Cultivation in real life? Yes!

What's up my fellow wuxia readers!

How about starting cultivation in real life?
Don't call me crazy! I'm not gonna bombard you with ridiculous things that make no sense :smiley: 

First of all, how do I define cultivation?
Cultivation meaning - self improvement on every level.

For those that want a 180° change in life, welcome.
For those interested what I present here, welcome.

I got a set of meditation techniques for y'all.
This is no -sit on the couch and half-sleep-, this is REALLY using one's time focusing on the brain and body.

I call the technique Bone Script Technique. Focusing on the bones and bone marrow.
Before tempering the Bone Marrow, first the mind has to be focused and the brain HAS TO BE on a stable wavelenght. (Balance)
This means, like I said seriously meditating and self-reflecting one's daily habits and thoughts.
I will also explain my own viewpoint from multiple angles, wether scientific or through Cultivation-Novels.

First Chapter of the Technique is called "from trash to genius"! See what this is bout :wink: 
Cuz I feel like this world is boring, so I had to change something about my own life first, to make living worth it.
So I feel like creating an army of cultivators, y'all with me? Bwhahahaha

If any of you are intrested in this stuff, just reply to this post and I'll write more.

Thank god für Wuxia really, most people affiliate meditation with Hippieshit and stuff like that.
Nah not this here, this for the real ones willing to invest time to improve themselves.

Dont expect to meditate once and then relax again.
This needs constant meditation of
---at least half-an hour
 (barely makes the minimum, actually no thats not even barely enough... good time is 2 hours. Especially at the beginning.
But since I know thats hard to do nowadays with people working and stuff)
over multiple months. ---
Well depending on your talent, mindset, bloodline, living situation and time invested.

Also I'm not gonna demand any money for my knowledge, but I will bluntly state, if you truly one day practice and see my work's worth... I do accept donations :blush: 


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    On topic:
    I'm a "cultivator" already. Though I do not induldge into your way of "cultivating". My way of cultivating is "tempering" the body.
    In short: I do sports...
  • Is that the mentality of people nowadays? I guess so. Sports is awesome, yes.
    This is not what I mean though my friend ;) Sports should be done as an addition to this.

  • I'm currently unable to cultivate, I've got heart demon called "laziness"
    Maybe I'm the one
    Maybe I'm the one
    Who is .. the schizophrenic psycho, yeah
  • Nice OP, haha

    On a serious note though, meditation starts with breathing. My routine is to breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4, breath out for 2 and hold an empty breath for 2 more. This isn't optimal, but increasing the time here can be dangerous for people who aren't used to it (you can pass out, seriously don't push it). If you're having trouble just halve everything. Afterwards I will always feel calm and better able to focus on whatever is troubling me.
  • I cultivate my mind . Its called confronting your fears and insecurities and pondering about matters of the world . This and knowledge ( about the matter you pondering you can't just blindly spurt nonsencical bullshit) has given me a very good mentality and attitude (my opinion) . Though I cannot say I have conquered my biggest fears yet , I have definitely made progress . DO NOT WORRY . The post was free off charge . ×D
  • I cultivate the brown stains on porcelain throne. My chant is Urrrgh Urrgh ohmm!! With my magic Chihuahuas we ascend to the heavens on taco night.
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    I cultivate rice in the fields, I hum "Planting rice is never fun" (search it in youtube) along with it, you should try it too. Rice is needed for cultivation but you first need to cultivate rice, but again to cultivate rice is needed, creating an infinite cultiception.
  • You should swap to farming wheat. Then you could just use a cultivator...
    Idk but I would figure by now that rice would be planted with machinery.

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    Hello fellow daoist, this one prefers to cultivate in seclusion, to help you overcome your fear, find a silent and dark place(dark places can help you stimulate your imagination, silence will help you cultivate your innerself... With others around you they might disturb you and cause you irrecoverable backslashes)  clear your mind and find your faults, by finding faults in oneself, one can change and learn to overcome your weaknesses.
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    Go check my new discussion about this topic I made a TRUE AND REAL cultivation technique that does work and has been proven to work still needs more experiments and people participating in it tho anyway here is the link:
  • Greetings fellow daoists, how about this body cultivation technique:
    100 pushups
    100 situps
    and run 10 kilometers
    Also, make sure to eat three meals a day (even if breakfast is just a banana) and go without heater or AC.
    Don’t skip even one day. This technique is possible to cultivate to completion in only 3 years.
  • hmmmm..interesting. Could you please teach this poor daoist here?
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    I cultivate the Sacred Smoke technique. Every day I go on daily quests from my Master on cotton, wheat and fig fields. After I finish my quests once per month I exchange my merit points with gold coins. Then I trade most of my gold coins for branches of the Sacred Green Tree usually from local vendors sometimes I trade with other fellow cultivators usually from the Evil Skunk Tribe or the Lemon Haze Sect and every now and then I go to the Capital and participate at various Auction Houses for their exotic goods. My cultivation is still low and I can't fly so I can only use the Iron Horses or the Steel Railroad Worm for just a few low grade spirit stones. But enough with my routine, let's get to the cultivation technique.

    First of all and most basic, you need to get your branches from a holy tree, in this example we will use the classic Sacred Green Tree.
    Secondly you need to be at least a journeyman alchemist so you can conduct your own incense (the legend says that master alchemists can conduct them to pills or other forms though) of course it goes without saying that you need to have your own paper furnace. I personally use the Rolling Silver Rizzla furnace, it depends on your personal taste there are many suitable furnaces. After that you simple light the incense and absorb the Holy Smoke it releases through your mouth using special breathing techniques which you learn from ancient scriptures at the first level of Qi Condensation.

     Some low level Qi Condensation cultivators add grinded Tobacco Leafs to increase their chances of success at conducting incenses and absorption rate later but they are filled with impurities so it is not recommended. The reason is that the raw energy released is very strong and it can actually be absorbed by 2-4 or even more cultivators at the same time - you will see of them having bloodshot eyes, some will even turn pale and spit a mouthful of blood while absorbing from the intense pressure the incense releases. But when you get at the great circle of Qi Condensation you don't need Tobacco Leafs at all since you will have enough energy for incense conduction and can afterwards directly inhale the Holy Smoke on your own without even a sliver of it going to waste and instead of pressure you will actually get a comfortable feeling, like a fish in the water.  

    The Sacred Smoke technique is more of a foundation building - auxiliary technique which you can use with pretty much every other cultivation path. It helps you to enchant your mental state, increase your divine sense as well as your reflexes, things will look like they go very slow to you giving you the time to analyze your current situation and decide the best course of action. But the biggest catch is that it can give you enlightenment of great Daos. But be careful ! For the road a cultivator needs to follow is full of dangers.. the Blue Red Siren sect has branches all over the world and is known for attacking cultivators, stealing their resources and imprisoning them to dungeons.

    I am currently at the great circle of Core Formation and I have to go to secluded meditation, for I have finally gotten hold of the legendary Lighting Soul Drop in order to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage. If you have any questions I will answer them as soon as I exit my secluded meditation. It should only take about 100 years and if I successfully face the heavenly tribulation and succeed at breaking through and finally gain the ability to fly... who knows? maybe I will take you to the Capital with me to gain some enlightenment. Until next time fellow daoists ~!
  • Hey I’m new around, but I seriously would be interested in giving it a try.
  • Me too, count me in.
  • I am always trying to better myself. Count me in.
  • I wanna be a cultivator
  • Hi, I'm 17 years old, I've been meditating for 6 years for personal reasons.
    Believe me, I train every day without fail, sometimes I feel this warm energy inside me, but I probably won't live long enough to master it.
    I would give my life easy, to reach, but I know that is not possible in this world.
  • I'm 18, Learned Meditation when I was 11 because I was forced, and I'm able to detect chi for a bit.
    Still learning and I think I'm interested in cultivation now so I'll try to Figure it out.
    see you in the next 1000 years if I made it <span>:expressionless:</span>
  • I just wanted to confirm if senior cultivator still interested to teach what he is offering called "Bone Script Technique". Please message me. Thanks!
  • I am also interested in learning Senior's Bone Script Technique. Please message me
  • I also interested in learning that Bone Script Technique Senior. Please message me

  • I am interested in it too.

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    I too am also interested in learning the Bone Script Technique too, Senior. Please message me.
  • Ive been interested on cultivation for a while now, im not sure where to start, if anyone can give me guidance it will be a huge help for me. 
  • Im interested too so please message me...
  • Same goes for me, I'm interested too. Please message me
  • I'm also interested in learning this, please contact me. 
  • If your telling the truth, then please tell me how. I want to become a cultivator and i welcome all info on it.
  • Please do tell. I would like to become a cultivator.
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