Wuxiaworld has probably saved my life..

Good Evening everyone, I have a bit of a weighty story to tell but in the end it leads to the happiness I have gained from the novels provided on this website.

I'll try to be brief, in 2014 I had a breakup with a woman I was with for 2 years. After that I had a bit of a...problem, I got into drugs, I got addicted to Coke. In February of this year I had did my last line and all of a sudden my heart started beating uncontrollably and i felt a deep pressure appear on the left side of my body all the way down. I thought I was having a heart attack. E.R. found no problems and said i was just having an axiety attack...From that day on i felt that pressure every day, sometimes the pressure would build up and as it did i would actually have a hard time thinking clearly and get lightheaded. 5 trips to the E.R. over the next few months I was always told something similar, that my heart was doing just fine...

So what was that pressure that I felt 24/7 all day, every day since february? In the meantime I still had cravings for coke, I knew that whatever issue I had could only get worse if i continued so i needed something to make me forget about that addiction. And one day I was introduced to Coiling Dragon, immediately I fell in love. Once I got caught up with that I moved on to MGA, ATG and ISSTH etc... Basically Wuxiaworld took up all my time and I was able to forget about wanting any drugs...About a month ago I noticed the pressure started to dissipate, and as it did my vision and thoughts have also started to clear up and also sometimes i can hear a sound in my head like water being slowly drained through a straw...And so i recently realized that pressure i feel all the way down my body seems to be originating from my head...in other words some kind of brain damage most likely. T

Luckily every day now that pressure is slowly fading away and now as I type I barely feel it...but what would have happened if I never found wuxiaworld and been able to stave off my addiction? I really want to say I feel your novels have probably saved my life so thank you..really.


  • You should thank all the translators by PMing them instead of making a thread xD

    It'll be easier for them to see your message then ;3

  • Hey, glad to read your story. You should really get that checked out, though - it might not have been a heart attack, it might have been a minor stroke, aneurysm, or something.
  • That's a really amazing story. I wish you luck in continued recovery and am really happy to be able to bring some joy to your life through ISSTH!
  • You may have touched even non English speakers

    I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers in Jesus name. Amen!
    ISSTH- Very good...lost its heart but might be finding it again or maybe its in fan service phase
    SOTR- Great 
    COL- good..  fails at romance.

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