[SUGGESTION] Child of Light completed, worth to be read?

I really like novels like ATG, BTTH, ISSTH and TDG (WDQK and DE were a little "meh" to me), and also DL and DL2.
Now that the COL's translation is completed, I'll probably give it a try.
1) What do you think of it?
2) Was worth to be read by you?
3) Were there parts of the narration a little boring/out-of-place?
4) Under spoiler tag can you also just tell me if the story ends with a satisfactory ending or crappy one? (no full explanation, just "good" or "crap" without spoilering much)


  • I dropped it around volume 3 or 4, don't really remember.

    The fights were boring.
    The story was boring.
    The MC was boring.

    I personally don't recommend reading it, but you should give it a try and judge for yourself. The impossibility of you actually liking is there.

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  • This novel is a pioneer which may help you to realize the progress in the past ten years

    Child of Light is a novel written in 2004,and it's the first novel of the author as well as a pioneer of Chinese web novel.
    It's not strange if you feel boring when you read it. Actually, I may like it if I had read it  in primary school.
    By the way, the author of the book is well-known for his diligence and easy-to-read novels. (And after you read enough novels, you'll find his skill is progressing though, all of his novels are similar to each other.)

  • i dont read anything from this author... mouthful names, mouthful skill names, shitty creepy ecchi shit and all the filler garbage.... so....
  • I started it… about halfway there by now. I was hoping the story would pick up somewhere but… unfortunately, not so far. This must be the author’s earliest, first work? In terms of story, plot, characters, storytelling, style, everything, it can’t be compared at all to Douluo Dalu (by the same author, which I liked a lot, which is why I kept reading until now).

    So far it was not worth reading, at all. Haven’t been so disappointed by a story since Close Combat Mage. There is no story. It’s info dump [not disguised in anyway at all], learn magic, tournament #1, tournament #2, tournament #3, …lets walk around in a forest for a bit…, tournament #4, … and this wouldn’t be so bad if the matches were at least interesting in any way at all, which they are not. The characters stay completely flat, there is no comedy, and no discernible plot. As soon as there is the tinsiest tension (let me collect this random group of sidekicks) it goes oh hey let’s part ways for a few years, kthxbye.

    The first person perspective does not help things much, either.

    I want to ask the same questions as you, … will this still turn around in the second half?

    (If the translator is reading this – I am sorry, it’s not your fault!!!)

    Someone also replied me with this in case someone else would need some feedbacks about this novel as well.
  • TJSS is an amazing author and Child of light was his first work. I would not recommend this novel. I would say read Doulou Doulou. It does everything better. Child of light has too much bromance, too many unimportant side characters at random, arcs that go nowhere near the end. The ending is abrupt and jarring. The arc leading to the final fight is full of self deprecation. It got so bad that I literally skipped any chapters that didn't have combat or conversations without the character that wouldn't stop complaining about the scars on their face and forcing away their lover. If you love great stories and world building then he is TJSS is your author. Just not this first work. It's pretty bad.
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