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    Chapter 31 

    Wrath of a Once Immortal God // Part 3

    The older man's eyes glinted as he swung his large sword, creating a gale that crashed against Orion's body. The gale cut into his arm, but did not go very deep. The older man looked surprised at the low amount of damage, and was forced to dodge out of the way when Orion waved over the area he stood with magma.

    “You aren’t that simple, are you kid!?” He yelled at Orion as he landed on a pile of ash, sending it floating into the air. He pointed his sword at Orion and a beam of green light shot out, heading directly toward his head. Fate reacted quickly within Orion’s soul and shot a blue beam of its own, negating the beam as it broke apart.

    The older man's brow raised as he shot several more, each of them breaking from a similar beam emitted from Orion's chest area. Orion reacted at the last beam and shot forward toward the man, leaving the pile of magma behind in its spot. The older man smirked and readied his sword, and also put his other arm up into a shield holding stance.

    Orion found it strange he would put himself into a defending position with no shield, but attacked regardless as he descended. His left arm reached out and cracks of light appeared below the glove. Embers began floating up into the air as he fell, leaving behind a trail. His hand grabbed the sword as he reached the man, and it burst into flames. The flames were short lived, but blue and extremely hot in comparison.

    The older man staggered back from the embers catching his eyes, and swung the sword forward. A ping rang out as Orion's glove easily blocked the sword, but the older man remained haughty. He brought his free arm up and a large green shield formed of energy upon it as it slammed into Orion's face. Caught off guard, he could only fly backwards into the magma still lying dormant in the spot he left it.

    Orion's head spun for a moment as he lay in the mountain like magma pool. His mind cleared after several moments and he rushed back out of the magma, only to be met with the older man swinging his sword. Orion barely dodged the swing as it grazed his face, and flew back some ways after kicking off the ground.

    He licked the cut close to his mouth located on his cheek, a stern look now on his face at the real danger he felt from the situation. the older man in front of him was clearly much more experienced in fighting than he was, and seemed to know every move he'd make. Orion stood staring at the man as he thought of better ways to fight, looking through the parts of the book he could remember.

    Another move came to mind as he noticed something in the corner of his eye, and fate pulled his soul to move his body slightly. A blade of green energy shot past him toward a broken wall nearby, and split the wall in half. Another cut surfaced near the one earlier.

    Orion kicked off the ground as the older man swung his sword several times toward empty space nearby, creating green blades of energy from each one. The blades flew off out of Orion's field of vision as he continued to charge toward the older man.

    ‘Continue fighting, this one will watch the child's back.’ fate stated in Orion's mind, then went silent.

    ‘My name, is Orion!’ He yelled within his mind as he kicked off the ground even harder. He weaved and swayed as Fate warned him of the blades descending toward him, chasing the older man that was now running backwards while throwing more. His smirk disappeared after a while, and noticed that the blades were being dodged easily now.

    The older man's gaze sharpened and he dodged the massive pool of magma Orion had been controlling secretly to corner him, which caused him to curse inwardly. Orion grabbed two handfuls of magma as he passed the pool, and continued toward the older man while crushing the magma into small orbs.

    The chase continued and the older man grew annoyed, and began throwing the blades directly at Orion instead of everywhere. Orion had more trouble dodging the blades directly as they came much quicker, and several of them nicked him. He continued crushing the magma smaller in his hands, no longer a visible dripping glob. It was now small enough to be concealed within his fists, which were glowing slightly blue.

    Orion moved one of the small orbs of magma to his other hand, and then began concentrating on his fist to collect water within it. He neared the older man and kicked at him haphazardly, and dodged the swings coming from the older man with Fates help. The blade was huge, but was surprisingly agile as it swung dangerously close to his face.

    His fist shook and a light blue glow emitted from it. He brought both arms behind his back as he continued to kick at the older man, who was now throwing blades of wind and sword swings randomly. The two continued on until the older man snapped, and stabbed the ground with his sword suddenly. A large barrier was erected as soon as Orion's foot reached it, and he was thrown back.

    “Boy, you are one annoying piece of work, you know that? No one is capable of avoiding this move so easily.” The man stated, his look now stern and disgruntled. He looked nearby suddenly and motioned toward several other cultivators, who nodded and proceeded to encircle Orion.

    “This should keep you from moving. Just stay there.” The older man said, beginning to concentrate on something as he closed his eyes. Orion looked at the men surrounding him, his hands cupped together behind his back still.

    Suddenly, a heavy feeling within his hands caused his eyes to gleam, the move he was readying done. He watched the older man with eyes still closed, waiting for an opportunity. While he did so, he controlled the magma from afar to move toward his position. They stood there for several moments before a green light shot out from the older man's body, his move beginning to take effect.

    Orion saw this and brought his originally cupped hand forward, now holding a strange purple ball. He threw it quickly before any of the men surrounding him could act, and then dove toward the magma pool he had brought over. A large and devastating explosion rocked the surrounding area outside, which caused the magma surrounding Orion to shake violently. Several moments passed and Orion swam out of the magma pool and look at his surroundings from atop it.

    The land around him was devastated and desolate now, half the city destroyed from the explosion. He nodded satisfactorily and then pushed the magma over to cover the rest of the burned city, and then pushed it further out to hiss within the ocean.

    This took some time and the sun began to set as he looked at his work. He looked back toward the mountain and saw that it looked as if the volcano had actually erupted instead of the city having been destroyed by anything, and then walked slowly toward where the older man had been.

    He gazed down at the spot the man was originally, and then plunged his hand into the ground and grabbed something. He pulled it out and it was the older man from before, barely breathing and lifelessly out of energy. He look at Orion with one eye open in anger, his pride still intact.

    “Who did this?” Orion asked him, but the man did not reply. He asked again and shook his body, which caused the man to cough up blood. The older man did not reply no matter how many times Orion asked him.

    ‘Place the glove upon his head. I can look at his memories.’ Fate stated suddenly within Orion's mind. He suddenly remembered that Fate could indeed search through memories, so placed his gloved hand on the man's head as told.

    A light blue light began shining from Orion's chest and then ran up his arm and entered the man's head. It shone with his head for a moment as he twitched with eyes rolled back in his head, until the light flew back through Orion's arm and to his chest once again. The older man went limp and lifeless, so Orion placed him on the ground and cremated his remains.

    ‘It seems the chi- Orion’s new friend had a high position within the western continent. It’s father, the emperor, was looking for it and found it here. The city was destroyed as the army tried to capture it, and thus the man was sent here to clean up the mess.' Fate stated solemnly.

    “So that’s what it was...” Orion said softly, his gaze directed at the older man's remains. He gazed a moment more and then looked off toward the setting sun over the sea. His thoughts brought him to his memories of this city for the last three years, and the things he had come to experience. He also thought of how easy it was to kill, and began wondering what his past truly was.

    He would never forget the memories of this place for as long as he lived, and he would never forgive the man that took that place from him. He took his family, his friends, and his home. The only things he had cared to protect were now gone. He turned and departed as tears fell on his face, covered in anger as he wept. He was now determined to find the man that had killed his family, and anyone in his way would pay a price.
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