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  • Yeah, YC actually attacks with strategy instead of just rushing in against overwhelming force. But I bet you its CW and BB that gave him the idea.
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    Zhou Zuxhi got a part of his reckoning it seems. Qyanie Fantian is stuck at home because of the Southern Territory aggression (but has some trump card in an "old ancestor"?). Star God Realm won't come because Caizhi scared them home.

    Only help for Eternal Sky should be Moon God Realm... but then, they are busy chasing after Shui Meiyin?

    I have a hunch that the "escape" of Shui Meiyin is a trap set by Xia Qingyue. She cast Jinyue away under the pretense of anger only to save her and her family.

    That Shui Meiyin would escape right at this moment is too convenient. The Moon God realm dispersed their forces in search of her so as to lure Yun Che in.

    And he's going to fall right in. Before being saved by a woman again, probably.
  • Well Mars may have made YC an idiot, but he really knows how to write revenge scenes and decent fight scenes, so at least ATG is entertaining again. Now wonder who YC will target next? The Moon God realm seems the obvious target.
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    Well Mars may have made YC an idiot, but he really knows how to write revenge scenes and decent fight scenes, so at least ATG is entertaining again. Now wonder who YC will target next? The Moon God realm seems the obvious target.

    I doubt he can out-scheme Xia Qingyue at the moment. She got the memories of all the previous Moon God Emperors IIRC. If he attacks the MGR, he's running right into a trap.
  • I suspected Luo Guxie was really Luo Changsheng's mother even though officially she is his aunt. However I thought this was because of an incestuous relationship between Guxie and her brother Luo Shangchen. However the plot is even more interesting. Ha.

    It turns out Shangchen killed Guxie's lover on the order of the previous ruler because he was not worthy of her.  Unfortunately she was already pregnant with Changshen, and then killed Shangchen's wife and son in revenge and replaced the son with her own. 

    I think the Holy Eaves realms has got more problems to deal with than fighting YC.
  • LC's father was a painter from a lower star realm....lulz. This is just trolling LC at this point.
  • Can someone explain the fight between YC and XQ ?
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    Guys if you wanna discuss ATG raws check out the discord in the ATGA wiki. Tons of fans out there i just joined and found it helpful cause i see activity in this thread is pretty low already compared few years back.

    khaghsam said:
    Can someone explain the fight between YC and XQ ?
     If i were to summarize, its something like this:
    1. They started proding and testing each other's powers. XQY focus all along was to kill QY. 
    2. Suddenly XQY revealed her trump card which is the purple moon domain successfully trapping YC & QY. In that realm she is quite invincible. Ill leave out the details of the realm for the translations cause its a hassle. 
    3. QY is about to get slaughtered. YC released full power heretic god inheritance which is the combine power of fire wind ice lightning darkness. 
    4. XQY lost and fled to that black hole in the god realm of beginning.
  • YC and YQ confront XQ. YC runs his mouth and then destroys the Moon God Realm. XQ mutters some crap about destiny. They start fighting, YC dosn't release the Yama Ancestors from the ark because he wants to "personally" get revenge. They clash multiple times with basic sword attacks. YC confirmed God Emperor lvl at lvl 10 DS. XQ opens up a domain that only the first Moon God Emperor ever activated, it's power is close to a true god and suppresses opponents. XQ then starts to beat the crap out of both YC and YQ, trying very hard to kill YQ. YC has some flashbacks then activates domains of every element cept light and earth. Causing the laws to become chaotic, resulting in the collapse of space and XQ's domain. She can open the domain because of NPEB and burning her life force. Destroying the domain severely wounds her. During this whole process YQ is attacking her like crazy and they both receive wounds. The battle ends and YC is happy and about to kill her, then sees her face and starts to feel pain, then hatred. Because of his hesitation she enters the Vanishing Moon Palace and flees into the GROAB. They pursue.
  • What the heck is all this mission about? And did XQ had a shard of samsara mirror? It sounds as if XQ was there just to push YC to the limit so he grows stronger? And now what are chances of XQ not dying or being born again???
  • fuck XQ,  hope she dies as ugly as hell...

  • I am going to make a wild hypothesis. XQ wanted to kill YC because she secretly knows about the mirror of samsara and thinks he will be resurrected by that item and will come back stronger in the next life and more wary of the divine realm. Unfortunately it didn't go to plan and YC comes back stronger in this life.
  • Who would believe XQ is dead?
  • Just caught back up to 1747, authors note is hilarious...
    Yue Wuji is the fastest man in Moon God Realm :D
  • anything new i left off where blue star planet disappeared any hints on it and xia?
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