The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes (Romance, Fantasy, Xianxia, Reincarnation, Tragedy, Mature,)

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Long ago there lived
a bird it's feathers were a master piece so rare
and beautifully colored that it was even sought after by all across
the world, Kings, Queens, Emperors even a few of the more intelligent
undead caught notice, it's fame spread so far that The Sun Goddess
herself heard of this news with her interest peeked The Sun Goddess
searched far and wide for this beautiful bird told of in legend, when
she circled all across the earth looking for the bird she finally
found her match Wings as elegant and swift as the wind and ancient
wise sky blue eyes the color resembled one of the closest companions
to the sun itself The Sky God.

The Sun Goddess
admired this graceful and beautiful bird from affair watching it
complete it's daily tasks such as singing beautiful songs with it's
charming voice and flying far east with no end in sight, even
thoughts of desire and passion sired up in The Sun Goddess heart it
cared not that The Bird and it were in different positions and
entirely different beings her only desire was for this beautiful bird
to only sing and fly in front of her no one else.

This routine of her
watching the bird fly and sing continued for a few years but like all
good things it came to an end, the bird was getting old unlike The
Sun Goddess herself who didn't posses the ability to age because of
this it was slowly getting easier for it's pursuers to catch up to it
as it needed more and more time to sleep to regain it's energy from
flight, as it was in the dark embrace of sleep it felt pain in it's
arms immediately it saw an arrow stuck in between the area that
contained it's feathers, it could hear the yells and laughter of
human without any delay it dashed into the air at it's fastest speed
still having trouble flying but not enough to cause it to be shot
once again.

The once wise and
elegant bird looked exhausted losing it's former Prideful and
beautiful appearance that it had in it's youth, if the bird could
speak it would most likely say words such as “Why am I being chased
by these humans? Why do these strange looking green creatures with
their claws try to harm me?” “I have done nothing to them all I
wish for is to rest” alas The Bird was unable to understand the
worth of it's feathers that even the gods have taken notice of.

Slowly with it's
blood lost it dropped out of the sky heading towards the loud and
powerful warriors below it.

“Finally after
these many years The Legendary World Soaring Bird Divine Beast is
within our grasps, it'll be the perfect present for our highness.”

The bearded man with
a scar running down his left eye next to the elder slowly licked his
lips as he said.

“Hah! Why should
we give it to that tyrant he wouldn't even reward us for our act of
kindness only reaping the benefits for himself with this bird in our
hands we can sell it for a price worth an entire Kingdom.”

The Elderly man
hearing such words eyes widened in response but slowly nodded as the
bearded warrior words made sense expect The Young Man next to him in
a blue clothed robe with armor underneath couldn't help but to snort.

“Hmph! You can't
be serious an average bunch like yourselves shouldn't dare to even
try to keep this Soaring Bird for yourself as they say it's dangerous
to snatch prey from a Lions Sights as such it'll be going to our Song
Clan Head.”

The bearded man knew
he couldn't argue against this man unless he wanted to take the full
wrath of the Song Clan his only chance would be to try and sneaky
catch the bird then make a run for it if lucky he'll be able to get
away with only one feather, as he was lost in his thoughts thinking
of all the things he would do with his wealth suddenly a shout was

“The Soaring Bird
is coming down! Quickly catch it.”

Everyone close to
The Soaring Bird immediately jumped aiming to catch it in their
grasp, but no one would have expected what happened next.


Flames surrounded
the bird burning all who even got somewhat close to catching it with
only smoke in front of everyone’s faces leaving them in shock with
their mouths open even affecting a bit of the Song clan Family
members, as the smoke cleared a blurry figure started to close into
vision wearing a crimson and white robe, with a cloak covering
everything on their head expect their rose colored mouth and long
crimson hair giving off an effeminate feeling yet a dominating
presence as well filled with arrogance.

As the men and the
hodded figure stood 1-2 meters away from each other one of the Song
Clan member loudly shouted at the figure.

“Wh..who are you
to dare kill members of our Song Family, Name yourself if you dare!”

The Crimson Figure
only laughed at the Song Members and instantly flames started to
cover the figure from head to toe with bloodlust clearly leaking out.

“Who am I you ask?
Unfortunately for you, you aren't qualified to know who I am! All you
need to know is that you hunted someone very special to me and I'll
be collecting the debt.”

As the song family
heard these words the air started to become very hot attempting to
burn away their clothing if they weren't careful, the Mercenary group
with them also started to fall to the floor in flames as they weren't
as skilled nor trained as the experts in the Song Family were.

Instantly a tall old
man with long unruly white hair started to walk forward every song
member bowed when they saw his figure he walked as though the flames
were of no concern to him his eyes contained spite and profound dept,
this man was known as Lord Song Xiu his power was only fourth when
compared with the rest of the Song Family.

“I do not know who
we hunted that was important to you, but you're in the way of my Song
Family and that Soaring Bird Feathers so I'm afraid that I'll have to
eliminate you myself.”

Powerful ghostly KI
started to surrounding his body making all those lower leveled than
him barley able to stand yet The Crimson robed figure showed no
difference in it's stance as the Old Man dashed towards The Crimson
figure with purple energy in his finger.


The Old man had used
his strongest skill that he had in order to finish the stranger in
front of him as quickly as possible, dust surrounded their sights but
they all knew that the crimson robed figure was finished when taking
a direct attack from The old man expect what was in their eyes
betrayed their thoughts.

that stranger took a full blow from Lord Song Xiu without even a bit
of dust on him, how deep is his cultivation?”

The Old Man was even
more shocked as his brows raised in alarm, this foe in front of him
was most likely ten levels above him.

“Hmmm? Is that all
it felt like being tickled by a fly if you call that strength you all
must have very low standards, but now I'll show you true might.”

The crimson robbed
figure flames started to grow covering the sky and anyone else
involved in this battle, instantly the figure leg shot forward as
flames started to attack everyone in it's view.

“Hmph! I won't die
without giving you a bit of trouble youngster.”

Quickly the old man
swallowed a few black pill giving off a cold chilly atmosphere, his
level started to rise at an alarming rate as he shot his one finger
covered with dark energy forward.


As the fire and
darkness clashed the only thing in sight was dirt and rocks across
the ground with only one figure left standing and that was....The
crimson robed stranger.

The robbed figure
only let out a sigh as it disappeared into the distance with no trace
left of ever being there.

Inside a bright
place was the crimson robed figure and The World Soaring Bird as it
removed it's cloak you could see a beautiful maiden with rose colored
lips and clear crimson eyes this stranger was The Sun Goddess who at
her quickest speed tried to save The World Soaring Bird from death
but failed.

At it's last breaths
The Goddess wanted to at least listen to what The World Soaring Bird
wanted to do before it's death, as she listened to it's most inner
thoughts what she heard shocked her, the words it spoke before death
was it wanted rest she pieced together that this was due to it being
chased it's entire life for it's feathers, she couldn't help but to
have anger burst in her veins due to the foolish action of the humans
that she shines over, yet couldn't do anything to grant it's wish
into something hit her.


What the World
Soaring Bird truly wished for was not sleep but death, as she heard
this she couldn't help to shed a tear to think that the Bird that she
had the most favor for on this entire planet was going to slip out of
her hands once she finally got a hold of it, with this in thoughts
she was unable to end his life yet couldn't go without fulling his
wish so she made a compromise with the help of The God of
Reincarnation she would make it so he could reincarnate in a hundred
or even a thousand years, it most likely wouldn't even remember the
time he spent as a bird, but at least she could have a little peace
knowing that it's soul wasn't gone without a trace.

Therefore it was
said that after The Sun Goddess love was killed she cried for a total
of 300 years, causing volcanoes across the earth.



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    500 Years Later.

    Inside a remote
    location with poisoned insects and skin eating bugs, was a small
    village with an unusual house that was bigger than normal and
    material that didn't fit the rest of them, inside was a Yellowish
    Platinum Blonde woman screaming in pain while a man was outside
    worried for her health.

    “Please calm down
    my lord madam will be fine, master has done this hundreds of times

    As the black haired
    man approaching his forties heard these words he slowly started to
    calm down yet still had a bit of unease in his heart as though a
    tragedy was about to happen.

    “Madam push as
    hard as you can!”

    The black haired old
    lady with streaks of white tried aiding the woman in popping out her
    baby yet knew in the end it would all relay on her efforts.


    Suddenly a head
    could be seen with streaks of blonde with yellow mixed in.

    “Push a bit
    further the baby is within sight.”

    As though she was
    holding back the blonde haired woman pushed as hard as she could.


    With the aid of the
    black haired old lady the foreign woman was able to give birth

    As the old lady
    lifted the baby up she looked at the baby a bit easily telling the
    gender, it had a sun like birth mark that looked like it was burned
    onto it's head and a beauty mark around his left eye, with a mixer of
    it's fathers light brown eyes and his mothers blue.

    “It's a girl

    As the blonde haired
    woman heard this a smile could be seen on her face, into....

    “Oops, my bad the
    baby is so adorable that I mistook it for a girl after double
    checking it's a male madam.”

    The blonde haired
    lady clearly showed signs of annoyance but still kept the smile on
    her face.

    “Pass him to me
    let me see what he looks like.”

    “Of course madam
    I'll get the lord now.”

    As the madam played
    with the baby small hands a bit more she couldn't help but to smile
    and laugh at the sounds it was making, slowly a door could be heard
    opening what was revealed is a dark figure with a black cloak around
    his entire body and black iron like gauntlets, he shot a dart that
    looked like it was dripped in poison towards the blonde haired lady
    giving her no time to respond into.....


    A sound was heard as
    the dart was blasted away from her with a man wearing a long red
    cloak behind his back punching his hand forward towards the assassin
    knocking him out of the room.


    This man's was Sun Wong with a fierce bloodlust expression painted
    across his entire face.

    “Who are you? Which clan do you belong to for trying to harm my

    The hooded figure only laughed.

    “Heh Sun Wong your arrogance knows no bounds you dare interfere and
    expect me to give you any information naive fool!”

    As the assassin tried to bite his own tongue Sun Wong gathered energy
    in his fist as he shot towards the assassin grabbing him by the

    “Trash like you truly would be worthless instead of saying any
    truth you'll only spit out lies therefore I'll rid the problem right
    now with my own hands....don't expect an easy death”


    Bones breaking could be heard loudly, as Sun Wong turned back towards
    the blonde haired woman he only slightly flipped his finger telling
    them to clean up the mess.

    “Husband, the amount of assassin targeting you since our marriage
    is becoming more and more, eventually I'm afraid that you won't be
    there in time to protect me nor our son.”

    Sun Wong could only look her in the eyes as he gave her a passionate
    kiss and assured he wouldn't let anyone hurt his family.

    “Let's not talk about this in front of the baby, for now I want to
    enjoy the feeling of being a father come let me hold him.”

    The maid hearing these words gave the baby to him as Sun Wong gently
    hugged it.

    “For a boy he really resembles you.”

    As she heard these words she couldn't help to chuckle as she spoke.

    “He got that Mr. Mysterious trait from you the most he hasn't cried
    since he was born.”

    Sun Wong laughed a bit as his expression turned serious.

    “I only hope that it isn't a problem with his health, I'll have to
    get my cousin to inspect him later and possibly find out what level
    of talent he possess since he inherited my bloodline trait shown by
    that sun marking on his forehead.”

    MC POV

    When I woke up, the first thing I felt was my eyes were in worse
    condition than before when ever I tried to open them the light would
    get in my face, making me question where exactly I was at.

    'Where am I? I thought didn't I die to those humans with their
    weapons did I survive somehow? Will I have to live through another
    day of being hunted....'


    'Screaming wait

    Light filled my
    vision, and I narrowed my eyes in discomfort.

    'Once my eyes
    adjusted to the brightness, I found a human staring at me I tried
    flying away from it yet I was held in place and felt as though I lost
    something important to me that special bone that was always there to
    help me fly was missing, as I was in thought about that suddenly the
    human looked under me, this also was when I figured out something
    wasn't right unlike usual I was bigger than before and my skin
    resembled theirs.'

    'Could It be? That I
    actually died and somehow revived as a human, impossible to think
    that I become the same exact thing as my murders but...doesn't this
    mean I won't be hunted anymore now that I'm one of their kind, this
    means that I can finally travel anywhere I want, it seems that my
    wish was fulfilled the one that I wanted since when I was a

    'The human handed me
    over to another human that hair was colored golden, she had smiles
    all over her face it seems that I'm related to this human somehow, I
    still can't get rid of the feeling that she reminds me of my mother
    when I was young, still I wonder how long was I resting in my egg
    before I cracked, as I was lost in my thoughts the golden haired
    human kept pitching me causing me to feel a bit of pain yet I
    couldn't do anything about it since I could barley move my hands to
    resist, I was also unfamiliar with how this body worked from my old

    'A few minutes
    passed as suddenly my mother shouted in alarm when I looked at what
    she was seeing it was some strange looking human covering his body in
    weird clothing while another man whose hair was colored black with a
    mole near his eye attacked him with his fist causing the wall to
    break in impact, strange humans fighting against each other here I
    had the idea that they all had an unknown grudge against me.'

    'But back to the
    battle the black haired human quickly threw out a couple of punches
    with kicks mixed in and had the strange looking man against the wall
    throwing out blood from his mouth it seems that he's at the same
    place that I was at when I was but a bird slowly dying, I dislike
    death yet I wouldn't show any sort of kindness for humans who
    tormented me in my former life.'

    'As he was slowly
    passing away the Black Haired man ran towards him without giving many
    of us time to react as he started to rip the man's arms and legs off
    with a bloody manner showing not a least bit of mercy, turning back
    around towards us I was scared for a moment that he was coming to
    finish all of us off I tried moving away from him yet I was held in
    place by another human with showed no expression of being frightened,
    either these humans were trying to commit sucide or he was friendly
    in which I picked the later.'

    'His hand reached
    towards me pulling me against him softly I could feel love radiating
    from him in which I had to suppress my smile a bit remembering that
    he belongs to the same race of people who killed me when I was a
    bird, after what seemed like 10 minutes he gave me to the other human
    who placed me in a soft bed next to the other two humans, I tried
    staying away longer yet this new body was so weak that I fell to
    sleep faster than my other one.'


  • Love how you did a recarnation story, with a slight twist(or a big twist ) keep up the good work!
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