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                                                                                                             Book one, chapter 8

    "Katie, first of all tell me what kind of weapons you like, and if you want to specialize in long or close combat ? Although it is pretty early to decide what weapon you want to use, it is very important to train in every type of weapon you, as you don't don't who your opponent might be, for example the beasts outside the city can be said that their weapon is claws and teeth. Some races actually use exactly that as their weapon, so choose wisely. Also Yale same goes for you too." Gerrard said and suddenly hundreds of weapon types appeared on the ground, but unexpectedly Yale looked at all the weapons lifted one of his eyebrows and said, "I don't like weapons, I want to fight with my own body as a weapon. I also favour close combat I love martial arts, my favourite technique is one i...actually I'll show you one day when I am strong enough, but my favourite saying is, 'You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.' Gerrard the person who said this should be your age now." Yale smiled and looked deeply at the nunchaku on the ground it looked as if a sparks lit up in his eyes.

    "Yale I know that saying the person who said this is a great man. This saying is extremely important in martial arts and in life as well. You chose to fight with your body goo, but don't forget human body can be weak and can be strong, you must work extremely hard to be strong." Gerrard said approving, "hehe I know, I know Ill train hard to not disappoint the person who is worthy come to this place, I bet he would definitely like this place." Yale said laughing.

    "What are you two talking about I don't get it.." Katie said curiously looking at Yale and Gerrard lost in their words. 

    "Nothing, nothing don't mind us,*haha* have you decided?" Gerrard said laughing and patting Yale. 'There is a lot of weapons here that's for sure, various types of hammers, swords, spears, daggers, staffs, shields, and such' Yale thought surprised by all the type of weapons most of them he had never seen before.

    "No, I am still looking and deciding, although I like this sword like staffs..." Katie said curiously looking at it then picking the second one.
    "Ah, that's double bladed sword, goes quite good with earth element which favours strength, this weapon has big versatility, quite heavy yet strong and fast." Gerrard said explaining somewhat, as he needed to do some more research about it, as he knew how to wield every single weapon here, but he was no more then novice at them he had his hammer which is his main weapon.

    "Come I'll show you some moves." Gerrard said and took one of the double edged swords, he stood there casually holding it one hand and then started moving, first gently stabbing out, making a spin with it in the air, swinging it around him. It looked very gentle yet deadly.

    Gerrard stopped and then asked Katie, "Well now you try it. Careful." Gerrard handed it to Katie, standing next to it when Katie started testing it out, first it's weight then centre of balance, swinging it up and down, to the sides she was barely holding it. 

    "I really like it, and I think it really suits me, I really like close combat too I think it's the feel that it has." Katie said swinging it few times again making sure. 

    "Good, both decided what you want now it's time for you to make a training plan, first thing comes, physical and mental training meanwhile in between we will practice with our weapons. Right now lets start with the diet which I got ready for Yale but it's absolutely suitable for you too Katie." Gerrard took out two diet plans which is about ten page long, pretty big considering it's only diet plan, 'Hmm pretty reasonable diet plan, focused on eating mostly on everything bode requires and lots of protein with calories too, some sweets once in a while.' Yale said looking through the diet plan.

    "Wah! wha..what is this? why does it say no candies allowed ? and what's with these disgusting vegetables?" Katie shouted, looking at Gerrard. Gerrard and Yale looked at each other surprised and then started laughing, "This will be tough..." Yale whispered in Gerrards ear, "That's for sure she is a rich guy daughter after all she is quite spoiled..." Gerrard said back to Yale. 

    "Katie everything there is very important to your body in order to be healthy later on when you grow up and reach certain level of power you will be able to eat only candies and still be healthy. Also you can still eat candies sometimes..." Gerrard said trying to convince Katie. 

    "Eat only candies? whaaaa" Katie said, unexpectedly excited. Gerrard and Yale didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

    "Now that the diet is sorted out lets test both of your speed and power, power we going to test it with lifting weights obviously while speed just running fifty meters.", 'fifty meters running?' Yale wanted to cry after all he was quite chubby and short that is too, he didn't have time to exercise on his legs at earth at all.

    "Ok first ill test Yale, come here and stand behind this white line" Gerrard walked at the beginning of the training hall and drawn a white line on the ground, he then easily managed to find out where the fifty meters line was and drawn line there. The hall was actually about fifty five meters long and twenty five meters wide. 

    'Ok I mustn't embarrass my self and try from my whole strength!' Yale said to him self as he stood behind the white line, got into position to run. Gerrard took out hand watch and after about ten seconds he shouted, "GO!" Yale then moved and started barely running although he got a bit used to the double gravity it was still a lot, with his body he could barely run.

    'Whew ok I am terrible at this, but I can't give up, I should at least make it to the finish!' Yale shouted to him self. 'I am getting closer *thump* *thump* *thump* Yale's Heart beating extremely fast he started breathing extremely fast. 'whew I passed the white line it's about twenty seconds..' 

    "twenty one second, lets see how Katie will do" Gerrard said and telling Katie to get ready.

    "Three, Two, One , GO!" Gerrard shouted and Katie started dashing, she was pretty fast, much faster then Yale.

    "eleven seconds! pretty good Katie, pretty good. Yale don't worry Katie just has a bit bigger head start that's all, although you will have to work pretty hard to catch up to her so don't slack of now lets see physical strength." Gerrard said looking at Yale, but then on Yales face appeared a very strange smile, almost evil like. 'What is that kid up to?' Gerrard thought.

    "Al right come here all you to do is punch this." suddenly a huge device appeared with punching bag in front and bunch of zeros on top of it were shown. "Punch this punching bag and it will show exact force of your punch, my full force punch has force of little over seventy thousand kilograms of power which is quite good considering my level. I have spent a lot of time training my body and from lower to high rank there is 30% increase in power and each break through gives 50% increase in power. Of course your body is the base of strength if your body is weak breaking through higher levels wouldn't make so much stronger, for example if you could punch this bag with two thousand kilos of force and break through next level which would give you fifty percent boost in power. It would boost your power for only one thousand kilos of force how ever if you punch with fife thousand kilos of force before break through and then gain fifty percent boost in power it boost your power by whole two thousand fife hundred. Also you would think that that fifty percent when applied every level would effect your base strength forever, however the power increase doesn't stack with each level and instead overlap which means with every break through in level your strength is increased not from the base but from previous level of power. For this reason you can improve your base strength meanwhile increasing your level, instead of first increasing your physical strength to the maximum and then increasing your level only. When I was travelling I heard a legend that in this world you cannot reach the peak of your physical strength, instead your body transforms every time you reach your body limit. Although it's extremely hard obviously, because usually people are not bothered increasing their physical strength as it is extremely hard, it takes millions of hours of painstaking training, while increasing your magical level only takes meditation and controlling over your element which is considered hard but reaching limits and and painful training which you have endure every day training your body is whole different level. This is where people usually differentiate, after going through, earth, hell and then here they do not want to live painstakingly any more. I do not have such will to go through such painstaking training too. Wow I got a bit fired up here...Ok Yale punch it" Gerrard said, but Yale has been in a mental phase of thinking at the moment, after about thirty seconds, Yale got over it and stood up in front of the punching bag, and took of his top, when suddenly Katie and Gerrard could see Yale's body which neither of them seen. 

    But he wasn't fat, Yale wasn't fat it was actually his muscles, covered with layer. It is easily distinguished, because Yale right now tensed up all his muscles, which bulged out while when he do normal things it couldn't be seen. 

    "Gerrard truth is, I'm kind of a freak, It is one of the reasons why I have been bullied in school. Truth is my upper body is actually, full of muscle covered in fat, which makes me look like a freak, I have never trained in my life. It is condition which have never been seen before, so I studied with all my might in order to solve my problem instead of facing it, I ran from it, wanting it to disappear thinking it's a curse from god, because of my past life bad deeds." Yale said standing in front of the punching bag,

    "I was scared, but this world opened my eyes, it wasn't a curse it was a blessing." Yale punched the bag.

    "*ding* 3597"
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    Gerrard and Katie had no words to say, they felt sorry for him, but also were amazed by his strength, "Wow, you are crazily strong ! you haven't even started training ? imagine your potential...Don't worry we will make you look bad ass you won't have to worry about your appearance." Gerrard said patting Yale, and actually checking if the machine is not broken, 'Damn what kind of superhuman strength is that.. Even my self only have reached about five thousand...' Gerrard thinking, he couldn't help but think that Yales physical body has extremely big potential, 'maybe it's one of the reasons electricity element was so excited...' Gerrard had never seen such muscles on a twelve year old...

    "Hehe, I feel awesome, but although my physical strength is big, because of my small body I wouldn't be able to punch as much, although I will have huge advantage. I might even be able to punch as much as a big guy, but also be fast. Well let's not exaggerate, we don't actually know much about my condition." Yale said not showing much emotion.

    "Okay now it's my turn," Katie said going in front of the punching bag, "Okay you can hit it" Gerrard said. 

    Katie concentrated, got into punching position.

    "*Ding* 752" numbers lit up on the screen.

    "Not, bad pretty average, you will have to work hard to catch up Yale in power." Gerrard said smiling, he was expecting nothing better then that.

    "Wha? what is this I think it's broken can you check it please? I bet it's broken, how can there be such difference between me and Yale ?" Katie didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, she couldn't understand such difference.

    "Katie I have disease or more of a mutation that makes my muscle on upper part of my body much more dense and bigger then usually human being, this gives me super human strength with a cost of having huge muscles, even without training my muscles keeps growing. Don't worry if you work very hard you might be able to catch up to me." Yale said to Katie, knowing that his supernatural strength is really hard to overcome, but there might also be side effects, of which doesn't of yet. 

    "Yale I originally wanted to give you the same training plan as Katie, but now I am sure that you ave to focus on your leg strength and only small amount on your upper body. First of all you need loose some weight and burn every single calorie you eat, and burn that fat of yours, to become more balanced, as of right now your lower body is extremely lower in power then your upper. This makes your balance very low, you need to gain a lot of mass on your leg's to correspond to your upper body. Now then Katie for you since your body is quite balanced, you need to focus on your upper body just as much as your lower and as I say, 'Don't skip leg day'. When we finish physical training since your bodies will be tired we will start training your element, that time we magical power will nourish your body and restore you at that time we will do second round of training. Let's begin!"

    "Okay Katie first ill show you the training routine and then to Yale..."

    'Ouch, ouch, ouch ohh man my muscles hurt today... yesterday was one hell of a training.. those high knees were killing. Although it was quite fun I have to say hehe my heart never beat so fast before...' Yale said smiling getting up and immediately started meditating recovering his muscles, 'The lightning element training was quite boring though all I had to do is make electricity run through my fingers... well that is quite expected for first time elemental training, I can also sense mini difference in the amount of essence and magical power absorbed.' Yale was quite happy this was kind of exciting life he always wanted. 

    Days passed by quite quickly and soon few months went by. 'Okay today we going to test out the results, and change the routine once again.' Yale thought as he was cleaning his teeth, "Morning..." Gerrard said as he came in to the bathroom scratching his back, "Morning, morning you are early today." Yale said mocking Gerrard, "Of course today we going to test you both out and we will start your martial training today" Gerrard said as he took of his clothes and to shower, "Oh really, I was waiting for this exciting day I can't wait, my strength improved a bit too, but I can feel that my agility improved by leaps." Yale said confidently, finished cleaning his teeth, 'Mmm I changed quite a bit too my legs changed fat into muscle, and fat from my upper body disappeared too. It took quite the effort though..My body now looks a bit more balanced although muscles on legs can't compare to upper body at all... I even actually have eight pack, I look like mini version of hulk for my upper body" Yale couldn't help but laugh, he was quite happy with this transformation, before he looked only like a fat seven year old, and right now mini hulk seven year old. 

    Yale put on his training clothes, 'Oh man I love these, training clothes I look bad ass...' Yale though as it was consisted of orange underskirt and blue T-shirt and blue pants and shoes were quite strange nothing like any sport boots he ever worn, because when he wore them it's as if he was standing on the ground as it barely have any hell. It was extremely light so he could barely feel it on his body.

    When Yale and Gerrard were walking through the street everyone was staring at Yale, as they never seen such a small kid with beast like muscles.  Girls were starring at him not to mention his two girl room-mates who would always be touching him, 'Oh god I don't even want to remember them... those perverts' Yale said to him self, "*Achoo* Someone is definitely talking about me..." Karis sneezed, and then delivered food to the customer, 'I like this job, but all the customers are perverts...', "Don't touch my ass!" Karis shouted at customer, she was already use to this. 

    "Now then, just like last time we will test speed and power, Yale you first, and then Katie."  Gerrard, said to Yale who was daydreaming while looking at Katie, 'Damn she looks pretty in that outfit...' Yale thought fantasising, Katie wore exactly same outfit as Yale. Katie blushed, and Yale to but then he stood behind the line and got ready to run. 

    "Three...Two....One, GO!" Gerrard shouted and slapped Yale's ass, Yale started running, 'Breath, breath, breath' Yale was thinking while running from all his strength.

    "*tick* sixteen seconds! great improvement Yale" Gerrard told Yale as Yale was walking back, breathing heavily.
    "Yes! That's quite of an improvement. " Yale said happy with the result.
    "Okay Katie your turn.", "Sure" Katie answered can't wait to see results as well. Katie started running, she was quite faster then Yale to begin with, now after training she improved as well. 

    "Katie not bad, ten seconds! The further you improve the harder it gets so our score is quite good. Lets test power now."

    "*Ding* 3700", "Wew, not bad in just two months I managed to increase my power by a whole hundred.." Yale said happy with the result as well, after all he haven't even reached low level yet, it will take him few more months to reach low level, in between the levels there is low, middle and high, each of them have mini breakthroughs and one major breakthrough between levels 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and so on.

    "Okay Katie, your turn." Gerrard said, expecting her power to increase quite a bit.

    "Yes, I made great improvement, watch." Katie said confident.

    "Go for it."Gerrard said smiling, Yale as well smiling expecting something good.

    "Hya!" Katie punched the boxing bag, suddenly "*ding* 903", "Wow ! a whole hundred fifty!" Katie was extremely happy, it was good progress.

    "Good job!" Yale said with extreme smile on his face.

    "Good, good you both made very good progress, we will now start training with our weapons as well."

    "Great!" Yale and Katie shouted excited. 

    "Okay first for you Katie, you will just have to swing your weapon up and down for quite a while, but don't worry it's just in order to remember and master each kind of swing, until it flows naturally. Now then put your leg in front bent it a bit, get into semi running position, take the double edged sword and hold it with both hands, move one step forward and swing it down, as if you were chopping wood." Gerrard said demonstrating it too Katie, "Whew it looks easy, but it's not really." Katie said swinging the sword as she was moving forward. 

    "Now for you Yale it's a bit more complicated. As you know there is hundreds of martial arts and you need master all of them. I have remembered every move of most of the martial arts, but I am not proficient in most of them at all, I have only mastered one of them right it's called Dragon's breath, it's martial art for mostly for fire users, but lightning users can use it too. It is martial art after all only that is more proficient for fire users. In my opinion for someone like you is best to master a lot of martial arts to make your own style, because everyone is different and they have to make something that applies to them hundred percent." Gerrard said looking at Yale.

    "No problem, I am confident in my memorization techniques."

    The path of Yale's legendary martial art's begins.
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