The Hell Hero - (Current Arc: 1 - The Arrival) [Chapters 1 - ???]

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Chapter 1 - His Grand Summoning


I could be said to be an abomination in the eyes of humanity because they considered my looks were superstitious. I had long pristine white hair that had been tinged with streaks of black and blood-red...yet my most startling feature would be my swirling eyes of a weird mixture of gold and black.

This was the reason that I had been rejected and all except my own parents. Though they would’ve sooner or later died from all the stress my existence brought unto them, so I ran away.

Through the use of coincidental luck and a hell ton of wits. I got into a prestigious academy where I would have a chance to actually use my own genius mind to get a good future.

I would’ve...had it not been for the incentive bullying and humiliation.

Though I would say that the bullying and beatings that were specifically made to humiliate me was what allowed me to build an insanely high pain tolerance that would become the main factor that allowed me to be as powerful as I would be in the future.

It was a normal new day...I had expected for everything to go the way it usually went…I definitely did not expect that event would happen.

The day had fairly progressed rather normally, a few hundred insults had already been thrown and I was barely getting ready to leave my final class before retiring for the day when it happened.

Rainbow-colored lights appeared and I saw magic formations that I had seen on some of the web novels that I had read appear.

The next thing I knew...I was falling through the sky with a blue-ish hue and a weird combination of purple and black engulfed me as I could faintly make out the sky as I was falling towards my doom.

I could see other blue-ish hues encasing my classmates but they were engulfed in a bright pristine white and golden color compared to my black and purple colors.

I sighed in satisfaction as the beautiful lands of this mysterious new lands that I was brought to were presented to me in all their glory…too bad I am going to die shortly thereafter by becoming a piece of splatter on the beautiful earthly dirt.

The next moment I was looking at the beautiful sights presented before me I noticed that my classmates started veering off their paths until I was completely alone with my fall. I could see that they were all grouping off together towards some majestic white palace that I could miraculously make out in the distance somehow…

As I saw the area I was going to be thrown into I felt like cursing every bloody god in was a dark gloomy forest..with the upper-half burning a vicious dim pale blue color.

I barely started to curse the gods before I could see the dirt of the forest up close...and then darkness.


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    Chapter 2 - His Grand Potential

    I groaned as I opened my body felt extremely sore and yet...I felt extreme vigour and power flowing through me as I jumped up. I looked around and noticed that I haven’t become a simple splatter on the beautiful earthly dirt.

    I thanked the gods while kneeing because of this.

    I looked around and noticed that I am in the forest that I had seen before I was overtaken by unconsciousness. I looked around once more and noticed that I was proven correctly as I saw that on the upper-half of the all enormous trees there was a pale blue dim fire slowly emitting itself and bursting, I also noticed that I was not wearing my clothes but my current clothes were rather comfortable so I payed it no mind.

    Sighing I started a random trot in a direction that I had chosen completely on intuition and chance.

    While walking I pondered and wondered what was going on I am completely positive that I was summoned into this new world...but the question still remains. Who summoned me and why? I am completely sure that other than my monstrous learning ability and talent I did not have any other “godly” features.

    I stopped dead in my tracks when I looked ahead and saw the makings of a weird combination of medieval and asian buildings. I happily run towards their and entered it. I was completely stumped as I looked around and noticed the bustle and hustle of this city or town.

    Looking around I happily walked around and viewed all the sights, all notion or urgency of danger completely gone, after a few hours of walking my stomach grumbled so I found myself in a rather funny predicament.

    I had no food or money, only this golden western robes and the seamlessly clean and comfortable clothes under it. Though...I was still questioning how I got them.

    Sighing once more I embarrassingly asked one of the locals if their was a place where I would be able to do some odd jobs and make some coin, the local’s response was rather surprising.

    “You want to do odd jobs to make some coin? Simply go to the Adventurer’s Guild in the town, they should have some odd jobs that would suit you well enough.”

    So...following the locals directions after thanking him I came upon a building that was larger than most and looked like an enormous complex. I entered and was immediately surprised by the arduous and beautiful architecture that was displayed here.

    I looked around and noticed a beautiful girl who had slightly pointed ears and I concluded that she seemed to be some sort of receptionist, so I went up to her and talked to her.

    “Uhm? Excuse me?”, I asked with a rather quiet tone as I noticed the girl was furiously scribbling and writing on something.

    “Oh? Oh! I am sorry, I didn’t notice you. How can I help you?”, responded the girl after violently snapping her head up and looked at me with wide violet eyes when she noticed my golden-colored robe.  

    “I...was wondering if you have any odd jobs that I could do to get a place to stay or sign up for the guild?”, I asked her. I was slightly stumped and stunned at her beauty when she first looked at me but recovered fairly quickly.

    Now, you maybe wondering why I would ask if I could sign up for the guild? It is because I need a place to stay and from what I had read from the very pathetic amount of web novels in my time, I could say that signing up as an “Adventurer” would be beneficial right now for my survival.

    “O-Of course! Please follow me so we can test your current potential and elemental affinities and then you shall get your soulbound card! Right this way!”, she said. I wondered why she very flustered? I am pretty positive that while I had rather above-average looks, I was not that handsome.

    After a few minutes of walking through a plethora of twists and turns. We entered a enormous circular room that had many booths. She took me into one of the booths and showed me a simple ball of glass that had a clear white fog inside of it.

    “Please put your hand on the glassed ball and we shall continue on.”, she told me after noticing my confused expression.

    Expectant and a little scared, I daringly put my hand on the crystal ball, which then turned to a deep swirling and menacing color of purple darkness, a golden blue, and a fiery orange.

    I heard a gasp of astonishment coming from the girl that stood in front of me so I looked up and asked her and then noticed the words that were clearly displayed on the glassed ball in a clear white color.

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