ISSTH Dao Realm

I am a bit confused about the dao realm. ke yunhai was a paragon of the powerful ancient demon immortal sect, and he was only at peak of the ancient realm (according to himself). also, he clearly states that Lord Li had cut the path to the dao realm, thus he could not reach dao realm. however, in recent chapters, there are quite a few of dao realm experts (probably more than 20 if you consider all major sects and clans have at least one and the Ji clan has at least 4). so I have two questions:
1) why people can reach dao realm now? did Lord Li changed the rules or something like that? I am almost sure nothing was said about this.
2) are all the dao realm experts recently introduced stronger than ke yunhai (e.g. fang shoudao)? if that is the case, I am a bit disappointed. ke yunhai was said to an almighty expert from ancient times...


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    I think Lord Li cut the path to Immortality as in living forefover, and not the path to the Dao Realm.
    Ke Yunhai was considered a Paragon I believe because his power rivaled a Dao Lord despite not officially stepping into that threshold. His official realm was Quasi-Dao Paragon I believe but he was much stronger than others at that level.
    He was called a Paragon just because they do that. Fang clan does it too for their Quasi-Dao experts
    Ke Yunhai probably rivaled a 1 Essence Dao Lord since each Essence results in much higher power so its hard to believe he could rival a 2 Essence Dao Lord
    Idk who is stronger since Fang Shoudao is a 1 Essence Dao Lord but I'd put money on Shoudao just cause of a feeling
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