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  • What chapter did bebe meet nene again?
  • Can you give me a summary on what will happen in book 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
  • In whats left of book 17 nini comes back and has a daughter wih bebe , linley becomes a highgod and a sovereign stops the 8 great clans.
    Book 18: linley goes back to yulan plane and after that he goes to the ghost/death realm and searchesfor a sovereign to help him revives his friends/ father.
    Book 19:  he participates with bebe in a war between realms so he can get badges to revive his friends. Also thats where he gets his soul mutation.
    Book 20: He start gathering some beads to exchange them with the revival of grandpa dohring.
    Book 21: He learns that grandpa dohring cant be revived and instead he chooses to get some uber sword. Then beirut gives him 2 sovereign sparks The radiant sovereign gives him his mother back.Later he learns that his mother is still under control and can only be freed if the radiant sovereign dies or he releases all the angels. Then he kills the radiant sovereign. And gets a 3rd soveregn spark i think, or he first gets the spark and kills the sovereign. Anyway i nthe end he learns that the radiant sovereign actually comes from an unique kind of race which can split their soul/body in 2 and become different people. Anyway his other part is actually kinda the strongest sovereign and linley ends ends being almost killed, when he kills another sovereign and gets his last spark and he becomes an u.c. 
  • Which friends will he revive?
  • Yale/george, his father, dixie and bebe's parents.
  • Why did Yale and dixie die?
  • What is the plane war?
  • Yale and dixie were killed by one of the 5 kings from gebados prison, Odin. 
    Its a war that happens once 1 million years or 100 million years i think . And its between 2 planes. Lasts 1000 years and asuras/ commanders idk how they are called the ones like reisgem that guy who gives Linley his black stone , can participate in it together with their subordinates. Each commander gets a commander's badge and the other get soldier's badge. Linley needs to collect 1 commander's badge for each person he wants to revive.
  • How did Odin escape in the prison and why did he killed Yale and dixie?
  • How many badge did he get?
  • Its not said how he escaped. He killed them because he killed almost anyone at saint rank and above so he could rule the plane. Escaped the one who were at Baruch kingdom because beirut intervened.
    6 badges.
  • Why can't he revive grandpa dogging and what sword did he get what'd the used
  • Did linley kill Odin?
  • Is he the strongest in the plane war?
    Who organize the war?
  • At the end yea he is the strongest.
    Sovereigns organize it.
  • If he is the strongest why didn't he get more than 6 badge?
  • He kills his clone in the yulan plane when he goes there at beginning of book 18 and his other clone is killed by yale after linley revives him and gives him a drop of sovereign's might so he becomes strong enough. Grandpa cant be revived because his soul was extinguished when he did that attack, only can make another copy of him. The sword is something above sovereign artifacts, much stronger. With those beads he collected in book 20 he calls one of the life forces created by the u.c. ( something like a bot lol ) and he gets one of his wishes realized. He first asked for grandpa and then for the sword.
  • Who is the uc
  • universe creator
  • what was people's reaction to Linley becoming a sovereign? Namely the reaction of 4dbc?
  • What is the life force?
    Linley will be a uc right will he be the same as the uc that your talking about?
  • What about Beirut? His power level? How does he end up?
  • Coiling Dragon U.C = Hong Meng, which kinda is the same as a Swallowed Star character, but I do not know if they're the same person.

    Beirut stays a Sovereign.
    Linley kills both of Odin's clones because Yale could only hurt him not kill him (he really beat Odin shitless with his fists lol).
  • How did Yale become strong?
  • Water, earth, fire, wind. What about the lightning? What experts have studied the laws of lightning? what laws of lightning existed?
  • @Crimson0945, Linley gave Yale a Sovereign Might, which he used to beat Odin up with, he didn't have enough power elsewise.

    @Fable Lightning is a mystery of Light. Linley met one Seven Star Fiend who is close to the Asura level that trains in the Profound Truths of Lightning.
  • What is his base power?
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    Lightning is its own element bro. 7 elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light and Darkness.

    In addition to Lomio, Fain (Yulan plane's Saint) and that guy in the Castle of Sand who forced Linley to use his first SM trained in Lightning .Coincidently, the two used "lightning dragons" to attack, which likely is the most basic Essence of Lightning. Aside from that, I don't think IET ever developed the system in CD (like he never did with many others).
  • What happen to Leylin?
  • @Crimson0945, Leylin became a Paragon and helps Linley in the war in next book.
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