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  • Rewrite said:
    My entire gripe with Lingxi was her whole spiel on how he should save FJ (for no legitimate reason), only to find out later that FJ is a huge problem. CY and SL aren't useful per se, but they aren't irritating and potentially detrimental to YC, which makes them alright in my book.  

    I don't know why you guys keep blaming Lingxi for these things. If Yun Che had killed Juechen back at the Burning Heaven Clan's extermination arc, he'd need to face Wentian (who'd be crazy 'cause his 1000 years plot was spoiled). With Juechen dead, Lingxi would be raped at the Divine Phoenix Empire's invasion and don't forget that if Juechen had not showed up, Xue'er and Yun Che would already be dead under Wentian's hands after Jasmine was gone.
  • Suryansh said:
    Well, hopefully the cockroach dies. Please no more power ups for the Harem, I hate it when the love interest get power ups for no reasons and are always stronger than the MC. 99% the first wife is probably already sovereign peak or half divine realm. No way Mar's is going to make her weaker than the others.  A lot of his harem members are already special, a normal love interest is nice for a change. At least that way there wont be forced separation for 100's of chapters. FJ is far too hated by the readers to play a prominent part in the story later and no way LDE lets him live even if YC spares him. 
    If there are no more "Power Ups" to Harem, that would be dangerous if someone tried to take revenge on Yun Che, his enemies could easily grab the girls and Rape,Kill or Kidnap them for Leverage over Yun Che, thus giving him a huge weakness. It's actually good that the Harem Powers Up, We've seen Two Star Gods come to PSC, who's to say others won't come.

    Wentian easily grabbed Little Aunt and almost killed her, if it wasn't for Fen Juechen's intervention, she would've died. Imagine what would Happen to Yun Che had that happened. And Wentian might've not even stopped there, he could've grabbed them one by one and killed Everyone.
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  • Finally, a new harem member!
    "What fun would it be to become the king of the Tower? Tell Zahard to keep his boring seat. I will get out of the Tower." - Urek Mazino
  • Phew~ finally updated the rankings.
    "What fun would it be to become the king of the Tower? Tell Zahard to keep his boring seat. I will get out of the Tower." - Urek Mazino
  • Meat toilet  :D :D :D
  • Who's the new member? 
  • ? Who really is the new member
  • Delano said:
    ? Who really is the new member

    Guy called Feng Mo is a new harem member. We had almost every cliche type of girls (tsundere, kuudere, senior sister, junior sister, royalty, older loli, loli master, younger master, girl from previous life, not-blood related incest) and soon there are going to be 2-3 (milf master, fellow disciple, apprentice) more to finally fill the entire list so now Mars is going with boys. Feng Mo is "Junior Brother who admires his Senpai" and people speculate that Big Brother Hanyi will be his 2nd to fill space for either "Senpai who noticed his Junior Brother" or "Trap". Hanyi has very femine looks after all...
  • Will Su Zhixi be part of Yun Che's Harem? Been waiting for YC to marry Lingxi.
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