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  • After thinking about it I realized that the Wood Spirit clan reminds me of the Phoenix clan in Blue Wind Empire, their definitely in that Forest for a reason. I wouldn't be surprised if they are guarding or being protected by some powerful Divine Earth Soul fragment…… who just so happens to be in possession of the Evil God's Earth Seed! (OK that last part is just a personal wish of mine. :sweat:)
  • Anybody else have issue with YC's characterization.  When has he ever killed an innocent in cold blood. The fact that he serioualy considered killing the boy is whack.
  • @Ophis
    He has one, big DEAD world. As long as he doesn't have sufficient source of the energy ark will be sidetracked. Also, the problem is responsibility itself. Can you imagin Yun Che taking care of them in situation where he is on the run and his death equal to their deaths? Not to mention that it's preety much pointless to do anyway - it's not like he is planning to use them in any meaningful way or make them his subjects. 

    @Jonny the Nightmare
    I'm on board with you here - Earth Seed would be nice. But at the very least give us the explanaition about actual nature of this energy in ATG universe - arts, logic behind, uses... I swear to God, if it's turn out to be useful only to grow potatoes I'll write a letter of complain to Mars.

    He slaughtered entire cities after Yun Ge died during his second life. According to rough estimation he could killed hundreds of million of people - only in one day he killed few millions and he was doing it for years. And only few of them were his enemies.
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    The distinction to me is that YC has killed innocent people as collateral when taking revenge. The people he killed with the SPP, lived in cities that probably had the sects and clans that killed his master. In that case of revenge, he would be viewing the entire city as his enemy. Same case for when he viewed the entire Burning Heaven Clan as his enemy.

    This case is different, this is one innocent child. YC has no relation with him. Killing him can help make a help go see Jasmine, really its not even that important. Its just insane to me. A person has to be messed up in the head, like a stereotypical lecherous evil bad guy, to even contemplate this.
  • I hate it when Mars tries to force " YC is a good guy" when im reading. Its really cringed worthy.
    As much as i liked the destruction of the Burning Heaven clan , he slaughtered babies/children/wifes/disciples/elderly who were mostly innocent and had no part in any of the conflict at hand. And he killed them all just so he can make a statement.
  • Whatever... Mars just making a plot so YC can access to He Ling panties
  • Uh getting the wood spirit to the ark sounds like a good idea, that or bring them to BPS. If im not mistaken the ark do have profound beast living in there because when YC and Xue'er went in there the first time they had to fight profound beast in there so the ark should be somewhat habitable im just not sure if the wood spirit race can live in there but imo prob fine. Even if YC died theres still Hong'er so the ark can still be controlled, YC lived in there for months he was fine =].
    @vincent17c ; totes
    Well YC stopped at the end didnt he. Sides, things went like this
    YC: "Yeah lets get some wood spirit bead, I mean sure its from a living thing but so does meat and other stuff so its fiiiiiiiine"
    Ji Ruyan: " Sup guys this time we have a royal wood spirit so we didnt bother killing him, you guys dont mind rite?"
    After YC bought He Lin
    He Lin (puppy dog eyes intensifies)

    So yeah, its not that bad lol. Its not like YC eats puppy for breakfast, he just went to get some organic material for the jade. If you think about it , how is it different with the dragon? The horned dragon never left the FGBP, but we still hunt and kill it brutally, now since its a 10 years old wood spirit everyone suddenly think its bad....they are both innocent.

  • @Bluekirby
    If you think about a little bit more moral dilemma like this one is very dependent on environment, culture and your own beliefs. Logically speaking killing him was a good call here especially in the world where everyone would do that. Also, Yun Che's own view on himself was showcased here very well... It all affected this and really presented us with good look how degenerated this world really is and how much it affected someone like our MC. Generally speaking it was very normal and well thought plot by Mars.
  • The only purpose of the wood spirit bead is to ensure that he can blend the ingredients for the universe pill together at a higher success rate. With the SPP does he really need a meager wood spirit bead?

    This whole wood spirit side arc tells me Mars will use it as a way to introduce earth power before YC develops an affinity to it. 
  • This looks like a perfect place for earth seed, doesn't it? Though I still have a feeling that it will be back home in the mine where crystal was mined
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    New chapter is out.

    Well, we got our bead and preety tear-jerking chapter for ATG standards. I wish that he will get something more from this trip that bead though. 
  • YC gets his bead altho its not royal bead.
    Penta jade 3/5 complete
    You know, one of the ingredient is immortal emperor grass and we have here a wood spirit race....hnmm
    It is said that He Ling is gentle but have a heart of vengence.
    If she is found by YC later on she would live with the clan, unless.... eh im getting bad vibes and seeing death flags everywhere

  • " He Ling:
    Age 19
    Last member of the Wood Spirit Clan's Royal Family, after being saved by Yun Che she steels her heart and decides to ask him to be her Master.
    Disposition: Frail and delicate on the outside, however, when it comes to taking revenge, she'll spare no effort and use all kinds of methods. "
     Last member of the royal family, not the whole clan ... If someone dies, it's her brother ...
  • i think mar might of had a change in plans and is doing the story differently from what he originally planned to do from what more than half a year ago, after all we only got a bunch of names and a bit of information. Mars could of changed the way he was going to do it before
  • Change or not Yun Che really needs something good right now. Bead is going to be useless probably for months if not years. His power up was nice and all things he got from what SSR were definitely very handy, but to be honest other than new Stealth technique it was all upgrade rather than something really new and exciting. Would be nice to see something truly new not related to fire and Ice...
  • I hear ya Shiro, rooting for wind myself though will see how it goes, honestly anything other than more fire and ice lol. Despite the mood of the chapter I felt it was really out of character for YC, regardless of how pure they are, he just meets these people and is like "here's all my element arts, oh and here's my profound handle too". Feels odd to me having him show many of his secrets like that on first meeting.
  • ^ Who are they going to tell? From Yun Che's perspective the wood spirit race are in hiding from the rest of the world and they seem to be ignorant of the outside world and what he's doing does not go against what MX told him not to show to others. (SGBS)
  • I see a whole clan destruction (except one) Death Flag. Hope I'm Wrong.
  • I see a whole clan destruction (except one) Death Flag. Hope I'm Wrong.
  • Bluekirby said:
    Anybody else have issue with YC's characterization.  When has he ever killed an innocent in cold blood. The fact that he serioualy considered killing the boy is whack.

    I think that might be the devil core acting up?
  • New Chapter is out !
  • Basically more death flag... and more confirmation that Brahma realm is the most powerful enemy to YC currently. They hunt Royal bead maybe its for the Goddess? She harbors delusion of becoming a True God after all...
    That reminds me, some of the skills YC have, has human limitation. Like Hades is the most a human body can handle, level 6 of GWOTB is the most human can cultivate, etc. But in God Realm so far no human have successfully became a god, closest is DMR and prob Dragon Realm King is the closest to become a god.
    What im trying to say is that even though the road to DMR is far for YC, he is reaching the limit of human cultivation soon. So perhaps he might become a god before before he achieves DMR, its not too impossible with his dragon god body and EG vein, not to mention Ice Phoenix promises him her entire power.
    Maybe after becoming a god YC can cultivate beyond level 10 of GCROTBW, since it was hinted that level 10 is not complete.
  • New chapter is out, I suppose. Am I missing something or did no-one really left a comment an entire hour after the chapter came out?
  • RIP wood spirit elves. Really isn't YC's fault. Once He Lin was captured, his entire clan was doomed.
  • Rip wood spirits 
    Death flag all around, i guess they will detonate themselves
    Hmm, heaven fate clan was mentioned back then with FCA thousand year calamity, so i guess MB went there once specifically for FCA? 
  • So enemies kill children > MC blames himself > killing spree
    MC returns in time > save everyone > is hunted down
  • Sparteh said:
    So enemies kill children > MC blames himself > killing spree
    MC returns in time > save everyone > is hunted down
    pray for the 2nd
  • Little guy needs to die but I don't see a reason for slaughtering entire clan.
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    Little guy needs to die but I don't see a reason for slaughtering entire clan.
    That's weird because I see absolutely no real reason he needs to die. 

    Until now Yun Che has managed to save practically every beautiful girl he fancied even in the most dire situation but now somehow his plot armour isn't working in favour to save this innocent 10-11 year old boy?

    If Mars kills off this little boy just so he can make the new heroine seem more relevant I would be very irritated by that, it's already bad enough how he handled the MX situation.
  • @Jonny the Nightmare
    Well, Yun Che's new disciple is last survivor of Royal Family according to spoilers so I can't see a way for him to survive. But I agree with you.- this plot starts to look grim for no reason other than giving new heroine a creepy background...
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