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  • Hello to everyone! I would like to ask the admins of Original Stories some help regarding my own posted story. I can't seem to find the answer for this because I have tried posting the second chapter multiple times and it says that it should wait for the post to be check or moderated by the admins. My Bible Academia Challenge 1st chapter and 3rd chapter all seem to be okay. Please help me what do i need to do?!
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    Contact the admins through PM. Generally they try to check posts for spam if it's too long >_<
    Edit: Oh wow this was in February, so I guess you already got it resolved. Nvm.
  • I just trying to post a thread before, but get removed. What do i do wrong, how can i submit my story here?
  • Hey, so I keep trying to post my chapters on my story. It keeps saying that it has to be approved. It has been about 24 hours but nothing has been posted yet. Is it a bug or am I just impatient? 

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    It has been a couple days since I first attempted to post my chapters. I have tried multiple times but still, nothing goes through. I would really like this to work, does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

    Edit: I was able to post my first chapter in 600-word increments, but after posting the first four sections, it no longer works. Again it is giving me the same issue of saying it needs to be approved but nothing is posted. 
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    hi new here, ive written a couple chapters on google docs and its about ~15k words. could i just create a new discussion and post the doc link lol nevermind, just figured out how the spoiler thing works.

    edit: well, my first chapter has been waiting approval for a day now so.. i've just linked my google doc for all the chapters i have atm
  • My novel is yet to be approved. It's been like two weeks, but nothing changed. It would be greatly helpful if someone could tell me what's going on...
  • I have a question that is more on the business side, and I know that RWX said that they wanted us to write stories due to wanting to share them. I want to be an author as my side job instead of normal side jobs in college. I want to know how much money original authors make on wuxia world, or is that info not able to be shared with the public? 
  • Wanted to check, I'm posting 15 chapters here as a test to see if there's interest.  Is that okay?  I have it published elsewhere, and don't want to publish it here and have to worry about updating two sites if there isn't enough interest.  That's why I want to do the test first. 
  • how do i post an original story ? or urr where do i do dat 
  • Can anyone help me with the approval thing it has been 3 days and nothing got approved? It breaks my mood to continue posting here.
  • GreakArk said:
    Can anyone help me with the approval thing it has been 3 days and nothing got approved? It breaks my mood to continue posting here.
    As above, is the approval thing working or is there an issue or something?
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