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Hi guys this is my first post so I hope I'm in the right place. I'll keep things short. I'm planning to make ebook versions of the translations on this site for reading on the go (for personal use only ofc) and was wondering if you would like for me to upload them here. Input from translators would be the best since they are the ones actually doing most (all?) of the work. Cheers.

(Not that I dont appreciate the guys hosting this stuff youre great too.)


  • By input from translators I mean if they dont want me to "do stuff" to their translations. Admins and everyone else can jump in and say if they want me to upload but if the translator doesnt want it...
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    Well its been almost a week since the first post so I'll asume the translator and the admin silently approve.
    So here is book 1: xxxxxxxxxxxx

    EDIT:Link removed.
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    Q10: Hey, I just made these PDF/ePub/.mobi/etc. versions of Coiling Dragon. Would you like them?
    A10: Hey, in order to help foster the community and keep the discussion centralized, I’d strongly prefer to not host ePubs or to have ePubs spread around, at least until I finish the entire translations in a few months. I’m totally fine with you creating them for personal use or sending them individually to people who ask for them, but I prefer you don’t post them up willy nilly. Thank you!
  • Thx I didnt see that. So now hosting is removed.
  • Thanks for your understanding, b0rgg0ff :)
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