When does Zheng Zha unlock the 4th and 5th restraint

And is there a 6th restraint? Also, I know he dies in Nightmare on Elm Street, But can I have some details on that? And does Lou Gando end up betraying the team?


  • 6th stage is the ultimate goal of the Saints. God's dimension is an attempt by the saints at cultivating someone that can break the 5th stage barrier. God itself is probably around early to mid of the 5th stage.

    Zheng gets killed in his dream. I can't remember this one.

    Gando won't betray the team.
  • @A0132 Thanks~
    Also, The person who is about to break through to the 5th restraint mentioned in the latest translated volume is Zheng Zha's clone right? How does things end between them? And why was his talent suddenly boosted when Lori was created (Enough for him to be cloned into team Devil)?
  • I think clone Zheng is the closest to 5th stage at the current point in the novel. Adam is 4th stage but its not known how far he is right now. There are a few more at 4th stage right now.

    I think willpower is a strong determinant on a person's potential.

    As to what happens between the two Zheng's, keep in mind that the clones are exact clones at the point they are cloned. Being in team Devil doesn't actually turn anyone bad. For someone like Xuan, his clone and him are almost exactly the same person. Clone Zheng is seeking redemption from Zheng and Zheng tries to relieve him in the final battle.
  • I see, so I am guessing it has something to do with the fact of how Zheng wanted to bring Lori back to the real world? or maybe just meeting her again gave him a will to live, considering God only picks people who have thought about Suicide before?
  • In the final war ,with the help of yingkong.
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