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  • Anyone else really excited to see Mu Xuanyin and Yun Che bickering back and forth as master/disciple.

    I've been waiting for so long.
  • what other power up could have yunchen in the future?
    what level of power have weitian when he fought yunchen?
  • hugh said:
    what other power up could have yunchen in the future?
    what level of power have weitian when he fought yunchen?
    Well your question is a bit tricky.
    1 . Yunchen might get to super saiyan 4 for the future power up
    2. weitian level is probably lvl 15 with battle power over 8000. he lost to yunchen lvl 14 with battle power over 9000

    However For YunChe future power up is a lot and depend on Mars.
    While Xuanyuan Wentian is at sovereign 10 close to divine essence. Mars quote it as half divine essence.
  • new chapter out
  • finally something interesting will happen ever since YC arrived at ROTG
  • Hoping for a second chapter today, this one was very short!!
  • If I were Yun Che I wouldn't mention nickname he gave to Xuanyin in public. Or in private. Or ever. 
    But we all know that he will definetely blurt it out...
  • hugh said:
    what other power up could have yunchen in the future?
    what level of power have weitian when he fought yunchen?
    Power ups: 
    1) Evil Gods Seeds : Theoretically, there are two EG seeds remaining - Wind and Earth. But I still can't figure out how useful they would be. Unless there are some Wind or Earth Attribute Divine Beast around in the ROTG that would bestow him with their power. As of now the value of these seeds don't necessarily add much to his strength. 
    2) Light Seed : Similar to how Yun Che obtained the Devil Origin Orb from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign and thus was able gain the darkness attribute, maybe in one of the future arcs he may encounter a dying true god and obtain its origin orb and this followed by gaining an EG light seed from God know's where, he maybe able to use the Light attribute like the True Gods. The significance of obtaining a Light Seed/Origin Orb is massive as it is a completely separate source of power from his profound veins and similar to his strength with the Devil Origin Orb, his combat prowess would be much higher than when compared to his profound veins. Another reason why obtaining a Light Seed is a major possibility is because in the First Arc (Blue Pole Star Arc), the final boss was a Devil so the darkness attribute seed was needed to obtain victory. Similarly in the ROTG where the practitioners strive to become True Gods, it is inevitable that he shall face of against one at the very end. (Similar to facing off against Wentian.)
    3) Rage God Art (12th Stage) : The 12th stage is the very peak of the Rage God Art where one is able to obtain the body of the Rage God in other words the original physique of a True God. Considering that Hong'er has been putting on weight recently and continues to do so, there may come a time when Yun Che has to train the Rage God Arts and contrary to what Jasmine believes on how much a mortal can advance in the Rage God Arts, now that he has reached the 'Divine Way', he would definitely smash through those mortal ceilings and achieve the peak stage. Although this could only happen well into the future arcs.
    4) Prison God Sirius Sword Art : High chance of Yun Che either obtaining or decoding the rest of the Prison God Sirius Sword Art (Either a "Lucky" encounter or decoding the Arts from Jasmine's memories of her brother practicing the Sword Arts.)
    5) Legacies from any other Divine Beasts in the ROTG : As mentioned by Jasmine several times, the ROTG is a treasure trove of Legacies, Arts and Weapons from the Age of the Gods, so it seems inevitable that Yun Chen might have of his absurdly "Lucky" encounters striking again along the way.
    6) Heavenly Profound Treasures : Considering that one of the requests from the Dragon God is to obtain the 'Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword', it seems likely that he he would obtain another Heavenly Profound Treasure which includes the Sky Poison Pearl and the Mirror of Samsara already in his possession. Although contrary to its rumored high prowess, the Ancestral Sword would most likely be in its powered down form when he encounters it, similar to when Jasmine obtained the 'Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations' (which seems perfect as the sword would meet its inevitable demise at the hands of Hong'er).
    7) Nine Profound Exquisite Body : Obtains the ability to train any Profound Art from Xia Qingyue. This is a major power up as the Arts of both the Realm Kings and Gods could easily be practiced by Yun Chen with no restriction. This also seems to be one of the prerequisites for becoming a True God.
    8) Domain,Dimension, Spirit : According to Phoenix Spirit when Yun Che completely inherits the Evil God’s powers, then not only fire, even water, wind, thunder, earth, domain, dimension, spirit… would all be subdued by him, and would never be able to bring him harm. 
    9) ‘Star God Sirius (?) : Although someone already has inherited the Star God Sirius's Legacy, it cannot be denied that the previous owner (Jasmine's Brother) and Yun Che has too many similarities in them to simply brush the matter aside. Jasmine sometimes remarks on their likeness to one another with a "hint" of bias towards her brother and almost considers him to be like a reincarnation but only subtly.

    Profound Strength of Xuayuan Wentian
    According to Yun Che the pressure he felt when battling Wentian was much more than when he crossed arms against Li Mingcheng who was at he 3rd level of Divine Origin Realm but less when compared to Ji Hanfeng who was at the 6th level of Divine Origin Realm. So by definition Wentian should either be at the 4th or 5th Level of the Divine Origin Realm. (Highly likely its 4th Level of DOR considering Yun Che's current combat prowess is only at the 5th Level which has much increased from his battle from back then. Another theory could be that Wentian was at the 5th Level of DOR and Yun Che's darkness attribute increases his combat prowess much higher than his Evil God Profound Veins.

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    New chapter is out.

    Looks like that test will be easier than we thought - just diving into the lake and either bring something from the bottom or simply dive as far as you can.
  • Yeah and you can add that MX will ask YC to dive with the other participants ;) And I think that the inheritance will be passed by the antique divine ice phoenix spirit, after that he will pass sometime to cultivate in the bottom of the lake like the case with the GC. But honestly, I know that Mars will delay the breakthrough of the GWotBA for the flame prison god, however I prefer that he makes a first breakthrough in this lake.
  • To be honest if she just say that her Direct Disciple will have qualification to go to God Conference then Yun Che might even kill all other participants to become one. But in that scenario he won't have a time to get power up - that lake is really small so it should be a task for minutes maybe hours rather than days. Only after that he might stay there to power up.
  • Or maybe Mars especially introduced this "Mu Yunzhi" in order to have a clash between her an MB like "Your disciples are very weak so what are you doing here? ...." and then YC jumps out with " And what is so special about this lake? ..."  SPLASH !!!!! so he dives down before MX's coming, without knowing anything about the direct disciple trial.
    Once he is out, after getting the inheritance, he becomes direct disciple because he is the last one coming out of this lake.  :)
  • It would make sense if Yun Che didn't hear what MB is planning for him and Xiaolan in her conversation with the Grand Elder. Basically he is very well aware that it isn't just your regular lake and he shouldn't even whistand being on the surface. Also believe it or not he still tries to be "low key". He really needs to see a carrot to show his skills or be tricked like it was a case with Sushan.

    But personally I'd like to see Yun Che doing something incredible believing that it's a standard on his own and be like "what was so special in that?" like you've just suggested. Sadly, I doubt it will happen this time.
  • Some elder gonna kick his ass into deepest part of lake with formation or without.
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    Mars has 18 chapters for ending this so I think we will have some "surprises". But what I want to see really is a detailed update of YC's power and skills once he breaks through the DOR, and not something like " ... although he does not know that his Profound Vein had any strange change, but his profound strength, was actually the real promotion ...". At this level, we have to know, as readers, the real power of the protagonist and not a roughly idea ....
    Also another point, the reactions of MB regarding the abnormal performances of YC are very deceiving for a mid divine sovereign realm practitioner. it is always "Ah that's strange! ..." but nothing after that, or "I'll report this to my sister ...". Even if we don't compare this to Jasmine, I find the reaction of Sushan was more suitable for a strong and wise guy though he knows nothing about YC comparing to MB who knows some secrets ....  
  • It was explicitly stated that Bingyun's reaction to Yun Che's performances was strange. Bingyun is that way because of the 1000 years of poison in her body, you shouldn't try to compare her reactions to that of other cultivators.
    "A person only dies when they are forgotten" - Dr. Hiluluk
  • So you say that she is very suitable to be the master of the DUMB Xiaolan :) Very compatible couple ;) hhhhhhhhh 
  • In Bingyun's defense I must say that she is far from being dumb. She noticed all irregularities in Yun Che on spot, but in last 1000 years of dying the amount of fucks she gave make her lose ability to be excited about such trivial things. Now she has absolutely no fucks to give (other than actual fucks, but that's the story for another day). At least that's how I see it. 

    Xiaolan on the other hand is so dumb that calling her an "idiot" is offense to idiot people. Bacterias are probably on higher level than her. And maybe that's why Bingyun decided to take her as her apprentice? I can imagine Bingyun saying: "No good, that moron would probably try to use sword as a toothbrush and her parents would be angry. I'm dying in few years anyway, let's hope that in that time I can make her distinguish an elbow from an ass and put enough sense in that empty head to let her survive on her own... My final good deed in my life to the world".

    Seriously though, I'm not sure if someone here has ever heard about "Aho Girl", but by comparison I find Xiaolan even dumber - at least titular character from that "Aho Girl" knows that she is a freaking moron...
  • Anyone else thinking that Chu Yuechan might have something to do with the Dragon Empress I.e an incarnation sent to the mortal world etc.
  • Anyone else thinking that Chu Yuechan might have something to do with the Dragon Empress I.e an incarnation sent to the mortal world etc.
    ATG isn't xianxia with this kind of stuff.
  • Geez, for now Yuechan is dead. If there is no proofs to think otherwise it's much easier to just go with that and stop praying for her appearence every time we hear about, well, anything really. People are writing the weirdest theories here...

    If Yuechan is alive we will know about it when the time's right. 
  • Hope YC leaves SSN realm and does some exploratory learning before the tournament arc.
  • Hope YC leaves SSN realm and does some exploratory learning before the tournament arc.
    Another tournament arc?  :|
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  • I really do not understand why YC do not just walk up to the lake and take a dip. Why all the ceremony :/
  • Because from what Mars is setting up swimming in this lake is equalivant to swimming in Fire River in IDR - you shouldn't be able to do that. So first we need witness how everybody have their pants wetted by Hanyi and Fenxue's performence and then Yun Che shows up and be like "that was easy". Jaws drop to the ground, all people around question their sanity, Xiaolan as a moron accuse Yun Che for cheating because there is no way he could beat her "Big Brother Hanyi"... Typical Mars.

    Tournament should be before God Conference to establish top 1k who can enter Sky Pearl. So that make sense and isn't really forced, which is suprising.
  • @Nibs  because Mars needs some filling/exposition chapters to emphasis the surprising effect of YC performances. And two other reasons, the first is making the transition from low key mode to very OP character smooth, and second obtaining a new legacy/seed was always “accidental” after a desperate situation, so this time it will be the same and Mars has sufficient chapters to do this before the end of this arc. 
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    It seems there is no chapter today, and tomorrow we will get two chapters, about MX's appearance.
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    It seems there is no chapter today, and tomorrow we will get two chapters, about MX's appearance.
    Thanks for the heads up, now I don't have to keep checking for a new chapter.

    Hopefully those two chapters are not literally about her 'appearance'.
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    Well, first chapter should about Hanyi's Master and only in 984 MX should appear. And I doubt that Mars will waste more than one paragraph about her appearence and rather focus on how silly Yun Che was... Basically recreation of that chapter where Yun Che meets Caiyi as LDE only without death glares. 
  • MX will appear and before anyone can out her as Realm King he'll greet her with a lil "Hello Big Sister! Everything fine and jiggling?"

    ... then he'll get rage kicked into the lake by the assembled masses and ... "Wow! He didn't die ..."
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