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    Chapter 48: The Jia Yuan Show

    As soon as the start of the fight started, the thousands of
    contestants formed groups, which then fought against nearby groups. Clearly,
    the majority of the fighters had spent the last few hours developing alliances.

    Like Jia Yuan, there were still many individual fighters. For
    the most part, these individual fighters were quickly wiped out by the groups
    as easy prey.

    However, that was not the case for Jia Yuan. Most of the
    contestants were at or below the 4th level of Absorption, and Jia
    Yuan was strong enough to contest with those at the Manipulation level.

    Jia Yuan could walk through the stadium field as he pleased,
    and that is exactly what he did. Jia Yuan surrounded himself with a thick fiery
    aura that protected him from any attacks heading his way, and walked toward the
    center of the field.

    Some competitors would try to attack Jia Yuan, but upon
    encountering the aura around Jia Yuan, would quickly realize that he was far
    stronger than they, and would promptly retreat.

    While Jia Yuan was making his way toward the center of the
    field, the audience roared as they watched the spectacle below.

    As for the King, he and his ministers were pointing out
    various fighters and discussing their strengths.

    At this time, the King actually noticed Da Rong, who along
    with the rest of the “rich group,” was making quick work of several enemies
    surrounding him.

    “That kid over there, who is he?” The King asked.

    One of the ministers beside him quickly replied. “That there
    is Da Rong, the youngest son of Da Xiu, the governor of BlackSteel City.”

    “Impressive, Impressive. That rascal must be happy he was
    able to have such an outstanding son.”

    The King and his ministers continued to look for strong
    fighters, and frequently pointed out a noble’s son or daughter. After all, this
    was a good chance for some of the ministers to help out their less powerful
    friends by introducing their friend’s lower generation to the King.

    After a few minutes of this, the number of contestants still
    in contention was reaching about three thousand. The field wasn’t as crowded,
    and most of those who were left were strong in their own right.

    It was at this time, that the King emphatically pointed
    toward the middle of the field. “That kid right there, who is he?”

    None of the ministers could respond.

    “Is he not a noble’s son? How is he so strong?”

    Previously, Jia Yuan had walked toward the center of the
    field, and instead of attacking those around him directly, he had simply
    expanded the area his aura occupied, which forced those around him to retreat,
    else they would succumb to the pressure.

    Doing this had singled him out in the middle of the field,
    making it very easy for the audience, including the King, to notice him.

    Once Jia Yuan knew that he had garnered the attention of the
    audience, he began to dance in the center of the stadium. To start, a bit of
    fire trailed behind his blade, but with every movement, the size of the fire
    trailing HiRyu grew, until Jia Yuan was surrounded by a continuous ribbon of
    flame, surrounding him like an inferno. While the fighters couldn’t see the
    true length of the ribbon of flame, the King, from his vantage point, could.

    It was over 50 meters long!

    At this point, Jia Yuan closed his eyes and used his mental
    energy to explode the flame outwards, effectively forcing the majority of the
    competitors to retreat to the edges of the stadium, instantly ousting several

    As for those who remained, they looked at Jia Yuan in

    What kind of strength was that? He was clearly so young, but
    that strength was far beyond any of their capabilities.

    Even Da Rong and Yan Dan, who were among the strongest of
    the competitors, were completely flabbergasted. That kind of power rivaled the
    kind of power their parents had. In fact, Yan Dan wasn’t even sure her father
    was capable of unleashing such power.

    After a momentary pause, fighting resumed in the stadium,
    but everyone made sure to steer clear of Jia Yuan, who drew his aura back into
    his body and simply sat down in the middle of the field, waiting for those
    around him to finish their business.

    In fact, he was so comfortable that he took an apple out of
    his ring and began gnawing on it just like Guo Huo had in the past. While doing
    so, he looked up toward the King.

    The King, having witnessed the power of the youth, as well
    as the audacity of said youth to simply sit down in the middle of all of the
    fighting, was actually rather delighted.

    “I’ve made my decision. After the round, bring that kid up
    here. I want to know what kind of a person he is.”


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    Chapter 49: The King!

    “It will be done, your majesty.” Said one of the ministers, who turned around to address some nearby guards.

    “After the match ends, escort the competitor that the King just pointed out up here. Oh, and be sure to be polite, he will be an honored guest. I won’t have you losing face for the King.”

    “Yes sir.” The two guards nodded and began to descend to the stadium field. The two of them were personal guards of the minister, and they understood what would happen if they didn’t follow the minister’s orders. Someone like Jia Yuan would probably stand at the forefront of the Fire Kingdom in years to come. Youths like him weren’t exactly indispensable, but were definitely hard to come by.

    But some guards? The two guards were both at the peak of the Absorption level, but from the attack they had witnessed earlier, they already knew that Jia Yuan was likely stronger than them. Compared to Jia Yuan, they were dispensable. If they caused bad will between Jia Yuan and the minister, the minister wouldn’t hesitate to use the two guards to placate someone like Jia Yuan.

    The reason why the minister was careful to the point of reminding the two guards, was because an incident had happened at the last tournament, where a minister had grown interested in a competitor, and had sent for his men to greet the competitor. However, the competitor had not wanted to go with the guards, at which point the guards began to use force. After doing so, the guards had actually been killed, and the competitor, who shortly became a soldier of the Burning Legion, was actually the son of a fellow minister.

    One can imagine the trouble that came from the bad will caused by such an event.

    So, to be safe, the minister who sent the guards to retrieve Jia Yuan sent them off with an extra warning.

    After about another 10 minutes of fighting, there were only 100 competitors left alive on the field, and the round was over. As the remaining fighters filed out of the stadium, their names were recorded by some soldiers by the exit.

    After Jia Yuan’s name was recorded, two guards walked up to him.

    “Hello, what can I do for you?”

    The two guards politely responded. “Hello sir, our lord would like to invite you, on behalf of the King, to the royal box. The King very much desires to meet you.”

    “Hmm…” Jia Yuan actually hadn’t counted on the King wanting to meet him immediately. To be honest, he didn’t really want to meet with the King. If it weren’t for the promised weapon, he wouldn’t even have bothered with showing off previously.

    It was just a pain to deal with nobility. You had to keep a straight back and speak eloquently… it was tiring.

    But how could he refuse the King? Jia Yuan understood that if he angered the King, even Guo Huo wouldn’t be able to help him if he was there.

    And Jia Yuan was alone.

    “Fine fine, I’ll come. Is there food up there?”

    “Ah, thank you sir. There is indeed some food in the royal box, I believe that I saw some servants bringing up some roast pork when the two of us were coming down to receive you.”

    “Ahh, perfect. Lead the way, lead the way.”

    Maybe if I just focus on the food, it’ll be worth it to deal with those damn nobles.

    After walking up to the royal box, where the King and his ministers had been viewing the tournament from, Jia Yuan was able to detect some wonderful aromas.

    Ahhhh, looks like I might be able to profit from this meeting after all. I can smell some roast pork, some sweet beef… ah…

    Then, Jia Yuan noticed the people around him. They were all looking at him with eyes of admiration. Although Jia Yuan wasn’t truly strong, he was extremely gifted to have such strength at his age.

    The most noticeable was the King, who was wearing a fiery red robe with royal gold decorations, as well as a tall golden crown.

    However, the most distinguishing feature of this man, was the noble aura that surrounded him. Although he wasn’t released the aura of his Song, the King still had a suffocating and fearsome aura around him.

    Upon encountering the aura, Jia Yuan found it hard to think, or even to breathe. After a momentary daze, Jia Yuan subtly released the aura of the Song of Swords, which protected Jia Yuan from the King’s aura.

    What was that domineering aura?

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    Chapter 50: Story Time

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    Much more wary of the situation, Jia Yuan slowly walked in
    front of the King. Upon reaching a distance of about 5 meters, he knelt on one

    “Your Majesty.”

    “Rise! Haha, It’s rare to find someone so talented. I was
    interested by your demonstration during the tournament battle. It seems that
    you have quite good control over the flames of your Song.”

    “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

    The King had been praising Jia Yuan in hopes of learning who
    this boy was supported by. Clearly, given Jia Yuan’s expertise, he had to have
    some power helping him. However, Jia Yuan had replied very nonchalantly, not
    revealing any information. This slightly irritated the King, who was rather
    used to getting his way. However, he kept a clear mind.

    “Hm, given your strength, I think you are the strongest
    amongst the 8 picked from the last round of the tournament. How about this,
    then? I’ll let you have first pick among the royal weapons.”

    “Thank you, your majesty.”

    “Haha, no need to thank me. It is in the Fire Kingdom’s
    interests to reward the talented. Now, why don’t you tell me about yourself? I’m
    quite interested, since none of my ministers seem to know anything about you.”

    Ahh, so that’s what he
    was aiming for. I guess he wants to see if I belong to some faction that may
    bring harm to the throne…He has to plan for everything, after all.

    “That’s fine, but uh, Your Majesty, I exhausted a bit of
    strength earlier, so do you mind if I tell you while we eat?”

    The King was rather surprised at the boy’s audacity, but
    after the initial feeling of shock, he was rather amused. It seemed that this
    boy was rather straightforward, which made it easier for the King. It was far
    easier to deal with someone who was open and straightforward than someone who
    spent their time scheming. It was also much safer.

    “Go ahead.”

    “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

    And so, Jia Yuan told the King about his background, how he
    was a slave in a small village, how he had by some stroke of fortune, found a
    powerful Song in a cave. He didn’t go to details about the Song of Swords, as
    Jia Yuan knew that the Sword Kingdom had been demolished by the other Kingdoms.
    This meant that if the King found out that Jia Yuan possessed such a Song, he
    could view Jia Yuan as a threat.

    For simplicity’s sake, Jia Yuan only told the King that his
    Song was likely a high level Song. This would somewhat explain the power they
    had seen before, and would also maintain the King’s view about him being a
    premier talent that should be invested in.

    Jia Yuan even told the King that Guo Huo was his teacher, at
    which point the King raised his eyebrows. Of course, Jia Yuan didn’t tell the
    King about the training in the crater, skipping that to talk about his training
    at BlueFire City instead.

    At the end of his narrative, Jia Yuan had eaten five full
    dishes of food that had been brought to the royal box for the King and his
    ministers to enjoy. However, none of them minded much, as Jia Yuan’s story had
    impressed all of them to no end.

    A 12 year old at the 5th level of Absorption! As
    if that wasn’t enough to shock them, Jia Yuan had even stated that he had won
    more than 100 life or death battles at a the BlueFire City Arena, and many of
    those wins were even against those at the 9th level of Absorption!

    When they thought about Jia Yuan’s future… it could signal
    the rise of the Fire Kingdom!

    For a 12 year old to reach the 5th level of Absorption
    was extremely rare to begin with, 1 in a million! Someone who was able to easily
    defeat those at the 9th level of Absorption while at the 5th
    level of Absorption, was simply unheard of.

    The King and his ministers all had the same train of
    thought. They had stumbled onto a gem! This boy needed to be roped in for the
    sake of the Fire Kingdom. How fortunate that this gem was already trying to
    join the Burning Legion!

    However, the King clearly wouldn’t take something so
    outrageous at face value.

    “Jia Yuan, what you are saying is quite impressive. Ha, it
    seems that I have another request to make of you. You say that you are able to
    easily defeat those at the 9th level of Absorption, if they have a
    low level Song. Is there any chance you could demonstrate this?”

    “Sure. I assume there aren’t any with low level Songs among
    your guards, though…” Jia Yuan cast an eye at the guards surrounding the
    perimeter of the royal box.”

    Jia Yuan was used to fighting in such a manner, and
    naturally wouldn’t refuse the King’s request.

    “That’s fine.” The King turned to the guard at his right and
    motioned toward Jia Yuan. The guard understood and walked toward Jia Yuan,
    while the ministers and other guards pushed themselves to the far edges of the
    royal box. While the royal box was fairly large, they knew that the destructive
    power of the 9th level of Absorption was, while not overbearing, was
    still deadly. Some of the ministers weren’t even cultivators, and therefore had
    no personal abilities to defend themselves. Although they had guards to protect
    them, they still wouldn’t feel as safe as they would if they themselves were

    “This is my most trusted guard, Chen Xuan. He is at the 7th
    level of Manipulation and possesses a high level Song. That, combined with his
    extensive combat experience, makes him a very fearsome fighter. If he
    suppresses his cultivation to the 6th level of Absorption, the power
    should be similar to that of the 9th level of Absorption for a low
    level Song. However, he’ll still have some advantages compared to the average
    peak Absorption level cultivator.”

    Jia Yuan nodded, and faced Chen Xuan. “It is an honor to
    trade blows with someone as impressive as you. Please instruct me well.”

    Chen Xuan nodded with an honest smile on his face. He had
    seen Jia Yuan’s power earlier, and after hearing Jia Yuan’s story, he was
    convinced that Jia Yuan was even more impressive than he was in his youth.

    With that conclusion, he greatly admired Jia Yuan.

    The two drew their weapons and their respective songs began
    to play in the depths of their mind and soul. Their auras began to flow out of
    their bodies, clashing against each other in the air between the two.

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    Chapter 51: Chen Xuan vs. Jia Yuan

    Chen Xuan was a very experienced fighter who had even
    practiced against some True Disciples before. After all, if the other Kingdoms
    were to send assassins, they would likely send cultivators at the top of the
    Manipulation level or even a True Disciple.

    Chen Xuan, as a King’s guard, needed to be able to fight
    against those of such high level to a proficient degree. He needed to be able
    to defeat those at the Manipulation Level, and he needed to be able to delay
    True Disciples as long as he could.

    As such, he had grown used to combating those with thicker
    and stronger auras than he. However, he had never encountered an aura quite
    like the one he was facing now.

    The two auras continued to clash, but at every point of contact,
    Chen Xuan’s aura retreated as soon it felt Jia Yuan’s.

    Chen Xuan was very confused as to what was going on. This had
    never happened before!

    This was actually a side effect of the training Jia Yuan had
    gone through in the crater. Because of the intense heat and humidity inside the
    crater, Jia Yuan had to develop a strong aura to serve as a protective barrier.
    Over time, Jia Yuan was so accustomed to keeping himself comfortable with this
    aura, that he had subconsciously developed a habit of keeping a thin aura
    around him, with a very aggressive and dense outer shell, sort of like a

    This was what Chen Xuan was encountering.

    Although this all took a long time to explain, the
    interaction between the two auras only happened for about two seconds.

    Afterwards, the two charged towards each other with their
    weapons drawn!

    Jia Yuan charged forward with his sword by his side,
    adopting a defensive stance to start. As for Chen Xuan, he took the initiative
    to attack with a gigantic two-handed axe.

    Being at the 7th level of Manipulation, even with
    his cultivation suppressed, he was still able to control and condense his aura
    very effectively into his axe. This was one of the “small advantages” that the
    King had spoken of.

    However, as the two weapons clashed together, Chen Xuan was
    very surprised that his axe was actually unable to move Jia Yuan’s sword!

    Jia Yuan was actually just toying with Chen Xuan. On the
    walk over from BlueFire City, he had continued to practice his cultivation, and
    last night, he had actually broken through to the 6th level of
    Absorption, and was now able to contend with those at the 2nd or 3rd
    level of Manipulation with ease. Even if the opponent had a high level Song, he
    could content with them if they are at the 1st level of

    However, he didn’t want to let the King know. Jia Yuan felt
    that he had flaunted more than enough power for the King to provide him with
    whatever aid he wanted. Jia Yuan didn’t really feel loyalty to his country, even
    though he was intent on joining the Burning Legion. He just wanted to be able
    to fight on the battlefield alongside his older brother.

    As for him being at the 6th level of Absorption
    at the meager age of 12, that would be his secret. After trading blows for
    about a minute, Jia Yuan was still on the defensive, easily blocking Chen Xuan’s
    strikes. However, the guards on the perimeter protecting the ministers, were
    starting to feel a little strain from protecting the ministers from the
    residual energy exploding out as each blow met.

    After another thirty seconds, Jia Yuan finally decided to
    end the bout, seeing that the guards surrounding him were showing obvious signs
    of exhaustion. He twirled his sword past Chen Xuan’s axe and lodged his sword
    between the axe-head and the handle, then thrust his sword upwards, effectively
    disarming Chen Xuan, who understood that this signified his defeat in the duel.

    At this point, all of the ministers, as well as the King,
    stood up and applauded.

    “Ahh, wonderful, wonderful! That was quite a fight! Both of
    you have exquisite technique, and it is obvious that both of you are well
    acquainted with your weapon and Song.”

    The two combatants turned toward the King, clasped their
    hands together, and bowed.

    Chen Xuan then turned to Jia Yuan. “How is your sword so
    fast and steady at the same time? When you were first able to block my blows, I
    thought that I would have to outmaneuver you, but not only were you fast, but
    your sword effectively created an area of protection around you. I’ve never
    seen such fast swordsmanship from anyone in the Fire Kingdom!”

    “Ahh, it’s nothing special. My sword is very light, is all.
    It’s not made purely out of fire stones, but it has some stones of the wind
    attribute as well. As such, it is very easy for me to wield it in such a
    manner. Rather, I was surprised at how adept you were with the axe! You were
    able to wield it in such a manner that I was hard pressed to defend, even with
    my weapon’s speed being so high!”

    The two continued to trade praises, obviously finding some camaraderie
    from the duel. 

  • Jia Yuan has something every novel protagonist should have:
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    And i hope that in the future he has a girl(girls don't mind either)

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    Chapter 52: Carriage

    The King sat back, looking at Jia Yuan and Chen Xuan. He
    then motioned to Chen Xuan, who returned to his side.

    The King gave Chen Xuan a questioning look, and Chen Xuan
    responded with a nod.

    “Congratulations, Jia Yuan. It truly seems that you’re
    stronger than those at the 9th level of Absorption. Chen Xuan things
    that you would even be able to combat those at the 1st level of

    “It was great to hear your story and the fight was even more
    spectacular, but we have some tasks to take care of before the feast tomorrow
    in the city. Don’t worry about getting there, as we will send a carriage for
    you in the morning.”

    “Thank you, Your Majesty, lords.” Jia Yuan clasped his hands
    toward the King, and then toward the various nobles surrounding him. He then
    toward the stairs, grabbing a turkey leg on the way. As he descended, he
    devoured said leg, and then made his way to the inn he and Dou Di were staying

    As soon as he walked into their room, Dou Di rushed toward

    “Hey, little bro! You were keeping your strength secret from
    me! You rascal!” Dou Di started playfully punching Jia Yuan. Despite his words,
    he wasn’t actually mad at all.

    He was actually beside himself with happiness that his
    little brother was so strong. After all, he was the one who had initially
    steered Jia Yuan toward the path of martial cultivation by training with him to
    join the Burning Legion.

    “Woah, woah. Don’t say that big bro, I just wanted it to be
    a surprise!”

    “Hmph, I don’t believe it for a second. How about this? Make
    it up to me by treating me to dinner again.”

    “Sure, although, not right now… I’m kind of full.”


    “Ahhhhh!!!” Jia Yuan screamed as he ran around the room
    being chased by Dou Di.

    The two boys continued to have fun as they later ate another
    pricey dinner.

    The hours went by, and soon it was morning again.

    Jia Yuan was still sleeping when a carriage with the royal
    emblem, a red and golden fire symbol, pulled up in front of the inn, causing a
    commotion. Although most of the competitors had either been killed or had
    already left due to being disqualified, there were still 8 thousand competitors

    Out of the 8 thousand remaining, there were only 8 who
    impressed enough to be invited to the feast. However, that wasn’t even
    significant compared to the real prize. A weapon from the royal weaponry! These
    weapons were all treasures that had been saved up by the royal family over the
    course of thousands of years, and those invited to the feast were able to
    choose any weapon of their liking!

    To put it into perspective, a single weapon from the royal
    armory could be valued between a million to a hundred million large fire

    Simply frightening!

    Hundreds crowded around the carriage, waiting to see who had
    acquired this unique privilege. However, the carriage was surrounded by more
    than 20 impressively garbed guards, so they didn’t dare to get too close to the
    carriage. Meanwhile, one of the guards walked into the inn, up to Jia Yuan’s
    room. He knocked on the door.

    “Jia Yuan sir, your carriage is here.”

    Inside the room, the two youths were still sleeping. Hearing
    the knocks on the door as well as the shout of the guard, Jia Yuan groggily
    woke up. Wearing his wrinkled robe, he stumbled his way to the door and opened

    “Hello, I’m Jia Yuan.” Jia Yuan’s hair was currently
    scruffy, which combined with his wrinkled robe, gave him a rather unkempt

    The guard was surprised. In past tournaments, all of the
    “winners” of the first round who were chosen to attend the celebratory feast
    were all of noble birth, so they were very well groomed. Basically, the
    complete opposite of what he saw in front of him.

    “You are Jia Yuan?” The guard looked Jia Yuan over. “Show me
    your aura.”

    Jia Yuan released his aura, suppressed to the 5th
    level of Absorption. Upon feeling the strong aura, the guard was convinced that
    Jia Yuan was telling the truth.

    “Alright. Come with me.”

    “Can I bring my brother?”


    “I’m bringing my brother. I know the King, I’m sure it will
    be fine.” Jia Yuan really wanted to bring his brother along, and with the
    amount of interest the King had shown in him, Jia Yuan was sure that the King
    wouldn’t mind if Jia Yuan brought his brother along.

    The guard gave Jia Yuan a shocked look. This kid knew the

    In terms of risk, the risk of angering someone who knew the
    King was a lot higher than the risk associated with letting Jia Yuan bring his
    brother along.

    “Fine. Let’s go.”

    Jia Yuan grabbed Dou Di who had woken up at the same time he
    did, and followed the guard to the carriage, ignoring the masses that surrounded
    said carriage. Entering the carriage, he began searching for food and drinks.

    As for Dou Di, he was just grateful that Jia Yuan was
    bringing him along.

    The masses, however, were rather confused. After all, Jia
    Yuan had an average stature, and didn’t look too strong. That, in addition to
    his disheveled appearance, meant that he looked like any other commoner.

    “That’s the kid who was in the 8th group
    yesterday! He’s freaking strong! I saw him create 50 meter long ribbon of fire!”

    “What?! Him??”

    Those who were in the 8th group and had seen Jia
    Yuan’s strength quickly spread news of his strength, while the others were
    rather skeptic of their ramblings.

    Who was willing to believe that one of their fellow
    competitors had such power? If those who were in the 8th group hadn’t
    seen Jia Yuan’s abilities for themselves, they may not have believed it either.

    If only they had known that Jia Yuan hadn’t even been using
    his full power…

  • Chapter 53: The Royal Armory

    After riding in the carriage for a while, they passed the
    HuoShen City gates, and eventually entered HuoShen Palace, the living quarters
    of the King and his closest ministers. The palace grounds spanned 50 acres and the
    palace itself was build out of a mysterious material that was so strong that
    even a True Disciple wouldn’t be able to affect it.

    The carriage arrived in front of the banquet hall, and Jia
    Yuan stepped out along with Dou Di.

    There had been a change of clothes in the carriage, which
    was obviously meant for Jia Yuan. There was a small royal emblem in the chest
    area of the robe, and it looked simple but impressive at the same time.

    As for Dou Di, Jia Yuan had pestered the guards until they
    had provided Dou Di with another robe, although of different design.

    Walking toward the banquet all, it looked like Dou Di was
    Jia Yuan’s personal guard or assistant.

    Inside the banquet hall, was a table more than 100 feet long
    with 24 ornate chairs on each side, with a considerably larger chair at the far
    end. For the chairs on the sides, some ministers as well as the other

    Despite the other 7 invitees having arrived already, most of
    the seats were empty.

    Jia Yuan boldly walked toward the far end of the table,
    where the King sat, with Chen Xuan standing behind.

    Jia Yuan half-knelt and cupped his hands. “Your Majesty, it
    is good to see you again. I have brought my brother along, I hope you don’t

    As Jia Yuan had predicted, the King didn’t mind at all. “Haha,
    that’s no problem at all. As you can see, we have more than enough food for
    everyone, even with your voracious appetite taken into account.”

    “Haha, thank you very much, Your Majesty.”

    Jia Yuan was lead to the seat at the very right of the King,
    the most honored position, while Dou Di was sat right next to him.

    Just from this, it was obvious how much importance the King
    placed on Jia Yuan. However, this seating arrangement caused the other invitees
    to stare at Jia Yuan with gazes ranging from awe to jealousy and hatred.

    The feast went on for several hours, as everybody present
    swapped stories and information. Those who were aiming to join the Burning
    Legion spoke about their training regimens, their families, and their goals for
    the future. They spoke of these with pride. In their eyes, they were all
    geniuses of the Fire Kingdom, strong enough to be considered in the top 0.1% of
    cultivators their age.

    As for the ministers, they spoke about power struggles
    between the four Kingdoms and like matters.

    However, the atmosphere was slightly off, for two reasons.

    The first, was that Jia Yuan was unwilling to talk to
    anyone, only focusing on the food. Dou Di, instead, was relegated to chatting
    with the others in Jia Yuan’s stead.

    The second, was that the tournament participants weren’t
    really all that interested in the feast. What they wanted to do instead, was to
    go to the royal armory and pick out a weapon for themselves.

    As the feast went on, they were clearly getting more and
    more impatient, until the King finally clapped his hands, signaling for
    silence. Everyone instantly stopped what they were doing to look at the King,
    even Jia Yuan, who had been wolfing his way through a delicious Hot Pepper
    Chicken Leg.

    “I can see that you’re all getting impatient, and it seems
    obvious that all of you…er, most of you have eaten your share.”

    “Now, we’ll be making our way to the royal armory. The trip
    will take about ten minutes, and you eight will have to be blindfolded on the
    way there. This is for your own protection. If you know how to get to the royal
    armory, other Kingdoms could try to kidnap you and torture you for information.”

    And so, the surrounding guards blindfolded Jia Yuan and the
    others, while leaving Dou DI in the banquet hall, since he wasn’t one of the
    actual invitees.

    While blindfolded, the eight were led into a carriage, which
    quickly began to move.

    Hmm, it seems like we’re
    descending… are we going down a hill? But there are no hills here. Is the
    armory underground? Interesting… if the armory is underground, it truly would
    be pretty hard for most of the other Kingdoms to find it.

    After another few minutes of traveling, the carriage finally
    stopped, and everyone was let out of the carriage, and the blindfolds were
    taken off.

    In front of their eyes was a small square door. The King
    walked up to the door and pressed his hand against it. A large wave of heat
    assaulted those standing behind him, but none of them cared, for the door disappeared
    in a puff of flame.

    Even from outside, Jia Yuan could see rows upon rows of
    weapons. It was heaven on earth!

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    Chapter 54: The Black Sword

    The King walked in, motioning for everyone else to follow.

    “Here you are. You all have 10 minutes to choose a weapon.
    If several of you want the same weapon, whoever touches it first will be the
    rightful owner. Don’t cause trouble in the royal armory, or you’ll be
    disqualified from the tournament, and you will not be allowed to bring any
    weapon out of the armory.”

    “Besides, there’s no real point for you guys to fight over
    weapons. All of the weapons here are unique treasures, and there are so many of
    them. Now go.”

    Jia Yuan and the others rushed into the armory, looking for
    weapons that fit their needs. About five instantly ran toward the axes, while
    Jia Yuan and another ran toward the swords.

    One, strangely enough, headed over to the section of the
    armory that was full of staffs. There weren’t many staff users in the Fire
    Kingdom. It could only be used with mellower Songs of Fire.

    However, Jia Yuan didn’t think much of it. Instead, he
    focused on finding a sword that fit his needs.

    However, almost all of the swords were either too heavy or
    had the wrong balance. However, he kept trying new swords.

    The number of swords in the royal armory was not to be
    scoffed at. Although the number was less than half of the amount of axes, there
    were still easily more than a thousand swords, even over a hundred swords of
    the hand and a half variety.

    It was these swords that Jia Yuan was testing. After briefly
    testing out each of the hand and a half swords, Jia Yuan was rather disappointed.
    The weapons were all of wondrous quality… but none of them really fit his
    requirements. They were all either too heavy or too light, or the balance was

    Just as he was about to give up, he noticed a pitch black
    sword. He reached over and picked it up. Instantly, his Song reacted to the
    sword, inadvertently releasing its full aura for a split second.

    ~Clang, clang~

    Various sounds of clanging metal sounded through the royal
    armory as all of the other invitees collapsed. Even some of the guards
    collapse, and the King himself felt a hint of danger.

    Jia Yuan was both incredibly happy and panicked at the same
    time. He had actually found a sword that suited his needs! However, if he chose
    this sword, it would instantly be a red flag for the King and his ministers.
    After all, why would anyone who only cultivated a Song of Fire be so interested
    in such a sword? Furthermore, the aura that had been involuntarily let out had
    caused a scene in the royal armory, and the guards were beginning to spread out
    through the armory.

    If they saw Jia Yuan with the sword, they may be able to put
    the two together and guess that Jia Yuan had some sort of special connection to
    the sword!

    Jia Yuan couldn’t afford that!

    He was panicking, but his mind worked very quickly despite

    He instantly dropped to the floor, grabbing another sword on
    the way down, letting it fall to the floor with a clang. As for the black
    sword, Jia Yuan drew it into his ring, hoping that the others wouldn’t realize
    that he had effectively stolen a weapon from the armory.

    When the guards arrived at the swords section, they saw Jia
    Yuan and the other youth sprawled on the ground. One of the ministers quickly
    followed the guards and saw the same.

    “Urrrghh…” Jia Yuan made a show of massaging his head as he
    slowly crawled up from the ground, blatantly using the sword in his hand as a
    support. “What happened?”

    At this time, the other youth also began to lift himself off
    of the ground.

    “Jia Yuan, Chen Ying. Come with me, it may not be safe in
    the royal armory. The King says that a powerful enemy spy may have used their
    aura to scout the area. While it is impossible for anyone other than the King
    to open the door to the armory, this could mean trouble for the Fire Kingdom.”

    “Can we still choose a weapon to bring out?” Jia Yuan asked.

    “Of course, of course. But you will have to make the
    decision right now. We cannot tarry any longer.”

    Chen Ying, the other boy, held on to the sword in his hand,
    while Jia Yuan did the same with his. At this point, he didn’t really care what
    sword he brought out, since he already had the black sword in his ring.

    While Jia Yuan maintained a slightly worried and anxious
    look on his face, on the inside, he was gloating. He obviously didn’t feel any
    real danger because he understood that the aura had come from himself-there was
    no actual danger.

    Haha, I’ve really
    found a treasure this time. If they don’t find out, then I’ll really have made
    a killing. Even if they do find out…

    Nobody other than Guo Huo knew about Jia Yuan’s ring. To
    keep suspicions from appearing, he had kept HiRyu by his side the entire time,
    in plain sight. There were so many weapons in the royal armory, they shouldn’t
    miss one… right?

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    Chapter 55: An Expensive Gift

    After being rushed outside of the armory, they were ushered
    into the carriages with blindfolds again. After about 10 minutes, they found themselves
    back at the banquet hall, where the King and his ministers quickly bade
    farewell, stating that they needed to prepare against a potential enemy attack.

    Jia Yuan and Dou Di also called for a carriage back to the
    tournament grounds.

    Inside the carriage, Jia Yuan sat in a daze, as he had sent
    his soul into his ring to examine the black sword. From the outside, it looked
    as if he was sleeping.

    However, inside the ring, his soul quivered with excitement.
    The more he examined this sword, the more pleased with it he was.

    Not only was it compatible with the four elements, but it was
    considerably more durable than HiRyu. In fact, Jia Yuan was convinced that a
    single stroke of this sword would be able to chop HiRyu in half!

    A treasure!

    A long while after, Jia Yuan finally drew his soul out of
    ring and back into his body. He then turned to face his brother.

    “Hey, Dou Di, your weapon isn’t that great, right?”

    “Hm? Yeah, it’s just the standard one that they give all of
    the army soldiers.”

    Jia Yuan picked up the sword he had brought out of the royal
    armory and placed it in front of Dou Di. “Here, big brother. This is my gift to

    “EHHHH???” Dou Di’s face was one of pure shock. He knew that
    JIa Yuan was rich… but willing to give such a treasure away?

    “Just take it. I already have a great sword in Hiryu, so
    there’s no sense in me having two great swords while you’re stuck with such a
    bad one.”

    “Well, I’ll take it then.” Dou Di couldn’t get any words of
    thanks out of his mouth, but Jia Yuan understood his older brother’s feelings

    As for Dou Di, he had the feeling that his younger brother
    was growing faster and faster in comparison…which made him both happy and sad
    at the same time.

    Happy for his brother, but sad because he was being
    outclassed so heavily… it is hard to be self-confident in such a scenario.

    Seeing this, Jia Yuan quickly understood what Dou Di was

    “It’s okay, big brother. I may be stronger than you now, but
    you will forever be smarter than me. With your mind, you could rule a Kingdom.
    I am only fit to be a soldier, but you are capable of far more!”

    Hearing Jia Yuan’s words, Dou Di smiled ruefully. “Ha, who
    needs such words from someone like you? I was just thinking about how to thank you
    for the sword and you get sentimental on me. Hmph, don’t get cocky. You might
    be stronger than me for now but don’t underestimate your big bro!”

    Jia Yuan smiled and the two brother swapped jokes until they
    arrived back at the tournament grounds.

    They went back into the hotel room, and slept for the night.

    The next day came, and along with it, came the next round of
    the tournament.

    From now on, the stadium would have 100 small stages in the
    center, with 1 vs 1 combat on each one. A combatant was allowed to lose twice
    before being kicked out of the competition. The last 1000 remaining would be
    accepted into the Burning Legion!

    Given that there were only 8 thousand competitors left, 1 in
    8 would be able to join the Fire Kingdom’s special force. All of the
    competitors felt so close to their goal that they could nearly taste success…
    but the truth was that over 70% of them would fail to see this goal come to

    Jia Yuan and Dou DI were walking toward the stadium along
    with the rest of the fighters. However, as the two young brothers walked, they
    found themselves being surrounded by more and more people.

    Many of the competitors had found out by now, that Jia Yuan
    had been one of the 8 invited to HouShen Palace. Once another competitor
    recognized him, more and more began to cluster around the two brothers.

    They wanted to see two things. They wanted to see, with
    their own eyes, someone worthy of being invited to the royal palace. The second
    thing they wanted to see, was the weapon from the royal armory.

    However, when they looked to the sword by Jia Yuan’s side,
    they saw a sword that was clearly of high quality, but didn’t exactly wow any
    of the competitors there.

    That was when they noticed the sword that hung by Dou Di’s

    “Hey, wait. That other guy’s sword looks so deadly! Could it

    “Wait, could that Jia Yuan kid have given the weapon he got
    from the royal armory to the person beside him?! What is their connection??”

    None of them guessed that the two were brothers. Jia Yuan
    and Dou DI weren’t blood brothers after all, and didn’t look too alike.

    Many of the surrounding competitors began to have greedy
    thoughts. Perhaps in single combat, they wouldn’t be able to beat Jia Yuan… but
    this person beside him clearly wasn’t one of those who had been invited to
    HouShen Palace. He didn’t even look that strong, and was even dressed in a
    guard’s uniform.

    A guard? A Burning Legion candidate from the Army? Some of
    the stronger participants in the tournament began to hope that they would be
    matched up against this person who had been gifted royal weapon.

    If they could kill him, they could loot his weapon! In one
    fell swoop, they would be one step closer to being accepted to the Burning
    Legion and they would also gain a peerless weapon! It would be perfect!

    But how could Jia Yuan and Dou Di be so oblivious? They
    quickly noticed the change in the gazes directed at them.

    Jia Yuan whispered to his brother. “Dou Di, you should be
    careful today… don’t burden me with the job of finding vengeance for you.”

    “Hmph. Do you really think your big bro is that weak? With this
    weapon, even you might not be a match for me.”

    What Dou Di said was true for most of the competitors
    present. Not only did a weapon provide a cutting edge and increased lethal
    range, but weapons made out of elemental stones, such as HiRyu as well as Dou
    Di’s new royal weapon, were also able to aid a martial cultivator with their
    fighting aura and strength!

    For example, Jia Yuan was more than capable of releasing
    large and deadly flames on his own, but with HiRyu, his flames could extend an
    additional 20 meters, and it was also easier for him to control said flames.

    The importance of the quality of a cultivator’s weapon, was
    inferior only to the importance of their cultivation!

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    Chapter 56: Feeling a little heat?

    Dou Di would probably be fine unless he encountered someone
    of the 5th level of Absorption of higher. As for the amount of
    competitors who had reached that level, was probably less than 5.

    Even against these competitors, Dou Di would be able to
    forfeit before taking any fatal hits. As such, Jia Yuan and Dou Di were both
    confident that he would be fine while participating in the tournament.

    As for when he was outside the stadium, he would be with Jia
    Yuan. With Jia Yuan’s strength, there wasn’t any need for the two to be

    As such, they felt relaxed, even seeing the greedy eyes
    staring at them.

    Inside the stadium, the two brothers chatted while they
    waited to be summoned into the stadium to fight.

    Finally, Dou Di was called, and after a while, Jia Yuan was
    as well.

    Alright. Show time!
    Remember what Guo Huo said, I can’t be too harsh on these people… I’ll just
    knock them out of the ring, heh.

    Jia Yuan walked through some tunnels and found himself next
    to one of the 100 arenas in the stadium. He walked up the steps, and saw his
    first opponent.

    Jia Yuan was very relaxed throughout. However, his opponent
    seemed to have gotten a stroke.

    “You! Why did I have to face you in the first round???

    He had been part of the Jia Yuan’s group in the first round
    and naturally had seen just how strong Jia Yuan was.

    As soon as the fight started, he surrendered. And then next
    fighter surrendered. And the next.

    A few hours later, Jia Yuan was one of the last 100 who hadn’t
    lost a single match. Not only did he not lose a single match, but he hadn’t
    even been allowed to fight.

    Goddammit, this was
    funny at first, but now I just want to be able to play around a little. All
    this time-wasting is getting so boring!

    As Jia Yuan looked toward the rankings, he saw that Dou Di
    was actually undefeated as well. This didn’t really surprise him at all. After
    all, his older brother had a medium level Song and had a peerless weapon.
    Furthermore, he was extremely skilled in single combat. Before Dou Di had been
    sold to the army, Jia Yuan hadn’t been able to beat him a single time.

    It was only because of Jia Yuan’s unique circumstances that
    he was stronger than Dou Di.

    A day passed, and it was now the third round of the
    tournament. The thousand that had qualified for the Burning Legion had already
    been selected. The two brothers had both made it, but they were still fighting.

    The top 100 were all to perform 1 on 1 combat to determine
    their initial ranking in the Burning Legion. The 900 that had qualified but
    were no longer competing would be the foot soldiers of the Burning Legion.

    As for the remaining 100, they were competing to see who
    would be a 10 man commander, 100 man commander, and so forth. The champion of
    the tournament would be groomed into a 1000 man commander. As such, a new battalion
    with its own officers would be born.

    For many of the stronger competitors, this would be where
    the real test began.

    In the first round, Jia Yuan was actually matched up against
    Lin Xuan, who was the staff user invited to HuoShen Palace.

    In Lin Xuan’s hands was a red staff, carved out of
    fire-attribute jade, engraved with some magical symbols to enhance the strength
    of one’s Song.

    “Jia Yuan, it is an honor to be able to fight against you. I
    heard that you were personally invited to the royal box after the first
    tournament round was over!”

    “Thank you very much! I am looking forward to seeing your
    skill with the staff. May the best man win.”

    “May the best man win.”

    The two clasped their hands toward each other, and then took
    their stances.

    This was actually the first time Jia Yuan had fought against
    a staff user. At BlueFire City, he had fought against axe and sword wielders,
    but since there were only Fire Kingdom and Water Kingdom citizens there, he had
    only fought against axe and sword wielders.

    In front of him, Lin Xuan waved his staff in a circular
    pattern, and a wheel of fire erupted towards Jia Yuan, completely filling his
    field of vision!


    Jia Yuan couldn’t see an escape route from the wheel of fire
    heading towards him. He had to charge through!

    This was always a possible, but dangerous maneuver for any
    martial cultivator.

    Jia Yuan gripped his sword tightly and then cut a star-like
    pattern into the wheel of fire, dashing through in the following instance.

    Shit! I got burned!

    While most of Jia Yuan’s body was able to make it through
    the wheel of fire unscathed, the back of his left hand had been burned, and he
    could smell some burned hair.

    Alright then. You want
    to play serious, huh.

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    Chapter 57: Making Friends?

    Jia Yuan’s competitive spirit was finally ignited.

    For the entire tournament, he had looked over everything with a lazy, uninterested eye. Although he had been briefly intrigued by the prospect of picking up a royal weapon, he hadn’t even needed to try to achieve that goal.

    The tournament, for Jia Yuan, had been a walk in the park. However now, finally, he had an opponent that had given him some trouble.

    After jumping through the wheel of fire, Jia Yuan landed on the stage and sheathed HiRyu, throwing it aside after.

    Jia Yuan wanted to be able to fight to his heart’s content, but he also didn’t want to harm the opponent. As such, he threw away his sword to be able to fight without the fear of killing Lin Xuan.

    As for Lin Xuan, he was completely bamboozled as to why Jia Yuan had thrown his weapon away.

    However, he didn’t think about it much as he prepared his next attack while rushing at Jia Yuan.

    Lin Xuan had a rather crazed look on his face! He knew that if he were to beat Jia Yuan, he would have to do it before the fight dragged long, or Jia Yuan’s superior cultivation base would overwhelm him.

    However, he didn’t anticipate that Jia Yuan would be rushing toward him as well.

    Jia Yuan unleashed his cultivation to the tip of the 5th level of Absorption, and stomped on the ground, planting both feet shoulder-width apart. He raised his left arm in front of himself, while his right arm tensed up, ready to strike.

    Just before Lin Xuan was in striking range with his staff, Jia Yuan punched the air in front of him, backed by the power of the 5th level of Absorption.

    The physical punch ended about a foot in front of Jia Yuan, but a mass of tightly condensed aura continued along the trajectory of the punch, and crashed into Lin Xuan.

    Lin Xuan had been caught off guard by Jia Yuan’s moves! One second, Jia Yuan had been charging at him with full speed, while the next, Jia Yuan had already established a stable stance and attacked him.

    Lin Xuan was knocked back by the force of the punch, to the point that he was about to fall out of the stage!

    At the last millisecond possible, he reached down with his staff and thrust it into the stage, providing him with a pole to hang on to so that he wouldn’t fly off the stage.

    However, Jia Yuan had already expected this: it was the only course of action that would have saved Lin Xuan from elimination. With Jia Yuan’s current competitive mindset, how could he let Lin Xuan off easily?

    As such, he had already sliced his leg through the air in a diagonal arc, releasing a large blade of flame comparable in power to the punch he had thrown earlier.

    The blade of flame soared through the air and cut through most of Lin Xuan’s defensive aura, knocking him away from his staff, and off of the stage.

    He had lost!

    The crowd went wild as they saw this. Not only had they been able to see a clash between two candidates who had both been invited to HuoShen Palace, but they had been able to see one completely dominate the other, even without a weapon!

    A weaponless contender had beaten a fighter wielding a royal weapon! Although Lin Xuan was at the 5th level of Absorption, with the royal weapon he should be able to easily compete with those at the 7th or 8th level of Absorption!

    In fact, Lin Xuan was even stronger than the audience thought. Not only was he at the 5th level of Absorption, but he actually had a high level Song! Aside from Jia Yuan, he probably had the strongest cultivation in the tournament!

    Thankfully, Lin Xuan hadn’t lost a bout before, so he could still compete in the tournament for a higher ranking.

    However, nobody really cared much about that. Instead, they were all discussing Jia Yuan’s strength.

    Up in the royal box, the King was not present, but some of the ministers were there. They hadn’t been at the tournament on the first day, and hadn’t seen Jia Yuan fight before. However, they had heard stories from the other ministers.

    “It seems that that monster Guo Huo really did bring the Kingdom another genius… was even Guo Huo this strong when he was 12?”

    “I don’t think there is anyone alive who was this strong when they were 12. It seems that the Gods have gifted our Kingdom... A pity though. If only he was a few years older, he’d probably be a great asset to us in the upcoming war.”

    “Hm… it’s unlikely for the war to start for another few years. By that time, who knows how strong this kid will be? He should only have trained for 2 years or so, but he can already supposedly beat those at the 9th level of Absorption? If he is able to reach the Manipulation level, he’ll still be of great use, I think.

    “I hope you’re right…”

    The two ministers left the royal box and began walking down the stairs, continuing the conversation.

    At this time, Jia Yuan had approached Lin Xuan.

    “I’m sorry, I went a little overboard at the end there. It was just that you were so strong that my competitive spirit took over. My deepest apologies.”

    Lin Xuan laughed. “Haha, no worries! I was surprised by how strong you were too! Hmph, you’re younger than me but already so strong… It looks like I will have to train harder in the future!”

    The two laughed and began to chat while walking out of the stadium. 

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    Chapter 58: Incensed

    At the resting area, Jia Yuan bade farewell to Lin Xuan and
    looked for Dou Di. After asking around, he found out that Dou Di’s match was
    actually right after his, and had already went to the stage.

    Well, I might as well
    go and watch.

    Jia Yuan walked into the stands and prepared to watch the

    After 5 minutes, Dou Di and his competitor walked into the
    stadium. Dou Di’s competitor was actually one of the axe users invited to the
    HuoShen Palace.

    He appeared to be stronger than Dou Di! As such, Jia Yuan
    was worried for his older brother.

    The match started, and it was clear that Dou Di was being pushed
    back. He was struggling heavily under the brutal assault of his opponent.

    A fighter at the 4th level of Absorption with an
    axe from the royal armory. For him to be shoving back Dou Di so heavily, who
    was at the 4th level of Absorption with a medium level Song, mean
    that the axe-user likely had a high level Song!

    A high level Song was extremely rare, to the point that there
    was probably less than a thousand cultivators with high level Songs on the
    Continent of the Five Elements.

    For there to be multiple rookies in the Burning Legion with
    high level Songs, was truly a blessing to the Fire Kingdom.

    However, it was currently a problem for Dou Di. He was
    constantly being forced back, and he was currently teetering on the edge of the

    With a final blow, the other fighter chopped downward, his
    axe flying past Dou Di’s sword, drawing a huge gash down Dou Di’s body.

    “BROTHER!” Jia Yuan screamed as he headed toward the stage.

    He watched as Dou Di’s body toppled down from the stage. He
    watched as he saw his brother spit out blood as he hit the ground.

    In a flash, Jia Yuan was by Dou Di’s side.

    “Brother, are you alright?” Jia Yuan could see that while
    the gash looked fearsome from the outside because it was long and bloody, the
    wound didn’t actually go too far deep.

    However, it appeared that Dou Di had fainted.

    “Medic! Doctor! Someone!” Jia Yuan shouted, and after a few
    more seconds, he saw some soldiers in medic gear carry a bench towards Dou Di.

    They placed Dou Di on the bench and hurried away.

    Jia Yuan glared at Dou Di’s opponent. “What is your name?!”

    “My name is Jie En. What are you so mad about? It’s not like
    he’s going to die.”

    “Hmph. We both know what I’m mad about. At that last
    instance you could have won through a variety of means. However, you went for the
    most violent ending.”

    “So? It’s his fault that he’s not strong enough to defend
    himself. Besides, what are you going to do about it? Your cultivation may be
    stronger than mine, but you gave your royal weapon to this weakling. If we
    fought, we’d probably be more or less evenly matched.”

    Jia Yuan snorted. “Is that a challenge you’re issuing to me?”

    Jie En laughed. “Yes it is, you idiot. Do you dare to come
    up here? Hmph, maybe you’re too much of a coward. I should have killed your
    brother there. Commoners like you don’t deserve to be officers in the Burning

    Jia Yuan jumped onto the stage and drew HiRyu out its sheath.
    “If you had killed my brother, you would not still be alive…”

    At this point, a referee was about to stop the proceedings,
    but a minister in the royal box waved his hand toward the referee, signaling
    him to stand back. Clearly, the minister was interested in watching this
    showdown between two future officers of the Burning Legion.

    Jia Yuan and Jie En charged toward each other. Jia Yuan
    fought with this cultivation suppressed slightly to the tip of the 5th
    level of Absorption. Although he held back in this aspect, he didn’t hold back
    in any others.

    Jia Yuan dug his foot into the stage and propelled himself
    forward, flying through the air towards Jie En. He released flames from the
    soles of his feet, adding to the propelling force. As for the rest of his aura,
    he used it all in his arms and sword.

    As he was about to reach Jie En, he stomped his foot down
    into the stage, sending cracks through the surface.

    He spun a full circle and swung his circle from right to
    left with a streak of flame following his blade.

    Jie En’s axe collided with Jia Yuan’s blade, causing an
    explosion of aura and force, forcing both fighters back several paces.

    The crowd cheered loudly! After all, this was the first time
    that they had seen a fight of such force. Jia Yuan and Lin Xuan had fought
    earlier, but neither of them had been fighting to harm the other. It was a
    rather harmless contest of skill.

    However, it was obvious that Jia Yuan and Jie En were
    fighting to bring injury to one another.

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    Chapter 59: Jie En

    The two weapons continued to clash together, but it was
    clear that the battle was taking its toll on the combatants’ bodies, as well as
    the stage. The stage, designed to be impervious to those at the Absorption
    level, was starting to break down as well.

    Chunks of stone flew off of the stage, some pieces even
    began to fly into the lower levels of the stands.

    Actually, the audience couldn’t even see the finer details
    of the fight anymore. At the center of the stage, all they could see was a
    tornado of fire in which some blurred images were knocking into each other in
    time to the sound of clashing weapons.

    However, although they couldn’t really see the fight, they
    knew just how incredible the fight was.

    It was two fighters under 15 years of age who were causing
    such a scene!

    Up in the royal box, the ministers watched, flabbergasted.

    “Have we seen a fight like this… ever?”

    “Yes, but it’s been many years… if this is anything to go
    by, it really seems that this will be the best rookie battalion the Burning
    Legion has had in a while.”

    “Mm. It’s a pity, however, that Jie En had to provoke Jia
    Yuan to such an extent…While Jie En’s strength is very good, he’s two years
    older than Jia Yuan. His potential is much lower. Furthermore, if he has that
    kind of condescending attitude…”

    “Are you saying what I think you are?”

    “Mm. We sacrifice Jie En if it comes to it. Someone with his
    temperament isn’t going to be a good officer. Besides, the Jie family has been
    on the downfall for quite a while now. It won’t hurt us much. Jia Yuan has Guo
    Huo backing him. You know what that means.”

    “I see. You’re right. His majesty seems intent on helping
    this Jia Yuan kid…”

    As the ministers discussed the fighters below, Jia Yuan was
    starting to become impatient. After all, he had the strength to easily dispose
    of Jie En, but he didn’t want to show his true power.

    And so, he kept fighting with his cultivation suppressed. Jie
    En was at a constant disadvantage, even with Jia Yuan suppressing his aura.
    However, his axe was far superior to HiRyu. If HiRyu could be valued at a few
    thousand large fire shards, Jie En’s axe could be valued at a few million! The
    difference between the two weapons was that of heaven and earth!

    After another few minutes of fighting, Jie En finally began
    to lose steam. He had a high level Song, and it cost him a great deal of mental
    endurance to keep fighting with the aid of his Song. However, if he didn’t
    fight with his Song, he would be no more than a talented foot soldier. He would
    be instantly trampled by Jia Yuan’s power!

    He grit his teeth and did his best to disregard his mental
    exhaustion. However, he soon began to feel sharp jabs of pain in his head.
    Furthermore, he began to see a dark sea…

    He looked at Jia Yuan, who wasn’t even breathing hard, and
    felt regret in his heart. Why did he have to be so boastful in front of this
    monster? Aish…

    Jia Yuan relentlessly forced Jie En back. He knew that Jie
    En couldn’t possibly hold on for much longer.

    A few blows later, and Jie En fell to his knees, unable to
    fight any longer. Not only did he not have any mental strength left, but he had
    exerted all of his physical energy as well.

    All he was now was a breathing punching bag.

    “I… forfeit…” Jie En managed to force out these words.

    “I won’t accept your forfeit unless you promise to apologize
    to apologize to all of the commoners of the Burning Legion for looking down on

    Jie En shut his eyes and grimaced. He could promise this,
    but he would be unable to recover any face!

    His body shuddered as he thought about it. Finally, he
    replied. “Fine.” After saying this, he continued to lie on the stage, unable to

    Jia Yuan walked off of the stage and asked a guard for the
    directions to the medical center. Upon receiving directions, he headed to the
    medical center.

    Looking around, he saw thousands of wounded combatants.
    There were simply too many people, and the conditions in the medical center
    were shady at best.

    Jia Yuan felt a pit forming in his stomach. Even if Dou Di
    was fine when he arrived at the medical center, Jia Yuan wouldn’t be surprised
    if his brother’s condition had worsened by being here.

    He quickly pulled over a nurse and explained who he was
    looking for. The nurse offered to lead Jia Yuan to his brother, and he

    Walking through the rows of the injured, Jia Yuan spotted
    his older brother.

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    Chapter 60: Despair

    There was a foot long gash on Dou Di’s chest all the way
    from his clavicle to his stomach. Jia Yuan probed Dou Di’s aura with his own,
    and found that Dou Di’s aura was very weak, to the point of almost being nonexistent.

    It seems that that Jie
    En’s strike actually affected Dou Di’s Song! But how is that possible? It was a
    shallow cut! Unless…

    When a cultivator was progressing from one level to the
    next, for a split second, their very cultivation was at risk. If the cultivator
    received a shock during this progression, it was possible for them to lose the
    ability of their Song.

    Thinking of this, Jia Yuan’s eyes burned with fury. However,
    he knew that he couldn’t blame Jie En for it. How was he supposed to know that
    his opponent was in the midst of a progression?

    But how was he supposed to vent this fury in his heart? It was
    Dou Di who had steered his toward the path of cultivation! It was because of
    Dou Di that he had been so intent on joining the Burning Legion!

    Dou Di was the only person he truly considered family in the
    whole wide world. And here he was, unlikely to be able to continue the path of
    cultivation. Jia Yuan could imagine Dou Di’s pain at realizing he wouldn’t be
    able to continue to cultivate.

    There has to be
    something I can do!

    But no matter how long or hard Jia Yuan thought of a solution,
    he was unable to come up with anything.

    First things first.

    Jia Yuan walked out of the stadium and arranged for a
    messenger to travel to HuoShen City. He told the messenger to look for
    reputable doctors who were used to dealing with harmed cultivators. The more
    the better. He also told the messenger that for each doctor he was able to
    bring, he would be heavily rewarded, and that the doctors would be heavily
    rewarded as well.

    He then went back inside, and began to bargain with the
    doctors there to have Dou Di moved to a more sanitary location. After paying 20
    large fire shards, Dou Di was transferred to a private room.

    Finally, Jia Yuan went back to the stadium and walked up to
    the royal box. The guards knew who he was, and let him pass.

    Walking into the royal box, he addressed the two ministers
    with clasped hands.

    “Hello ministers, I was wondering if either of you could do
    me a favor.”

    The two ministers glanced at each other. Truly, if they were
    able to help Jia Yuan, then it would be useful to be in the good will of
    someone with so much potential.

    “If we are able to help, we will definitely do so. What is
    it you need help with?”

    “My brother has suffered a shock while he was making a

    “Ah… and you want to see if we know of a way to help you, or
    if we know someone who can help you.”


    The two ministers glanced at each other, then faced Jia
    Yuan. One of them spoke. “There is one way, but it is incredibly expensive and
    dangerous. You will have to find the scroll of a Song that is stronger than the
    one currently lying dormant in your brother’s body. You will then have you
    force the new Song into your brother’s body. At that point, the new Song will
    hopefully devour the old Song, and become your brother’s new Song.

    Jia Yuan’s brow wrinkled as he thought about this
    information. It wasn’t impossible for
    him to obtain a stronger Song, but like the ministers said, it would be
    extremely expensive. But even if he somehow managed to find one… “You said this
    was a very dangerous process. Why?”

    “Hmm. The danger comes from the new Song devouring the old
    Song. As you should know, the when one acquires a Song, the Song more or less
    cohabitates with the Soul. It is because of this, that a cultivator is able to
    use their Song to fight. When the new Song devours the old Song, there is
    always a chance that it may devour part of the soul. Even if that doesn’t
    happen, the old Song may try to devour the cultivator’s soul to stay alive. In
    all, this form of treatment has about a 20% success rate”

    Jia Yuan felt his head spinning. Even if he somehow managed
    to find a high level Song for his brother, there was still an 80% chance his
    brother would die. At least in his current state, Dou Di was still alive. He
    could still be useful to the Burning Legion in other ways, such as being a

    What do I do?

    Jia Yuan decided that it was time to ask his teacher for

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    Chapter 61: The Doctor(s)

    Jia Yuan decided to wait for the doctors from HuoShen City
    first. While he trusted the two ministers, they definitely weren’t too well
    versed in medicine. Jia Yuan still held hope that there would be a surefire way
    for Dou Di to recover.

    A day after, Dou Di had been released from the medical
    center. He was still unconscious, but physical health was good enough that Jia
    Yuan felt it safer for him to be out of that medical center.

    As such, Jia Yuan had laid Dou Di down on his bed in the
    inn, and had been taking care of him ever since.

    Just an hour or two before sunset, some carriages arrived at
    the inn. It was the doctors from HuoShen City!

    The messenger brought the doctors into the inn to Jia Yuan’s
    room and knocked.

    “Hello sir, I’ve brought the doctors.”

    Jia Yuan had some hope in his heart. Maybe the doctors would
    be able to save his brother!

    “Come in, come in.”

    The doctors all walked in. Jia Yuan counted them. The messenger
    had brought 12 doctors. A few of them were viewed in reverence by the other
    doctors. It seemed that somehow, the messenger had been able to attract some
    big names.

    “You’ve done well. You brought 12 doctors over, so I’ll give
    you 120 large fire shards.”

    The messenger was ecstatic! He had spent the previous day
    running around HuoShen City trying to persuade doctors to come.

    But the payout was worth it! 120 large fire shards would be
    able to last him a lifetime. Or at least a few weeks if you wanted to live in
    absolute luxury.

    Jia Yuan turned and faced the doctors. “The boy there on
    that bed is my brother. He was in the middle of progressing his cultivation
    when he was dealt a shocking blow. As such, he’s currently unconscious and he
    will be unable to utilize his Song when he wakes up. As medical experts, I’m
    sure you all know what I mean.”

    “Whoever is able to fix the issue at hand will be rewarded
    heavily. I can pay 50,000 large fire shards at the time of success and I can
    promise another 100,000 large fire shards from the Black Wing Merchant Guild.

    The doctors glanced at each other, then approached the bed.
    One by one, they began to examine Dou Di with a variety of techniques. This ranged
    from feeling his heart rate, to probing his body with their respective auras.

    After a while, most of the doctors had withdrawn to the
    corner of the room. They knew that they didn’t have the knowledge nor skills to
    treat the patient. However, they wanted to see if any of the other doctors

    After a while, only the two doctors who the others had been
    looking at with eyes of reverence remained. One of them had taken some
    instruments out and was using them to examine Dou Di’s body, while the other
    had placed his hand over Dou Di’s chest and had been muttering to himself for
    the past while.

    They examined Dou Di’s body for several hours. They would
    take small breaks, during which they would sit down with their arms crossed or
    scratching their head.

    Finally, the two doctors stepped back as well.

    “Young sir, there truly is nothing we can do. There is
    probably not a single medical expert on this continent that is capable of
    treating your brother through normal means. Of course, there is the matter of
    providing him with a higher level Song… although this method is rather

    Jia Yuan nodded, but there was a frown on his face. He had
    already known of this method due to the two ministers.

    It seems that there is
    truly no surefire way to save my brother.

    He waved at the doctors, who took the cue and left the room.

    Jia Yuan sat on his bed, looking at Dou Di in despair. Dou
    Di had progressed very far in the tournament, enough to grant him a position as
    a 10 or 100 man commander in the Burning Legion. But that was with his old

    Now that he was crippled… If he stayed a soldier, he would
    only be able to be a common fighter in the Army.

    Jia Yuan only had one hope left! He found a pen and some
    paper, and began to write a message.

    Upon finishing, he left the inn, and called the same
    messenger back.

    “I have another message for you to send. You will be
    rewarded well for this. Go to the Black Wing Merchant Guild Hall and tell them
    that Jia Yuan has a personal message for Guo Huo. Let them know that I am a
    gold card owner. If they do not believe you, tell them to check their records.
    This must be done with the greatest amount of speed.”

    The messenger nodded and ran towards HuoShen City with all
    the speed he could muster.

    Jia Yuan returned to the room. There wasn’t anything he
    could immediately do for his brother, but there was something he could do for

    Win the tournament!

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    Chapter 62: Lin Pei

    The next day, Jia Yuan sat in the stands along with the rest
    of those who had qualified Burning Legion. It was the last day of the

    The last day of the Burning Legion tournament is closed off
    to commoners. Only nobility and members of the Burning Legion are allowed to

    Even so, there were easily more than 50 thousand viewers in
    the stands. After all, the Burning Legion, with the new recruits, numbered over
    31 thousand. The rest of the viewers were from noble families, of which there were
    many in the Fire Kingdom.

    Virtually all of the noble families in the Fire Kingdom had
    sent representatives to watch the tournament. Noble families would try to
    garner favor with those who compete on the last day. These would all be
    fighters with great strength and potential.

    For some of these noble families, it was a chance for them
    to revel in the successes of their younger generation. As such, some of the
    families in the stands loudly boasted of how their family genius had made it so
    far in the tournament, how strong and smart they were, and so on.

    Jia Yuan sat next to the stage, which had long ago been
    repaired from his fight with Jie En. He had a rather sad but determined look on
    his face. He was sad because of his brother, but determined for his own future.

    In pairs, the last 50 contenders went to fight on the stage.
    One by one, they left the stage in either victory or defeat.

    Finally, it was Jia Yuan’s turn to grace the stage again.

    So far, all of the competitors had been either the son or
    daughter of a noble family. Each time, their family would cheer loudly as they
    walked onto the stage.

    However, while there was a group in the stands that cheered
    for Jia Yuan’s opponent, when he walked onto the stage, there was but absolute

    After a bit, some murmurs began to spread through the

    “Heh? Did that boy’s family not come?”

    “What family is he from? Does anyone know?”

    How could they imagine that Jia Yuan had no family? The
    accepted train of thought was that a noble family meant money. Money meant
    pills and higher level Songs, which meant improved cultivation. How can someone
    who was not a noble cultivate to such a degree? What kind of talent would that

    Jia Yuan walked onto the stage with his chin held high, with
    the demeanor a god looking at mortals.

    He looked at his opponent.

    Same height and build
    as me. Stance is slightly unbalanced. Right arm seems to be stronger. Double
    axe wielder.

    The two started their Songs, generating their respective

    5th level
    of Absorption. Medium level Song.

    Jia Yuan wouldn’t even put this sort of cultivation level in
    his eyes.

    The Jia Yuan of today was not the generous, dryly amused Jia
    Yuan of the last few weeks. He had only one goal, and everyone who stood in his
    way would have to be taken care of.

    The main reason behind this change was obviously the state
    his brother was in. How could he be in the good mood when his brother lay unconscious,
    perhaps unable to walk the road of martial cultivation ever again?

    As soon as the round started, Jia Yuan lifted HiRyu over his
    head and condensed the power of his Song into the sword and his arms. A giant
    sword of fire grew from HiRyu’s tip, growing to be over 20 feet long.

    Seeing this, Jia Yuan’s opponent’s face paled. What sort of
    monster was he fighting?

    He immediately surrendered and jumped off of the stage.

    After extinguishing the sword of fire, Jia Yuan walked off
    of the stage as well.

    After about half an hour of watching others fight, it was
    Jia Yuan’s turn to fight again. However, having seen Jia Yuan’s strength
    earlier, his opponent directly surrendered.

    Funnily enough, this happened until Jia Yuan was in the
    semifinals. No one was willing to risk themselves fighting against such a

    However, given that it was the semifinals, there was finally
    who felt strong enough to give Jia Yuan a shot.

    It was Lin Pei, who was actually the brother of Lin Xuan,
    the staff fighter who Jia Yuan had previously fought. He, like his brother,
    used an unusual weapon, the nunchaku.

    As soon as the round began, the two rushed at each other.
    Lin Pei had the same cultivation as his brother, and despite having a weaker
    cultivation than Jia Yuan, he was able to gain the advantage due to his weapon.

    Jia Yuan had never fought against a nunchaku expert before
    and was quickly overwhelmed by the flurry of attacks.

    Right! Left! Down! Up! Soon it felt like his entire field of
    vision was covered with nunchucks. Jia Yuan had only fought against axe and
    sword users, and only in the tournament did he fight against a staff user for
    the first time.

    None of them prepared him for this! With axes and swords,
    whether single handed, two-handed, or dual-wielded, Jia Yuan knew the possible
    ranges and attack patterns. After all, a static, unchanging weapon is fairly
    easy to keep track of.

    However, the nunchaku techniques employed Lin Pei were the
    exact opposite. The nunchaku techniques Lin Pei used were not only extremely fast,
    but confusing and unexpected in Jia Yuan’s eyes.

    Since Jia Yuan’s cultivation and aura were both higher than
    that of Lin Pei’s getting hit didn’t do too much damage, but over time Jia Yuan
    began to feel the impact of the bruises.

    It was truly annoying to fight against a nunchaku user!

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    Chapter 63: Battalion Commander

    Jia Yuan continued to suffer the onslaught of attacks from
    Lin Pei.

    However, Lin Pei was secretly starting to panic. He had been
    fighting at a speed and ferocity that he could not sustain for a long period of
    time. Even with the benefits of his Song, he could fight like he had been for
    about 2-3 minutes. For just about most cultivators, the onslaught would
    overwhelm them in a matter of seconds, never mind minutes.

    However, he was starting to feel drained of energy, stabs of
    pain affecting his mind. His movements began to slow, and his aura began to
    flicker and weaken.

    How could someone who had fought so many rounds at the arena
    fail to recognize this? Jia Yuan’s hopes sparked as he saw his opponent begin
    to struggle. He had been contemplating whether or not he had to show his 6th
    level of Absorption. As it turns out, he didn’t need to!

    This took a load off of Jia Yuan’s chest. Without the stress
    of this looming decision, he relaxed.

    When the body relaxes, the muscles are less strained, and
    the body is therefore able to move faster, more fluid, and basically better

    As Lin Pei’s attacks began to lose strength and slow down,
    Jia Yuan began to take the offensive, overwhelming Lin Pei with attacks. With
    the freeing of his mind, Jia Yuan also began to fight in a more dynamic matter,
    dashing around Lin Pei between attacks, overloading Lin Pei’s sense of danger,
    as Lin Pei had done to him previously.

    Slash! Jia Yuan dashed to the right and cut towards Lin Pei’s
    right side!

    Dash! Jia Yuan was now at Line Pei’s left, and he slashed
    toward the left side!

    Jump! Now Jia Yuan was hovering over Lin Pei. He sent his
    flaming sword downwards.

    Lin Pei tried to block, but he simply had no more strength
    left! His arms crumbled and he collapsed on the stage.

    Jia Yuan had won yet again! As the referee announced it, everyone
    in the stands applauded and were quite impressed with the bout.

    But Jia Yuan wasn’t happy at all! The match had shown that
    he still had some severe flaws in his fighting ability. He still had limited
    experience, and still sometimes tensed up too much when he was being

    The final round came just a few minutes later.

    Jia Yuan’s final opponent was yet again one of the 8 who had
    been invited to HuoShen Palace. He wielded a uniquely shaped axe. The main
    portion of the weapon was a metal pole and at each end was an axe head.

    Yes, it was a two-headed axe.

    The weapon looked very dangerous, but also very heavy. Jia
    Yuan was rather surprised! There were even unusual weapons such as this in the
    royal armory!

    However, Jia Yuan wasn’t worried at all. In essence, he was
    just fighting another axe user. This round… should end quickly.

    The two clasped their hands toward each other, prepared
    their stances, and the fight began!

    After the last round, Jia Yuan was somewhat frustrated and
    wanted to vent a little, as well as show off a little. After all, he’s still a
    human, and was a little vain. As such… as soon as the fight started, he
    prepared his strongest attack!

    His strongest attack was the same move he had first used
    against the bandits he had met back when all he had was a wooden sword.

    Sword Unsheathing!

    Back then, he had only been able to cause a bit of flame to
    surround the sword, making it enough to attack with and be dangerous, but it
    was still a rather weak attack.

    Now, however, even in the sheath, HiRyu hummed with all the
    power of a raging dragon, ready to burst out and devour its foes.

    His opponent rushed toward him, his double-headed axe
    imposing as he closed the gap between him and Jia Yuan.

    At the same time, Jia Yuan dashed past his opponent,
    slashing outwards with HiRyu at the same time!

    All the viewers in the stands saw was a brief glimpse of Jia
    Yuan tilting his body forward, clearly preparing to dash… and then his body disappeared.
    They saw a streak of red/white flame streak past Zeng Bao, the opponent, and
    then they saw Jia Yuan “reappear” about two or feet behind Zeng Bao.

    For a few seconds, the air was still, and not a sound was

    Then Zeng Bao collapsed, a few dying embers could be seen
    surrounding his body.

    The viewers in the stands were in an uproar! The final round
    had actually ended so quickly! They had seen Jia Yuan struggle with his last
    opponent, so did it just mean that this opponent was weak?

    But one thing was clear! Jia Yuan was the victor of the
    Burning Legion Tournament, and he was the newest battalion leader of the
    Burning Legion!

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    Chapter 64: The General

    As Jia Yuan stood on the stage, Zeng Bao and the rest of the
    new battalion stood below the stage and knelt.

    “Battalion Commander!”

    The General of the Burning Legion

    And like this, the new battalion was born, with Jia Yuan as
    its head.

    The general of the Burning Legion stepped down from the
    royal box where he had been sitting with the King and his ministers.

    Along the way several members of the audience stood up as
    well, following the general to the stage. Evidently, these people were the various
    battalion commanders of the Burning Legion.

    The general looked Jia Yuan up and down, and then patted him
    on the shoulder. “You’re quite a fine young man! You’ll make quite a battalion commander.
    Hmph, you should already be stronger than the commander of the 30th
    Battalion. Aren’t I right?”

    He glanced at a youngster standing behind him.

    “Yeah, yeah. The kid’s a freaking genius. No need to pour it
    on me.” The person waved back in an mildly annoyed manner.

    However, his words and mannerisms were clearly contradicted
    by a beaming smile on his face. A new power had arrived at the Burning Legion!
    As a loyal soldier of the Fire Kingdom, how could he not be happy?

    On the battlefield, he would take a stronger ally over a
    weaker one at any time. What did he care if another battalion commander was
    stronger than he?

    The General looked back at Jia Yuan. You’ll be the commander
    of your battalion, but the officers and their ranks will be determined by the
    results of the tournament. You are allowed, as battalion commander, to change
    them after, but all changes need to be run through a battalion commander higher
    in seniority. For you, this means basically everyone behind me.”

    “This is to prevent a battalion commander from putting his
    friends into all of the high level officer positions.”

    “However, there is a spot in the battalion that you are
    allowed to fill for yourself. This is the position of strategist. Usually, some
    noble families will their train their younger generation to be a warrior of the
    mind as well as brawn.”

    “It’ll be up to you to decide who to pick as strategist.
    Just remember that the strategist will serve as your vice commander, and that
    the lives of your battalion will be held, for the most part, in your and your
    strategist’s hands.”

    He paused at stared deep into Jia Yuan’s eyes, his gaze
    stern. “Make the right choice.”

    He then abruptly smiled again, and laughed. “Haha, we’ll be
    leaving now. Tomorrow I’ll send a guide to lead your battalion to the place you’ll
    be posted. Every month you will be delivered a bunch of pills and weapons and
    armors. It’ll be your job to either delegate the distribution of these
    resources or to do it yourself.”

    “Good luck.”

    And with that, the General turned around and led his group
    of battalion commanders away. The stands began to empty of people, and soon
    enough, the only people in the stadium were Jia Yuan and his battalion.

    Jia Yuan groaned in his mind.

    So many
    responsibilities! I’m not even going to have time for myself anymore. Hmph. Who
    the hell do I even make a strategist?? AHhhhhhhh, I don’t even know how to
    distinguish between a good strategy and a bad one. What’s wrong with just
    charging at the enemy? Blah.

    Despite the feelings in his heart, he faced his battalion
    with a smile.

    “Hello everyone. My name is Jia Yuan, and from today onward,
    I will be your Commander. Please treat me well.” Jia Yuan clasped hands toward
    the crowd.

    “Battalion Commander!” The crowd shouted, as they clasped
    their hands back toward him.

    Alright, might as well
    get this out of the way.

    Jia Yuan shouted, “JIe En! Come here!”

    In the midst of the crowd, Jie En had a rather blanched
    face. He knew exactly why Jia Yuan had called him up…

    He made his way out of the crowd and slowly walked to the
    stage, looking as if every step was one to his death.

    When he finally made his way onto the stage and was standing
    next to Jia Yuan, Jia Yuan finally spoke again.

    “Now, apologize.”

    Jie En groaned internally, but what could he do? “Umm… So a
    few days ago during the tournament I spoke some rather condescending words
    about commoners…um… trying to join the Burning Legion. For that, I apologize to
    all of the commoners who made it into the Burning Legion.”

    Jia Yuan nodded, pleased that Jie En was able to make it
    through the situation. It was hard for a noble to bend their ego to apologize
    to the common folk!

    However, Jia Yuan was still a little mad at Jie En for
    causing Dou Di’s current predicament. He knew that he couldn’t blame Jie En too
    much... but he still felt bitter.

    The soldiers in the 31st Battalion felt rather
    surprised. It seemed that their new Commander was an interesting fellow! Not
    only did he possess remarkable talent and strength, but apparently he was even
    a champion of the common people! The nobles in the battalion felt respect for
    Jia Yuan both for his strength and acceptance of the common folk, while the
    commoners were in awe and felt gratitude towards Jia Yuan. Not only did Jia
    Yuan achieve his current strength despite not being born into a noble family,
    but he had even made a noble apologize for disparaging commoners!

    But Jia Yuan didn’t care about this. Why would he care who
    was a noble and who was a commoner? To him, they were all the same thing. They
    were soldiers of the Burning Legion, the special and proud unit of the Fire

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    Chapter 65: The Strategist

    ~2 Months Later~

    The 31st Battalion had been posted at the border
    between the Fire Kingdom and the Earth Kingdom for the last two months.

    Dou Di had woken over a month ago, and had been completely
    distraught at his lack of power. He would have bursts of strength in times when
    his Song randomly activated, but for the most part he was unable to fight or

    However, today was the day Jia Yuan would try to restore his
    older brother’s cultivation. Guo Huo had provided him, at great cost to the
    funds of the Black Wing Merchant Guild, a high level Song. Along with the high
    level Song, Guo Huo had sent a person who he said was a genius, worthy of being
    a strategist for the 31st Battalion.

    In the commander’s tent, Dou Di was sitting at a table. In
    front of him was the high level Song. He knew that once he began to try to
    absorb the Song, he would be in a situation of life or death… with the odds
    against him.

    But the last month had been a world of despair for him. Only
    by thinking about the small chance of being able to restore his ability to
    cultivate was he able to keep on going.

    The moment had come! Dou Di reached out his hand to absorb
    the Song, and the information coursed through his head.

    At the same time, a third soul approached the conjoined form
    of Dou Di’s soul and his first Song.

    The third soul seemed to ponder the form in front of him.
    Then, it rushed toward said form and began to devour the first Song. Upon
    seeing this, Dou Di’s soul shuddered.

    In the physical world, Jia Yuan looked at Dou Di, who was
    sprawled unconscious over the table. He was very, very worried for his older
    brother. There was only a 20% chance of surviving! He paced around the tent while
    waiting for any type of response from Dou Di’s body.

    In the meantime, Dou Di’s first Song had already been
    completely devoured by the high level Song. This Song then turned towards Dou
    Di’s Soul.

    At this point, Dou Di’s soul was perfectly fine. The high
    level Song approached Dou Di’s soul, and attached itself to it.

    It was a success!

    In the physical world, Dou Di opened his eyes and sat up.
    Jia Yuan saw, and ran over to the table.

    “Is it over? Did you succeed?”

    Dou Di’s eyes glazed over with happiness. “Yes! I can
    cultivate again! I can feel the energy of the Song… I can cultivate again!”

    He turned around and embraced Jia Yuan. He knew that his
    little brother had gone through quite some difficulty to secure him a high
    level Song. After all, a high level Song costs a fortune!

    At this time, the “genius” Guo Huo had sent along with the
    high level Song stepped into the tent. “I sensed that your brother’s
    cultivation had come back. Congratulations.”

    The genius’ name was Fan Meng. He had a weak cultivation,
    only at the 3rd level of Absorption with a low level Song, but according
    to Guo Huo, he had an unmatched mind. Not only has he memorized various
    strategies used by the four Kingdoms, but he has also created his own
    counterstrategies to these strategies. The only thing he needs now, is to prove
    his worth on the battlefield.

    It is easy for one to come up with ideas when they are
    resting in their cozy study, but it is much harder to execute the strategies
    and come up with new ones on the fly under the pressure of thousands of lives!

    “It’s good that his strength is back. He can keep his post
    as a squad leader (squad= 10 people) without being looked at with condescending
    gazes. It is strength that speaks in this world…” Fan Meng looked wistfully at
    Jia Yuan.

    Fan Meng was slightly older than most of the members of the
    31st Battalion at 18 years of age, but his cultivation was far
    lower. Initially when he had first acquired his Song, he had tried to
    cultivate, but his speed was simply too slow! As such, he changed his focus and
    studied to become a strategist instead.

    However, he still had some regrets. Seeing someone such as
    Jia Yuan, who was still so young be so strong as to become a battalion commander
    for the Burning Legion, he couldn’t help but be a little jealous.

    Of course, he also viewed Jia Yuan with respect. By now, Jia
    Yuan’s story had been embellished and passed through the entire Fire Kingdom.

    A slave boy, bought by an executive of the Black Wing
    Merchant Guild, achieved his freedom and went to BlueFire City, where he
    promptly became a champion of the arena, squashing opponents far above his
    cultivation level.

    A prodigy! A story that gave slaves and commoners throughout
    the land hope for the future. Maybe, if they were lucky and worked hard, they
    could have an illustrious future like Jia Yuan!

    After the congratulations, Fan Meng left the tent while the
    two brothers celebrated Dou Di’s recovery. Dou Di was truly lucky to have

    Over the next few days, Jia Yuan worked to integrate this
    strategist into the 31st Battalion. They ran drills based on
    formations and tactics.

    Furthermore, this strategist helped the commoners among the
    31st Battalion to improve their methods of cultivation. After all,
    many of them, while talented, didn’t have a teacher or guide to learn from.

    In this manner the months passed and the 31st Battalion’s
    strength grew as they trained and learned. 

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    Chapter 66: War!

    Just a few months after Dou Di recovered his ability to
    cultivate, Jia Yuan and Fan Meng were chatting with each other in Jia Yuan’s
    commander tent while eating some food together.

    The two had grown closer together, one a genius of cultivation,
    the other a genius of strategy.

    At this time, a soldier of the 31st Battalion
    rushed into the tent.

    “Commander! Big news!”

    Jia Yuan looked toward the soldier. It was actually a member
    of Dou Di’s squad.

    “Speak up.”

    The soldier sputtered out the news. “Our Kingdom has entered
    an alliance with the Air Kingdom in a war against the Water and Earth Kingdoms!
    A messenger had just arrived with this scroll bearing the royal seal.”

    Jia Yuan, upon hearing these words, accidentally spat out
    his food, losing a bit of the “reliable commander” persona he had been working
    to maintain.

    The royal seal was created by manipulating one’s fire aura
    into a specific formation and then imprinting the formation onto an object,
    creating a seal at the point of contact. The method was very secretive and was
    only used in extremely important cases.

    Jia Yuan opened the scroll by tapping it releasing the seal.
    He then handed it over to Fan Meng who read it out loud.

    “As of today, the 182th day of the 7203th year of the
    Ancient Calendar, our Kingdom’s BlueFire City has been sieged by the combined
    forces of the Water and Earth Kingdoms.

    It is in light of this event that I, the King of the Fire
    Kingdom, declare our Kingdom to be in a state of war against the Water and
    Earth Kingdoms.

    The esteemed Air Kingdom has generously offered their
    assistance in this endeavor, and as such, we will be working with them to
    destroy the Water and Earth Kingdoms.

    We will show them that the Fire Kingdom is not to be trifled

    Fan Meng paused. “Ah… it appears that there are some other things written below.” He glanced at the soldier.

    The soldier understood. He clasped his hands towards the
    Commander and Strategist, and left the tent.

    Fan Meng glanced at Jia Yuan. “It appears that we’ve been
    summoned to join the 2nd Army near the border with the Water
    Kingdom… it appears that they wish to retake BlueFire City and turn it into a
    vantage point for the war. We’re to help with the siege and work with the 2nd
    Army however they need.”

    Jia Yuan thought for a bit. “Isn’t the 2nd Army
    actually the strongest standard army of the Burning Legion? I heard the 1st
    Army is full of pampered nobles and the like. Why are we matched with them?
    Does it say what other Burning Legion Battalions will be going?”

    “That’s the strange part. We’re the only Burning Legion
    Battalion grouped with the 2nd Army. The rest are with the 1st
    and 4th Armies.”

    Jia Yuan understood immediately. “So either they decided our
    Battalion needs a quick dose of battle experience, or they decided that they
    would only throw us into the main fray because I’m the only battalion commander
    who’s not directly from a noble family…”

    Fan Meng replied in a rather wistful manner. “We have an
    unproven commander with an unproven strategist, with an unproven battalion. You
    not being a noble is probably just the tip of the iceberg. It also doesn’t help
    that you’re associated with the Black Wing Merchant Guild… they may believe
    that your allegiance is closer to the guild than your country. Perhaps they want
    to see if you’ll fight for your country…”

    Jia Yuan mused to himself.

    It’s not like I feel
    allegiance to country or to the merchant guild… I just want to do well for my
    friends… and for my teacher.

    His eyes sharpened. “Fine, if they want to see how we’ll do,
    then we’ll give them a show, right? I trust you’ll come up with something
    that’ll show how special our battalion is.”

    “Let’s go prepare the troops. We’re moving out!”

    A few hours later, the 31st Battalion of the
    Burning Legion left their encampment for the eastern border to join up with the
    2nd Army.

    After about a week’s worth of grueling travel, the entire 31st
    Battalion had made it, in haphazard fashion, to the staging grounds for the 2nd

    They had made it, but they were exhausted.

    Jia Yuan turned toward his troops. “Wait here! I’ll talk to
    the General of the 2nd Army and I’ll find out where we can make
    camp. Don’t cause any trouble!”

    Jia Yuan walked toward the center of the camp, where an
    ostentatious tent had been set up, clearly the headquarters.

    Along the way, he walked past many troops, most of whom
    looked at him with reverent gazes. They could tell from Jia Yuan’s armor that
    he was a commander of the Burning Legion. The most special force of the Fire
    Kingdom! However, some of the veteran troops looked at Jia Yuan with jaded
    eyes. They had fought with those from the Burning Legion before… the troops of
    the Burning Legion tended to be arrogant and demeaning and couldn’t be bothered
    to help the normal troops when the going got tough.

    He pushed aside the cloth in the doorway of the tent and
    walked in. Inside stood 11 burly men in clean but not overly decorative armor,
    surrounding a table with markers and other pieces on it.

    Jia Yuan clasped his hands toward those in the tent. “Greetings.
    Commander Jia Yuan of the 31st Battalion reporting.”

    The man standing at the head of the table walked over with a
    big smile on his face. “Ahh, Commander Yuan! Good, good. I am General Lin
    Zheng. We’ve been waiting for you! How was the travel?”

    Jia Yuan smiled and responded. “No need for the
    pleasantries, General. I’m not one of those stuffy nobles.”

    The General cackled. “Ahhh, you’re just like my sons said.
    You’re the easygoing type, huh? Good, good. Come over here, here’s the

    Jia Yuan instantly thought of the two brothers who wielded
    unusual weapons, Lin Pei and Lin Xuan.

    So that’s why they
    were so adept with those unusual weapons. Their father turned out to be the
    most hardened general of the Kingdom…

    “As you can see, this is where we stand. Over here, is
    BlueFire City. We’re planning to siege it for about a month until its resources
    dry out… doesn’t make sense to lose too much manpower here in a forceful sack
    of the city, especially so early in the war.”

    Jia Yuan racked his brains for a response, but couldn’t come
    up with any. He wanted to take BlueFire City quickly so that the Fire Kingdom
    could seize the city for supply and defense purposes, but he also couldn’t
    argue against the General’s point about losing troops.

    Jia Yuan finally turned toward the General. “I agree, but I
    want to see if my strategist agrees. In the meantime, I’d like to allow my
    battalion to rest, as we rushed over here at top speed.”

    “Ahh, yes. Of course, you can invite the strategist over! As
    for your troops, they can set up camp on the right flank. We left a space open
    for you there.”

    Jia Yuan left the tent and distributed the orders to the 31st
    Battalion, then returned to the tent with Fan Meng, who looked over the table.

    After a while, he turned toward the General. “There’s no
    need to wait a month to take over BlueFire City. With our 31st
    Battalion, we can do it in a single day.”

  • I like the current development, but it appears he has completely stopped training. Having story is good, but the MC is no longer progressing. He unlocked the ability to use water, then he just kind of stopped. What's the deal?
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