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    I bet YC is going to change Zhou Qingchen into a devil and make his father the Eternal heaven realm king kill him.
    That was the exact same thought that came to my mind. Nothing but a teaser of what's to come. In one year he can increase 3 levels of cultivation at the sovereign level by refining divine master beast. Thats freaking cheating
  • Its about to go down. I think he will fight that guardian and somehow the prince escapes giving him the chance to tell eternal heaven how powerful YC had become.
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    Interesting that it doesn’t specify which “heaven smiting sword” was used... if you’er then the half dead should’ve been fully dead already as emperor sword is the natural counter to all non devils. At least some mention of additional damage; it is the only emperor sword in existence. If hong’er then... why? Using emperor sword up north on devils earlier and devil slayer here on non-devils? 

    Lets see see who gets to the battle first... DMR from eternal sky realm or CaiZhi...
  • So either YC is still an idiot and attacks against overwhelming odds and survives due to plot device, or Mars is going to cut  him a break and YC knows something that hasn't been revealed to the readers yet which allows him a decent change of winning. I hope its the latter, because retard Che is really getting on my nerves after YC started off being a pretty smart character.
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