers*)

    (??: Finally found you, how dare you run from me i’ll let you know you can’t escape anytime soon.)

    (AN: Leave me alone crazzy lady! *run*)

    (Victoria: Not this time boy! *freezes authors feet* mawhahaha now shall we have a chat. *smiles wryly)

    (AN: *sobs* i-if you wanted to have a talk…then why do you have a whip!)

  • Chapter 7 - Whose Number 1 This Year?

    Saint Hail Academy Arena B-

    Xzavon didn’t think his group would be this famous, it’s only the first day they came here but they are already making a name for themselves. If this keeps up it won’t be long before a spot in the top 10 in the school becomes his. The only question that’s running through his mind is who’s going to be number 1 this year.

    Seeing that the number of people arriving at the stands a man and woman comes on stage. The man looks pretty normal, more like if these two were going out the woman would be wearing the pants in the relationship. He has a feminine look, probably because it’s a trait of his race, yeah you guessed it he’s an elf. Golden hair coming just above his eyebrows, with the back in a ponytail, wearing a black suit. The girl on the other hand is super toned, probably too toned for her own good, muscles everywhere that’s visible, short black hair and a scar coming down her left eye. Scary, she’s not even wearing a dress, she dressed armor instead, truly a brute if Xzavon had a say in it. Just looking at her somewhat reminds him of Jim, that guy would probably try to challenge her to a duel.

    “Attention, first I want to congratulate everyone on passing the first 2 exams. Sadly you didn’t get into the school yet, but don’t worry all you have to do is win 1 match against your opponents. You might be wondering why would we hold a tournament then if you only have to win one match, well that’s simple, the top 5 will represent your year in our semi-annual subjugation. These 5 will become the leaders and form a group, that group will then participate to go practice killing monsters. They will also get special attention in class, and receive skill books for our schools most prized skills. Not only that, but all those in their group will be able to get the same benefits The winner of todays tournament has a chance to challenge the 10th person in the student council to a duel, the winner of that duel will be able to become the 10th seat in the student council. I’m sure you are all aware of our student council, and im sure that you all are hoping to one day join them. They are our pride and joy, and once they graduate tons of sects will be looking to recruit them to join them, their future is surely limitless. Now without further adue let the competition begin.”

    Man that elf surely has a manly voice, it echoed throughout the stadium, everyone didn’t have a choice but to listen to his voice. Slowly the first few fights began, and Xzavon was watching but in his mind they were all lame fights. He wasn’t lying, they truly were lame those people hardly even had any spells to use, but who was he to talk he hardly had any attacking spells himself. Not to mention he hasn’t even had a chance to try out his new spells.

    Somewhere in the stands was a man with hair and pale skin watching the fights go on. He was by himself, wondering when his son would get a chance to fight. Suddenly he felt the gaze of someone watching him, he quickly turned his head only to find out it was one of his old rivals. Walking towards the white-haired man the figure moved elegantly, “Oi, Jim wouldn’t expect you to be here of all places. Did your clan make you come here to look at future prospects, or are you eyeing the competition?”

    Yes the man who was watching the boring duels was Jim, Xzavons father. He was here to watch his son duel and see what place he would get in this years tournament, if he didn’t at least win 2 duels he would be punished. Knowing that this man was talking to him Jim bitterly smiled, “Hey Arron, never thought you would be here either. I guess your position in the clan is falling down and the youngsters want your spot huh. So you probably came here to recruit someone who you could work from the shadows to take over huh?”

    Laughing Arron looked at Jim, “You know me too well Jim, but that isn’t the reason i’m here. My son chose to come here so i’m looking after him in todays duel making sure he gets a good ranking. Let me tell you, there’s no one who can challenge him in the arena, he’ll surely get first place easy.”

    “Oh, really…it might not be as easy as you think. My son is also taking part, pretty sure he can beat your son just like I beat you.” Not even taking a second look at Arron Jim turned back to the arena.

    Seeing that Jim looked away Arron turned to the arena, “That was in the past Jim, you’ve been gone for 15 years new things have happened and a new lord has risen.” Jim looked at him, this was his first time hearing about this, “What are they called and what is their goal?”

    Seeing that Jim took the bait Arron turned his head and started walking away, “If your son really does beat my son i’ll tell you who they are. As for their goal, just watch your back.” Arron waved his hand at Jim and walked off, not even a second look.

    “Hey Alfred, you’ve been in charge while I was away, who are these people.” Jim said in a low voice to no one.


    Suddenly a young man with sharp eyes and a dark face appeared behind Jim, he was surprised that Jim even knew he was here. “Ah, I didn’t think you noticed me leader, your perception really is first class. As for who he was talking about they call themselves The Purple Alliance, nothing we can’t handle though.”

    Suddenly an idea flashed through Jims head, “Nah don’t worry about it, i’ll just let my son handle it. If he can’t do this much then he won’t amount to anything in the future.” Hearing Jims thought, Alfred surely didn’t think he would hand the task of dealing with them to his son, “Are you sure, I don’t think he’s ready to handle something of that scale.”

    Shrugging his shoulders, “Don’t mind it, whether he does or doesn’t its up to him. You know what we had to do to build ourselves to the top, without the strength to carry yourself, how can you carry someone else. Oh look he’s going up to fight now.”

    Xzavon walked onto the arena, his opponent was a female. Long white hair, red eyes, white skin and she was wearing a skin-tight blue dress, if he hadn’t seen beautiful girls before he would have been mesmerized by her. That wasn’t the case though, after the start of the bell to begin fighting he eyed her for a bit.

    Seeing as to how Xzavon kept staring at her she showed a charming smile, “Am I that charming, If you get off the arena i’ll give you some good loving.”

    Xzavon thought for a while before shaking  his head, “Nah I don’t need any good loving, and you aren’t that charming.” After finishing his sentence he used <Dash> and appeared before her in the time it took to take 4 breaths. Lifting up his left leg, he was about to roundhouse kick her in the head, but suddenly he heard something, “How dare you hit her. Don’t you know who she is, she’s one of the top beauties that have taken the exam this year. If you lay a hand on her i’ll personally kill you myself and deliver your body to her as a present.”

    She took this chance to deliver a punch straight at Xzavons face, however before it landed he was gone. Appearing behind her he streched his hand around he waist, then he used his other hand and felt her chest. Seeing this the man who yelled at him was angry, it wasn’t just him everyone was mad how dare he feel on this young maidens chest during a competition. This is immoral, he should be disqualified for this act, and yet the elf and warrior woman cheeks turned red at this but didn’t say anything. It’s not that they didn’t want to say anything, it’s just that this is a competition and body contact will be involved, just as long as it doesn’t go too far.

    “Tck! Not good enough.” Xzavon said and tossed her off the arena, the fight ended fast, no one expected the fight to end that fast. Passing the first fight with ease, Xzavon felt proud of himself even if he didn’t throw a blow at least he tested his speed and knew that he was fast enough to land a few blows on his opponent. Walking past the guy who said something to him, “If you don’t like it, make it to the top 10 then i’ll personally teach you a lesson.” This exchanged happened in less than a breath, and when the youth turned around Xzavon was already long past him. “The name is Omar, Omar Duck. Remember the name of your murder, and don’t cry to your damn mother when it happens either.” Omar yelled at Xzavons back.

    -Arena D-

    On the other side of the building, a female was stepping onto the arena. Everyone felt scared of her after the things they heard, especially how she opening made comments during everyone’s fights about how they were slow or how her grandmother can kick their ass. The first time she stepped on stage, she ended the fight before her opponent even knew it started, she rushed towards him kneed him in the gut, while he grabbed his stomach in pain she elbowed him to the ground. He layed unmoving and the referee had to come call a stretcher and some healers to heal him, they never knew someone could be so scary. 10 seconds, the fight lasted less than 10 seconds who in the world can handle such a monster, of course they didn’t dare say she was a monster because of her attitude.

    Shina was looking at her opponent grinning, she just wanted to beat him and then the other people to make her name known. After the first fight she felt that no one would be able to beat her, she was going to use this tournament to get herself some underlings. Little did she know that a group of people were glancing at her, not in admiration but with hate. How can they let a girl beat them down, they would lose their dignity if they let that happen, they would rather die before that. But knowing her strength, the only way to win was to cheat, of course they wouldn’t cheat in the wide open, but they brought pills to buff themselves up and increase their stats. With this Heavenly pills, it would increase all their stats by 100, that should be enough to beat her until she summits to them.

    Although she had a nasty attitude, they would still like to mess her up and call her names while they dominate her. Let her know her place as the whore she really is, the only place she belongs in on her knees.

    Feeling someones gaze at her she didn’t mind, she just thought someone was admiring her. Once the ref told them to start she rushed towards her opponent, instead of staying for a fight, “I Conced-” Before he could even finish her fist went right smack dab into his face, the ref stopped the fight before she could land a second blow. Although her attacks hardly did any damage if any, it would still hurt like hell to get hit with her strength. Her opponents wouldn’t die with her physical attacks, but they would get hurt.

    -Arena A-

    In arena a, both Jack and Eric had an easier time. Their opponents conceded at the start of the fight, so they were just sitting in the stands talking to some girls they met. On the left of Eric was a super hot chick with a huge chest, it was like two watermelons getting ready to burst. She also had long red hair reaching down to her waist, and her eyes seemed so innocent. On the left of Jack was another girl with a huge chest, but she had shorter hair which was also red. These two girls were twins who passed their first match also, but with a little more difficulty than Jack and Eric.

    They figured since these two might be the strongest ones here why not try to get close to them and shine in the spotlight. The might even get the help later on while they attend the academy from these two if they got into any trouble. Jack and Eric felt the gazes of the males staring with killing intent at them, but they didn’t mind. ‘Damn those two, do girls really care about strength. I want a big breasted girl at my side too, and shove my face into her two watermelons, who wouldn’t that would be every mans dream’ just thinking about that got all the males even more angrier at them. At the top were two boys who were staring at Jack and Eric, they really wanted to fight them.

    “Hey Ash, I think we might have found our match in this stupid arena.” The guy with short blue hair said to the guy next to him in a low voice. Ash was slightly taller than him by half a head, and he nodded in agreement, “Maybe Luke, hopefully they last more than 5 minutes against us. Damn dad telling us to hold back our strength saying ‘No one there is worth your time, so don’t show off too much’ obviously he didn’t think of these two black horses.”

    -Arena B-

    After that first fight with the girl, Xzavons next opponent who was also female didn’t even want to fight. She covered up her chest from his view and conceded the fight as fast as she could. He waited until finally it was his turn again, he was hoping to get a decent opponent this time. “523 vs 524” the ref called out. Xzavon noticed that the one who was stepping on stage was the guy who said he would kill him. ‘Whats his name again….something with an O….oh well better end this quickly’ he thought as he looked at Omar.

    “Finally i get the chance to teach you damn manners. Maybe if you concede now I, Omar will let you off with small bruises. If you stand here your daddy will teach you a good lesson in manners.” After he said that Xzavon couldn’t take it and broke out laughing, everyone was wondering why he was laughing.

    “Whats wrong with that guy, doesn’t he know who he’s going agasint. All his fights have been easy so far, but now that he’s facing Omar he’s dead for sure. When that guy says he’s going to kill someone he really does it, not even the athourities take action against him.”

    The guy next to him agreed with him, “He just doesn’t care, look at him laughing in the face of death, truly disgusting. If I had Omars strength I wouldn’t have even waited until now to tell him whose boss, would have let him know from the start. Omar is too nice letting him do what he pleases.”

    “Omar I love you! Please marry me, I don’t care if im not your first wife.” A few female voices sounded.

    Xzavon stopped laughing as he heard the comments, he finally paid attention to Omar whose eyes were glaring at him like daggers. This guy is serious about this fight, Xzavon got serious too and as soon as the ref told them to fight he used closing the distance. Omar knew he would do something like that, but he could keep up with Xzavon and countered with his own rushing towards him. *Boom!* Omars fist landed against Xzavon’s leg and caused a semi shock wave.

    “He’s dead for sure, bet you he can’t even move that leg again. He’s lucky he didn’t get thrown off stage, Omar must have been using 50% of his strength.”

    Omar didn’t think Xzavon was this strong, he didn’t use 50% of his strength but 100% and this guy evenly matched him. Omar hopped back and hit his fist together, <Fire Fist> is the move he used. <Fire Fist> exactly how the name sounds, it turns your first into fire, and increases the damage it does by 50%, it also causes a burn effect on the opponent, this is Omars family skill.

    Seeing Omar use that skill Xzavon was stunned momentarily, but he gathered himself and used <Dash> again, this time when he used his leg to kick he enhanced it with mana control to make a small shield around it. Omar seeing this smirked, ‘this guy just doesn’t understand’, however how would Omar know that Xzavon used mana this time to make his kick even harder and sturdier than the last. Throwing his fist towards Xzavons leg, *Boom* *Boom!* *Crack* that crack sound echoed through the stadium everyone heard it. They were waiting until the smoke cleared from that encounter hoping to see Xzavon laying on the ground, but once it cleared they were stunned stiff. Omars hand was broken, it was leaning outwards and you could see his bone.

    The ref seen this stopped the fight immediately, announcing Xzavon as the winner. Xzavon just left the stage and went back to his seat, ‘atleast he put up more of a fight than the other people’. Seeing Xzavons calm face after the exchange everyone thought this guy must be insanely strong, he wasn’t even limping after getting hit my Omars <Fire Fist>. It must be known that <Fire First> is a high ranked skill, and getting hit by it would cause someones body to become crispy after getting hit, yet Xzavon wasn’t even slightly bruised.

    -Arena D-

    Shinas turn finally came up again, this time it was against a guy who she didn’t even notice before. He wore glasses with black hair, even his eyes was black, ‘this guy is creepy’ she thought. Seeing the ref saying they could fight she did the usually and ran straight at him, but that guy just blocked it with his hand. Gripping her fist with his left hand he yanked her towards him, turned around and roundhouse kicked her in the face. She was sent flying in the air just barely staying on the stadium, she coughed up mouthfuls of blood. Her eyes were sparkling, ‘Finally a real challenge’ she wiped the blood from her mouth and charged at him again.

    Appearing in front of him again, she ducked his left jab, and swept his feet. Losing his balance he almost fell over, but using his right hand he rotated around on the ground and got up. He glared at her, rushed towards her throwing a right, Shina dodge and hit him in the gut. While she punched from below, he was going to knee her in the head. Barely seeing the knee coming she dodge it by a hairs breath.

    “This guy is pretty good don’t you think? He can even handle that monster, we are saved finally a savior is here!”

    “What do you mean, are you stupid! What happens when that monster loses, we’ll have to face the other monster, you think he’ll just give up the fight when we step up on stage. Idiot! He’ll probably kick our asses worse than she would, I mean look at who’s taking the most hits here, he barely got hit in the entire exchange yet that monster got hit 5 times more than he has.”

    “What do you expect, you guys don’t should feel ashamed of yourselves not evening knowing who he is.” A voice sounded out from behind the two, when they heard this they turned around to see who it was. It wasn’t just them, everyone was looking at that person wanting to know who that guy was.

    “Let me tell you, that guy isn’t so simple so far he still hasn’t used a skill but the girl is quite good also being able to match him without using a skill either. But she won’t be able to keep it up for long, because that guy is the son of the leader of the Forsaken Night clan. Once he uses one of his skills she’s done for.”

    They looked at the guy who was talking before gulping down their saliva, who was Forsaken Night clan? They were one of the 11 lords, and the leaders son they all heard stories about him but they never thought they would see him in action. All the stories they heard were about him being monstrously strong, everyone was comparing him to Jim back in his younger days saying that once he grows up some more he’ll be able to beat Jim in a duel and take the title of the strongest. Seeing him in action now, they had no doubts about it. Some even took pity on Shina for being able his opponent, they now knew that he probably wasn’t even use 30% of his strength. As for the group of people who wanted to beat Shina themselves, they threw that idea out the window as soon as they knew she would lose. As for the guy who would beat her up, they didn’t even think about trying to cheat to beat him, if he was only using 30% of his strength and was already beating her up, what would happen to hem.

    *Boom!* Shina was sent flying out of the arena, and the guy just casually walked off the stage.

    “FUCK!!! Just you wait, i’ll get my revenge for today!” Shina yelled at him after she got up off the ground.

    (AN: Well shina that’s what you get for being cocky now isn’t it.)

    (Shina: Who the hell are you? Fuck you and your grandmother!)

    (AN: Damit! Whats with you characters coming to life, why don’t you just stay on the page and let me do my job!)

    (Shina: Oh you’re the author. Damn you, you fucker! Why didn’t you make we win! Hey, don’t run away get your ass back here!!!)

    -Arena A-

    Jack was on the arena standing off against a guy with short blue hair, but one thing was different about them and that was Jack was bleeding while the other guy wasn’t. “Ah! I thought i finally found something to play around with you could hardly take 5 hits and your already getting broken. Just concede so we can move on to the next round.”

    Jack wasn’t going to listen to the voice, and used <Lightning step> to appear before the blue haired guy. Throwing a <Mystic Punch> but was dodged by the blue haired kid, he turned around  chopped Jacks neck knocking him unconscious. He picked Jack up and tossed him to Eric, “This was a pain, take care of him next time or else I wont be so polite.” and he walked off the stage.

    “Ash don’t you think you used too much strength this time. Could have let the poor guy off with one <Phoenix Chop> but no, you just had to drag the fight out to test yourself huh.”

    Seeing Luke scolding him he just shook his head, “Nah, he was stronger than i thought. Really a persistent fellow maybe we should tell dad about him when we return to the clan later. Anyways, it looks like your facing that guys pal next duel good luck.” Ash said and took his seat next to Luke.

    Looking at were the guy was coming from Eric felt furious, this guy must be related to the guy who beat up Jack. He was definitely going to get revenge for Jack, stepping onto the arena the match soon began. Opening the fight with <Quick Step> he approached in front of the other kid, Eric raised his hand and used <Chop> which came down as quick as thunder. *Boom* Eric missed the attack, but the force of it caused a huge commotion, and the other kid was on the other end of the arena. “Woah, that was a close one. We didn’t even introduce ourselves, let me start i’m Luke Crestin.”

    Everyone heard his voice, once they found out who he was they got excited to see one of the members from the 11 lords fight. Luke and Ash were from the Crimson Crest sect, a powerful sect that ruled like an iron hammer. Everyone knew of their prestige and no one dared to get in their path, but everyone adored them because of their unwavering strength.

    Eric was scratching his head, “Oh my bad man, i’m Eric. Now that we have introduced ourselves, let us begin.” Using <Quick Step> to close the distant Luke used the same move also, and threw a punch towards Eric. Eric barely dodged the attack, it actually cut the side of his cheek, he countered with an elbow which went slightly past Luke’s jaw. The spectators were surprised at this, these two were about evenly matched so this was bound to be a good match for them to see, they weren’t the only ones happy about this Ash was also. Seeing his brother found a good match he was also slightly disappointed that he didn’t get to face off against him.

    Eric used <Cut> and sliced his hand in the air, leaving a white light behind his hand, Luke dodged it but a part of his white shirt got caught in the attack and now it had a line going across it. He used <Hammer Hand> to attack Eric, but Eric seen this coming and retaliated with a <Slash>. *Boom!* using this chance Luke disappeared in thin air, Eric didn’t see him but he immediately used <Keen Sense> which located Luke. Looking towards the left he threw another <Slash> at the air, Luke appeared around the same time the slash landed. *Boom* Luke was sent flying towards the edge of the stadium, but he recovered quickly and used <Quick Step> to close the distant between them. Jumping in the air Luke used <Leopard Kick> towards Eric, who followed it up with a <Cut>. *Boom!!* the sound echoed throughout the stadium, and both figures were sent out of the arena.

    The ref went on stage looking awkward at this, “What do i say folks, both of them are eliminated.” This sent boo’s towards him because clearly they wanted to see more and they wanted to find out which one of them was stronger. Ash was astounded, never would he have thought that someone could challenge Luke but it seems that his brother met a worthy opponent.

    -Arena B-

    Finally winning his final match, Xzavon proceeded into the top position #1 in arena B. Now he would have to face the other winners from the other 3 arenas to see who would be ranked 1. He was excited hoping to see Shina, Jack, and Eric again but also to see how far each one of them go.

    The whole arena was changed, Xzavon had to move into a new field in the middle of the Academy. He was surprised to see that Shina, Jack, and Eric weren’t the top in their arena, he was disappointed with them. But how would Xzavon know that they fought against strong opponents, it’s not like he didn’t fight against strong people either, it’s just that he didn’t’ find anyone who could match his strenght.

    The people who he saw was a male with short blue hair, another male but he had black hair and glasses, and a downright beautiful female. She had neck length blue hair, a white top and some short blue jeans. Didn’t look like she was wearing make up at all either, she could cause the whole town to fight over her.

    The ref went up and announced the first fight of the top 4, “523 vs 2213”. Xzavon went up and seen that his opponent was the black-haired kid, he didn’t know how Shina lost to this guy he looked weaked.

    “OMG look its Gunner! He won arena D easily after he beat that brute of a female, he’s going the win the whole thing. If I could have him as my boyfriend i could truly die happy!”

    A girl who heard that denied her, “Lies, Its my Ash that’s going to win it all. No one can challenge his quick step, he appears in an instant and knocks all of his opponent out with ease.”

    A few guys said in unison, “Who can match our goddess Holly. Shes so beautiful, truly if anyone had her as a wife why would they even need someone else. Not to mention she’s from one of the 11 lords.”

    “Guys chill, they are all from the 11 lords, i just feel sorry for that white-haired kid. He just doesn’t know what he’s going up against.” A voice sounded, and all the others nodded in agreement.

    The match started and Xzavon used <Dash> to close the distance, knowing that he beat Shina he didn’t waste an ounce of his strength and put mana into his leg to make it sturdier. When it landed on Gunners body it was blocked by his forearm, but not without him sliding a few inches.

    Seeing that Gunners body moved when he blocked that kicked it left people speechless, ‘who is this guy’ they thought.

    Up in the stands Jim had a bright smile on his face, which turned back calm when he seen who was approaching. “Yo Jim, seems like your son didn’t make it to the top 4 huh?” Yup, this voice was none other than Arron, Jims old rival. “Haha, my kid is fighting your boy Arron. What do you think pretty good huh?” Arron took a glance at his son and Xzavon fighting, he turned back to Jim, “Oh that’s your boy, no wonder he made it this far. Seems like a dark horse has risen and no one knows who he is. Too bad he’s going to lose to Gunner.” Jim didn’t take it to heart and just kept watching the match, “Maybe, maybe not guess we’ll just have to see. Also I decided I wont handle the Purple Alliance, I’ll just let Xzavon test the waters with them.” Arron eyebrows furrowed, “Not surprising you found out about them so quickly. But why let him handle it, if it was me who was in your shoes I would just show off my might and wipe them out instantly.”

    Showing a slight smile, “It’ll be good practice for him.”

    Xzavon was sweating and panting, but he wasn’t the only one Gunner also felt the heat of this battle. He knew that his opponent was strong, probably one of the strongest in this year, he wouldn’t hold back anymore. Jumping back a few meters his hands flashed and he drew a dagger out of the air. It wasn’t really out of thin air, it was more like he moved so fast and grabbed it from his back pocket that it seemed like he got it from no where. Xzavon seen what he did and glanced at him, “So we are getting serious are we, guess i’ll go all out too.”

    Gunner ran forward against Xzavon and his dagger was as quick as lightning, he was using <Flash Attack> to quickly attack Xzavon. *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* echoed, everyone thought Xzavon was turned into mince meat, however they never thought a shield would protect him. This wasn’t a normal shield, it was a shield made of mana, <Mana Shield>. Everyone who was in arena B was surprised, “This damn guy was a mage the whole fucking time!” Someones voice was heard, everyone was surprised they knew how strong he was in close range fighting, but he didn’t even use any magic attacks yet and he was already strong. They were really wondering who he was to be able to be that strong. “Who the hell is that guy, he can fight evenly with Gunner and he didn’t even use any spells yet. This guy is definitely from the 11 lords or one of the rising clans, someone tell me who the hell he is!”

    It wasn’t just the students, some of the teachers who seen this was also surprised, “Hurry, find me everything on this kid. Why have i never heard anything about him, this unexpected dark horse, if he was from one of the 11 lords we would have known ages ago. Check every noble family and look for him, i want to know who this child is.” The lady wearing the warriors outfit stepped forward, “Sir, his name is Xzavon.” The teacher looked confused he never heard of anyone with that name, “Whats his last name?” Her cheeks turned red, “Well the thing is, we never got a last name.” “WHAT! How could you not get his full name, do you know what this means! Samantha you disappoint me, how could you not get a big character like him to tell you his last name.”

    Samantha’s cheeks turned deep red, “I-i’m sorry sir, i didn’t think he would make it this far, also we are only required to take their first name not last.”

    Seeing that she was truly sorry the teacher forgave her, “Its ok, just make sure to get his name after this.”

    Xzavon and Gunner were going at it, Xzavon was keeping his distance using <Ether Bolts>, while Gunner was chasing after him slashing through the bolts one after another. “”, Gunner said and suddenly his body disappeared in thin air, it was like he became one with the dark. Nah, more like black mist covered the whole arena blocking Xzavon from locating him. Xzavon knew something was coming and used <Mana Sense> in less than 5 breaths Gunner attacked from behind Xzavon. *Boom* *Boom* more sounds kept echoing on the arena, but no one could see anything because of the mist. A few minutes later the mist disappeared and both of the youths on the arena were breathing heavy, clothes destroyed. “Meh, you’re a good opponent. Hopefully you’ll be a worthy rival later on.”, Xzavon said in admiration, he really looked up to this guy. After he said that he walked off the stage and took a seat in the stands.

    Everyone was surprised, why didn’t he finish the fight they all wondered. They really wanted to know if the dark horse would win or would the 11 lords still reign over them. How would they know Xzavon left the arena because he ran out of mana, if they knew that they would surely laugh at him. So it was announced that Gunner won the match, although he wasn’t happy because it wasn’t a real win.

    “Oi, Jim it seems like my boy won this one.” Arron said happily. “Haha, this boy really is going to get it later on, he actually walked off the arena in the middle of the fight. Even i never thought he would do that.” Jim lightly laughed at his son.

    After Ash and Holly fought for 20 minutes they took a 10 minute break so Ash could catch his breath. Ash might have won the battle, but it was a good fight and he found a new rival so he was happy. When he fought with Gunner the duel went on for around 30 minutes, with Ash being knocked out of the ring. Thus Gunner was crowned the winner of this year, but everyone had one question in mind, ‘Who would have won if Xzavon and Gunner kept on fighting’. Even Ash and Holly took notice of Xzavon who was sitting waiting for this to be over, if he fought on par with Gunner then he must be strong.

    “A well deserved win towards this years champion Gunner Night! Hopefully you guys can learn a thing or two from him during your stay at Saint Hail Academy. Once again give a round of applause to Gunner!”
  • Chapter 8 - Blood of the Phenix and Spirit Beast

    After the tournament ended to decide this years number 1 student it went to Gunner, although quite a few students felt like he didn’t deserve it since he never truly won over Xzavon. There was going to be a duel between Holly and Xzavon to determine who would be in third place, and a lot of people wanted to see it but Xzavon didn’t care and just gave it up to her, which made a lot or ruckus as people were saying he was scared of her or that he didn’t want to lose face.

    What Xzavon really wanted was to go check on his friends and see how they were doing, he has a spot in the top 5 so at least he can make a team now and he already has the members in mind. Not to mention they have around half a year to get even stronger, and with the resources they will receive it’ll be a big help to their future.

    A beautiful jade like figure approached from a distance, absolutely breath-taking, not only did the male students take a chance to check this beauty out, even the teachers and females looked at her. She could truly make a country or even a kingdom fight over her, and as she approached she got closer to Xzavon.

    “Aw, honey I can’t believe you gave up against that child, if it was your father in your  shoes he would have beat him orange, white, yellow and pink.” That’s right this beauty was none other than Xzacons mother, Victoria. Upon hearing her say honey towards Xzavon it was like the whole stadium blew up in killing intent focused solely on one person, ‘how did he get someone like her’. Blushing slightly and scratching his head Xzavon thought he if should tease everyone watching but quickly gave up that thought, “nah mom, it’s not worth it.” ‘Mom? This young-looking lady is his mother, how old is she exactly’ is what everyone was thinking.

    Pouting his mother looked at him and said, “Why not, if you would have gotten first place every girl he would be begging to sleep with you. What man doesn’t want that, not to mention you’ll get the title of strongest, isn’t that what you wanted honey?” Although Xzavon did want the title of the strongest mage, he didn’t just want it for school he wanted to be the strongest in the world. That kind of dream is something worth living, not something as trying to be number 1 in school because school never last forever.

    A voice that was coming from behind the beauty was heard, “Haha, this boy actually put shame to our good name. I guess you didn’t have enough training in the forest did you boy.”

    This time everyone looked at him, and then it happened, some people fainted. They didn’t faint because of fear, nor was the man ugly, it was simply because of how famous he was. You must know to be famous enough to have your name spread across the world, and then step into a public place when people gaze upon you they can’t take the excitement in their hearts. When they can’t take it, they faint and that’s exactly what happened when they noticed who this figure was.

    “Oh…m-my GOD! Isn’t that Jim, Jim Phenix is standing right here.” A female voice sounded. Of course everyone knew this was him, but they just didn’t know what to say, what could they say in the sight of a big shot like Jim.

    “I-i-impossible, why would he appear here at this school. If I’m not mistaken he shouldn’t even be here, last I heard someone else was in charge of the clan. I thought he was dead.”

    “You’re an idiot, how can he die, didn’t you heat the tales this guys immortal. Immortal I tell you, not even a dragon or even 10 can kill him. He’s what every man dreams of becoming”

    Seeing that his father was so famous Xzavon didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he already seen his worth back at the last town they were in. But if these people knee how he actually was, they would probably call him a liar or even try to kill him for not bowing down in respect.

    Finally one of the teachers in charge came forth, it was the same man who wanted to know who Xzsvons identity was. Orange hair reaching his shoulders, medium-sized build, dressed in a black and red robe. The man bowed to Jim before speaking,  “Sir, if I would have know you were coming today I would have made accommodations. But if I may as what brings you yo a place like this, if you wanted yo recruit someone to your clan we will give you are 10 best no 100 best students to choose from.”

    Slapping the mans shoulder Jim slightly laughed, “haha, I didn’t come here for that, I just came to see my boy win number 1 too bad he disappointed Mr though.”

    Looking at her husband Victoria agreed, “Dear I would have to agree with you on this one, but you can’t forget its only been a month. Even if we could have gotten 1st place what can we expect of our son, we might have expected too much.”

    Everyone turned their attention towards Victoria ‘Did I just hear this right, she said dear…right? I didn’t have crickets in my ears or heat the devils cry right..? If I didn’t that would mean she’s…she’s…!’ The Man once again bowed, “Mrs. I didn’t know it was you at all, you’re truly as the rumors say simply beautiful, no absolutely gorgeous.”

    “Jim and Victoria, the two most powerful pair of adventures and couple, not to mention the leaders of the Blood of the Phenix sect. He is your son, no wonder he is so outstanding, it’s truly a pity he didn’t reach number one, but since you are his parents I’m sure he’ll do outstanding things.”

    Looking at his son receiving such praise man Jim proud, but it wasn’t enough since he didn’t win first, he didn’t even win second or third but fourth. This was simply disgraceful to his name, “Don’t worry since he didn’t receive first this time around I guarantee by the end of the year when they duel again he’ll be the tip student. If he doesn’t then I’ll let your daughter have him, how does that sound?”

    One must know that if there can be extremely beautiful girls there can also be extremely ugly ones too. No one wanted to marry his daughter, she was already 35 but hearing what Jim said he was truly happy. If his daughter could marry Xzavon even in name, their wealth and fame would rise by leaps and bounds. If she bore a child of Xzavons that would even be better, he was truly astounded. Showing a bright smile, “I will hold you to that, and it just so happens that this year is special. Not only will they fight again at the end of the year, but the whole school will fight for the top 10 spots. Then those top 10 will fight at the kingdoms tournament against the other top schools. This is our end of the school year exam, it’s truly tough this year, but that’s only because we have such outstanding talents so we just show them that the world is a place with hidden tigers and lions.”

    Jim simply nodded in agreement, he knew that this guy just made all this up so that his son would surely be able to marry his daughter, but to Jim the harder the challenge the better it was for Xzavon.

    “Mom where are Jack, Shina, and Eric?” Xzavon said worriedly, he hasn’t seen them since his parents came to see them.

    Seeing that her son was worried she lightly smiled, “They went to town of course, to pick out some clothes and weapons for their stay here. Can’t have them come here without anything good can we.”

    Disbelief showed on Xzavons face, he was also slightly envious at them because they got to go get great equipment. He wanted some top quality mage equipment, and some spellbooks. “Can I go out in town too?”

    Jim noticed that his son wanted to use their money to get good gear for himself, but who is Jim, “haha you’re really a stupid child. Not only didn’t you get number 1 you even want to spend our money, those that don’t meet our expectations don’t get to use our money.”

    Xzavon was startled, then he raised his voice, “What! You stingy old man, if I want to spend money let me spend money. You have a son like me and yet you treat me like shit, don’t make it seem like I’m not your own son.”


    Jim hit Xzavon across the face in front of everyone, truly making Xzavon lose some face but who would dare do anything or yet can do anything against Jim. “Stop acting like some spoiled rich kid, don’t spend what you haven’t earned. And don’t ask for other people’s money if you have no means to repay them.”

    Holding his left jaw Xzavon glared at Jim, surely he wanted to get revenge but he can’t now he’ll just have to wait it out. ‘Just you wait old man, you’ll get what’s coming to you soon enough.’

    “Honey don’t worry, you’ll still get a reward from me.” Victoria said, then she opened up a portal. “Come let’s go get your reward, then you can return and maybe they’ll be back by then. This reward is better than those things your friends are getting.”

    Following his mom into the portal Xzavon was transported to a brown colored room. Victoria turned around and pointed towards a bed, “Sit down I’m going you help you open your spirit realm, that way you can release your spirit.” Xzavon complied to his mothers wishes and sat cross-legged on the bed, then he closed his eyes almost as if he was meditating. Victoria put up a light array around her son, this was no normal light array it was on that helped put people into a higher realm of consciousness. It is usually used to help people who want to become mages yet are unable to meditate, meditate.

    Xzavon was felt like he was drifting away, not just away from this state, but as if he was getting pulled apart from this world. Suddenly a black light flashed, then a blue, next it was purple and these lights continued to flash back and forth in an endless motion. He felt calm, yet he was not, he felt worried but yet he knew that everything was going to be alright. Opening his eyes, it was a world filled with stars flashing through the horizon, below him was nothing but sea water. You would think this place is ordinary, but it isn’t everyones spirit realm is different, some people appear in a black secluded space, others appear in the sky. Xzavon’s realm was different, not only was the sky not dark, it was purple, the stars that were passing by were blue, and the sea water beneath him was black.

    The water was still, almost unmoving like it was calm. Unlike the sea, the stars were moving fiercely though the sky as if it was worried something might hurt it. Maybe these two things meant something, or maybe it was just his subconscious feelings of life.

    Xzavon knew this was his spirit realm, but he could not find a trace of his spirit anywhere, no matter if he looked straight, at the water, or at the stars. Nothing could be found, he really wondered if he had a spirit like his parents thought, but he knew he couldn’t give up. It’s not that he wanted to connect with his spirit by any means, it’s just that if he connected to it his parents would stop hassling him, and he can fulfil his dream of being a pure mage.

    He felt like 15 minutes have went by, then another 30, he felt tired of searching endlessly for something that might not exist. If it did he had no means of finding it, because in his spirit world it was like an endless plane, you couldn’t see a boundary. “Hey spirit or whatever, come out so i can contract you and leave! Don’t worry, you can spend all your time here in this world, i don’t plan on summoning you ever.” Although Xzavon said that, nothing still happened, he truly felt like giving up. Sadly he couldn’t, it’s not because he didn’t want to, it’s because he didn’t know how to get out of this state. One would say the only way out, is if your spirit decides when you can leave. Being born with a spirit is nice and all, but it also has its ups and downs. The ups being that it can be a powerful spirit beast, the down is that if you don’t make a connection with the beast and it doesn’t send you out of the realm, you’ll be stuck there forever.

    A voice that sounded as if it was distant, yet close, “Who are you! Why do you disturb my peace.”

    Figuring that was his spirit beast Xzavon answered back, “My name is Xzavon, and who are you?”

    “My name….frankly I don’t think you need to know it child. Once you hear it, it might scare you to death.”

    The voice caught Xzavons attention from that moment, he wanted to know more about this voice, so he said, “Oh, really. Try me let me see what name is so great that it’ll cause my death.”

    “Remember child, the name is UBERAS!”

    Xzavon was bewildered, he never heard this name in his life, so who can this spirit even be. He knows that spirit beast have names, but is that really his name.

    “Never heard of you before. Are you really a spirit beast?”

    The voice shouted back, “Don’t compare me to those things child! I am Uberas, I am not a spirit beast, those things aren’t even worth mentioning to someone as great as me. I, Uberas am a god, one of the mightiest gods of them all.”

    Curiously Xzavon asked, “A god huh, then why are you in my spirit realm?”

    “Good question child, good question. Have you heard of Earth child, the world that surpassed all others?”

    “My dad said something about it, but really didn’t pay attention that much. Said something about meteor descending, then god appearing, and new world.”

    “I see, so the gods tricked those humans just like the others huh. Let me tell you child, You are in the world of Spurn, it is one of the 50 worlds out there. But that’s only what the gods want to tell you, in reality there were 55 worlds out there. They belonged to different races, the world of Pare, belonged to Elves. Xevois belonged to the Drawves, Plov to the Monsters, and Clorth to the beastman. The last one as you might have guessed it was Earth, but they are no longer around. It is simply because in each world there is atleast 5 gods, but overgod never cherished them as much as the other 5 gods. So one god from each world baned together to overturn the other 5 worlds, saying, “Why should they have people who cherish them, and worship them, while we don’t” and destroyed the other 5 worlds along with their gods. First was the monsters, they attacked and destroyed the world in the blink of an eye. Next was the Elven world, but the god put up a bit of a fight, but in the end he also died with his world. Seeing as how the other 50 worlds were now filled with monsters and elves, they were satisfied, until the monsters and elves started a war. That war lasted many years, almost 1000 years, before the gods became upset at the change, the monsters started diminishing the number of elves. Which meant, they were losing their population, to overturn that they once again sought out 2 new worlds. The beastman, and the Drawves also appeared in the 50 worlds after 1000 years of fighting. Them being here caused a fight over who should side with who, the beastman quickly allied with the winning side, while the drawves wanted peace, but they couldn’t have that. The drawves decided to side with the elves, but that only lasted around 500 years, then they disappeared to the underground where they could live in peace. Seeing that the elves side lost a huge part of their fighting force, the beastman and monsters attacked, forcing the elves to go into hiding. To the gods, this was amusing watching which side would win what, but it still wasn’t enough if they all left and one side dominated the others into fear. Thus they went to Earth, the world that hosted Humans, my world. I knew they were coming, but who am I, I am Uberas! Foolish gods thought they would kill me, but I hatched a plan to appear close to 50 years later. I never thought i would end up in the spirit realm of a mere child, this is disgraceful. Truthfully i thought i would at least be reincarnated into a boy/girl and seek vengeance for what they have done. Now i can do nothing, even my godly abilities have been sealed away, and I can do nothing but watch the gods enjoy their fun, i can’t even get vengeance for what they have done!”

    Xzavon felt moved at the voices words, he never knew the real story behind the meteor crash or anything else, he felt disgusted at the gods. How could they destroy the homes of others only to appease their enjoyment. “Don’t worry, once i become strong enough i will help you with your revenge. With the power of a mage no one will be able to stand in my way, no one!”

    “Child, a mere mage vs a god, that’s a childs dream. If you want power you need to make sacrifices, only then will you be able to become powerful. Without sacrifices you are only wasting your time trying to become strong, being strong is nothing, because there will always be someone stronger than you. But if you want to power to fight the gods, I will give it to you in exchange for something you hold. What do you say, do you want the power the fight the gods, let alone the fame of having your name spread wide?”


    Quest: Exact Vengance upon the gods of the 50 worlds
    Uberas the god of Earth is your spirit beast, although he was once a god he was reincarnated into a spirit beast of the absolute highest rank, Divine Spirit beast. He has agreed to become your spirit beast, but he can’t leave the spirit world until you make 3 sacrifices. Those sacrifices are going to be of something that will change the world for the better, or the worst. Whether it has something to do to you directly, or indirectly the sacrifices you make will in turn give you the ultimate power, the power to slay the gods. Accepting this quest means you can never abandon it, the gods will also know of your choice, although they won’t interfere with a mere mortal, but once you make the 3rd sacrifice you won’t simply be a mere mortal anymore. Accepting this quest also means you accept the fate of great power, and once you accept a sacrifice will be made in return for the request. After all 50 worlds are without a god, you will be given a reward that is worth more than life itself.

    Time limit: Before your death.

    Rewards: ????




    Xzavon thought about it for a moment, a sacrifice what will happen if he needs to get rid of something he deeply cares for, but great power that can spread his name, “I accept!”

    After accepting the quest, a golden light surrounded him, and then it rushed towards his body. It was painful, he was on the ground screaming, felt like his limbs were being torn apart, his blood vessels, even his heart was being broken and rebuilt. Through this process he also gained the memory of the past, his parents past their ancestors everything that has happened on Earth and how it changed. From the beginning of how Earth first appeared, to its destruction it was all implanted in him. He learned of the hardships people went through, the cruel ways they died, to how empires were built. Seeing wars being waged just because people wanted to ‘unify’ the world for their own goals, and seeing people destroy empires. Seeing the world advance with technology, and seeing how his parents lived before coming to this world. All of it, even the fight with the gods from the 4 other worlds, he learned everything Uberas said was true, and he felt deep rage somewhere in his body.


    The golden light vanished, and Xzavon opened his eyes to see himself back in the brown room with his mother looking at him strangely. He hadn’t moved at all, looking at his mother he asked, “Is anything wrong with the way I look?”

    Shaking her head, Victoria let out some tears and hugged her son, she simply replied, “Not at all honey. In fact I was worried if you wake or not, it’s already been 3 months since you tried to contract your spirit beast. School has started and everyone has been worried about you, but i’ve made sure to come here daily to check on you.”

    Xzavon was stunned, 3 months went by, just like that, it felt more like 6 hours if anything. He looked at his appearance, sure enough there was no change, not like how he felt in his spirit world. Xzavon grabbed his mothers arms and pushed her away slowly looking at her with a slight smile, “Don’t cry mom, i’m back aren’t I?”

    Showing her white teeth she smiled the biggest smile she could muster, “You did!”

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