[PhusroCat] Coiling Dragon Map: Pen and Ink

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Drawn with pen and sharpie. Took a long time. I wasn't sure what the designs for the cities should be, so I based them off random countries. I tried to add a couple of important scenes in too (the sartius vs bear fight, haeru, bloodviolet, etc), but there was hardly any room and the pen wasn't exactly that great. 

 Did anybody notice that the 4 warriors are actually the 4 asian symbols for the seasons / nautical points / elements? I found the wikipedia link


  • that looks awesome 
  • Very nice, especially the landmarks.
  • That map is amazing, especially how you added cities/events/etc. The only comment I'd have is that I thought the Yulan Empire was much larger then than every-other Empire on the continent.
  • thank for the map.  Great creation.  
  • Map looks awesome but the placing seem off and you are missing the important part. The continent is split in the middle by a river. 

    After crossing the river you enter the O'brien empire. To the east is the rhihult or w/e north is the bushes.  East of that is the dark forest that holds Baruch place (not empire as he lives there only). To the north east? ( could be wrong) part of rihult should be the last place. 

    The holy union I think was south west of the magic beast range and dark guild was to the northern part (could be wrong) south of the beast range wasn't mentioned much and I think the rising sun beast range was northern part of the yulan continent.
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