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  • I want to get spoiled on everything even on the ending too, idc just spoiled me like you will spoil a girl,
    i want to know everything 
    It will be revealed at the end that Qin lie in fact is the imperial soul great emperor the ultimate excitance who ruled the universe for several million years and for his sealed memories he is the one who sealed it himself for his rebirth in the perfect body with perfect bloodline
  • when does QL meet his grandfather again?
  • when does QL meet his grandfather again?
    İf i remember correctly 1300-1500 chapters. İ dont remember specific number but he meet with his all qin clan other than his father.
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    So let me get this straight 
    • All his friends are forgotten and get no closure including the girls who could be in his harem
    • His mom is never found and is forgotten 
    • He kills the big bad so only he can be the best and not because he is evil asshole who also killed millions 
    • His harem is forgotten outside his first wife and no one gets actually married to him
    • He didn’t kill the bitch who killed him and destroyed his family 
    • The other big bad the Spirit Clan Ancestor Is forgiven despite killing some of his friends and people of the Ling Family and also killing millions 
    Did any of his harem or friends even appear near the end? Who did spirit clan ancestor kill? Did all his friends die offscreen? also what happens to Ling Yushi sister does she die?

    The series is quite dark already I didn’t need a shit ending on top of that.
  • In what realm or where did the qin family went to hide?
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