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    On the outskirts of Fire Hill Village, two young boys were sparring with wooden swords. The two almost appeared to be dancing together, weaving their swords through the air.

    This was a rather common sight at Fire Hill Village, as the two boys sparred every day. At times, some passing villagers or travelers would pause their daily routines and watch. However, they would always leave before long, sighing to themselves. For unfortunately, although the two boys seemed to be reasonably skilled, it was apparent that they were both either slaves or destitute, and were unlikely to obtain access to any pills or techniques to properly train in the way of the Song. In fact, the boys were fortunate to even have wooden swords to train with. Many young slaves were only able to play with wooden sticks they found on the ground.

    After another ten minutes of sparring, the two boys abruptly stopped. One boy’s sword was in the middle of a swing, while the sword of the older looking boy was at the first boy’s neck. This signified that the older boy had won, as well as the end of the sparring match.

    “Jia Yuan, you’re almost getting to the point where you can beat me!”

    “Dou Di big brother, it is only because you do your best to teach me and push me to improve every day. Or perhaps, you’re just getting worse. Hahaha.”

    “To insult me after I praise you! Want be to box your ears?? Hmph, as for teaching you, it is all I can
    do. Unfortunately, as slaves, the only chance we have to move up in the world is to become soldiers. Even without pills or techniques, with enough practice, we can progress to the first level of Absorption. I think, at that point, our master would be willing to sell us to the Army for sizable sum of money. Hell, if we’re lucky, maybe the Army will even provide us with a Song to train with.”

    “Dou Di big brother is right! One day we’ll leave this world behind!”

    Jia Yuan was 8 years old, while Dou Di was 10. When they were first purchased by their master two years ago, they had quickly become allies of a sort.

    After a few months, they began sparring together and called each other brothers. Over time, the bond between the two was not any less than that of blood brothers.

    The two brothers continued to practice into the night. However, they made sure to not overexert themselves, as they knew that their master would have work for them in the morning. As Dou Di predicted, the only reason the master let them practice in the night, was so that he could sell the two boys to the Army in the future.

    As one of the four nations on the Continent of the Five Elements, the Fire Kingdom desperately needed a constant influx of soldiers defend against invasions and man invasions of their own. After all, every nation wants to be able to expand its borders, and the Fire Kingdom was no exception.

    Every year, the Army would send some low ranking officers through the kingdom in search for young martial talent. Many of these recruits would be former slaves. In fact, some slave owners would purchase slaves for the sole purpose of training them to sell them to the Army for a large sum of money. A typical child at the age of 4-6 cost about 50 small fire shards, while a 12 year old with reasonable martial skill could be sold to the Army for over 500 small fire shards.

     If the slaves were made to work and train in a way that did not lose their master money, then the owner would receive a straight profit of 450 small fire shards. To put this into perspective, a family could live off of a single small fire shard for a month. With just 6 to 8 years of effort, a talented slave owner could virtually set themselves for life. Of course, it was usually impossible to train a slave to the army's higher standard.

    12 years of age was the requirement for the national army. Furthermore, the recruit had to have passable talent with a weapon as well as good body strength. However, the extremely talented who had reached the Absorption level by the age of 12 could bypass the life of a simple infantryman, and become a knight or a candidate for the Burning Legion, the prized fighting force of the Fire Kingdom. For slaves who had reached this level, the Army would be willing to pay 5 thousand small fire shards, or its higher equivalent, 500 medium fire shards.

    This shows just how highly the Kingdom valued these talents.

    And such was the dream of Jia Yuan and Dou Di, to become one of these highly respected Burning Legion soldiers.

    Their training finished, Jia Yuan and Dou Di both returned to the small shack at the edge of Fire Hill Village, where they noticed that their master had already gone to sleep, but had left two bowls of congee on the table in the middle of the room.

    Jia Yuan and Dou Di were both rather fortunate. Their master was rather kind hearted, and treated the two rather well. At the very least, he was willing to provide them with basic necessities, such as clothes and food. Although, the food was only ever congee or vegetable congee, or flour buns... and congee.

    They quickly ate, and slept on the floor. They would continue training in this manner until the fateful day in 2 years, when Dou Di would be recruited by the Army...

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    Chapter 1: A Song

    -2 years after the prologue-

    “Big Brother, I will soon follow you. Wait for me!”

    Earlier that day, a 100 man commander stopped by Fire Hill Village, and had purchased Dou Di from the master for the hefty price of 4 thousand small fire shards. Despite not being able to enter the first level of Absorption due to his lack of a Song to train with, Dou Di had reached the threshold required to do so. All he required was a Song, which the Army would provide him with. In short, the Army had basically gained themselves a candidate for the Burning Legion. As for Songs, the Kingdom had thousands upon thousands, with more being written each day.

    For a slave like Dou Di, this was an outcome that he had dreamed about for many years. Which brings us to the current moment, where Jia Yuan and Dou Di were exchanging their goodbyes in preparation for Dou Di’s departure.

    “Ha, you idiot, who would wait for you? You better keep training hard or you might not be able to surpass me! Ha!” Dou Di offered some brave words of encouragement, but in his heart he was also slightly sad that he would have to leave this brother of his behind.

    After the goodbyes were said and Dou Di left, Jia Yuan headed back to the location where he and his brother frequently sparred, and gazed at the field with sad eyes and a hollow heart.

    I’ll see you in two years, brother. 

    He then headed out west, opposite the direction of the main village. He headed into the nearby forest and started sprinting. He and Dou Di had both reached the peak of martial training without Songs, at which point the Master knew that he could sell them for four thousand small fire shards. The Master was very happy, and allowed the two of them to explore the surroundings when they pleased. The place where Jia Yuan liked to explore the most, was the forest.

    The day before, he had discovered a cave, but given that it was nearing nighttime when he found it, he had decided to come back the day after.

    I should be getting close to the cave by now.

    After another 5 minutes, Jia Yuan found the cave, and cautiously walked in. It was very dark, so Jia Yuan quickly used a fire ember (a commonly found, cheap item in the Fire Kingdom used for starting fires) on a stick to create a torch. He then continued on.

    It seemed to be a rather deep cave, and Jia Yuan walked for about a full minute before he stopped. In front of him was a rather large bear, standing slightly taller than Jia Yuan himself, body rippling with muscle.

    Jia Yuan smiled to himself. It seems that this will be good practice. He quickly drew his wooden sword, placed his torch on the ground, and took a stance. Then he waited.

    The bear quickly lumbered toward Jia Yuan, and tried to tackle Jia Yuan with a swiping motion.

    Jia Yuan saw this, and jumped to the right, dodging the swipe. At the same time, he swung the wooden sword at the bear’s eyes.

    Jia Yuan had sparred for so many years with Dou Di. As such, the speed of the bear, while frightening to a commoner, was far below his own. As such, his sword hit true and slashed through the eyes of the bear, effectively blinding it.

    WIth that, the bear had already lost.

    Jia Yuan quickly dashed around the bear while slashing again and again with his sword. Despite never learning a Song, he was still fairly adept at performing a Dance with his sword. After performing about 10 slashes over the course of 4 seconds, he stopped. The bear’s body was crisscrossed with bloody scars, a testament to Jia Yuan’s skill. Although others may have had trouble with the bear even with a metal weapon, he was able to swiftly take down the bear with a wooden sword.

    Well, I guess it wasn’t that good of practice. Maybe I’ll meet a stronger creature later…

    Jia Yuan picked up his torch and continued further down the cave. After another minute, there was a hole in the floor of the cave, leading deeper into the ground. I wonder what could be down there… guess I’ll take a look.

    He jumped down into the hole and started descending. After a short descent, he arrived at a room in the cave.

    For some reason, there was a pillar in the middle of the cave. Strangely enough, the pillar and the area around it was illuminated, even though there was no light entering this room.

    Jia Yuan felt drawn towards the pillar, and walked toward it with large strides.

    Can this be? Can this really be??

    Jia Yuan felt rather incredulous, for on the pillar was a scroll covered in symbols.

    It was a Song.

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    Chapter 2: Four Stances

    Jia Yuan could hardly believe his luck. To actually find a
    Song in a random cave, it was as if pies were falling from heaven. He was
    ecstatic as he started dancing around the cave with joy.

    To help put this into perspective, all Martial Cultivation
    past the most fundamental of levels, relied on developing one’s proficiency in
    a Song. The power of the Song one trained in, as well as the depth of
    understanding of the Song, defined a martial cultivator’s strength.

    For a slave like Jia Yuan, the most he could hope for was to
    receive a low level Song from the Army after he was purchased. After all, as a
    child who was half a foot into the Absorption realm, only needing a Song to
    progress into said realm, he was a valuable candidate for the Burning Legion.
    But even for a prized candidate, the Army was hardly rich enough to provide them
    with medium or high level Songs. As such, most of the candidates, such as Dou Di, received low
    level Songs. Only a select few candidates that were particularly promising or
    had special talent would receive those rare medium or high level Songs-when the Army could afford them.

    As the Fire Kingdom, the Kingdom was in possession of a
    large number of Songs of Fire. The attributes associated with these Songs was that
    they possessed explosive melodies and rhythms, which brought out strong bursts
    of power from the practitioner, like the raging flames of a fire. Likewise, the
    other elements of the Songs provided attributes similar to the associated
    element. The other properties of a Song are hard to predict before being
    acquired. As such, usually the only differentiators when it comes to choosing a
    Song are the element and the level.

    This was why Jia Yuan was so happy. Although he did not know
    what level of Song he had just found, at the very least this was a low level
    Song, and could potentially be a much higher level Song, maybe a medium or high
    level Song, or even a Heavenly Song! As for the attribute of the Song, Jia Yuan
    was fairly confident that a Song found in the Fire Kingdom should have the
    attribute of Fire. After all, Fire Hill Village was pretty far from the borders of the Fire
    Kingdom. It was unlikely that this territory had been ever taken over by any of
    the other nations.

    Jia Yuan walked back to the center of the room and prepared
    to receive the blessing of the Song.

    He then paused.

    How the hell do I
    receive the Song? I’ve only heard about them in stories and nobody ever
    actually said how to receive it… I guess I’ll just grab it?

    Jia Yuan reached for the Song, but he couldn’t touch it.
    However, the scroll opened up a bit, and a voice sounded in Jia
    Yuan’s head.

    “Hello, stranger. To receive this Song, you only need to be
    able to learn the first stage. As long as you are able to
    understand even a smidgen of it, I will allow you to receive the Song. As well,
    I will provide you with some things to help you cultivate.

    Jia Yuan was even happier now! Not only did he have a chance to learn a Song, but he could even receive items that could boost his cultivation speed, which were without fail, extremely expensive. He truly felt as if he
    had won a lottery.

    He carefully pored over the scroll. On it, he could see four
    stances, marked with some symbols overhead. If Jia Yuan had a better upbringing,
    he would have recognized these as musical notes. However, these musical notes
    were inscribed into the scroll with magic. Upon receiving the Song, the notes would
    be imprinted into the receiver’s mind, where it would boost the receiver’s martial cultivation. In fact, for proficient cultivators, the main way to fight would involve using the stances of the Song to performance a Dance.

    Jia Yuan gazed at the symbols on the scroll for a long
    while, but he was still unable to understand anything.

    I guess I’ll just
    ignore them for now and I’ll just follow the stances.

    He carefully settled into the first stance, but then abruptly stood straight again. Wait, the first stance seems to involve an
    axe, but in the second stance the drawn figure is holding a sword, while in the
    third the figure is holding a staff, while the last, a Warhammer.

    Was I supposed to
    bring four weapons to train with?

    I guess I’ll just
    perform all of the stances with my wooden sword for now… If worst comes to
    worst I can ask Master for some money to buy some more wooden weapons.
    Hopefully he is happy enough from selling Dou Di to allow me this.

    Jia Yuan shifted back into the first stance, then checked
    the scroll to make sure that he was doing it right.

    Alright, I think I’ve
    got this one down, let’s move to the next one.

    Jia Yuan continued to practice the four stances until he was
    able to properly perform all four stances.

    I guess now I have to
    connect the stances huh. Maybe that’s where the symbols come in.

    Despite being a slave and never having received an education, Jia Yuan had a rather creative mind (although not necessarily practical). This would greatly help him to receive the song..

    Over the course of the next two hours, Jia Yuan trained to
    receive the Song. Soon, he was able to flow from one stance to the next.

    But, he was still missing the essence of the Song. He had
    learned the “Dance” to a degree, but had not absorbed even a bit of the essence of the Song itself.

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    Preview of Chapter 3: The First Dance

    After a few more hours of practicing, Jia Yuan finally gave
    up and exited the cave and headed back home to try again tomorrow. After
    all, he was getting hungry, and the sun was about to set. Soon, it would be too
    dangerous for him to run back home, or even to stay in the cave.

    After exiting the room at the back of the cave, he paused. He looked
    back, and decided to cover up the entrance with a large rock, in case anyone
    else happened to come across the cave.

    After doing the deed, he quickly ran out of the cave into the
    forest in the direction of Fire Hill Village.

    After three minutes or so of running, Jia Yuan stopped abruptly, with chills running down his spine.

    In front of him stood a fire lizard. Fire lizards are amongst
    the most dangerous creatures living in the forest. In fact, they are so
    dangerous that usually a single fire lizard spotting outside the village would
    prompt three adults to pursue it together, for the lizard was too
    risky to take on alone.

    The common fire lizard is 3 meters long and is rises to
    about 4 feet off of the ground. In addition, the fire lizard has a myriad of
    other skills. Not only does the fire lizard possess quick speed, but mature
    fire lizards possess their innate Song which grants them the ability to use
    fire attacks with their claws, and grants particularly explosive speed to their
    tail, which could brain an adult human with a single swing.

    Guess I shouldn’t of
    wished for a stronger creature to practice against, huh. I guess I’ll have to
    see how strong I’ve gotten.

    Jia Yuan quickly took the first stance of the Song. Maybe during this fight, I’ll gain an
    insight into the Song.

    The fire lizard charged forward.

    Jia Yuan quickly shifted from the first stance into the
    second stance with two movements.

    With the first movement, he smashed his sword toward the
    fire lizard, as one would with an axe.

    With the second movement, he dodged by ducking under the lizard’s
    attack and shifted the trajectory of his sword, sending it towards
    the fire lizard’s stomach.

    Shheeek~. The blade cut through the soft belly of the
    lizard, but did not go deep enough to cause a fatal wound.
    However, it WAS enough to anger the creature, who had only wanted to kill
    Jia Yuan for sustenance earlier. However, now it wanted to kill Jia Yuan to
    vent its anger.

    It turned back towards Jia Yuan, but in the half a second
    the fire lizard took to turn around, Jia Yuan had already switched to the third
    stance, heavily smashing his sword towards the lizard’s head.

    The sword hit, and the lizard stumbled back, stunned.

    Jia Yuan finally switched to the last stance and his sword
    sliced through the air at an absurd speed and sliced through the head of the
    lizard, braining it effectively.

    Jia Yuan stepped back and panted. Why do I feel so tired? I hardly moved, but my mental and physical
    strength are both depleted.

    Jia Yuan did not know, but at that time, the scroll of the
    Song in the cave brightened. A ghostly image of an elderly man appeared and sighed. “It appears that a worthy candidate has finally arrived. I hope he will
    take this chance and bring our Element back to the forefront of the world.
    However, it seems that while he understands the “Dance,” he does not understand
    the Song. It has been far too long, and I cannot wait any longer. Even if he is unable to understand it, I will make
    him the right candidate.”

    And with that, the ghostly elder disappeared.

    Meanwhile, Jia Yuan had quickly carved out some choice parts of the
    lizard, since he could bring them to his master to sell for money. He then sat
    down and quickly meditated for 5 minutes to replenish his strength, and then continued on his way.

    A few minutes after sunset, he reached the small house on
    the edge of the village. He saw his master sleeping and placed the bag of
    lizard parts at the foot of the bed. His master would be happy to see it when
    he woke up.

    He then shifted his eyes toward the table at the center of the shack,
    and was very surprised. Not only was there a bowl of vegetable congee, but
    there was also some bread, and… MEAT.

    This was the first time since his master had purchased him that Jia Yuan had seen meat in the house, and it seemed that the meat was for Jia Yuan to eat.

    Jia Yuan looked emotionally at the old man. “He may be my
    owner and I may be his slave, but at least he treated big brother and me as
    more than merchandise. If I look at it another way, by purchasing me, he saved me from a crueler master. If one day I succeed, I will come back and repay his

    Jia Yuan quickly devoured his congee and bread, but made
    sure to savor the meat. After all, he was fairly sure that he wouldn’t be able
    to enjoy proper meat for a while. At the very most, he could get some wild meat
    from killing bears and other creatures in the forest, but that simply couldn’t
    compare to proper meat.

    He then prepared to sleep on the floor.

    After he drifted into a deep sleep, he began to dream. In front of
    his eyes, stood an elderly man.

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    Preview for Chapter 4: The Dream of Songs

    Jia Yuan was confused. He had never had a dream as vivid as
    this before. In fact, the dream was so vivid that he almost felt that he was
    awake. Only a quick pinch of his cheek confirmed that he was asleep. Also, he was
    sure that he had never seen this elderly man before.

    “Who are you?”

    “I am the Song of Swords.”

    Jia Yuan was confused. The
    Song of Swords? Is he a scroll?...Ah! Is he the Song that I saw in the cave
    earlier today?

    “Indeed, I am the Song you saw earlier today. Fret not, I am
    in your mind, so I can hear your thoughts. I have decided that you are a worthy

    Jia Yuan was ecstatic.

    “However… you lack an understanding of the way of the Song.
    Your speed of comprehension when it came to the Dance can be said to be above
    average, even close to that of a genius, but your comprehension of the way of
    the Song… is nonexistent.”

    “As such, I am here to give you my creator’s ability to
    understand of the way of the Song. With this, you will have a comprehension far
    above the common martial practitioner. With it, you should be able to learn
    this Song at a rate comparable to how fast other people learn their songs.
    However, as for the strength of this Song… you will have to see for yourself.”

    “Now I will show you the truth of the Song.”

    At this moment, in Jia Yuan’s head, the dream changed, and
    the image of the Elder faded away. In his place were four identical replicas of
    Jia Yuan. The first image brandished a golden axe and was surrounded by a
    raging inferno. Every time this image moved, it brandished the axe in a violent
    manner, and each movement seemed to possess the power to destroy the world. The image might as well have been the embodiment of a raging

    The second image held an azure sword, and flowed from one
    stance from the next, portraying a scene of endless fluidity. Despite its seemingly tranquil nature, each slash of the sword was accompanied by a violent
    outburst of water. Although Jia Yuan did not know it yet, this was the
    embodiment of the saying ‘a raging river may conquer even the largest boulder.’

    The third image held a long bamboo staff and moved even more
    swiftly and smoothly than the previous image. In fact, the image moved in such a way that
    Jia Yuan felt that this image was almost carried by the air itself. The swift movements of the bamboo staff, accented by outbursts of wind, enhanced this feeling. Each swing of the staff seemed to hold the power
    to challenge thousands of soldiers, yet still held elegance of royal

    The fourth image carried a two handed hammer. It did not move.
    After a few seconds, the image seemed to come alive and delivered a hammer
    strike in a swinging fashion. It then controlled the backswing of the hammer,
    and used the accompanying force to deliver a stronger forward hammer strike. Soon after,
    each swing of the hammer created outbursts of rocks. After a
    minute of swinging, the area was soon filled with enough flying boulders to
    level a city.

    At this point, the voice of the Elder sounded for the last
    time in Jia Yuan’s head.

    “This is the Truth of the Song, but not the complete Truth.
    I have shown you but the tip of the iceberg. As for the rest, you will have to
    understand on your own. Now go back to the cave in which you found me. I am
    willing to accept you…do not fail me.”

    Jia Yuan woke up with a start. He looked at his
    surroundings. He felt as if the world around him was surreal. After seeing evidence
    of such strong power in his dreams, he possessed an unquenchable thirst to become
    stronger. Before, his goal had only been to surpass Dou Di, his older

    But now.

    Now, Jia Yuan understood just how weak he and Dou Di had
    been. Dou Di may have been able to become a candidate for the Burning Legion,
    but at the end of the day, he was simply a specialized foot


    Jia Yuan felt a burning desire in his heart..

    I will understand the
    way of the Song.

    I will become the
    strongest in the Continent of the Five Elements.

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    Chapter 5: Pills on Pills

    Unfortunately, Jia Yuan had chores to do before he
    could leave the village.

    Fortunately, the master only had a few chores for him
    to do, and Jia Yuan performed them at his quickest speed. After finishing, he
    sprinted toward the cave.

    He pushed the large boulder blocking the entrance aside and entered..

    He looked at the Song.

    As part of the dream the previous night, the Elder had showed
    him how to acquire the song.

    Jia Yuan walked toward the pillar holding the scroll,
    and picked the scroll up, then sent a part of his soul into the scroll.

    A flurry of information entered Jia Yuan’s brain.
    Images, words, and most distinctly, a solemn melody flowed through his mind. However, the melody quickly faded away, and Jia Yuan could only hear some faint drum beats.

    Jia Yuan had acquired his Song. In a person’s entire
    life, they may only acquire one Song. Even if one grew up an extravagantly rich
    household and had endless resources, they would only be able to acquire a single Song, no different from
    a commoner. As such, the only way a rich family could ensure success for their child was to provide them with a higher level scroll. As such, medium and high level Songs were in high demand and sold for absurd amounts of fire shards, while the vast majority of the population was left with low level Songs, where were much cheaper. In fact, a typical medium level Song was worth 100x that of a low level Song, while a high level Song was worth about 100x a medium level Song! 

    Jia Yuan was a slave who had worked his entire life
    with only the goal of becoming a foot soldier in the Burning Legion.

    Yet he had acquired the Song of Swords.

    THe information overwhelmed Jia Yuan's brain, and he sat down to meditate. After about 2 hours, Jia Yuan moved again. The information
    that had been coursing through his mind had stopped about an hour ago, but he
    had spent yet another hour entranced by his newly found knowledge.

    While he did not understand the vast majority of the
    information that he had received from the scroll, he was sure of one thing. He
    had definitely struck gold.

    This is definitely not
    a low level scroll. It is definitely at least a medium or high level scroll.
    Otherwise, there definitely should not have been such a level of information…

    But what element is
    this Song?

    I thought for sure
    that this would be a Song of fire, but it doesn’t seem so.

    I guess I should just keep training and see how things go.

    Jia Yuan was very puzzled, but even this feeling of
    puzzlement could not dampen his happiness of receiving a Song.

    “Now I should be considered to be in the first level of
    Absorption! That means that in two years, I’ll be worth a thousand more
    small fire shards than big bro! Haha, I’ll have to tease him when I meet him in
    the Burning Legion!”

    At that moment, he surveyed his surroundings.

    Huh? Where did the pillar go?

    The pillar had disappeared, and in its place, was an
    ordinary black box.

    Jia Yuan reached down and opened the box.

    The box was filled with little circular orbs and seemed to
    be divided by type. In total, there were eight types of these little orbs, and
    there seemed to be over 200 orbs of each type.

    Another ghostly image floated out of the box.

    ”Hello, receiver of the Song of Swords. I am the creator of
    these pills, as well as a close friend of the creator of the Song of Swords. At
    the time of the creation of this message, the creator of the Song of Swords has
    already died. Betrayed by his family, betrayed by his nation, he was a victim
    of slaughter. As his last close friend, I felt it my duty to pass on his
    greatest success, this Song of Swords.”

    “I hope that these pills will help you on your path. Use
    them well and bring the Song of Swords to the forefront of the world! Please,
    for the sake of this old man and the betrayed creator of your Song,
    give us this last shout of defiance.”

    “The top four types of pills in the box are used to train the soul,
    so that your understanding of the Song may improve by leaps and bounds.” “The
    first can be used in the absorption stage, the second can be used during the
    manipulation stage, and the third can be used during the True stage, while the
    fourth will help you establish the Truth.”

    “The bottom four types of pills in the box are used to train the
    body. These pills are very precious, and it was only by sacrificing the lives
    of thousands of people that these pills were made. As you may or may not know,
    the average body can only handle one element of a Song.”

    “For example, most people in the Fire Kingdom can only train
    in a Song of Fire, because they were only born with the capability to accept
    this element. The same applies to the Water Kingdom, Air Kingdom, and Earth

    “However, there existed a small nation comprised of people with
    the element of the Sword, the Sword Kingdom. Alas, my friend was among the royalty of this Kingdom. Unfortunately, his family and friends were tricked by the other
    nations, and my friend was betrayed. Soon thereafter, the Sword Nation
    collapsed, and the vast majority of the citizens were killed. The land of the
    Sword Kingdom was divided amongst the other four nations, and its name has
    slowly faded from history.”

    “The Sword Kingdom had an important secret. With the
    consumption of certain pills, a descendant of the Sword element is able to
    train in more than one element. However, training in more than one element puts
    great strain on the body. As such, it is almost mandatory to consume a massive amount of pills.”

    “I have prepared the required pills for you. There are 200
    Fire Pills, 200 Water Pills, 200 Air Pills, and 200 Earth Pills. If you choose
    this path, you should train your body while consuming the Pills. Even if you
    choose to only train in one element, these pills will help you train in that
    element. But since you received the Song of Swords, it means that you are a
    descendant of the Sword element, so you are able to train in more than one. It
    is my wish, and probably my old friend’s wish as well, that you train in multiple
    elements to bring his Song to the pinnacle of the world, but it is
    understandable if you are not willing to do so.”

    “I would recommend only consuming one type of elemental pill
    at a time, as consuming multiple types at the same time could bring about
    adverse effects or even death. Also, you will receive a small power boost in
    the associated element after consuming a pill. If you are in a situation of
    life or death, you can use a pill to boost your fighting prowess during the battle. Just keep in mind that the pills are precious, and using too many in such a matter will mean that you will have less pills to use while properly training.”

    “Finally, look at the center of the box. In that small
    compartment is a ring. It may look like a bland wooden ring, but it is in fact
    a priceless treasure, capable of storing any item. The inside of the ring has a
    space of 729 cubic feet. To become the owner and to use it in the future,
    simply send a strand of your soul into the ring. If you are the first to do
    this, it will recognize you as its only owner, and not allow anyone else to
    access the items within.”

    “This is all I can do to help you, oh descendant of the
    Sword element.”

    And with that, the ghostly image faded into the air.

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    Chapter 6: The Way of the World

    Jia Yuan flopped backwards onto the ground.


    “This can’t be true can it? I’m a member of the Fire
    Kingdom, there is no way some Sword Kingdom ever existed, and there is even less
    of a chance that I am a descendant.”

    “Even if this is true, at present I am merely a slave.
    I don’t even have my own freedom, how am I supposed to find revenge for these two old men from god knows when in the past, and even if someday I have the strength to do so, should I?”

    “After all, I haven’t even heard of a Sword Nation. By
    this judgement, this extermination of the Sword Nation should have happened a long time ago in the past. Does it even matter anymore if this nation was exterminated? After all, wars happen all the time, and there will always be winners and losers…”

    “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter for now. The old man
    sure was kind to provide me with all these pills and even to give me a safe way to keep them by my side.”

    Jia Yuan faced the box and bowed. After all, even
    though the old man had his own personal reasons for helping Jia Yuan, the fact was still that he had done Jia Yuan a great service.

    Jia Yuan then took out the wooden ring from the box.
    As the old man had said, it looked overly ordinary, so ordinary that Jia Yuan
    even suspected the old man’s words. I
    guess I’ll just have to try what he said

    Jia Yuan sent a strand of his soul into the ring and

    Inside there was truly a space that looked like a
    box, 9 feet by 9 feet as the old man had said, with a ceiling that looked about 9 feet high as well.

    “What a treasure! Seems like I’ve really profited this

    Jia Yuan quickly deposited the box of pills into the
    ring, and looked around the cave once more. After verifying that there was
    nothing in the room, he promptly left.

    For now, I will
    spend my time training. All of those grandiose things the old man mentioned,
    there is no point worrying about them now. I’ll have enough time to worry about
    those when I’m strong.

    Jia Yuan ran out of the cave and sprinted towards Fire Hill Village. After all, he had spent a rather long time in the
    cave, and it was almost nighttime again.

    “Tomorrow, I’ll start training while taking the pills.
    Since the old man said that eating the pills will improve my soul and body, as
    well as my control over the elements, they should quicken my significantly. Normally, in a year I would probably be able to rise to the 2nd
    level of Absorption, but maybe with these I will be able to climb to the 3rd
    level of Absorption before I am sold to the Army.”

    “Ha, how happy would master be if that happened?”

    Jia Yuan arrived at the old hut, but what he saw
    inside horrified him.

    His kind master was lying on the floor of the hut,
    covered in cuts and bruises. He had clearly been attacked.

    “Master, what’s wrong? Who attacked you?”

    “Ah… Jia Yuan…I’ve lost everything…”

    “Master? What do you mean?”

    “The Zhao family… they saw that I had sold your older
    brother to the Army yesterday, so they sent their slaves to come rob me of the
    small fire shards… I tried to stop them, and so they attacked me.”

    “What?? The village won’t stand for it!”

    “That may be true, but the Zhao family is far too strong. Right now the Zhao family’s status
    is even higher than that of the village elder. Ah, whatever. The wounds aren’t
    life threatening… We’ll just have to make do.”

    Jia Yuan was angry about the incident, and rightfully
    so. Even though he did not know, many of the village residents had seen the
    Zhao family’s slaves march into his master’s house and bring out a large bag of
    fire shards.

    There are two reasons why the village was not willing or
    able to respond. First off, the Zhao family, when compared to others in the village, was comparatively large. The Zhao family itself had about 20 members, and they owned about 50 slaves. Second, their family head was overly
    strong. In fact, their family head had recently achieved the 7th
    level of Absorption. Even the village head was only at the 6th level
    of Absorption, so there was truly no way for the village to respond.

    “It is okay, Jia Yuan.” Said the master. “This sort of
    injustice exists throughout the world. If I wasn’t so weak, they Zhao family
    may not have decided to steal from me. But alas, I am unable to cultivate
    farther than the third level of Absorption… my body and soul are both truly too

    Jia Yuan nodded. “I understand master. In this world,
    the strong control the weak. However, over time, the weak may become the strong…
    Master, you have been kind to both me and big brother. One day, after I have
    joined the Burning Legion, I will make sure the Zhao family understands this

    The Burning
    Legion was the pride of the Fire Nation, so how could a common household even compare
    in reputation? 

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    Preview of Chapter 7: A Situation

    Jia Yuan helped his master dress his wounds as best he could
    and placed his master on the bed.

    He then walked towards the pot that his master always cooked
    congee in, and looked inside. Sure enough, there was congee, but it was cold.

    Jia Yuan sighed and took out a flame ember to light a fire for the pot. After all, hot congee is much tastier and more comforting than
    cold congee.

    However, the entire while, his heart was burning with rage.
    After all, the money that was stolen from his master was no small amount. It
    was several thousand small fire shards, more than enough for his master to live
    in comfort for the rest of his life. Not only that, but the fire shards were
    also acquired from selling Dou Di to the Army! It in a way represented Dou Di!

    In his heart, Jia Yuan made a vow.

    I will be strong!

    -2 Months later-

    Jia Yuan and his master were able to scrape by, despite
    being robbed by the Zhao family multiple times. The Zhao family was truly
    becoming more and more daring, and the rest of the village yearned for a chance
    to retaliate.

    Alas, they were too weak.

    Furthermore, every time the Zhao family robbed a villager,
    they increased their own power by purchasing slaves as well as pills.

    The villagers of Fire Hill Village were truly trapped. They
    did not have the strength to fight against the Zhao family, but if they did not
    fight against the Zhao family, they would only fall behind and suffer even

    At this time, Jia Yuan was practicing his swordplay about 50
    meters from the old shack.

    Despite having practiced for two months while consuming the soul
    cultivation pills provided the Elder, Jia Yuan was unable to progress to the 2nd
    level of Absorption. While advancing to the 2nd level of Absorption
    would usually take at least a year even for a cultivator of high talent, Jia
    Yuan had the help of a large supply of soul and body cultivation pills.

    “How can this be? I can feel myself stuck at the peak of the
    1st level of Absorption, but I can’t reach the 2nd level!
    I’m sure that my soul is strong enough, and after so much training, my body should
    be comparable to the peak of the 3rd level!”

    Jia Yuan desperately wanted to become stronger, so that he
    could defend his master from the Zhao family. After all, the two of them did
    not have many fire shards left, and if they could put up enough retaliation,
    the Zhao family would turn their heads to easier prey.

    Sighing in frustration, Jia Yuan returned to the shack.

    His master was sitting at the table inside the shack, gazing
    wistfully at a congee pot with a hole in the bottom. He noticed Jia Yuan
    entering, and called out to him. “Ah, Jia Yuan, I have an errand for you to

    “I need you to visit RockFire City and purchase a pot! I
    hoped to be able to fix this pot, but those bastards from the Zhao family
    really did a good job of breaking it…” –grumble-

    “Here is five fire shards to buy the pot with… we won’t have
    many left.”

    “It’ll probably take you a week to get there and back so I’ll
    just have to make do in the meantime. And Jia Yuan, I know you are strong, but
    do your best to keep safe and don’t antagonize anyone okay?”

    “Yes master, I’ll go get the pot and come back as fast as I
    can and I’ll do my best to keep safe, don’t worry. Should I go now or in the

    “If you leave now, you should be able to get to the other
    side of the forest, where it’ll be safe. If you wait until morning, it’ll be
    another night without hot congee. Go now.”


    As such, Jia Yuan promptly ran outside the shack, grabbed
    his wooden sword, and ran in the direction of the forest. What his master said
    was true, if Jia Yuan ran at a quick speed, he should be able to exit the
    forest before nighttime. As for if he was caught in the forest during nighttime…
    well, Jia Yuan didn’t want to think about it.

    After about three hours of running, the sun was about to
    set, and Jia Yuan panted as he exited the other side of the forest.

    If I remember
    correctly, I’ll see another village in another ten minutes or so…

    As Jia Yuan surmised, after 9 minutes of running, he did see
    another village.

    However, there were sounds of weapons clashing and it
    appeared that some of the buildings were on fire. At the same time, some
    children and women were running towards Jia Yuan, towards the forest.

    “This situation… The village must be under attack!”

    “A fight!”

    Jia Yuan’s blood boiled as he charged toward the village! 

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    Chapter 8: The Prelude

    As he neared the village, Jia Yuan’s nostrils filled with
    the smell of smoke and blood. Clearly, the fighting had resulted in quite some bloodshed already.

    Jia Yuan reached the edge of the village, and saw about ten
    bandits brandishing steel scimitars while chasing a group of children who looked to be less than 8 years old.

    “You bastards!” Screamed Jia Yuan as he charged at the

    When he came within a meter of the bandits, he
    dug his back foot in the ground and sent out an explosion of force to dash
    through the bandits, while drawing his wooden sword at the same time!

    This was the sword unsheathing method, which Jia Yuan had
    developed as an efficient way to begin his Dance. As such, Jia Yuan’s first
    real fight after acquiring a Song had begun.

    The dash propelled Jia Yuan through the ten bandits, and he
    sliced through all ten with a single strike of his sword.

    A bystander would have noticed that not only was Jia Yuan’s dash
    fast, but when he had propelled himself using his back foot, a fiery blaze
    exploded out from under said foot, adding to the force of the dash. In addition,
    his sword strike was not only fast and forceful, but his sword was surrounded
    by a thick fiery aura.

    As such was the power of a Song. Not only could Jia Yuan use
    the power of fire, but he would not be harmed his own fire, and this
    self-protection was even applied to his clothes and weapons.

    After slaying the ten bandits, Jia Yuan felt a surge of
    power course through his body.

    The 2nd level of Absorption!

    I guess I just needed
    some external stimulus huh.

    However, there seemed to be over a hundred bandits fighting
    about 50 men of the village. As for their strength, the ones that
    had been dispatched by Jia Yuan were the weakest. (which was why they were
    chasing children)

    It looks like this
    will be a fun battle.

    For the first time in his life, Jia Yuan was fighting to the
    death against other humans.

    For the first time in his life, he was fighting more than
    one opponent at once.

    For the first time in his life, he felt the joy of a battle.

    Although the above took a while to explain, it all happened
    within the span of about three seconds. In less than three seconds, a child at
    the age of 11, had slain 10 grown men, who despite being weak, were used to
    being bandits and had somewhat gotten used to using their scimitars.

    Unfortunately for them, none of them had acquired a Song,
    and thus had not reached even the 1st level of Absorption. As such,
    these grown men could not even compare to the child they had just been slain

    Jia Yuan finished surveying the surroundings and began
    sprinting to the villagers. After all, he had to do his best to keep them
    alive, or he himself may die from being surrounded bandits. In this battle, he
    and the villagers were makeshift allies.

    However, how could all of the bandits be so weak?

    In fact, the leader of the bandits was at the 5th
    level of Absorption, and his Song was currently suppressing the villagers.

    But alas, this is where Jia Yuan’s inexperience came in to

    Jia Yuan foolishly assumed that all of the bandits were at
    the strength of the bandits he had met previously, and charged into the midst
    of the fighting, trading blows with several bandits at once.

    Fortunately, Jia Yuan immediately realized his mistake when
    the first few bandits he encountered easily parried his blows.

    Shit! I made a
    mistake! I have to get out of here!

    Jia Yuan looked around him. He had unwittingly ran into an
    earlier conflict, and now he and 3 other villagers were surrounded by 5

    It looks like I will
    have to use my Song.

    Jia Yuan immediately calmed his soul, and prepared his Song.

    The villagers beside him noticed the change in this child’s
    demeanor and were shocked, questions emerging in their minds.

    “What? Such a young kid has acquired a Song?”

    “Is he a noble? But that can’t be, his clothes are tattered
    and faded! Even if he is a free man, he looks like a beggar!”

    “How strong is this kid? Is it enough to save us?”

    The 5 bandits surrounding Jia Yuan had not noticed the
    change within Jia Yuan, as they didn’t think much of this kid with a wooden
    sword who had joined the fray. After all, they didn't have time to, as they had three villagers standing in front of them with real weapons as well.

    For the first time in history, the Song of Swords was about to show its domineering ability.

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    Preview of Chapter 9: The Sea of Souls (1)

    At this moment, in
    the deepest reaches of Jia Yuan’s soul, the Song started with the sound of a drum.

    Jia Yuan’s eyes
    shut themselves, and he gave his soul to the Song.

    Two more drum hits

    And then, in an
    instant, a full Song sounded out!

    At that instant, in
    the outside world, Jia Yuan performed the sword unsheathing method.

    Not only was there
    a thick fiery aura around the wooden sword, but this time, the sword was
    engulfed in a raging inferno. This awe-inspiring scene caused the
    entire battlefield to turn their eyes to Jia Yuan.

    Everybody present
    said the same thing in their mind.


    Of course, Jia Yuan
    was currently in the midst of his Song, and he didn’t know what had
    just occurred on the battlefield. All he knew was that his Song was still
    playing, and he felt as if he was falling in a sea of darkness.

    In the outside
    world, Jia Yuan resembled a fire god as he tore through the ranks of the
    bandits, swinging his sword in a violent yet almost elegant manner. Jia Yuan was performing a Dance in accordance with the Song of Swords. Walls of fire were erected around him, and quite frankly, he was
    starting to do as much damage to the village as the bandits had.

    To the villagers and the bandits, it didn’t matter
    that it was a child with a wooden sword. What did matter, was that this child
    had killed nearly half of the bandits attacking the village! Not only that, but
    the simple wooden sword in his hand that was worth not a single small fire
    shard lit ablaze in the shape of an axe! This truly gave Jia Yuan
    the look of a god.

    “Retreat! Retreat!”

    “Get out of here,
    he’s a freaking demon!”

    Panicked shouts scattered
    through the bandits’ ranks, and they promptly began to run away. The bandit
    leader himself glared across the village at Jia Yuan before running away

    As the leader of several hundred bandits, he was a strong
    warrior at the 5th level of Absorption. This was more than strong enough to be a 400 or 500 man commander in the Army! But even he was not strong enough to cause
    the destruction that he had just witnessed. This sent a pang of jealousy and
    anger into his heart.

    He could not accept
    it! How could a common-looking child be so strong? How could a child possess so
    much destructive power? But so many of his followers, his comrades, had fallen
    to this child.

    It was truly hard
    for him to swallow. 

    Back at the village, Jia Yuan’s body abruptly stopped
    attacking the retreating bandits, and his body shuddered.

    Then, it stopped moving. Jia Yuan’s body erupted into flame,
    but he did not move. In fact, at this moment, he was achieving yet another

    Before he had entered the battle, his body was already
    strong enough to support the 3rd level of Absorption. With the help
    of the pills which he consumed almost daily, his soul was also strong enough to
    support the 3rd level of Absorption. In fact, Jia Yuan originally
    had a strong soul anyway, so with the help of the pills, his soul was almost
    strong enough to support the 4th level of Absorption! Such a speed of
    development could only be attributed to a genius of a noble family! For while a
    commoner could rely on their own speed, the prized geniuses of a noble family
    would have their development supplemented by a surplus of pills!

    Of course, how would anyone else know that Jia Yuan had
    previously acquired 1600 extremely high quality pills? As Jia Yuan exhibited the aura of the 3rd level of Absorption, the villagers
    could only attribute the combination of his strength and age to a freakishly
    high level of natural ability.

    As for why Jia Yuan broke through to the 3rd
    level of Absorption so quickly after being gated at the 1st level of Absorption, can be attributed to how he fought during
    the battle.

    What Jia Yuan had done by handing over control of his body
    over to the Song was extremely dangerous, which was why nobody else in the
    battle hand done it. However, Jia Yuan did not know about the dangers
    associated with this method.

    When Jia Yuan handed over control of his body to the Song,
    he was able to achieve a strength far higher than he would have if he had
    performed his Dance in accordance with the Song of Swords himself. After all,
    he was still absorbing the power of the Song, and while he trained well, he was
    only at the early stage of the Absorption level. How could his control of the
    Dance compare to the control of the Song itself? While the Song of Swords was
    not yet able to exhibit its true strength, it was able to fight to the
    utmost limits of Jia Yuan’s body.

    However, in return, he put his soul in jeopardy. When he
    handed control of his body to the Song, his own soul was swapped into where the
    soul of the Song usually resided, hence why he felt as if he was falling in a
    sea of darkness. How could his fledgling soul compare to that of the Song?
    The soul of the Song was made to live in this environment, whereas Jia Yuan’s
    soul was nowhere near close enough to being able to survive in this environment
    for long.

    To cultivate a strong understanding of the Song, one needed not only a strong soul, but one with depth. As such, doing what Jia Yuan had
    done, inadvertently moving his own soul to the sea of his Song, was the fastest
    way to train the depth of a soul. After all, what better place to understand
    one’s Song than the place their Song resides? However, it was also the most

    The feeling of drowning that Jia Yuan experienced was real.
    In fact, his own soul was drowning. This was the risk involved with this
    method. The “dark sea” that he was in was in fact a sea of souls. 

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    Chapter 10: Sea of Souls (2)

    Yes, the place where the souls of Songs lived in, was a sea
    of souls. It was a sea of two types of souls. The first type of souls were
    those that had used this method, and had fallen victim to the waves and had
    actually drowned. These souls could be found dispersed throughout the massive
    sea. The second type of souls, were the souls of those that had been slain by
    the owner of the Song and would be found in the part of the sea his Song
    resides. In this case, the souls of the beasts and bandits that had been slain
    by Jia Yuan were in his Song’s area of the sea. Over time, they would succumb
    to the Song, and would also drown. After the souls drowned, they would become
    part of the sea, and over time, the souls of the Songs would consume them.

    So how does one escape this sea? The only way is to keep
    part of one’s soul connected to the body, and then the appropriate time comes,
    whether one simply wants control of their body back, or they are about to
    drown, use this part of the soul to guide the rest of their soul back to the
    safe recesses of their body. In the process, the soul of the Song would also be
    returned to the sea of souls. Of course, this requires not only great control
    of one’s soul, but also requires a strong willpower that is able to convince
    the Song to leave their body.

    By some miracle, without knowing any of this Jia Yuan was
    able to pull his soul back into his body.

    At this moment, the fire blazing around his body began to
    shrink in size, and Jia Yuan opened his eyes and looked around.

    Everything around him, the ground, the houses, the grass.
    Everything was burnt, and some things were still on fire. Plumes of smoke rose
    into the air, and the smoke burned his nostrils.

    He looked to the side, and saw that some of the villagers
    that he had noticed fighting earlier were staring at him with unusual
    expression on their faces.

    “Um, why are you staring at me?”

    The villagers glanced at each other and collectively heaved
    a huge sigh. This kid didn’t even know what he had done!

    From their midst, a tall, middle-aged man stepped out.

    “Hello young sire, may we know your name? I am the eldest
    son of the village elder, and I will speak for him. My apologies that he is not
    here right now, but he should be coming back soon, as he evacuated the village
    along with the women and children when we first saw the bandits attacking.”

    Jia Yuan felt rather content at the words of this man. For
    his entire life, the only titles he had possessed were “child” and “slave.”
    Being called a young sire was far more respectful and heartwarming.

    “Greetings elder, my name is Jia Yuan. I just happened to be
    passing through here when I noticed the bandits attacking, so I decided to

    “Thank you for helping Jia Yuan. If it weren’t for your
    interruption, the village may have been overrun by the bandits and more people
    would’ve died. As nightfall is only about half an hour away, you are welcome to
    spend the night at the village. Much of our food was burned by the bandits and
    uh… um.. well don’t worry about it we still have enough I think.”

    “In the meantime, you can rest. Here, Wan Shi, your house
    should be on the unharmed part of the village, right? Could you be so kind to
    bring this young hero to rest at your house?”

    “Yes sir, I will do so.”

    “Come, young one. My wife was cooking some food for dinner
    when the bandits attacked. If you like, we can eat some of what she finished
    before they come back, or we can wait about an hour for the villagers to get
    them back and for her to finish cooking… I don’t know how to cook myself.”

    And so, Jia Yuan followed this man to his house. Along the
    way, he secretly sent a bit of his soul into his ring, and took out an
    Absorption level soul pill and a Fire based body pill. He then glanced at the
    man, and when the man looked away, he popped the two pills into his mouth and
    swallowed them.

    He let out a sigh inside his heart, for he instantly felt
    much better. After all, even though he was not conscious during the battle, the
    Song had exerted his body to the utmost, and after spending just two minutes in
    the darkness, his mentality was also exhausted. The pills helped greatly in the

    While this was happening, they had arrived in front of Wan
    Shi’s house, and Jia Yuan took a look at the exterior before he walked in.

    It was decidedly nicer than his master’s old shack, and
    despite the strong smell of smoke outside, the house was insulated enough that
    the smell of smoke wasn’t too much, and it still smelled of the delicious food
    had been cooking just twenty minutes prior.

    Jia Yuan noticed two smaller mattresses on the ground and
    asked, “Do you have kids?” while motioning toward the smaller mattresses.

    “Mm. They look to be around your age… speaking of which,
    just how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”

    “I’m going to be turning 12 within the year.”

    The man didn’t seem to be too surprised, as he was expecting
    such an answer, but he still less loose a long sigh.

    “Whoo… sorry to ask further, but what kind of status do you

    Jia Yuan was puzzled. There was a sort of waver in the man’s
    voice that conveyed some sort of emotion.

    Jia Yuan realized! The man was afraid of him! But why? His
    mind went back to the scene he saw when he was awoken from the Sea of Souls. 

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    Chapter 11: A Test Meal

    Could it be, that the obvious signs of destruction he had
    seen were caused by himself? Impossible! He was only at the 2nd

    What?? When did I
    progress to the 3rd level of Absorption? How did I progress so fast? But, there's still no way I could cause such a scene!

    Jia Yuan only just realized that he had progressed, which
    was rather normal. When he had progressed to the 3rd level of
    Absorption, his soul was still in the process of returning to his body and he
    was not yet aware of any changes in his body.

    But still, this speed was simply too frightening! Wan Shi
    didn’t know, but Jia Yuan understood that he had progressed from the 1st
    level of Absorption to the 3rd level of Absorption in mere minutes!

    Usually, progressing required hours upon hours of training
    in both the body and the soul. In addition, although Jia Yuan did not know, the
    Song of Swords had the rather dangerous requirement of only being able to
    progress when the owner’s life was in sufficient danger. For example, a battle
    or a fight to the death.

    Jia Yuan realized that his body and mind must have been put
    through an even higher level of exertion than he had imagined, and at the same
    time realized that he had been the cause of the destruction. Come to think of
    it, when he came to, the ground around himself had been covered by scorch marks
    and the bodies of dead bandits.

    Quick, I need an

    Wan Shi was still standing in front of Jia Yuan, puzzled at
    his silence. He was starting to feel as if he had asked too much.

    “It’s okay, young one. If you do not wish to answer, it is
    fine. I was just curious and I shouldn’t of asked so much.”

    “Nono, mister. It is just that I only just realized that I
    had caused the destruction I saw earlier. I am very deeply sorry.”

    “It is fine young sir, it is just as the Elder’s son said.
    If you hadn’t intervened, we definitely would’ve suffered many more losses and
    may even have been wiped out. If that had happened, it truly would have been
    tragic. At least with your help, we should be able to survive.”

    Jia Yuan calmed down, and he and Wan Shi swapped some small
    talk until the women and children of the village returned.

    A woman burst through the door of the house, followed by a boy and a girl, both looking to be around Jia Yuan’s age.

    “Honey, are you alright?”

    “I’m alright, I’m alright. Look at you, worrying so much.
    Hey, calm yourself, we have a guest!”

    “Oh! Sorry! How are you?”

    She turned to look at Jia Yuan. What she saw puzzled her. Why
    was child who was obviously not from the village in her house? Why were his
    clothes so tattered?

    “Honey, meet Jia Yuan, Jia Yuan, meet my wife Guo Yi. Dear,
    if it wasn’t for this child, the village may have been overrun.”

    “Truly?” Guo Yi faced Jia Yuan and bowed “Thank you for
    saving the village! Here, we’ll treat you to a feast!”

    Wan Shi was actually a rather successful farmer, and so
    while his family was not able to be wasteful, they could acquire some extra
    food for occasions such as these. Thankfully, their farm was on the far side of
    the village, and had not been harmed by the bandits.

    Guo Yi was still confused, but she went to prepare the feast
    for Jia Yuan. She decided that she would ask her husband about it later.

    After about half an hour of preparation, she had finally
    prepared all of the dishes.

    Jia Yuan had been watching the entire time, and at this
    point, the dishes he saw on the table combined with the aromas floating through
    the air had caused him to salivate tremendously.

    Guo Yi saw, and laughed. “Alright everyone, dinner is ready!

    Everyone crowded around the table of dishes and started
    eating. As for Jia Yuan, he started wolfing down the world as his he had six stomachs.

    How can you blame him? He was a slave, and only ever ate
    congee. His meal with piece of unseasoned meat was probably the best meal he
    had ever had as a slave. Now, in front of him, he had vegetable congee, eggs,
    and various meats, along with some fermented cabbage: kimchi.

    The eggs and meats were beautifully seasoned, and the smell
    was mouth-watering. The kimchi looked beautiful as well.

    However, this in part was a trap laid by Guo Yi and Wan Shi.
    They were very curious as to what kind of background Jia Yuan had, and
    tableside manners are a great indication.

    If he was a noble or even an evicted son of a noble family,
    he should have great table manners. With the strength he had shown earlier, Wan
    Shi was almost completely convinced that Jia Yuan was in some way connected to
    a noble.

    However… the way this child ate was simply too unrefined! 

  • I promise it'll be worth it :D Thank you for reading!
  • Is he only training fire right now?
  • I will keep reading
  • @Raizen: Yep, he's only training fire right now! He's not strong enough to be able to train in another element for now.

    @iEatpotatoes Thanks! Hope you continue to enjoy it ^.^

    Unfortunately I don't think I can get a third chapter out because I got contacted about some work, but I'll try my best to do an additional chapter either tomorrow or Friday!
  • Mooncake said:

    @Raizen: Yep, he's only training fire right now! He's not strong enough to be able to train in another element for now.

    @iEatpotatoes Thanks! Hope you continue to enjoy it ^.^

    Unfortunately I don't think I can get a third chapter out because I got contacted about some work, but I'll try my best to do an additional chapter either tomorrow or Friday!

    I also like the fact that instead of giving all elements at once your giving time with each one
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