What happens to Shangguan Tianyang ?

hey! I am just curious to know what happens to Shangguan Tianyang, Shangguan Bing’er s Dad. 

If possible I would like to know what happens without any information about other characters. I just want to know if he dies? if he does die is it a painful death? heroic death? If the people who read the raws could help me out here, I don't mind finding out if he reconciles with his estranged wife. Does his relationship with Bing’er become like a normal father daughter?

Thanks in advance. I can't seem to get my mind off this guy. I feel I can get on with the story and really enjoy HJC once I find out what happens to him and get some sort of closure. 

That's why I binge on cliche novels to unwind... 


  • I think you mean Shangguan Tianyue. Because Tianyang is the uncle of Bing'er.

    Anyway, he will be fine till the end of the novel. He don't do much fighting scene only near the end.

    He soon goes to Heavenly Bow Empire to get his wife. But there's not any detail to that. 

    And yes Bing'er will maintain a normal father daughter with him. But Bing'er won't admit that he comes from Heaven's Expanse Palace even though his family are there. 
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    Tianyang is the palace host, Bing'er's uncle, Tianyue's brother.
    Tianyue is Bing'er father.

    As for the meetup---
    MC & Tianyue + Tang Xian (wife) meetup

    Tianyue meetup with his wife is a bit sudden (and a bit disappointing for me).
    When MC and Bing'er got back from mission, they already find Tianyue and his wife there. His wife (Tang Xian) kinda turn cold feet at Tianyue, stay several feet apart. Due to something like Tianyue flirt with other woman in the past and make her mad, so she disappear.
    Tang Xian also went mad at MC for taking all 3 sisters. MC takes all Tang Xian punches with no defense but only request to marry all 3 sisters. MC went like "I will do you anything, please marry me your daughters". Finally, Tang Xian say "Punch him (Tianyue) for me and I'll let you marry all daughters".

    MC arrange 1-on-1 duel with Tianyue.
    Tianyang (uncle) also make bet with MC that if he wins Tianyue, he'll accept MC previous condition.

    - Tianyang initially want Xue'er to be next palace host. Palace host can only marry ppls from his sect. So, MC have to join sect to marry Xue'er. MC reject, since it's betraying Tian'er sect.
    - MC suggested a way out. First, Xue'er doesn't need to be next palace host. He can provide him with 3 new successors for him to pick from (in the near future).... Bing'er, Fei'er and Xue'er children lol.
    - At first, Tianyang said he'll think about it.
    - Now he said if MC wins Tianyue 1-on-1, then he will accept condition and subscribe marriage (to all 3 sisters).

    MC duel Tianyue and actually hit him hard with purgatory angel. Tianyue went down with injury and serious damage.
    Tang Xian went like "You bastard! You hit him without restrain, he is your father-in-law!! ". MC is like "If I go full power, I fear unable to marry your daughters". Tang Xian angry at MC and went to look after Tianyue.

    Drama part

    Tianyue (acting) goes like
    "It's alright, I have not thought this boy is this good"
    "This boy can have such cultivation at such age, entrusting our daughters to him--- we can feel at ease"
    "Do not blame him, he was right to punch me."
    "All these years, I always want to say sorry, but you never give me opportunity"

    Tang Xian inquire about the wound.

    Tianyue reply like
    "Heavy wound or not is unimportant. Xian'er, do you know these i feel even more painful everyday since you left"
    "When you come back, i'm a bit better, but you never pay attention to me"
    "I am subject to sufferring everyday"
    "If you cannot forgive me, I might as well not get a cure and die"
    "I am unable to withstand this pain of missing, missing my past gentle, lovable Xian'er"

    Tang Xian was like "I forgive you, I forgive you, do not frighten me!" and hug him--- thus they reconcile.

    Even Bing'er is going to side Tianyue and look after him, but is stopped by MC. Bing'er kinda angry "Let me loose!".
    MC shhh Bing'er and said "Let them alone". Bing'er finally understand that it's all fake---

    MC also note how Tianyue father-in-law is a better actor than him... Bing'er also said (on way back) how Father and son-in-law cooperate against her mom. MC called it "white lie" or something, and it's not wrong etc... Later he'll have to give some explanation to mother-in-law anyway.

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