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             A boy by the name of Orion ran from his home with his mother three years ago to The Great White City. As he passed through the cavern to the other side, a strange force gently enveloped him and erased his memories of the event that caused him to flee. When his mother awoke and asked him of the memory, and saw that he did not remember, she decided it best kept unspoken. Now, three years later, Orion is living peacefully within the city. The citizens that know him treat him as an outcast, but he feels something in his past was far worse than this. His days were spent now fishing for dinner, going to school on his mother's orders, and enjoying the feeling of a single memory he remembers of his childhood.

One day, however, a black ship interrupts his peaceful life far more than he could imagine. A mute little girl joins his family, he learns of cultivation the hard way, and most importantly... a strange being has made plans for his future!? Watch the story unfold as he meets new people in new places he's never seen, battles old enemies and new, finds his past, and learns to control the new powers he's gained by cultivating!


Chapter 001

                      The crackle of a fire nearby caused a boy to awaken suddenly. His gaze swept the area lightly, and he noticed he was still at the campfire he had made. His age had to be no more than thirteen years as of several months ago, as his face was still slightly immature. The clothes covering him were torn and tattered to be practically useless to the cold night air, signs of a long travel and many desperate struggles upon them. He gazed around the area with his deep blue eyes, which rested on a woman lying nearby curled into a blanket.

His face looked relieved after finding her peacefully sleeping, facing the campfire opposite him with her back against a log. Her features, upon closer inspection, were rather delicate yet worn by the life she lived. The sides of her eyes had crows feet beginning to form, and her brow that used to be lifted in care and affection was now always slightly furrowed. Her long black hair splayed across the dirt on the ground was as dark as night, and it's originally silken glow was now dull from lack of care.

He dusted off his bottom as he stood, and then walked over and placed the back of his hand before the woman's mouth. A faint rhythmic breath brushed his hand to confirm she was still breathing, whereupon he sat down next to her and sighed. He brushed his short and dark brown hair upon his head in an annoyed manner with his hand, fed up with the constant travel and lack of a proper bed or bath.

The surrounding forest was usually quite while he sat against the log, but a branch snapping in the distance would always put him on alert. His eyes darted about the trees surrounding him as he began to wake from his groggy stupor, checking the forest line for any sudden movement.

Time passed and nothing occurred, so he moved his hand to the stockpile of wood he gathered earlier that day. He fed several small pieces of wood to the fire haphazardly, causing embers to fly about in the air. The orange and red flakes of fire looked rather comforting and warm to him, reminding him of better days back upon the lake that was once his home. He loved the nights where he and his mother would start a fire beside the calm lake and roast nuts and vegetables while laughing and joking about various things.

Sadly, those days beside that lake would never be back, as the two had been driven from their home unjustly. His thoughts drifted back to the incident of their eventual departure, and hate slowly crept into his heart. The fire burning upon the lake, the wooden house he loved so much aflame, and the campfire crushed beneath the soldiers feet all caused him pain as he remembered them. The noise of the soldiers chasing them as trees fell around them and the forest raging in flames overwhelmed his senses, so much so that the world around him felt unreal.

Noise within the forest suddenly ended the memories as his mind was brought back to reality. A slight sweat was upon his brow as he shut his eyes for the moment, trying his best to calm his quickened heart. He thought of nothing but the lake, and lying beneath its waves at the bottom of it staring at the sky. The memory soothed him, cutting him from the world like an isolated being amidsts the calm water. The feeling was cold and lonely, but gave him a different sense of security compared to the warm memory of the campfire that usually warmed his heart.

Time passed for several moments, and he had almost fallen asleep while seated against the log. Suddenly, a groan coming from nearby jolted him awake, and caused him to look over where the noise had come from. The woman that was sleeping had awoken, and now pushed her upper body from the small patch of grass she laid on. She looked around drowsily as the cover fell from her upper body, revealing a black robe that was very dirty from the long travel.

Her eyes landed upon the boy after she swept the area, and she shook her body awake as she sat upright. She pulled the cover over her while glancing at the fire, and then looked back at the boy. Her eyes fell when she looked upon his torn and dirty clothing, and the night air nipping at her nose brought the chill to her attention.

She opened one side of the cover with her left arm, gesturing for the boy to come inside. He smiled wryly and then scooted over, nestling against her as she put her arm around his shoulder. The two sat in a long silence before an owl in the distance caused the woman to jump. She looked toward the boy staring out into the forest, the only sound now of crickets and the campfire around them.

“Brrr...The forest is rather spooky in the dead of night, isn’t it?” The woman asked the boy in a low voice, trying to break the silence enveloped in the area around them. The boy was silent for a moment before nodding, continuing to look around in the forest. The woman frowned and nudged the boy with her shoulder that was touching his, and caused him to look over with an upturned brow.

“Were you even listening?” She asked the boy, smiling a bit as she brought her hand up to ruffle the boy's head. Her hand was hidden beneath the cover still however, making the ruffling rather awkward and caused him some pain. He batted her arm away lazily and then poked at the fire with a stick that was lying next to him, the flames illuminating his young face as the woman looked at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but the boy’s mouth moved at the same time, which caused her to close it slowly.

“I heard you...” He stated slowly, and continued to stare at the fire as he shifted the logs with the stick. The woman looked at him for a moment and then looked toward the fire as well, enjoying the warmth it brought her. She gathered her courage and then looked back at the boy, resolve flowing through her dark black eyes.

“...What were you thinking about?” She asked the boy as she stared straight at his eyes that were turned away from her. They sat there for another moment before the boy shifted his bottom a little and pulled a bit at the cover. This in turn caused it to strain and stretch between the two, and the woman used the chance to scoot a bit closer to keep warm.

“...Home.” The boy said in a low voice, barely audible over the crickets and crackling of the fire. The woman's gaze flickered and she lowered it to her feet as her brow curled inward while she looked at them. She pulled her legs closer to her chest and then wrapped her free arm around them, covering her body up even further from the night air.

“Oh...”She stated in a low voice as well, and the only sounds now persisting were those in their surroundings. The two sat for a long time staring at the fire or the surrounding forest, and the moon now hung high in the sky before another word was uttered.

“...You miss it?” She asked the boy slowly, not moving from her curled up position. The boy turned his gaze slightly toward her without moving his head, and then turned it back toward the fire. He leaned toward her slowly, easing himself against her shoulder. She noticed the weight on her shoulder and smiled lightly, leaning toward the boy as well.

“No...it was only an area. My home is here.” The boy started slowly. The woman's eyes grew larger for a moment before a soft smile spread across her face, and she gripped his shoulder a little tighter.

“Orion...My home is here too. I, your mother Nashira, will always be here for you. No matter what.” She stated as her gaze rose to the stars in the night sky. The boy, named Orion, looked up toward the sky as well. A shooting star soared across the sky as the two looked on, the scene before them only being described as beautiful as the heavens. More shooting stars streaked across the sky, some slow and some fast as they appeared and disappeared.

An aurora began to fill part of the sky, waves of blue, red, and yellow drifting amongst each other as the stars fell behind it. The two stared at the sky until their eyes went drowsy, and they both drifted off into sleep under the beautiful scenery above them. The campfires last ember went out at the same time the last shooting star fell in the sky, the world around them now only filled with the night air and the crickets in the distance.


The morning sun fell upon Orion’s eyes through the shade of the trees above him, which caused his dreaming state to end abruptly. The light was glaringly bright as the leaves swayed in the wind,catching his eyes as they began to twitch. The rays that hit his eyes gave him a warm and cozy feeling within them, but the stinging feeling overpowered the warmth. He pulled his body up sluggishly and opened his eyes as best he could, and looked at his surroundings for any changes.

The camp area was the same as the night before, and the heavy feeling laying across his lower body weighing him down assured him Nashira was still there. His gaze fell upon her black hair as he confirmed her presence, though not her mind as she still lay dreaming. The peaceful look upon her face gave him some relief compared to the last several nights, which would usually involve tossing and turning followed by tears running down her face. It pained him whenever he saw her in that state, so this peaceful sleep was something he would rather not disturb.

He took a pile of cloth from a small bag nearby, which he had been using to store their meager supplies on the journey. He pulled the cloth underneath her head slowly, and took great care not to wake her as he successfully replaced his leg with the cloth. He nodded in approval at his sneakiness and then looked out toward the forest, ready to hunt nearby to gather the food for the day. He picked up a sharp rock attached to a stick he had made the night before, and headed off into the forest nearby to look around.

Before he moved too far away, he leaned down near a tree and moved some leaves out of the way, looking at the trap he had placed under them. A small metal plate with small teeth sat lying in wait where he checked, and his eyes scanned the area around him as he noticed a slight hint of several others that were still untriggered. He nodded approvingly and replaced the leaves over the trap carefully, and tiptoed over the trap as he headed deeper into the forest.

The day passed by quite uneventfully and peacefully, but no prey large enough to feed the two could be found. Nashiras scream had caused him to come running at one point, but thankfully it was only a rabbit that was caught in one of the traps. It was big enough for a meal, so Nashira skinned and prepared it while Orion searched the forest for extra food to fill their stomachs with.

He found several apples lying on the ground that must have just fallen as they looked rather clean. He could only make do with them after seeing just how tall the tree they fell from really was, so he headed back to camp and washed them in a riber on the way. While doing so, he filled the water cask he always carried just in case, and then made it back safely to camp.

The two sat down to eat and began their meal, enjoying something more than the scraps they had been eating days before on the run. They could only scrounge within the cities for a meager life, and could not stay for long as their pursuers were constantly tracking them. After the meal, the two cleaned up around camp and prepared to set off around the mountain in the distance when a horn blowing roused their attention.

The two flinched and then turned toward each other, quickly ascertaining what the noise was as they had heard it so many times before. They frantically packed the rest of the items into their sacks and then threw some dirt onto the fire, and began moving quickly through the forest toward the mountain. The horn blew again, and a very loud scream following it gave Orion the knowledge that they weren’t far behind them. They had, indeed, tripped one of his traps set around the camp to protect them at night.

The two picked up their pace into the fastest run they could muster, but the mountain was rather far to go on their journey. The horn roaring grew closer and closer every time it blew, and Orion could see the men chasing them in the distance vaguely behind the trees. He pushed his legs harder, knowing he was the one slowing them down as he was smaller and had to exert more effort to move faster.

As they reached the foot of the mountain, an arrow landed in the sack draping from Orion's back. The sudden force from the arrow hitting his bag caused him to tumble a bit, barely keeping steady as Nashira caught him. He looked back with a cold sweat forming on the back of his neck, death feeling so much nearer than earlier that day. The man holding the bow that shot the arrow sneered when their eyes met, and he began notching another arrow quickly. Orion, seeing this, pulled at Nashira hastily and barely pulled her behind a tree as splinters flew through the air.

He forced his legs to move as they were shaking, and pulled Nashira along as he headed up the mountain side. They narrowly escaped the arrows many times as they climbed, and eventually reached a small cave entrance that the two immediately entered. Laughing could be heard down the mountain slope, the men chasing them most likely feeling they caught their prey in a small hole.

Orion could see nothing within the dark cave as he walked forward, feeling the wall to his left with his arm as he pulled Nashira behind him. She had gone weak willed the moment the men had appeared, and her feet had stopped working as soon if not earlier than Orions had. He continued quickly through the cave until no light from the entrance could be seen, and then stopped to catch his breath for a moment as he leaned against the cave wall.

His breathing was haggard and rough as he closed his eyes, trying to calm down his heart that was pounding in adrenaline. Nashira nearby was looking around worriedly, and hugged closely to Orion so as not to get lost in the dark cave. After calming himself down, Orion got back up and grabbed Nashiras hand. He looked one last time at the direction of the cave entrance, and then walked the opposite way.

Some time passed as the two slowly walked through the cave, feeling blindly along the wall as they shuffled along. The cave was hot and humid, giving off the feeling of being in a sauna as sweat dripped unceasingly from Orion's brow. The sweat dripped off his face into the floor, a faint sizzling sound echoing out as testimony to the hot floor beneath their soles. Neither Orion nor Nashira felt it safe to take off their sandals for even a second, nor did they dare stop for too long to allow the heat to seep into them.

The heat started to become unbearable as they continued to walk through the cave, when suddenly, sleep hit the two hard like an invisible wall. Orion was the first to fall asleep as his body smacked the hot floor, but strangely, he was unhurt. Nashira followed soon after while trying to help him up, deep sleep overcoming her quickly. The two could not fight the feeling of sleep, and fell deep within their dreams as their bodies began to faintly glow in a blue light.

The glow appeared slowly around both Orion and Nashira's bodies, fading in as it grew in abundance. It continued to grow until it enveloped both of their bodies, surrounding them in a pale blue glow that lit the cave around them slightly. This lasted for several moments and then lifted their bodies off the ground, thrusting them into the air and lifting them out of the cave and out into a plateau overlooking the forest.

Time passed and the sun began to set as Nashira was the first to wake, rubbing her head as it felt foggy and strange. She looked over and found Orion lying nearby, and rushed to his side and shook him awake. He moved his eyes about groggily as he awoke from his seemingly deep sleep, and then forced them open as best he could as he looked at his surroundings. The forest surrounding him alarmed him at first as he jumped to his feet, but he calmed down after he felt no immediate danger.

“Orion, honey, are you alright?” Nashira asked him, a worried look upon her face. He looked at her and noticed she was there, and a strange look appeared on his face. He eyed her features for a moment while in a guarded stance, and then spoke in a low and cautious voice.

“Who...Who are you?”


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    Chapter 002

    "O-Orion, what are you saying?" Nashira asked, a cold sweat forming on the back of her neck. He continued to look at her cautiously as he felt a sense of disconnection yet familiarity from the woman in front of him. The contradictory feeling caused his nerves to be on edge, and he backed away a few feet as she stepped forward unsteadily.

    "Like I said, who are you!?" He asked again, anger surfacing in his voice. He watched Nashira's movements as she tottered, clearly shocked at her suddenly guarded son.

    "I...I am your mother, Orion. What happened while I was asleep that caused you to forget me?" Her face was growing increasingly stricken and nervous at the hostility he directed toward her. Not to mention the fact that they were being chased, she really felt stuck between a rock and a hard place at the sudden change in her son. Her eyes darted toward every sudden sound from within the cave, from debris to drops of water, that made her jump and worried each time.

    Orion watched Nashira as he stood in a defensive stance, and noticed her frantic and trouble disposition. Suddenly, hurried footsteps started to ring out from the cave nearby. They started very distant and were accompanied by the ground shaking, becoming louder the harder the ground shook. 

    Orion looked at the cave entrance and then at the woman, scared and shivering as she stared at the cave with a worried face. He made a decision in his mind and lifted Nashira in his arms while sprinting away from the cave, as Nashira suddenly screamed In fright at the sudden movement.

    As soon as Orion had leapt off the cliff area surrounding the cave entrance, many men began frantically running out of the cave. Nashira watched over Orion’s arm as the men emptied the cave, and noticed that all of them had fear-stricken faces. She felt confused, but the next scene before her eyes caused her heart to leap in fright.

    A massive rumble sounded out as the cave entrance burst open, a huge humanoid like creature exiting the mountain. It towered over all of the men at least three times over in height, and its bodies width was almost just as long. It’s body was made of stone, and its two arms and legs looked like condensed sand as they hit the ground. Men were sent flying or were crushed under its arms and legs as it smashed at them wildly, destroying the ground underneath with each strike.

    “A...A golem!?”Nashira, aghast at the scene, could not help but notice a strange crystal in place of where its head should be. At the same time, Orion looked back and saw the creature as well as it crushed a man in its hand. His heart racing, he sped up as much as his body could take, fleeing down the sloped hill as men and rocks tumbled after them.

    The blood and dirt brushed Orion’s face as he pushed his legs to remain steady while charging down the mountain. Behind him, more rocks and men, many of them dead, were tumbling down after him faster than he could run. Nashira screamed suddenly when a boulder twice Orion’s size flew toward them far quicker than the rest, which caused Orion to flinch as he looked back as quickly as possible. 

    Pushing his right leg hard, he leapt to the side as the boulder scraped his left arm and Nashiras feet, giving both of them a numb feeling at the impact. Steadying himself, Orion glanced at the stone creature at the cave, standing there watching the landslide it had created. Suddenly, a large mouth of lava leapt from the mountain where the cave had been, and grabbed hold of the golem. 

    The golem flinched as it was grabbed by the lava, and Orion noticed a strange form the lava seemed to be forming into. It morphed and solidified into a snout that was a lizard like head in appearance. The magma then seemed to cool into a black stone except where the eyes would be, leaving magma to leak from it as if it was crying. A low groan was released across the land around it that caused Orions heart to leap in fright when he heard it, and he tumbled forward as he and Nashira now rolled down the hill.

    The golems struggle was futile as it was held within the black lizard's mouth, its arms and legs struggling against its dull black teeth. Magma leaked from the lizard's mouth that brushed against the golem's body, deteriorating the stone form slowly. The lizard head sat stock still for a moment, and then suddenly pulled the golem back into the mountain as it roared. The birds across the forest took flight as they headed away from the mountain, scared at whatever creature was within it. 

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    Chapter 9

    Solid Soil vs. Swift Wind

    The yell signaled many onlookers to hold their ears as Sheila dashed out and then disappeared from view. Her figure could not be seen anywhere within the dome like barrier, nor could anyone hear any noise. Carson stood stock still near the edge of the barrier where he started, his hands still placed behind his back. His robe would flutter every now and then, but no wind was flowing through the valley. Suddenly, he raised his right arm and grabbed the green shield around the duel area, and pulled. The barrier shrunk as he pulled the barrier close to him, whereupon sheila came into view as she kicked the barrier piece he had just pulled down. A slight look of surprise rose on her face before she pulled back to the other side of the barrier, causing Carson to let go of the barrier. The barrier grew back to it’s original position, as if was not touched at all. All of the onlookers were deathly silent, not wanting to miss anything that would happen during the show. Especially the cultivators up front, who had begun to sit down cross legged and watch the show unblinkingly.

    Some of the students followed the example, and while the two fighters were glaring at each other, practically the entire school was now sitting down the same way to watch the fight. Carson had a light smile on his face, most likely feeling assured Sheila could not harm him. the man had grown up always on top, so anyone his age or younger than him near his place in the world would need to be knocked down a peg or two, to know their place below him. Sheila, on the other hand, was smiling at being able to move so much after so long within the city, as she had never truly moved freely at maximum speed for quite a while like she was used to. Her daily training was self-done, speeding through the mountain area her school was located in upon an island sea. 

    Sometimes, when she was adventurous, she would run atop the water and enjoy the feeling of the water below her feet, while other times she would soar through the sky amongst the clouds. Carson himself would sit in a cave far below the earth, moving and shifting the soil surrounding him to train his control of the element. In his childhood as he trained, he would build a tower spiraling toward the sky, one day hoping to have his own tower housed within his gods realm. Both of the fighters today could only be described as geniuses in their own school, and the pride of it as well. But the head of the school feared they would do more harm than good in the mortal world, so he sent them off to learn about it.

    The two fighters stared at each other smiling, before Sheila kicked off the ground again. Carson did not wait like last time, and grabbed the barrier around him with both of his hand while pulling it forward, causing the barrier to shrink quite a bit and he brought them to forward before him to block. Instead of keeping the plates of the barrier attached to it, this time he pulled them off and covered his arms with them. The barrier thinned quite a bit, but stretched back out to its original size as the battle waged on. Sheila’s figure danced about in the air, sometimes so fast you could only see her at the point of her attack. Carson had moved himself to the middle of the barrier, and began to wildly block her attacks from all directions. The shields in his hands had ever changing forms, never staying the same size or shape. Sometimes they would be large and thin looking, while other times they would be very small and very thick, becoming dark green in color. As the fight raged on, the two appeared to be sweating and had become sluggish. Sheila no longer disappeared for a quick attack, and Carson’s back was starting to slouch from the weight of the barrier on his arms. the two did one final clash, and the green barrier surrounding them broke from Sheila’s deflected kick. The crowd screamed as shards of the barrier flew toward them, but the ones that hit the onlookers were so light it would not even cause a bruise.

    “Huff… Huff… That, was actually pretty good… to keep up with...my barrier…” Carson said through ragged breath, clearly worn out. The green plating on his arms turned solid as they fell to the ground, that then turned brown. The shards the barrier were once made of also began to turn brown as they lay in the surroundings. One of the onlookers tried to pick one of the shards, but it was so heavy that he and several friends could not even budge it. Sheila shook her head at Caron with sweat running down her brow, and a satisfied look had appeared on her face. She disappeared once again, and was now seated next to Orion as he watched the crowd study the barrier shards.

    “This little girl...has too much energy...and is a...monster…” Carson said under his breath, dragging his body to the middle of the dueling area. A defeated look had appeared on his face, but left quickly as he stood up straight and thrust his arms outward. As he did so, a wave of brown light shot through the crowd, whereupon the shards flew into the air and back to him. The onlookers gaped at the barrier now reforming, brown in color. After the barrier had fully reformed, Carson pulled his hands downward and it sunk into the earth, causing the yellow grass in the fight area to turn green. He lifted his body back up and dusted off his hands, and then prepared to shout as many covered their ears knowing what would happen.

    “The show is now over, and i hope many of you learned what a cultivator is capable of! This class is now over, you may all return to your home's!” Carson bellowed out, his voice sounding slightly drained of energy. After he yelled, a chunk of soil rose from the ground and carried him off into the forest. While he flew on the soil, he began contemplating, as Sheila had made him realize just how long a fight could drag out if he only defended. He had grown too single-minded, and now felt he was no longer the top cultivator his age. He would work to make himself better, he thought as he flew over the tree line, disappearing from sight. Orion, after seeing this, decided to stand and leave as well, before a small figure fell into his lap. Sheila had now fallen asleep and was breathing silently, obviously drained from the training she had just done.

    Orion could only laugh to himself as he picked her up gently, placing her on his back as he walked toward the town. Siri, originally having fun talking with the cultivators, saw Sheila’s sleeping face as Orion passed by, and instantly walked toward them. She began talking to Orion as he walked, all the while intently staring at Sheila’s sleeping face. The look on her face could no doubt be described as creepy if one looked at it long enough. Derlin, after seeing the crowd disperse, had now longed to become a cultivator as well. He stood up and walked away from the crowd toward the forest, hoping to find the man he saw fight. After walking for a bit, something caught his foot that made him almost trip. A small black book with a leather fastener was lying amongst the field in the direction Carson left, and Derlin immediately picked the book up. He scanned the outside of the book intently, and his eyes gleamed as he read the words located on the outside of the book.

    ‘Flowing Clay - Introduction’
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    Chapter 10

    The Burning Stone and Difference in Talent

    ‘Hm...’ A deep thrum echoed, lighting up a dark cavern seated deep inside an earthen prison far below the ground. Lava occasionally boiled, as it bubbled up and turned to ash when it cooled. On a sconce located in the heart of the cavern flickered a now dim blue flame, as it jutted from the ashen remains. The outer layer of the flame could sometimes be seen flickering with a purple hue,which caused it to emanate a mysterious and strange feeling. A small and round white stone could be seen floating within the flame. The light flickered once again, and it thrummed throughout the cavern once more,which caused embers to fly about as it shook. While it shook, the thrumming sound could be heard throughout the cavern over and over repetitively. Two small black lines appeared on the front of the stone, which then opened to house two beads that...blinked.

    <|??? POV|>

    ‘This...’ The stone inside the fire thought, it’s mind slightly disoriented as a monotone voice rang out. The voice sounded neither man nor woman, so indistinct that it did not sound living. The two beads slowly twisted around the stone, wandering around the cavern as it’s gaze gave off a cone of light. After circling once, the two beady eyes jumped to the ground nearby, where a small book lay tattered and torn. It’s gaze focused on the book for a long time, making sure the book was no mere illusion. A long time passed before it’s beady eyes were removed from the book, and it darted about around the cavern ceiling for a bit, seemingly looking for something. It stopped shortly after, and then closed it’s eyes once again. Time passed by until it suddenly opened the beads, which now rippled with blue waves. The flame surrounding the stone grew slightly smaller, but the beads upon the stone did not seem to care. It’s gaze darted about the walls of the cavern it was in.

    ‘The child is...safe. The mother...seems to be too. Acceptable.’ It said, as it looked slightly less vigilant. The beads darted about some more, and then landed on a mountain far in the distance. A solitary mountain further up the continent jutted from the earth, similar to the one it currently was housed in. It’s gaze was very focused, staring intently into the mountain. Some time passed and it pulled its gaze back, sitting quietly for a time.

    ‘Ruz-al Groyul...You lived well.’ It stated as it watched the the mountain in a trance. After some time passed, the stone seemed to awaken again and looked around. It’s beady eyes seemed to search for something close by quickly, staring toward the ground in the forest outside.

    It turned it’s gaze as it seemed to feel something amiss, and it fell upon a young man with short black hair. His innocent looking face had a maniacal smile plastered upon it, as he held a book in front of him reading it. His eyes darted about the book, as his hand flipped the pages of the book quickly. When the boy finished the last page, his gaze rose to the sky, and a cracking sound like that of thunder could be heard from within him. His body began to shiver and shake furiously, which brought a look of agony to his face.

    A man nearby with a large build flying upon a patch of soil flew in the boy’s direction quickly, and a look of astonishment filled his face when he saw what was happening. The boy’s body had begun to change, as his originally black hair began to turn a muddy yellow slowly. Patches of dull-grey soil began roiling about around him as if out of control, causing the man to gape even further at the sight before him.

    ‘Hm...That one has a talent as high as the gods. But its heart...Is too stricken with greed and pride to be useful. The child is still this one’s first priority. I do...need to warn the child of that one later, though.’ The stone thought, its beady eyes prying away from the two. It began to search throughout the city below it from within the volcano, looking for the thing it called child. It’s gaze fell upon two figures walking through the forest, with one of them housing a smaller figure upon it’s back. The beady eyes opened fully, and the flame flew higher for a moment as it shook further.

    ‘Raging Flame Art...should have been lost in time...but if he has...No, this will help...’ It thought to itself, contemplating on something it had seen. ‘If he follows that path...Yes, it would help awaken his inner world...and then...’

    ‘I could be set free.’


    Within a shaded forest heading toward a city in the distance strode two figures. One of the figures was hunched over as it held a smaller figure on it’s back, while the other could be seen leaning toward the smaller figure to look at it’s face.

    “Kuuuu….She’s just so freakin’ cute!~ Orion, please, let me hold her!~” The figure staring at the smaller ones face said.

    “Siri, i’ve already stated this, but you won't be able to look at her if you hold her. Also, you're creeping me out, so no.” The other figure, named Orion, stated as it trudged forward. The shade covering the features ended at a clearing, revealing Orion, Siri, and Sheila as Orion walked over to a stump and sat down. His brow had sweat dripping down it from the exhaustion, and he needed a break after the long trek with no help. Going up the mountain was much easier with Sheila’s help, but going back down with her on his back doing nothing was just extra weight. Orion peeled Sheila off his back slowly and laid her down on the stump, which caused her to curl into herself reflexively. Her eyes opened for a moment groggily, and before Orion could get up, she had gotten ahold of his shirt. Having suddenly been held in place and no way to remove himself, he gave up and sat enjoying the air as he tried to ignore Siri being creepy behind him.

    He looked around at the small patch of grass surrounding the dead stump, and then toward the trees surrounding them. He did this for a while, but then grew bored of it and took the small book out once again. He opened it to the second page and began reading, but his brow would be constantly furrowed as he read. Every line was extremely old in type, making it very hard to read as the language use had changed since olden times. He wasn't sure how old the book really was, but someone definitely from an archaic era had made this book.

    ‘The ember of the world surrounds one within enlightened areas, one only has to find these areas to begin learning...’ The book started, clearly not giving him any information on what enlightened areas were, nor what the ember of the world truly were either. Orion could not help but sigh deeply to himself after learning the fact that cultivation in this book would take a very long time, and he began to prepare himself that he would never learn it. He continued reading for some time, but only learned a very small amount, mostly useless information about how hot magma was, or some attacking methods designed for the cultivation he had yet to even begun learning.

    He closed the book and rubbed his eyes, too tired to continue reading. He turned around to see Siri walking away with Sheila in her arms, clearly trying to take her home with her. She was struggling to carry her however, which caused her to hold Sheila in an awkward position as she almost fell over.

    “Help…” Siri called to him after noticing he saw her, pretending to be innocent. Orion could only sigh to himself and walk over where she was, smacking Siri upside the head and scolding her for being so weird.
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    Chapter 011

    Ancient Map and Searching for Answers

                       Two days had passed since Orion had begun his internal struggle with the book in the forest that day. He sat in his room, as thunder and lightning shot across the sky outside the small window. Rain poured heavily down upon the stone roof, cutting the rest of the world off from the house as he lay in bed. His mother had said she would go find somewhere to buy food with the money she had earned.Orion insisted on going fishing to save the money, vowing he would be safe, but his mother angrily rebuked him into silence. However, she could only leave the house after finding that Sheila could control the air above her to block the rain from falling directly overhead, removing the need for heavy weather gear his mother did not own.

    The storm had started almost as soon as Orion had arrived back home to put Sheila to bed. He had sat around the house while it stormed as he stared at the rainfall in the backyard, but quickly grew bored of the same scenery. He would also play games with Sheila, but she was not always around to play with, which removed her as a time-killing hobby while the storm lasted. After the two left to go shopping for food, he had decided to sit underneath the cover in his room and force himself to learn more about the book. His search for the answers did not come easily, no matter how much he struggled to comprehend it.

    He would agonize over some of the lines that made no sense whatsoever, and at other times, stared blankly at the useless common-sense statements the book made. He had even been forced to skip through some of the pages, as the writing would look like it was from another language entirely. Sometimes he would gather a small bit of information about something, but usually it would fall short as useless without the rest of the section known as well. One particularly agonizing description caused Orion to flip through the book in anger, passing through page after page blindly. His eyes began to scan for something different within the book he could begin with, anything that could allow him to grab a foothold in understanding the mess.

    “Come on...Come on…” He chanted to himself, his finger throwing the pages faster and faster the further he went. the book wasn’t very large, but was thicker than an average book one would normally read. His finger stopped turning as he had begun to give up hope, when the next page flipped to revealed an image of some kind.

    The image was that of what seemed to be a map of a continent. The outline, however, was nothing Orion could make out as familiar. the map spanned across two pages, and had many small words dotting it. His eyes scanned through the map, but he could only read roughly a fourth of what was written. What he could read, however, told him of what the rest of the words were. Hard to pronounce words like like Nyvenne, Androdgina, and Sufrelaurius dotted across the top left of the map sitting together could be read. The bottom left of the map had the same strange symbols as the parts he could not understand of the book, causing his blood to boil.

    ‘The creator of this book was either a trickster or a madman. Either that, or too many hands have held this book and wrote within it…” He thought while his eyes darted over to the right side of the book. On the middle of the right page was an easily identifiable word, Serina, a common name amongst the western continents citizens. The outline to the area it housed, however, was very small and chaotic.

    ‘It seems these are lands...owned by someone? Why else would these names sit within the borders solitarily...’ He thought to himself as he scanned the page some more. The pattern to the land was strewn about haphazardly, and many of the older named lands all had mountains based upon the coloration of the land on the map. Orion continued to ponder over the connections between the words and the land they hovered over for some time before having a sudden thought. ‘Some of these older lands are very large, almost as large as the entire eastern continent...could there really exist such a land across the seas unexplored that is this vast?’

    ‘Hm…’ A noise suddenly rang throughout Orion's room, but he was too focused on the map to notice it. A second noise, like that of a heartbeat, rang out again several moments later which caused Orion to awaken from his pondering. He searched about the room with his eyes lazily, feeling something different about the room than before. His eyes met nothing, however, and he brought them back down to study the map once again.


    <|??? POV|>

    ‘The child is slowly progressing...good. The farther he gets, the closer i am to calling out to him. I will guide him here and recover what i lost...’ A thought echoed throughout a cavern deep within the mountain looming over the city. A white stone set aflame in blue and purple flames sat within the cavern thinking aloud to itself as it watch Orion intensely, hoping any moment the insight would light the ember in his body. It had been watching Orion struggle for the last several days after it awoke, as he struggled to learn what the book hid in twisted words. When he stared at the map closely, the stone seemed to remember something itself as it sat calmly watching over him.

    Three years ago, it had awoken from it’s slumber. It had laid dormant for countless years in the confines it was bound to, contemplating in what it could possibly do to free itself. A boy had passed through the winding caves above the cavern covered in burn marks and cuts all over his body, as a trail of blood followed him. He carried a woman as best he could over his shoulders, but the weight was too much for the boy to carry himself for very long.

    The stone had awoken to check upon the world, and used this chance to find out more using these two. The flames covering the stone changed from blue to purple, and it’s beady eyes narrowed into slits as it had peered toward the two of them. Moments passed and the flame covering the stone changed back to blue, clearly done with what it wanted to do. It had seen the boy and the woman’s body and soul clearly, scanning each and everything it could find. It had learned at that point, that the world had changed to become something new from when it was once a whole being.

    It focused particularly on the woman's memories, a strange feeling of being more comfortable within them than the boys could be felt to it. It had then focused more on the boy’s soul than his memories, as a familial like feeling resonated with the stones very own soul. It’s gaze fell upon the book lying nearby after scanning the boys soul, and a thought had appeared in its head. After acquiring the information from the two, it had gone dormant once again, but it's mind had already settled on what it wanted to do. Its beady eyes closed, and the flames surrounding the stone flickered as the light left the cavern; now lit only by the occasional boiling lava.
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    Chapter 12

    The Storm Passes and Life in the city

                      The day began after the large storm had finally passed, which had taken five days to do so. Orion had been awake for some time still laying in bed, scanning through the book with some slight understanding. However, his main focus was always the map before he would finish reading. Feeling slightly satisfied at making even a tiny bit of progress he had, Orion began to stretch across the bed as the sun shone onto the stone wall near the door. His mind felt slightly hazy as he laid feeling the pleasant mat beneath him, his neck and shoulders aching. He drifted off to sleep for some time, but suddenly, the door flew open and something jumped into bed with him.

    Immediately after, his stomach was grabbed by two thin arms, which pulled him up and out of bed in one fell swoop. The thing that had captured him was Sheila, who had now somehow become a regular part of his life recently. He felt she was way too much like a little sister he always had, so much so that he had begun to treat her as one. He did feel a slight distance between the two of them with her not speaking a word as she would mumble or gesture to talk, but he could not do a thing to change that without hurting the current happy situation. Therefore, he had decided to leave the matter alone, opting for silence. In Particular, Sheila had been a healthy help for his mother recently. Her hair and eyes, which originally had a tired and disheveled look to them, seem to be revitalized.

    Orions eyes were half opened as Sheila carried him through the air into the kitchen, and placed him in his usual seat at the table. She then flew over to the top counter on the wall and grabbed two small wooden containers with small holes dotting the top and returned to the table. She flopped down on the cushion laying next the table, and placed the two containers in the middle of the table. His mother, originally at a new indoor cooking pot, had put the fire out and was bringing a plate over to the table. Orion had been smelling something strange this entire time, and had come to realize it was what his mother had cooked.

    “What did you cook, mom? It smells different than the usual soup.” Orion asked questioningly, his mind still a bit hazy from sleep. His mother brought the plate down to the table and ‘harumphed’, causing her to inadvertently bring her arms to her sides and a smile to her face.

    “Lately, i've been saving money, and i had enough left over from what i saved to buy something special for breakfast! Sheila helped too, of course.” His mother said, then nodded in Sheila’s direction. Sheila held up a hand with two fingers raised and arm outstretched, smiling at his mother. She, in turn, did the same strange pose as well. The two sat for a moment before lowering their arms, whereupon his mother sat down with her legs to one side on the cushion she liked.

    “So...Is it any good?” Orion asked, slightly reluctant to touch the thing laying on the plate. It was a white gooey like substance that looked very oddly shaped. The middle of the food was bulbous and slightly yellow while covered by a thin layer of white, whilst the outside of the food was a bright white with slightly burned edges. Three bulbs lay within the middle of the food, which made it look all the more stranger and less fit for consumption.

    “They called it an ‘egg’ at the supermarket this morning, and it was something nobles usually ate that comes from an animal. I don't know which one, but Sheila assured me that it is delicious, so i decided to try it out.” His mother stated as she grabbed a knife and cut the egg into three equal parts. Sheila had flown over to the counter nearby and grabbed the wooden plates, and placed them in front of everyone at the table. the egg parts were distributed amongst the three, and Sheila hurried to shake the two containers to allow some white and brown shavings to fall onto it. She then handed the two containers over to his mother quickly, who followed the same example as well. Orion decided to go along with it after being handed the container and followed along. Now with the top of the egg covered in brown dots, Sheila hurriedly dug into the food she had not had for some time. She immediately had a happy look plastered on her face as she wolfed it into her mouth using a wooden fork. Orion looked at his mother cutting a piece of it off the side and putting it in her mouth, and a slightly surprised look flashed across her face.

    “Mm... Not too bad, try it.” his mother said, pointing the fork at his plate as she gestured her head. She then began cutting at the egg again and placing the pieces in her mouth. Orion felt like going fishing instead for his meal, but decided against it to keep the peace. He cut apart at the giant bulb at the middle of the egg, and yellow liquid oozed out slightly. His stomach lurched at the sight, but he kept a normal face on for appearances. Rather than eat the bulb part, he decided to cut at the burnt part instead. Taking a hesitant bite, he slowly chewed upon the piece. A neutral look was on his face as he tasted the food, it not tasting good nor bad to him.

    “It’s fine.” He said shortly, cutting at the burnt part again and putting it in his mouth. He decided to eat the thing regardless of how it tasted now, but would probably decline it from now on if asked to eat it. He ate most of the outer area quickly, leaving only the bulb behind. He reluctantly picked the bulb up with a fork, watching the yellow goo ooze down onto the plate while his stomach reeled again. His face tightened as he made a decision, and he shoved the bulb into his mouth in one go. He chewed on it quickly, and then swallowed. The taste, to him, was actually slightly gross as his back shivered in disgust. Sheila and his mother had finished their meals shortly after Orion had, and the two had a satisfied and slightly happy look on their faces. His mother seemed to at least enjoy the taste a bit, much to Orion's surprise. The table was cleaned off and the tools put away, when his mother suddenly thought of something.

    “That’s right, you haven't been out much lately have you, Orion?” She stated as she placed her hand under her elbow, with the other hand coming to rest on her cheek as she tilted her head.

    “No, but... i have been outside enough in the past. I’m trying to read this book, and i'm getting closer to finishing it.” Orion stated, trying to dodge the strange feeling that his mother would ask him to do something he didn’t want to. He was right, as the next words out of her mouth sent a shiver up his spine. Sheila stood to the side with a rag in her hand, looking at his mother quizzically.

    “Well, Sheila likes to go flying around above the town now and then and i have some cleaning to do. Would you mind giving her some time off helping me clean and spending some time outside with her?” His mother said questioningly.

    “Oh, uh… right, i heard the storm was suppose to continue soon. So i'd rather not…” He started to say, but Sheila had already heard all she wanted as she grabbed Orion's hand and flew toward the door. “...Wait!” He yelled quickly, but the door was already closed behind him.

    His mother stood at the kitchen looking at the now closed door, a blank smile spread across her face.

    “Well, well… She was a bit too excited, huh?”


    The wind flew by quickly as it whipped Orion’s hair about haphazardly. Sheila had turned him around and grabbed him from the back, before pulling him up into the air above the city. He looked angry and slightly disgruntled as Sheila carried him through the sky, bringing them to a high point above the city. He looked around lazily as he did not want to be flying, hating the feeling in the pit of his stomach it caused.

    He sat there with Sheila hovering around in the air, and caught sight of a crowd in the marketplace. The crowd had gathered around a restaurant that had just opened a few months ago, but the food wasn't good enough for the crowd outside the door. He wasn't very interested in it though, as his eyes darted about the streets as they moved along. Sheila had begun her strange and happy tune, giving Orion a sense of dread from the innocent noise. He looked toward a park area that was located toward the middle of the city, and saw several blue robed people sitting in the park on the grass. He concentrated on the group, and saw a familiar face amongst them. Siri was sitting between the cultivators, her arms flailing about as she looked at them in the sky. The cultivators as well, had now begun looking at the two figures floating there. He had a thought to get out of the sky, and he decided to pursued it.

    “Little blue, why not go to the park today?” He asked over his shoulder, trying to sound as normal as possible. His stomach still lurched a bit when he opened his mouth, causing him to slightly gag after talking. Little Blue pondered for a moment, and then drifted toward the park.

    “Mmm.” She mumbled, and then shot toward the grassy ground at great speed. Orion shut his eyes on reflex, and waited for the ground to touch his feet rather than watch himself fall that quickly. When his feet touched the grass, he opened his eyes to find Sheila putting him down and hovering about the air. Siri had seen them head toward the spot, and had ran as quickly as she could toward them while followed by the cultivators. Strangely, she now wore a blue robe similar to the ones the cultivators wore. Sheila had yet to see the group running toward them as she checked on Orion while floating.

    Siri arrived near Sheila and she pounced, as quietly as she could. Two arms suddenly grabbed Sheila from behind, causing her to yelp in a surprised voice. The yelp caused Orion’s ears to sting a bit, which felt strange to him. Siri began cuddling her face upon Sheila’s, who had attempted to fly away. Unfortunately for her, the surprise made her lose focus, only allowing her to jump into the air some distance before falling while having the parasite Siri attached. Seeing she could not fly away, she pushed Siri’s arms down with as much restrained force as she could to not harm her, but Siri remained unfazed. After struggling for some time, Sheila gave up and had a very dead and pouting face as siri squeezed her between her arms. The two now sat beneath a shaded tree as Siri talked to Sheila constantly.

    Orion, having found some freedom from the sacrifice, put his hands in prayer for Sheila before walking off toward home again. They had flown slightly far, but there was still plenty of time in the day to go back and read the book some more. After passing through the winding streets as he headed to his house, he heard a commotion nearby. When he peered around the corner, he saw several bulky men surrounding a boy wearing a black robe with dirty yellow hair. Brown streaks ran through the boys bangs and scalp area of his yellow hair, and his innocent looking face was deathly white. His black eyes seemed dead to the world around him as he scanned the men surrounding him. He noticed a strange scar running down the boy's left eye,starting at his bangs. It streaked down his face and looked like a chaotic lightning bolt had surfaced on the boys skin, tapering off at the bottom of his neck.

    Orion felt he looked familiar, but had never seen someone with that sort of strikingly strange looking hair before. He watched a bit as the man from the back of the boy lunged, before suddenly having his arm be torn off by something that whistled through the air. His stomach lurched and he almost threw up from the scene, close to losing the breakfast he had ate that morning. The other men staggered back for a bit, unsure of what had just transpired. Orion, seeing that the men had decided to attack all at once, pulled his face back and walked away quickly. He thought that being anywhere near such a troublemaker would surely cause him many problems, and the further away from him the better.
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    Chapter 13

    Nighttime Incident and Echoing Voice

                     The rain poured heavily amidsts the city as the originally dormant storm started up once again. Orion sat on the wooden floor within the kitchen area, lying about while scanning through the book. He would look up now and then to watch the rain pour down outside, through the open area leading straight to the backyard. It calmed him to watch the rain pour endlessly, feeling isolated from the rest of the world. The lightning and thunder that had persisted last time the rain fell had begun at first but now ceased, leaving the once chaotic storm now peaceful.

    Whenever Orion would become frustrated or tired while reading the book, he would lay his head down and stare at the rain pouring outside. He continued this for some time before putting the book down to eat. He had the meal with his family, but his mind did not pay too much attention. After he had walked away from the book, his obsessed mind seemed to have caught onto something he had not seen before. It scratched at his mind while away from the book, but every time he went back, he could only understand a small amount he thought he originally did. This continued throughout the night and into the next day, the sun still not shining through the rain clouds.

    The rain poured for several days as he continued to read the book increasingly longer periods of time. The only time he showed restraint was when his mother and Sheila came over to eat, but the two would usually leave him alone any other time. Sheila, especially, felt that what he was learning could benefit him greatly. She had gone the same path, though not as difficult to her, and knew at least a bit of the struggle. She had decided to play with his mother instead, leaving him to his solitary reading with only the quiet storm to accompany him. Anytime his mother would ask about the book, Sheila would find a way to distance her and entertain her, knowing full well his mother would not understand. Orion, as well, would not be able to explain the pieces of the puzzle he had learned so far.

    On his fifth day cooped up in the house reading, the rain began to fall even harder than the previous days. His mind was completely absorbed within the book as night fell, feeling compelled that he was close to an understanding. Out within the rain, ripples could be seen moving throughout the rain. it never stayed within one place, and could not be seen without amazing eyesight. The ripples themselves were extremely small, so small that they could fit within a rain drop. The ripple could be seen coming from the direction of the mountain, and would always stop in the rain located outside the kitchen Orion was currently laying in. Orion had regular eyesight, coupled with the extreme fatigue, causing him to be unable to see it at all.

    The ripples had been going on for several days, and would always stop whenever Sheila left his mother's room. Something about the little girl caused the strange ripple to be wary, not daring to be around where she could see it. Lately, it had become increasingly apparent that Orion was getting close to an understanding to begin the change from a regular person to a cultivator. This had caused the thing creating the ripples to constantly watch his progress, observing as much as possible. It had now become very late into the night, and Orion’s head began to drift down toward the floor occasionally. His eyes would not stay open all the time, and sometimes he would slip into sleep for a bit before waking up.

    When the moon had begun to fall from its position high in the sky, Orion’s body began to change slightly. His left hand holding the book, originally rough with callouses, had begun to turn red. The color deepened the longer he laid holding the book drifting between awake and asleep. Eventually, his red fingers began to crack with small fissures, starting at his index finger. The fissures, originally black in color as they split open upon his fingers, began to leak with embers. Around this time, Orion’s head slipped off of his right arm propping his head up,and he awoke abruptly. the book fell from his grasp to land on the floor, and the thump caused him to look down at the book.

    In the corner of his eye, he saw a strange light that caused him to look at his hand groggily. He lifted his hand up to his face that was still sloppy, and looked at it closer. His vision seemed to suddenly clear when he almost cried out in horror, obviously stricken at the strange occurrence. He shook his hand quickly, hoping it was just an illusion or to put the embers out, but it continued to burn. He had read the book enough to know something strange like this would happen, but to see one's own hand change into something so different was very strange. he lifted his body up quickly and ran into the rain outside, hoping to put the embers out. When his hand reached the pouring rain, however, nothing happened. The rain did not put the embers out, nor did any smoke rise. In fact, the rain seemed to avoid his hand altogether, seemingly not wanting to invade whatever was going on within his hand.

    At this point, Orion’s mind was reeling. He had thought the book would do something to his body, but never something so drastic. His entire hand, originally normal, was becoming something of an element of earth itself! The embers continued to leak from the cracks in his hand as he stared at it, his clothes and hair being soaked from the pouring rain. The only thing not causing Orion to freak out completely, was the fact that none of this change hurt whatsoever. Only the way his hand looked seemed to be any different, at least for what he could feel. He sat staring at it for some time, before a strange noise filled the air around him.

    Looking up from his hand, he saw strange ripples shooting through the rain around him, pulsing out and about as they circled him. They seemed to gather in the rain falling on him, which brought a strange ringing sound to his ears. The ringing sound grew louder as the ripples grew more rapid, before they disappeared entirely. He stood still for a moment, then turned his head to the left to look around. The ripples rang out again for a bit, and then stopped shortly after. When he moved his head yet again, the ripples were sent through the surrounding rain, causing him to stand completely still. He waited for several moments, and as soon as he had decided it was nothing, a voice filled his ears. It was emotionless, and the pitch to it was neither high nor low. One could not even tell if it belonged to a man, nor could they tell if it belonged to a woman.

    ‘Greetings, child… Congratulations on figuring out the book to the starting point on your own.’ The voice rang out, seemingly from his mind as if he was thinking it. The voice caused pain within his mind, as if it had invaded through a means normally not supposed to be used. Orion lifted his head to the rain pouring overhead, causing it to fall into his eyes as he stared at the sky.

    “Who are you…?” He asked, his voice disappearing as nothing more than a murmur against the vast storm surrounding him.

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    Chapter 14

    Searching for Her and a Purpose

                      In a large, sprawling city spanning thousand of miles located within the western continent sat a large mansion looming over it. The night had fallen and a light rain fell as an old looking man wearing a gaudy robe sat with his eyes closed within his study. His ragged, gray hair was swept back across his scalp to reveal his forehead, and his thick beard rolled down the front of his robe to reach his stomach. He was seated behind an adorned desk of silver and gold, with intricate designs carved within it only a master at the art could create. Seated across from the old man was a cynical-looking man, with a smile spread across his face. His eyes seemed to always be closed, and his face carried no emotion whatsoever behind the never ceasing smile. He wore plain black clothes that hid his frame, causing his luxurious and golden hair flowing down his back to stand out more.

    The two sat quietly, the man behind the desk seemingly contemplating something. His brow was scrunched together, and his left hand propped his head up as he rubbed his forehead with the other. Silence permeated the air for some time whilst the two sat there, as if they were sculpted by an artisan to sit there for an eternity. Finally, the old man sighed to himself while removing his hand propping his head up, and opened his eyes to look at the cynical man.

    “So you are saying you haven't seen any signs of her whatsoever?” the old man asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

    “That is not what i said, my emperor. I simply said that her tracks were well hidden by something.” The cynical man stated, the smile still plastered across his face unmoving. “...or someone.”

    “You believe she has help?”

    “Yes, or at the very least some sort of item to hide with.”


    “If i could be so bold...i would suggest that she is not within the western empire's influence area by now.” The cynical man stated matter of factly, causing the emperor's brow to crease further. His eyes came up to meet the cynical mans closed pupils, somehow knowing the man could see through his closed eyes. The emperor began to seethe with anger as he stared, but the cynical man pretended not to notice the gaze. The emperor lowered his eyes again and sighed, rubbing his forehead some more as he thought.

    “She needs to be found, Ceris. She is my only heir to the empire after her brothers died in the in-fighting, and i am growing too old and withered to continue much longer.” The emperor stated, as his eyes opened to once again stare at the man named Ceris. “I need her here, now.” He said angrily, as he emphasized need and now harshly.

    “As you wish, my emperor. Your want will be fulfilled, i swear upon my clan’s code.” Ceris said, slightly bowing his head with one of his hands covering half his face. he then stood and strode toward the door before stopping when the emperor called out once again.

    “...And Ceris. Do whatever it takes.” The emperor said, leaning back in his luxurious chair wearing a now worn out face.

    “...As you wish.” Ceris said, opening the door before disappearing into the dark hallway.


             The rain continued to pour on Orion’s face as he stared at the fluctuations in the air above him. The rain falling down toward his direction would continue to ripple as whatever he spoke to kept the connection. It remained silent for some time as he stood waiting, and then lowered his head to watch his hand closely. He could hear the ripples move through the air again, but if whatever talked to him didn’t feel like talking, there was no use in asking. He eyed his hand closer, looking at the black cracks surfaced mostly on his fingers. They now seemed a permanent attachment to his body at the moment, with embers flying out occasionally without dying down.

    The stone seated inside the cavern in the mountain continued to watch Orion quietly, sorting through what it wanted to say. Truthfully, it did not know how to teach him how to use the [|Raging Flame|] Art, and it’s knowledge of the human language limited it’s original name from being pronounced using the human tongue. It scanned through it’s acquired memories recently, looking to find a name well suited for itself for some time.

    “What a strange fate this book brought me to…” It heard Orion say within the rain. It focused upon a word he said, trying to understand the meaning the humans gave it. After finding the meaning, it decided upon something and threw away it’s old name, never to be used again.

    “This one originally had a name amongst its own people. This child's human mind and tongue can not speak nor comprehend it fully, so this one will give it a new name to call this one by.” It’s voice rang out within the rain, straight into Orion’s ear. Orion sat still for the moment as the thing went quiet. “...You may call this one Fate.”

    “Fate? Uh...Nice to meet you, Fate. My name is Orion. As you can somehow see, my hand is currently on fire. If you have the capacity, would you be able to tell me how to put the fire out?” He asked, slightly hesitating to talk to the bodiless voice.

    “Hm...Truthfully, This one does not know how to fix its current state. This one does, however, know of a way to hide it until this child meets this one.” The voice rang out after it sat silently, causing Orion’s heart to jump a bit. He had thought his hand looking like this would cause many daily problems. If there was a way to hide it, however, he could feel safer to continue his peaceful life. He did not care for adventuring, nor did he care for action. He just wanted the strength to protect his mother and let her live out the rest of her life peacefully. For that reason, he wanted to power the book brought, but not the fame or status.

    “I would like to hide it very much, Fate. But you said i would need to... meet you?” Orion asked quizzically, his gut telling him it was something he wouldn’t want to do.

    “Yes. This one can give the child something to cover up its hand now, but the child must swear upon its very soul that it will find this one deep within the mountain near its city. Be warned, agreements made upon the soul cannot be removed its entire life, and even during its death.” The voice rang out within his mind. He thought for a moment at the pro’s and con’s of the situation, and then decided upon swearing on his soul. It did not sound plausible that his soul could really be lost if he broke the pact, though he did not dare think to try and break it either way.

    “Very well, i swear upon my soul to find you deep within the mountain near my city. In return, you will give me something to hide this hand of mine.” He stated, placing his right hand over his heart instinctively. Suddenly, something seemed to hit a part of him deep within him. It felt like something now pressed onto his shoulder and bore down on him, a heavy weight that was not there before. His body now felt sluggish, and his eyes shone with a dark blue light. The light died out quickly, and the weight was now easier to withstand after some time.

    “The pact is made. Remember, this child must not go against this pact. Its body is now no longer that of a mortal, but of an infant of the gods. Pacts made on the soul of gods are taken as laws from the heavens themselves, and cannot be disobeyed. This child follow a new path down a very harsh road, filled with death and destruction all around it. This pact will keep others from seeing this child's capabilities, and the item this one has made will hide its hand. All this one wishes is that this child meet this one within the mountain and listen to its plea.” the voice stated. As soon as the voice ceased, all of the rain around Orion within the city froze in place. I then began to become attracted to the area above Orion’s house, every drop within the city gravitating together into a large ball.

    The orb stopped collecting water at an enormous size, stretching across the visible sky Orion could see. The giant orb then began to shrink into itself, collecting into a black dot within the sky. When the orb disappeared, the rain resumed its fall. The thing the orb collected into fell onto Orion’s face, causing him to flail a bit to shake it off. He looked at it lying on the ground, and saw that it was a black glove. The glove had dark blue lining to it, and looked rather plain. He picked the glove up from the dirt and looked inside it, now seeing that the inside of the glove had many strange symbols spread throughout. Orion looked at his burning hand, and then to the glove he held in his other.

    Preparing himself for any pain or strange phenomena, he grabbed a corner of the glove and pulled his burning hand slowly into it. Immediately after his hand was all the way in, his hand now looked like a normally gloved hand. Orion released his breath in relief, clearly expecting something as huge to happen as when the item was first formed. Thankfully, that did not seem to be the case. He looked toward the sky above him now rippling once again, and clasped his hands into a bow.

    “Thank you, Fate. With this, i should be able to keep my peaceful days. I swear to you, that i will look for you in the mountain from this day forth.”

    “Good, this one will now rest. Remember, go to the mountain and look for this one within its depth. The mountain houses many different creatures as well, so learning to use that power would be beneficial to this child.” The voice said, and then the ripples in the rain stopped. Orion sat there for a while longer staring at the sky, thinking of what had transpired. He eventually lowered his head and walked back toward the kitchen feeling the weight of the pact on his shoulders. He now felt very tired and wanted some rest, so he walked to his bedroom leaving a trail of water and threw his clothes off. He put on another set of clothes and then flopped into bed, clearly worn out.

    “Fate…” Orion said to himself, his face dug into the pillow. He knew the voice belonged to something, but at this very moment, he only wished for that something to be there to help.

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    Chapter 15

    Closing in and a strange sight

                        Out on the open sea lay a small island, only large enough to house a small cluster of tropical trees. The mountain that sat on the island was small, and a shack could be seen seated halfway up supported by beams. A figure disembarked from a ship out in the sea and glided across the water to the island quickly. The man was Ceris, the very same one seen talking to the emperor within his mansion the day before, wearing his black robe that concealed his features. His hair was now tied into a ponytail though, and his face wore a featureless mask as he walked about the beach on the island. He scanned through the sand quickly with his eyes that peered out of the mask, now fully open and blood red in color. He found nothing along the beachline, so he moved on to the trees dotted across the area before reaching the shack on the mountain.

    The shack itself looked to be built recently, as the wood was fairly new. Moss grew along the sides of the shack, caused by the recent storm that had swept the area. Ceris entered through a hole in the side big enough for a single person, and was met with a sour smell. The corner of the small shack had hay baled into a makeshift bed, and leaves sown together obviously made by an amatuer to make a blanket. The only other thing within the shack was a small group of raw fish that had been eaten, cast off into the opposite corner of the room. He examined the fish first, and then walked over to the bed and threw the leaves and hay around looking through it. He found a small ornament designed to hold the bangs up from getting in the eyes, with the inscription of a phoenix rising from the ashes. His eyes gleamed as he placed the hairpin in his pocket, and walked out toward the boat on the horizon with satisfaction.

    “Welcome back, Phantom Liang. Did you find what you were looking for?” A man asked Ceris as he boarded the ship on a wave from his cultivation base. He looked to be barefoot, but the bottom of his feet were layered with water at all times. The man clearly could tell the man before him was powerful for having been able to control water that well, and did not dare be disrespectful. that was also not to mention the fact that the golden hair and mask combo, while dressed in full black, was the look of the second ranked phantom in the assassin branch founded by the first emperor. The masked Ceris glanced at the man bowing in his direction, and then walked down the stairs into the captain's room. Shortly after, the ship began to move while the man that greeted Ceris was left to go back to his position awkwardly.


    Orion awoke to the sun shining directly on his face, causing a searing pain on his eyes. He lifted his head up quickly, rubbing at his eyelids still closed. When he brought his left hand to rub with, however, his eye was met with a rough glove that he had forgotten was now on his hand. He opened his eyes into slits, trying his best to keep them open as he looked at the glove. He remembered what had transpired the night before, and sighed in relief as he fell back onto the mat. He concentrated on his body, and noticed that a warm, cozy feeling that did not use to be in his hand now existed. It was as if his hand was wrapped in the heat of a campfire on a cold autumn night in the woods. The rest of his body, however, was shivering from the cold room he had awoken to.

    “Ugh…” He grunted as he got out of bed, noticing his clothes were soaked in sweat. He wasn’t sure how his body could be cold and yet sweat at the same time, but he remembered being told he was no longer a normal human based upon last nights conversation. He pulled the clothes off and put new ones on, and then left his room to find Sheila and his mother sitting at the table eating lunch. Sheila was the first to notice his presence, and ran over excitedly with a huge hug that caused him to groan a bit from the impact. He chuckled as he pulled her arms off his stomach, and then walked over to the table and had lunch with the two. After he ate, he sat for a moment thinking before rising to his feet and grabbing his shoes near the door.

    “I’m gonna take a walk!” He yelled toward the back of the house, and a yell and a laugh back was his response. He knew that his mother and Sheila had gone to wash themselves, and figured it was the best time to at least walk to the mountain and have a look. It was midday as Orion passed through the streets like normal, his mind wandering as he walked. He would pause at a stall now and then to look at some things, but he eventually made it to the forest. He was ready to start jogging when something caught the corner of his eyes, which caused him to unconsciously look over. Within the bark of a tree close by, a red glow permeated. It was faint, but the glow attracted Orion to it like a moth to the flames.

    He pried open the bark with his left hand covered in a glove, and found beneath the bark a small seed. The seed was the size of his fingernail, and bright red in color in stark contrast to the bark around it. Orion pried the seed off the bark and eyed it for a bit, before putting it in a small bag he carried on his waist. He had a feeling the seed could be useful at some point in time, so he had decided to collect it. After walking past several trees, he noticed in surprise that several more trees further away had red glows emanating from different places in the bark as well, some even housing two. He gathered any he had found along the way, causing his walk to the mountain to take far longer than he thought it would. After reaching the school building, he glanced at it for a bit before moving on, as he did not feel like going to school that day.

    He continued his walk for some time, and the seeds grew far less abundant as he walked. He certainly did not mind this, since his bag was already half full of the seeds. After walking for some time, he now found himself at the foot of the mountain. Strangely, he heard a noise nearby. He moved to where the noise was coming from, and ducked down behind a tree when he saw who it was. The boy he had seen in the city, with muddy yellow hair and a black robe, was fighting against a boar-like creature. The ground around him would split apart as he fought, with a strange gray clay surfacing. It would then form into a wave as it crashed into the boar-creature, causing it to slow down and be unable to move properly.

    The boy would then grab some of the clay and crush it between his hands, causing it to harden. The clay would shoot toward the boar-creatures tough hide, and hit it near its chest every time. Eventually, after a long battle, the boy succeeded in piercing the boar-creatures hide and killing it. Orion thought to himself that he must have killed the boar to eat it, but the next thing he saw, was the boy cover himself in the clay and leave through the forest. Orion felt a chill at the fact the boy could kill something simply to test his skill or for sport, and decided to end the exploration that day at this point. He gave the creature lying dead in the clay one last look, and then departed quickly back to the city.
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    Chapter 16

    School’s Trouble and The Seeds Effect

                      The night fell and the morning sun was now shining across a large set of islands within the great white sea. Buildings seated within several islands housed many blue robed cultivators walking around enjoying the peaceful day off. The school had been closed for some time to allow the cultivators that were given the chance to visit the mortal world leeway in classes. One of the cultivators saw a glint across the ocean as he sat enjoying the breeze with a fishing pole in hand, signaling for one of his fellow cultivators to come over.

    “Hey, Kurlin, what is that?”

    “Not sure. Maybe the cultivators sent out are coming back?”

    “Aw, but i enjoyed no classes.” The cultivator fishing said sadly, causing the other boy named Kurlin to laugh. Kurlin then sat down next to the other boy and began to talk to him about various things. Some time passed and the boat drew closer to the school, giving the cultivators a better view. By now, more cultivators had become attracted to the ship on the horizon and were now watching it head this way. One of the cultivators on a balcony in one of the buildings peered closely at the ships sail and gasped, before yelling to one of the cultivators on the ground. The ship did not house the same insignia the school used to fly the ship they owned, and instead had a symbol of a hawk grabbing a fish out of the sea. The hawk had a golden arrow within its other talon, and looked menacingly at anyone that set their eyes upon it.

    Some of the cultivators began to panic, as there should have been magic items placed in the sea to deter any ships from reaching the school. The boy that was yelled at ran to a large building in the center of the islands, using all the cultivation capabilities he had to get there quickly. He ran through the stairwell and opened the door at the top of the tower, and burst in without knocking as he struggled to catch his breath. The man seated on the chair behind the desk looked up slightly angry, and the man seated on the other side looked very confused.

    “Boy, do you wish to have your cultivation sealed for ninety days!? You do not barge into my office without even knocking!” The man behind the desk, likely the head of the school, barked at the boy. The boy paused undeterred as he caught his breath, and then breathed in quickly to speak as he bowed.

    “School head, an unknown ship with a strange sail is headed our way. Some of the other cultivators are worried as the protection items did not activate.” the boy said, as sweat dripped down his forehead. The school head now had a sour face, his frown almost reaching his chin.

    “What does the sail look like?” The head suddenly asked hoarsely, his brow now scrunched as his eyebrows drooped halfway down his eyes.

    “It...It has an eagle catching a fish while holding a golden arrow, School Head.” The boy said, his eyes turned to the ground in fear. The head of the school stood up in a sudden surge of strength, and his desk flew across the room as the other man nearly avoided it. The three stood in the room for a moment before the school head walked out of the door as he pushed the student aside, and walked swiftly to the window nearby. When he peered out of it, he saw the flag himself up close, and his eyes grew wide.

    “It really is...The Western Empire.” The school head muttered under his breath, which had now grown ragged.


    Orion now sat within his room, the bag of seeds lying on the floor before him. He had counted the seeds earlier and found there to be fifty eight, a rather large haul for something so small within the forest. He picked the bag up and took one of the seeds out, and examined it closely. His mind wavered as he thought of something horrible to do, throw the seed in his mouth, and decided against it. ‘What use would throwing this in my mouth if i know nothing about it?’ He thought to himself. His mind wandered to the voice called Fate, and wondered if it would have any answers, but wasn’t sure how to talk to it. He contemplated for a while and decided to toss the seed back into the bag, and then walked out of his room and picked up a bucket in the kitchen.

    He filled the bucket with water and grabbed a cloth nearby to rinse his face off, and then took the bucket to the corner of the backyard. He began washing his face and had dunked his head in the bucket to wash his hair, when a noise suddenly entered his ears. The noise was familiar, as he had heard it recently, so he stopped his head with his ears still in the bucket to listen. He sat for a moment and the noise sounded out again, this time very faint. He concentrated for a third time to hear it, and the noise was barely audible.

    ‘Eat...’ It said, fading away as if it said more. He concentrated harder, his face still halfway submerged in the dirty water. Sheila had now walked out of his mother's room and saw him ducking in the corner of the backyard strangely, and wanted to walk over to his side. Suddenly, she sensed a strange noise coming from the ground in the direction of the mountain. She turned her gaze toward it but saw nothing after a bit, so she walked several steps toward Orion. She stopped again when the noise was very audible to her, it being not an illusion at all.

    ‘Eat the seed…’ The voice said emotionlessly, as it sounded like neither a man nor woman’s voice. Sheila strained her ears hard now, but heard nothing as she concentrated. Orion, on the other hand, suddenly pulled his head out of the bucket which caused water to be flung in Sheila’s direction. The water caused her concentration to fade as she moved to dodge the water about to hit her freshly cleaned clothes, and then scowled at Orion for flinging it. Orion did not seem to care, however, as his concentration was now somewhere else.

    ‘Right, so my intuition was correct. It was something i can consume!’ He thought hastily, as he lifted his body up and cleaned his hair with the cloth. He passed Sheila and rubbed her head along the way, causing her to look back at him questioningly. She then turned to the bucket and the ground once more as she concentrated to look for the noise. Orion closed the door behind him, and then sat back down where he had been and pulled the bag out again. He pulled a seed out of the bag, and without a second thought, threw the seed into his mouth. The taste was strange, like a sunflower seed that had sat too long in the sun and coated lightly in cinnamon. Orion cringed a bit at the spicy taste, but ate two more as he had not felt any different.

    After swallowing the third seed and a moment passed, his body grew hotter starting at his hand. He took the glove off of his hand and watched as the cracks spread from his fingers down to his wrist, and the embers released had grown slightly in number. His eyes seemed to gleam as he watched this, and then turned to the bag. He lifted the bag above his head as he placed it on his lips, eating as many seeds as he could consume at once.
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    Chapter 17

    Marching to Great White

                       An old, gray haired man was seated within a large tent, his long gray beard shaking as he drank from his cup. After forcefully drinking most of it down in one go, he pulled his head back down and sighed, his bones wearily aching from the journey. Seated near him were two women with large fans dotted with detailed ornaments hanging from them made of peacock feathers. With every wave of the fan the air within the room was sent forward, cooling the tent down to protect from the heat outside. The large ornamental chair the old man was seated upon was detailed in gold and silver whilst ancient in look, yet seemed to be created yesterday with how clean and new it looked. The curtain to the tent opened and a figure dressed in black with golden hair and a blank mask walked in. His gait could be said to be floating along the ground, as the water surrounding his feet helped moved him along.

    “Ceris...What news do you bring?” The old man asked, seemingly undisturbed as he swished the cup within his hand around as he stared at the drink. The man named Ceris glanced at the two women who fanned the tent, and the old man motioned for the two to leave. The man named Ceris pulled the blank mask off of his face and revealed his ever smiling face, but a scar on his cheek was now present. The old man glanced at the scar and chuckled a bit, smiling wryly as he continued swishing the cup.

    “I see… someone get the better of you, Ceris?”

    “No, my emperor. The man was just...more powerful that i had believed at first.” Ceris stated, his mouth twitching a bit at the thought of what he went through.

    “Good, good. So the one that damaged your face is dead. I can only assume you got the information we needed from that man first, right?” The emperor asked, lifting himself from his chair and walking to a dresser in the corner of the tent. He reached into the top drawer and pulled a golden watch out from the desk, and turned it in his hand as he walked back to the chair. When he sat down in the chair, a coughing fit erupted as he continued unabated as he looked at the watch. “...Speak.”

    “Yes, my emperor. The man had housed her for some time, stating that he took her in some time ago. She had singed hair and ash along her knees and feet, but he could not get her to speak.”

    “She would not...speak?” The old man asked, looking up at Ceris with a serious face.

    “Yes, my emperor.”

    “Hm...I hope she’s not the same, Ceris. I don’t need that happening again.” The emperor stated as he opened the gold watch, revealing a picture he then stared at sorrowfully. Ceris sat quietly with his eyes closed, as he waited for the emperor to come back from the past. The gold watch snapped shut after a moment, and The Emperor looked at Ceris and nodded for him to continue.

    “You said she had singed hair, what else could you get from that?”

    “Nothing sadly. The man did not know anymore regarding the burns and ash. He did state, however, where she was now before i got rid of him.”

    “Good, we can find her and bring her home then. The child's been on the run for far too long already.” The Emperor stated as he repositioned himself in his chair. “Tell me of the place she is hiding now.”

    “Certainly. The city has been named by it’s citizens as ‘The Great White City’. It sits upon a small piece of land disconnected from the mainland in the eastern continent. The land is surrounded by ‘The Great White Sea’.”

    “‘The Great White City’ you say? I’ve never heard of such a city before, but the sea i have heard of.”

    “I was told with further probing that it was named after settlers moved there secretly. They dubbed the cities name after the sea that surrounds it, thus naming it ‘The Great White City’.”

    “Hmph. Moving on, what is she doing there?”

    “The man that lead the school stated she and several other students had been sent to the city to ‘view the mortal world’. He also stated that she was almost out of the ‘infantile’ stage, but had stopped learning, opting to grow older instead.”

    “Why...Why can that child never listen?! The more power she wields, the stronger the empire will be! Not to mention, being young forever is something i could not wish for more at the moment!” The emperor stated, which aggravated his lungs and caused his body to lurch as he went into a coughing fit. When he finished, he picked up a cloth and wiped the blood from his hand. “Her mother had a large effect on her mental state after she died, i am sure she feels lost now. She was kept hidden in the mansion her whole life, only ever seeing her brother and mother. To her, her family is now gone. She, as well, is the only family i have left.”

    Ceris watched the emperor continue to cough a bit before he leaned back into his chair, his eyes closed. He dozed off for a bit, before being startled awake by Ceris coughing to get his attention. The emperor looked at Ceris and a menacing glint flashed within his eye, causing Ceris to nod in his direction and then leave the tent as he put the mask back on. He walked to a large platform in the middle of a large camp filled with soldiers talking amongst themselves or cooking food by the fire. When the soldiers saw Ceris jump to the wooden platform situated in the middle of the camp filled with hundreds of tents, the nearest soldiers instantly grabbed their ears.

    “All men of the empire, we will depart at the first light of the sun! Sleep well, and be ready to destroy the city of heathens that have taken our emperor's daughter hostage!” He yelled, as his voice echoed off into the mountains in the distance. The men within the camp all yelled at once, a strikingly large noise from the vast amount of men stationed there.
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    Chapter 18

    Festival Preparations and Bad Luck

                  The noises of early morning birds chirped through the window as Orion awoke to an early day before the sun had risen. He glanced down at his hand that used to house just a gove, which had now become an arm covering all the way up to his shoulder. He recalled when the voice had told him to submerge his arm within a lake in the woods before the sun had risen several days ago. The voice had used its power yet again to cover more of the changes occurring on his body, and Orion could feel the metamorphosis he was going through. If he focused hard enough, he could feel some kind of connection to somewhere very far away, but it was so faint he could not feel it for more than an instant. The town had recently began to work on getting ready for a festival for the anniversary of the founding of the city, so Orion would leave the city for the day for some peace and quiet lately. Orion had opted out of working in the festival himself, as his current state in cultivation was his new obsession.

    He raised himself out of bed easily, his original groggy morning disposition had now left him after he started cultivating seriously. He changed into new clothes that were slightly thicker than the ones he normally wore, and then pushed open his door to find Sheila tip-toeing toward his door in the living room. She stopped mid step with her leg dangling in the air as the two’s eyes met, and then a sad look appeared in her eyes when she saw he was readying to leave the house. He sighed and opened his arms toward her, which she jumped into without hesitation with a huge grin on her face. He patted her head for a bit while they were hugging, and then tried to send her back to his mother's room. She instead shook her head and walked into his room as if it was her own, and flopped down into his beds and curled up. Her face looked calm and innocent as she quickly fell asleep in the covers warmed by his body heat, which had been accelerated by the cultivation.

    He shrugged it away as he had become used to it recently, and walked out into the early morning mist within the city. Banners could be seen hanging about from the work done the day before, and merchants carts could be seen lying on the sides of the road half set up for the festival soon to come. He reached the outskirts of the city as the sun began to faintly rise over the horizon, which caused him to squint for a moment as he entered the forest toward the mountain. He had decided that today, he would definitely find a cave that dug deep into the mountain. Lately he had found several caves dotted at the bottom of the mountain in his search, but they all ended with no turns or maze like corridors after walking for only a bit into them. the voice had stated one day that a cave leading into the mountain was created by one of the monster colonies living peacefully within the mountain, and that would be his best way in.

    He reached the mountain base quite quickly after having come this way so many times, and began his search. His eyes no longer stopped on trees with faint red glows under the bark, as he would now need a full bag just to continue the growth of his cultivation even by a small amount.His search brought him to several caves he had explored before, as he had found a rock he placed near the entrance in a certain way to mark it. His search continued for some time until the sound of fighting could be heard in the distance, bringing his curiosity. The boy had not come back for some time, and usually he would find two boar-creatures fighting over food or the occasional wild monkey beating a rock with a stone. He casually walked in the direction of the noise as he passed tree after tree, more destruction being seen on each one as he walked. The fight had clearly gone in the direction he was walking in, and whatever was fighting had mowed down the trees in its path.

    His walk continued around the mountain as the destruction became clearer, causing anxiety to build in Orion's mind at the sight. What had fought was making a large mess of the forest surrounding the mountain base, and was doing so without care for the loss. Orion had decided to make sure to at least attract the creature rampaging away from the city, hoping the festival would be a peaceful one this year. This would be the first year since he had come to the city that the festival would not be drowned in a storm that lasted the entire anniversary week, so he was looking forward to it. Suddenly, a large cracking sound rang from his right inside the forest, followed by a very loud and agonized roar. Orions mind switched into caution mode as he edged toward the trees surrounding a large area cut out by the destruction, as two figures lay in the field.

    The first figure was a massive boar-creature that had tusks as large as its body. At full height standing up, the creature must have stood half as tall as the trees in the forest. This caused Orion to wonder how it normally moved about till now without destroying them, but the other figure weighed more on his mind. The figure was that of the boy he had seen before within the forest and in the city, with muddy yellow hair and a black robe on. The robe itself was tattered and torn in various places, and the sleeve to his left arm had been torn off with a massive gash running up his arm. Clay residue laid all around the area, and it pooled underneath the boy as he lay gasping for air. He was lying on his back and his eyes were closed, and a look of pain on his face as his brow was furrowed.

    Orion approached the boy slowly as he looked at his condition, and grimaced at the massive wound on his right arm. Blood flowed out of the gash into the clay, turning it form a gray color to a reddish-brown as they mixed. The boys eyes suddenly twitched as Orion's foot stepped on a piece of clay several feet away from him, and his eyes snapped open. The boys eyes instantly darted at where Orion stood, and a look of anger was clear upon his innocent face. Orion, feeling the bloodlust emanating from the boy, backed away slowly while facing the boy lying down. The boy, however, grinned while still grimacing from the pain, and lifted his left arm across his body at Orion.

    A peng could be heard as Orion barely moved his head from the hardened clay the boy had shot at him, but a cut ran slightly up his brow as blood dripped from it. A cold sweat emerged on Orion's back, who was now watching the boys movements carefully as he continued to back away. The boy struggled to lift his left arm at Orion again, which caused Orion to begin running backwards as fast as possible away from the scene. The new hard clay hit the tree by his head as he passed it, causing splinters to fly toward his face. He braced himself for the splinters as he continued to stare at the boy, only turning around and running toward the mountain when the boy was not in sight. Orion could only curse at himself as he ran, because he knew his curiosity had gotten the better of him yet again.
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    Chapter 19

    The Chase

                        “Noooo!” A loud angry roar rang out as Orion continued to run, his forehead covered in sweat. Orion was now sure the boy either knew he was cultivating as well, or had deemed Orion as having witnessed something he should not have. Either way, he did not feel like staying near where the boy was to find out. Another loud roar rang out a moment later, and strange noises could be heard behind Orion. He continued to run for several moments more before catching his breath as his chest heaved. He looked back over his shoulder, Hoping the boy would not be capable of movement. Unfortunately, Orion had been hit by bad luck as the boys gaze met his own. Liquid clay flowed around the boy like waves, which he used to charge forward toward Orion’s direction.

    Orion had no choice but to continue to run as he leaped over a log, which was snapped in half a moment later by the clay the boy controlled. Orion glanced back at the boy, and noticed his face was very pale. Clearly, the boy was using all of his last strength from the fight to chase Orion. He contemplated what he should do to get out of the situation, and a thought of hurting the boy further did indeed cross his mind. He quickly wiped the thought however, opting toward safety as his own cultivation was not as finished as the boys looked. He had only learned that he could collect the embers into a small flame when it was just his hand, but it did not seem practical to fight with as the embers were slow to rekindle. Orion also did not wish to risk his life trying it out, so he continued to run.

    Suddenly, the tree in front of him splintered as something whistled by, causing Orion to cover his face as he continued moving. He looked back again and saw the boy looked a little better and had grabbed the liquid clay flowing around him into a ball. He then crushed the ball in his fist, which then looked oval and rough in appearance like mud. The hardened clay was then placed into the liquid surrounding the boy, which then started churning faster around him. A peng could then be heard as the hardened clay shot out, and barely missed Orion's head. A cold sweat now formed under Orion's clothes as he stared back at the boys face, whose gaze now had become menacingly twisted in a full smile. Orion now made up his mind as his thoughts became serious, realizing the danger he was now in.

    ‘The projectiles can get to me from far away, so i need to get close enough to attack but far enough to dodge the clay surrounding him. All i need is a chance to slow him down, or hurt him, and i can make it out alive. If he was not hurt, i would have no chance of running regardless, but right now we are in a deadlock unless i do something.’ Orion thought quickly, slowing his movement speed a bit as he pretended to trip on a boulder. He cradled his foot slightly and then moved slower through the trees, dodging behind them every chance he could to be less of a target to the projectiles. He glanced back and noticed the boys smile was still in full force, and might have even grown, causing a vile look on such an innocent looking face.Orion thought back to the book as he moved, remembering the attacks it had told him back when he did not fully understand the cultivation.

    He recalled one that allowed him to collect the embers into a ball for a short time, as well as one that allowed him to use the ball to spray the embers outward. He decided to try the move, as he remembered the process to use it was fairly easy. ‘One only needed to think about controlling the embers to the hand and they could do the move, but it required some concentration to do so.’ He remembered as the line came back to him. He turned his head to see the boy concentrating on his fist again to make another clay projectile. His thoughts raced as he ducked through trees, as he looked for a suitable place to catch the boy off guard for the next attack. He dodged the next projectile barely as he saw a cave nearby, so he charged toward it while dodging through trees. He reached the cave as another projectile hit the rock wall beside him, and charged into the dark cave quickly. The boy stopped at the entrance of the cave, a wicked smile still plastered on his face.

    “Now, now, Orion! A little insect like you really is attracted to dark hidden places, huh!? Where’s that little bitch to protect you!? I wanna see how strong she really is!” He yelled into the cave, causing his voice to echo. The boy grabbed the clay around him into huge globs in his hand, and crushed them in his grip. A sizzling noise could be heard as he crushed them, and a faint burning smell accompanied it. He then pointed both hands forward in slightly open positions, a whirring sound now sounding out into the cave. The clay behind him slipped in now and then in his hands, cooling down the spinning force from injuring the boys hands as the hardened clay continued to spin faster. When the whirring noises got to an extremely high pitch, the boy aimed his hands into the cave and the hardened clay shot off into the dark. No noise rang out for some time as Orion barely dodged the clay, and listened for the end of the cave to be hit.

    He sat there and listened for some time and heard nothing, now surprised at how long the cave was. Most likely, the cave could very well be what he was looking for, a stroke of good luck. But the fury in his chest burned too hot now to run, and a killing intent seeped from his pores as he readied himself. He pulled his sleeve off of his arm, causing a slight glow to illuminate his direct surroundings. He covered the glow with cloth hovering over his arm from his shirt, and concentrated on forming the embers into a ball in his hand. The feeling of collecting the embers was strange, as if another part of his body itself was moving in a way it wasn’t suppose to. He started to feel drained of energy the more he collected, his mind slightly hazing. He looked back at the boy outside the cave beginning a new set of the same attack, his mind now awake as he used the anger.

    The ball in his hand underneath the cloth was an orange color with red embers flying around sporadically. He tore the cloth off his arm after it caught fire, and rushed toward the boy standing outside the cave. The boy, standing outside, was concentrating on his hands as he collected the clay and spun it. The wound on his arm caused him to flinch a bit before he continued to spin the clay. He glanced up after a moment and a flash form the cave entranced surfaced. Orion appeared a small distance away from him from the dark of the cave, a menacing look upon his brow. His arm was locked behind him as it was concealed from the boys view, and his upper body while running was facing forward as if to charge the boy. 

    The boys originally surprised face revealed a cold smile, and his arms were brought up to his front to ready his attack. Orion thrust his left hand forward suddenly several paces away from the boy, revealing a glowing ball of orange flames with red embers leaking from it. The boy jumped in surprise at the sight, not knowing what it was at first. The opportunity worked to Orion's advantage as he crushed the orb in his hands, the red embers multiplying as they flew between the cracks in his grip. He then flung his arm toward the boy, sending the embers flying to his eyes. The boy released the clay he was hardening and it shot through his hands, causing a huge hole to surface in his palms as he screamed.

    “You hurt my family, and i’ll make sure you never see the light of day ever again you little shit!” Orion yelled as the boy clawed at his burning eyes with his damaged hands. Orion used the chance to collect what little embers he could from the air and focused them on his knuckles, readying his fist behind him as he charged forward. He arrived at the boys front quickly, and brought his fist forward as the boy began to open his eyes again. his eyes were burnt and bloodshot when they opened, anger on his face. Orion did not care the boy could see, and he brought his fist to the boys cheek as hard as he could. The boy was sent flying backward through the clay to a nearby tree, as his back crashed into the trunk. Orion rubbed his hurt fist from the punch, slightly satisfied at having released some of the anger he held for the boy.

    “I don't know who you are, or how you know me, but i won't tolerate your threats to my family. You harm them… and i’ll kill you next time.” He said in a hoarse voice, anger still seething in his chest. He collected what little embers he could form the surrounding air that floated by, and turned around toward the cave. He rushed into the cave quickly, not hesitating at all to dive in and search it’s depths. The boy lying on the tree trunk groaned, his original injuries now open once again. His eyes still stung as he forced them open, looking for Orion. When he did not find him, he let out an angry roar so loud it caused the animals in the vicinity to run in fright.
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    Chapter 20

    Cave Exploration

                          Orion leaned against the cold wall beside him as he tried to catch his breath, his chest still seething with a burning sensation. He thought leaving the boy behind and exploring the cave he had been looking for would feel refreshing, but the heat in his chest from his anger still seethed. He tried to calm himself down, but even after some time he still could not. He gave up trying to suppress the heat and instead walked further into the cave as he looked around. His hand had a small flame rising from his index finger, casting large shadows from his body on the wet cave walls. The cave seemed to go on forever into the dark in front of him, and the entrance behind him was just a small dot of light in the distance.

    He felt on the wall with his right hand as he continued on slowly, not daring to move too quickly for fear of the creatures the voice mentioned. If something capable of creating the glove on his hand and talk in his mind was cautious of something, then he needed to always be on guard for it. He moved for a long time forward in the cave, his cultivation now beginning to recover. The embers now began to seep from his arm and light the cave further, though only vaguely. His fingertips now all had small embers of fire resting upon them with his hand upturned, as he used them as a makeshift torch. The way ahead could be seen at least twice as far, giving Orion some relief as he could react to something that far away if he was on guard for it.

    His foot caught on a rock suddenly, which caused him to stagger forward a bit and regain his balance. As he fixed his posture, a low growl rang in the cave as a pair of eyes met his. They were further in the cave just outside the flames illuminating area, and were a chilly blue as they watched Orion's every move. He was now on full guard as his eyes locked with the pair in the dark, and his cultivation base lared a bit as the embers grew faster. The embers allowed some of the body belonging to the pair of eyes seeable, and a wolf-like body covered in white and blue fur could be seen attached to the eyes. The creature itself was as tall as Orion himself, and some blood could be seen on its left paw. Orion, seeing the creature was hurt, decided to try and walk past it without attacking.

    He sauntered over to the opposite cave wall, and tried to shimmy across to the other side of the cave. The creature growled menacingly when Orion got to a choke point that brought him close to the creature, causing him to back off. He watched the creature for any movement, but decided to try and get past a second time after seeing the creature would not move. This attempt was successful, though not without a snap from the creature's jaws at him that almost tore his arm off. He continued down the cave as he glanced back for the creature, hoping it would not follow him.

    Orion walked for some time longer before meeting a bend in the cave, which he took as it was the only way further in. An eerie noise could be heard resonating through the cave, very faint and hard to place its origin. The noise caused Orion's shoulders to cringe, giving him a strange otherworldly feeling. He moved his arm across the cave in front of him to illuminate it, sometimes pulling it behind him to check for the creature earlier. The heat in his chest had now died down, giving him some relief at least in his current predicament. Some time later, he met a river of lava as it slowly flowed down toward a lower part of the cavern. His gaze left the lava after observing it to find another set of eyes looking at him from the ceiling.

    The creature that held his gaze had yellow eyes, and gray skin with veins of flowing lava running around its body in all directions. It was shaped similar to a bat, only this creature had much larger wings than it should as it clawed upon the ceiling. Orion, feeling like he had met something bad, inched away from the bat-creature as he watched it. The creature blinked and tilted its head before jumping toward Orion suddenly and without warning. He was prepared for a sudden attack though, and dodged it barely as he flew into the deeper part of the cave while barely dodging the lava flow. He quickly looked up to see the bat-creature still watching him, moving in his direction as fast as its claws could pull it.

    He moved swiftly as he leaped toward an opening in the cave on the wall, and began sprinting as hard as he could. His mind did not relax though, as he knew there was now at least two creatures in existence that knew he was there and potentially food. His feet kicked off the ground on a ledge, sending him soaring to a hole in the wall of a small cavern that ran deep into the world. He turned back and hid behind a rock, watching for the bat-creature to peek out and look for him. After waiting for some time, he deemed the coast was clear and decided to use the holes lining the cavern to get as far down as possible. His feet touched the ground sometime later as a screech rang out, which caused Orion to panic and duck into the next hole without thinking.

    He walked quickly through the cave path, eyeing his surroundings still as he walked. The cave walls were now slightly red as if they were being heated, and the ground below his feet now felt warm rather than cold. A warm breeze hit his face as he walked out into a large expanse in the cave. Lava veins could be seen flowing down from the cliffs uphill on his right down to his left as they joined and disconnected randomly. The lava looked to be falling off the area to his left as a small corner of a larger pool could be vaguely seen.. The heat that hit his face was slightly hot, even with the cultivation of fire he had, as sweat ran down his brow.

    His eyes suddenly caught a view of a strange light in the distance on the opposite side of the lava veined area. He tiptoed his way around any lava vein he came across, careful not to step in them for fear he could still be burned and consumed by it. His eyes caught onto something moving within the veins as they headed downstream, a maggot like creature that swam along leisurely. They wore a shell that looked ashen and black, and worn from years of constant damage. He decided it best to leave the creatures alone as he made his way toward the opening, finally getting there after some time.

    His hand pressed against a slightly large metal frame, that collapsed from the force. On the other side of the opening was now a large cavern that reached high into the ceiling, and had small blue lines dotted about it chaotically. Lava flowed and bubbled about in the room, but it seemed to avoid an area in the middle. Orion examined the area as he walked forward cautiously, and saw that it was a metal-grating like structure, may be that of an old torch holder, that looked to house a flame. The flame was a beautiful blue with some purple flames flying out now and then around the edges as it flickered. His mind went into a trance as he looked at the flame, and he neared it quickly.

    The flame suddenly flared as two small black lines surfaced on it, causing Orion to back away on guard. The two black lines moved to form two small beads slowly, which then blinked as they looked at him. Orion was at a loss for words at the mysterious thing in front of him, before the familiar voice that rang out gave him the answer of what it truly was.

    ‘This one meets the child face to face. It has waited for a long time for this moment, child...’ The voice echoed, not in Orion's mind, but in the surrounding cave as it reverberated off the walls. ‘This one will reintroduce itself. It is now called Fate, an old one of the world long since past.’

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    Chapter 21

    Questions and The Blue Book

                       “Old one?” Orion asked inquisitively, not sure what the strange flame was saying. The situation till now had been strange, but to find a flame with beady eyes was the one he had been talking to had just made the whole thing nuts. That also wasn’t mentioning how far down into the world he could possibly be, for there to be lava in such large quantities. Fate watched Orion think for a bit, and then looked around the ceiling for some reason for a bit. Moments later, it turned its eyes back to Orion.

    “This one did not mean to confuse, as this one knows not of how humans converse. It has only seen the minds of several humans, most of the child's kind nearby do not hold much needed information.”

    “Oh...ok. I’d like to ask where this is and why you called me here though.” Orion said, on guard against anything strange. He did not know what Fate wanted, regardless of the help it gave him earlier, so he stayed on guard.

    “Hm… This one called you here to free it from its shackles. Feel free to fear i will plot to destroy the world or take the child's body, that fear is well found. This one however simply called the child deep into the mountain to give it a book that will link the souls between it, giving both it and the child what it so desires.” Fate said, as it eyed a tattered book lying on the floor. “This one wishes to be free, and the child wishes for power to protect; the saying ‘two birds with one stone’ works, yes?”

    Fate looked back up at Orion with its beady eyes as he thought about what the living flame had said. He could not help a feeling that the flame was very powerful, but also very innocent. He eyed the book from a distance as he weighed Fate’s words till now anyways, as he could never be too sure why something so powerful could not free itself.

    “You said you were trapped, right? The power i’ve seen you wield was enormous, can you not free yourself?”

    “This one can not. This one has tried to free itself all of its confined life, but its power is waning with each passing moment. The best chance this one had to free itself was the moment it died and changed into this form, but this one did not know it would be treated this way till the deed was done.” Fate said, its eyes scanning the rocky surface of the floor as it seemed to recall memories long past. Orion felt a little sad for the thing, trapped here for who knew how long. Fate brought itself back from its thoughts spoke to Orion again.

    “This one knows it is asking a lot. However, it can prove its trust can be well placed within it. You walked through this mountain some time ago when you first arrived in this region, did you not?”

    Orion was now suddenly taken aback having been asked the question. He thought back to the day he had walked through this mountain pass while on the run, when his head began to hurt the further back he thought. Something seemed wrong as his mind grew hazy, trying to think further back than waking from sitting beside a campfire. He could only see blurry figures and images as the colors all seemed to blend together in his memory, causing his head to ache. He kneeled on one knee and grasped his head, calming himself down and removing the memories from his thoughts. His head no longer hurt after a moment, and he stood back up with sweat on his brow.

    “What did you do to me!?” He asked Fate angrily, clearly shaken from the memories seemingly messed with. Fate stared back at him emotionlessly as he yelled, and waited till he had calmed down before it spoke.

    “This one saw that the child's mother was injured severely. It did what it could to save it, but the price it paid was your past memories. this one can not heal a mind effortlessly, it requires another mind to help it.” Fate said, recalling the moment it had scanned the memories of the two those years ago. Orion, originally angry, was now began pieces some things together. The reason his memories were hazy, as well as his mother's sudden energetic change after settling down in the city, was caused by the flame before him. He was still angry at his mind being tampered with, but even more so scared at how it had done so easily those years ago. He pushed the anger deep into his stomach, and then set his eyes upon the book again.

    “You said this book would connect us together somehow. Why would you need to do that?”

    “This one can not be free unless it inhabits another's soul. The child's soul must be as pure as possible for the best chance possible at connecting. When this one altered the child's memories, this one did so for both of our futures, to keep the child's soul clean. Do not worry, child, the connection will only be temporary. This one will also have no way of messing with anything of your being, but the child will be capable of using this ones life force if it permits it to fight with in a dangerous situation. This one does not only take, it also gives equally.”

    Orion contemplated on what Fate said, and it did indeed seem a sound reasoning. Fate wanted to be free, and to do so, it would give Orion control of its powers in dangerous situations, in return for helping it be free. He was ready to ask another question that came to mind, but Fate had already begun to speak again.

    “This one knows it is asking a lot. This one assures you it has a plan, and it is as follows. The book you see before you, is a book i hold most dear from my former life. It belongs to an old friend very long ago, and it is capable of linking souls together. This one houses a unique power that can allow it to be reborn as something similar to a human, and wishes to do so to leave behind its old life finally. This one only wishes for both it and the child to gain from this.” Fate stated, its voice slightly pleading. The flames looked dim as they escaped the cage it was in, and the scene before Orion caused him to feel bad for the thing. He thought for several moments more while the two sat in silence, and then made his decision.

    “Very well, fate. If what you said is true, then both of us could indeed benefit from this. Be warned, however, that i still have my doubts on whether this method of yours will even work. I can not fully trust you, but i do understand what you are going through after seeing the scene before me. Till now, you have helped me gain power in return for meeting you, and after meeting you, you promise more power. This all seems too good to be true. I...will try to read the book, though i have no confidence in my abilities to comprehend it.” Orion said, walking forward and picking the book up. Fate watched and listened as he moved, and the flame rose slightly and burned a little brighter after being told he would try.

    “All this one asks is that the child tries. The book holds many mysteries for those that do not understand it, and would be impossible to learn. However, for those of a soul like the child's or this ones, it will be understood easier. This one can only think you for wishing to help, as it wishes to be free very badly.”

    Orion glanced at the flame and nodded his head, as he felt hesitation still at Fate’s words. The way it sounded and spoke felt detached most of the time, so to hear it say wish felt weird to him. He shrugged the thought away as he had made the promise to be here, and also had no way out of this place without Fate’s help, so he could only sit in front of the flame and open the book. He sat quietly reading as Fate watched him, the two sitting in silence as the molten magma flowed by.
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    Chapter 022 

    Turmoil on the horizon

                       Orion could not feel time pass by while seated in the cavern, but he never felt hunger nor did he need sleep. His originally wary thoughts were now calm and focused, scanning through the book with his full attention. He had long since forgotten about Fate watching over him as he read, waiting patiently for its freedom.

    His mind scanned through the book rather easily, almost all but the hardest to understand deciphered in the space of a few breaths. His body felt lighter the longer he read, and a detached feeling began to creep in. His soul itself seemed to be growing at a steady rate.

    Fate, as it watched him read in concentration, suddenly felt something was wrong. It looked toward the ceiling, and its eyes erupted with waves of blue that swept across them. The fire surrounding its core grew a bit dimmer as it used its power, looking off into the distance.

    On a hill across the continent to the west, a large encampment was stationed in view. The camp area was wide enough to house an entire city, and at its center stood a luxurious tent. Fates gaze was centered on this tent, listening to the conversation inside.

    When the conversation was over, Fates originally emotionless state was now chaotic, a feeling it rarely felt before. It looked back at Orion and sunk deep into thought about what action it should take.

    Night fell and the sun rose. A storm was brewing in the sky, and the festival was almost prepared. Orion and Fate sat in the cavern, both silent and concentrating on their own. Orion was nearing the end of the book, a crucial time where he was close to completely understanding it.

    Fate sat watching the outside world, judging the events about to occur unstoppable.

    It did not bother Orion, but feared the worst at the force headed toward the city. It did not want anything to happen after finally finding someone to help it free itself, but it was not sure how it could help the city.

    Time passed and night fell as another storm began for the third year in a row in the city at the festival time. Fate, originally unsure how to act, now saw a way. Its eyes emitted the blue waves and its flame dimmed a bit more, and it focused its eyes on Orion's home.

    In the backyard, Sheila was originally digging at the dirt around the campfire. She had felt lonely at Orion's disappearance, and had been looking for him since he had not come back after taking a walk. She was cleaning the cooking area for dinner before heading out to search again.

    She stabbed into the dirt as the rain began to fall, causing her eyes to dart at the sky. She sighed reluctantly and decided not to head out for the day searching for him. She stepped into the kitchen area and wiped her hair with a towel quickly.

    A noise suddenly reverberated across the city, which caused her to jump in fright. She could feel that the cause was from something very powerful, and of the water element in cultivation. It also felt ancient and otherworldly, but she had no time to think of the feeling as the noise rang out again now much louder.

    She searched through the falling rain and saw that ripples had surfaced on them, causing her to gape in awe. The move she saw was one she had only ever seen once before with her mother, but never this powerful and omnipotent. Every drop of rain that fell in her vision had ripples across their surface at all times, none untouched.

    Her astonishment continued as the ripples slowed, and the water that had gathered in the backyard congealed. A form, similar to a human female, arose from the water and took shape. The water itself looked a deep blue in contrast to the clear rain falling from the sky, giving it the same mysterious feel the noise had given her before.

    ‘It must leave the city...’ a voice rang out suddenly within Sheila's mind, further adding to the astonishment in her mind. Transmitting ones voice through the water in that person's body was even harder than the last two things she had just experienced. In the next instant, however, she felt puzzled as to why it was warning her.

    Seemingly knowing of her suspicion, the woman in the water spoke again quickly.

    ‘It has no time, its father is on its way... to this city to burn it to the ground...Orion is safe with me...it must leave...’ It stated quickly, causing her mind to reel. To find the one she searched for that gave off a similar feeling as her mother, was with a being this powerful, gave her peace of mind as well as more questions.

    Before she could speak though, the figure suddenly fell into the puddle below. The ripples in the air stopped, and the voice no longer sounded out within her mind no matter how long she waited. She only stood there in a daze, unsure of what to do.

    Within the cavern, Orion was now at the end of the book. The last page was in sight, and he felt himself change at an alarming rate. His body felt chaotic, as if it was in a raging sea of inferno. His soul felt the opposite however, feeling submerged in a quiet and tranquil ocean.

    The last words entered his mind as the changes now came into effect, causing his mind to black out. It was only Fate now in the cavern, watching over Orion as his body began to change drastically. The cloudy sky overhead above the mountain seemed to moan as lightning began to strike the ground.
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    Chapter 023

    Chaos // Part 1

                     The moon hung in the sky behind the heavy sheet of rain that fell in The Great White city. Silhouettes dotted the hill west of the city over the forest, and one such silhouette was riding a horse. The horse towered over the rest of the dark figures, imposing in stature as its tail swayed back in forth.

    The man seated atop the horse was the Western Emperor, Sheila's father, who had come looking for her for some time now. He looked at the men behind him and gave a wry smile, and then looked at Ceris floating off the ground beside him. Water gushed from his feet as he stood there, the blank mask covering his face. The two looked at each other, and then the emperor nodded.

    He raised his arm high into the air, and yelled charge at the top of his lungs. The men behind him yelled in unison, a deafening roar sounding out across the city as they charged. The city, originally quiet under the rain, now had many soldiers going door to door and breaking into the houses.

    Sheila, having thought of what the water figure said, had packed things she and Orions mom might need, when she heard the yelling of the men that charged. She flinched and then made up her mind, running to where Orions mom slept. She woke her up quickly and carried her over to the door, and swung it open.

    There, in front of her, was a man with a sword in his hand dressed in black. He reacted quickly and stabbed at Sheila, who was barely able to dodge. Anger now clearly on her face, she pushed her hand forward and the man went flying, crashing through the walling that isolated the house from the street.

    Orions mom was now wide awake from the noise, and screamed in reaction as her house was being destroyed. Sheila grabbed her hand and ran quickly out past the broken wall into the streets. She looked around, and saw many houses being broken into by men dressed the same as the one that attacked her.

    The two stood there for a moment, horrified at what was happening as the rain dampened their clothes. Sheila’s mind returned quickly however, and she charged through the streets still holding hands. Orions mom was gasping for air as they ran, and was looking around with a horrified look on her face.

    A man in black rushed from behind a building straight at the pair, which caused Sheila to react and throw him with one hand into the house nearby. The man did not stop moving though the air until he collided two buildings over in the rubble.

    The two continued moving through the streets as Sheila fought off the men, when a whistling sound rang out as they reach the park area in the middle of the city. The whistle noise grew louder, and then sped up as something flashed in the sky.

    A figure clad in black descended quickly and slammed into the ground in front of them, causing dirt to fly about. When the dust cleared, Ceris was standing there with his hands behind his back, watching the two in front of him. His figure was imposing as he released pressure from his cultivation base, causing Orion’s mother to shiver in fear.

    “Sheila...Uncle Ceris has missed you.” He said coldly with a hint of melancholy in his voice as his masked face turned toward her. The blood red eyes beneath the mask caused Sheila to break into a cold sweat. He turned his eyes back to Orion's mother and asked uninterested “...and this is?”

    “M-My name is...Nashira...” Orions mother said before feeling an intense bloodlust sweep over her.

    “I do not care what an insect's name is, weak one.” He stated quickly before turning his eyes back to Sheila. Sheila had been looking around a bit for a way to run quickly, but could not find one. Ceris chuckled slightly, watching Sheila look around restlessly.

    “You should know how powerful i am, child. It is pointless to try and run.” He stated still chuckling, and then waved his hand in Sheila's direction. A large wave erupted before him out of nowhere, causing Nashira to scream.

    Sheila acted quickly, grabbing hold of Nashira and flying to the side as quickly as she could. Ceris waved his hand as Sheila dodged, and another wave of water descended on the pair. The water crashed into the wall where Sheila had been near, as she had jumped into the air just in time to avoid it. A vibrating noise could be heard from under her feet as she stood in mid air, causing Ceris to grunt.

    “So it was true...You really are an ‘anomaly’ like her...” Ceris stated coldly, his eyes hazing over for a bit as he remembered something. His mind returned to him quickly when Sheila tried to run, which caused him to send a wave over again to stop her.

    Ceris still stood in his original spot, staring coldly at Sheila as he toyed with her. Sheila felt there was no way to leave, and that the enemy was too strong. Should he have been only one stage above her, she might have had a chance. But he was two stages above, at the half-child stage. Her being at the top of the infant stage about to break into the early-child stage meant that he was more than capable of keeping her here until she was exhausted.

    She thought for a moment and then looked at Nashira in her arms. The scared look she saw in Nasira's face caused a flashback to the night her mother died in her arms as well, and tears rolled down her face. She made up her mind that she would get the both of them out of here, and closed her eyes to think.

    “Come, child. It is pointless to fight your way out of this. We will always find you. Your father needs you back home to succeed him, and you will.” Ceris stated, beginning to walk toward Sheila as she floated in the air. Nashira's heart began to race as she watched Ceris walk toward the two floating in the air.

    Ceris only walked several steps before stopping in place, feeling something was wrong. He looked at Sheila closed eyes closely, and then charge as fast as he could when he realized the possibility. He sent several waves with his hand at her as fast as he could, trying to stop what was about to happen.

    The waves descended on the pair floating in the air, when suddenly, a bright green light flashed from Sheila's body. Her breathing became ragged as she fought back the pain, holding Nashira tightly in her small arms. Her hair, originally blue, was now turning a mix of blue in green in color. It grew down to her knees behind her quickly, as if time itself was passing by quickly around her.

    Her eyes opened and a light green light flashed over the surroundings as she exhaled. The light blinded Ceris and made the originally rainy night look like a sea of green. The rain in the air stopped for a second as the light swept it, which would cause one to gape in awe at the beauty of the green raindrops they had changed to.

    The light dimmed and Sheila could now be seen floating effortlessly in the air. The rain originally falling on her was now moving out of her way, and was beginning to spin around her in streams. She looked at Ceris with a hateful scowl, and then opened her mouth.

    “You and father killed my mother...I’d rather be a child forever then return with you!” Her light and innocent voice rang with a hint of fury in the air and rain around her, causing it to disperse outward in a torrential fury. Ceris braced himself against the rain, and his eyes bulged at the sight of Sheila before him.

    “This...can not be...” He said softly, His originally lofty attitude now held a hint of fright within it.

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    Chapter 24 

    Chaos Part 2

                   “You...You were this close to early-child stage!? How did you-!?” Ceris exclaimed, his eyes nearly bulging from his eye sockets. His disbelief along with the fear in his voice caused Nashira to gape in awe at the sudden change in demeanor. Sheila glanced down at Nashira and the two's eyes met, and a warm smile spread across Sheila's face.

    “Nashira, i will make sure we leave here alive. Do not worry about Orion, either; i was told he was in a safe place. Now sleep.” She said softly, her innocent and light voice felt to Nashira like she had clouds placed within her ears. The voice soothed her and made her feel at home, unable to stop the sinking sleep that had descended upon her suddenly.

    Now that Nashira was asleep, Sheila activated the stone embedded within her forehead and it shone in a brilliant blue. In the next moment, the hexagonal stone was now floating in the air in front of her, and Nashira was no longer anywhere in sight. The stone shone with both green and blue light intertwining throughout it like waves on the sea and air in the sky. The mystical feeling it gave off felt otherworldly compared to before.

    Ceris, now realizing he would have a far harder time in this fight than before, growled in a low voice as he summoned his cultivation base forward. Wave after wave crashed toward Sheila, but all she had to do was flick her arms before her and they were cancelled out. Ceris grew furious and frustrated, and his eyes went bloodshot as he raised his wrist to the mask on his face.

    The mask, originally blank in form, suddenly cracked at where the mouth should be. The crack formed into a mouth that smiled mischievously, and a row of sharp red teeth formed within them. The teeth glistened like blood-red jewels in the moonlight as his wrist was brought to them, and a glint could be seen from Ceris’ eyes behind the mask.

    The mask moved suddenly, as if with a life of its own, as it bit down hard on his wrist. Fresh blood leaked from it as the teeth dug deep, and blood dripped onto his black clothes as they were dyed red. A horrid stench of rotting corpses filled the air as the mouth let go of his wrist, and a horribly dreadful laughter erupted from it.

    Sheila, having seen this all once before, had not reacted as one normally would. Instead, she actually seemed even angrier as she stared at the mask. Her anger turned to hate the longer she stared at its laughing figure, until the hate turned to murderous intent on her innocent and pure face.

    Ceris’ body went limp for a bit, as it hung in place slightly off the ground. The originally dark blue water that gushed from his feet now turned a crimson red as it dyed the floor around it. The pool of blood grew bigger steadily, but Sheila had come prepared.

    She reached for the gem now floating above her forehead, and a blueish-green light flashed. A sword as long as her body appeared before her, and was beautiful to behold. The blade was a basic design in a deep blue color that reminded one of the vast ocean. The hilt, however, was light green and very extravagant with twists and curves that resembled a visible breeze of wind.

    Sheila had reached for the sword before she stopped her hand, and withdrew it as she looked at the sword. She stared for a bit until a howl from Ceris charge at her brought her back to reality. The murderous intent was visible in her eyes now as she stared at his approaching figure.

    Ceris quickly reached Sheila’s front as the mask on his face pulled him forward. It opened wide showing the glistening red teeth coated in blood, as if wanting to devour her. When Ceris reached within Sheila at an arm's length away, the sword suddenly burst into action. It’s originally stationary figure blurred as it slashed toward the mask on Ceris’ face, causing the two to stop in midair.

    Ceris’ eyes gazed at the sword just a few inches away from them, and the mask let out a puke green tongue as it licked the blade. The blade shivered and then drew back a bit before swiping at him again, which caused him to dodge away. The mask licked its teeth with the strange green tongue that now hung from it, and his blood-red eyes were now trained on the sword.

    The mask lunged his body forward again as it charged straight at Sheila, who blocked it again with the sword quickly. The masks eye sockets began to bleed as it hit the sword, and the blood that slid down the mask formed into shrapnel as they exploded out at Sheila. Sheila did not have time to react as the shards of blood ripped through her body, tearing into her arms and chest and the left side of her face.

    Gasping at the pain, she suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs. The resulting scream sent waves of air out with her as a nucleus, which caused Ceris’ body to fly away and hit a building in the distance. Water began to gather from the surroundings to cover her injured body parts, and the originally bloody areas began to heal. The shrapnel was dug out of her body as she glared in Ceris’ direction he had been thrown, waiting for him to reappear.

    A black robed figure covered in blood and dirt emerged from the cloud of dust that had yet to settle, and the mask on his face now held a crooked smile running up across the left side. The blood red eyes behind the mask continued to stare at Sheila, as if the rest of the world meant nothing to it. His body began to leak blood that covered his injured areas, and began to bubble as he healed as well.

    The two figures stood within the park area under the rain and moonlight as they glared at each other. Both sides leaked murderous intent as they healed their injuries, and began preparing for the next bout between the two. The wicked smile that cracked the mask on Ceris’ face laughed again, and then began to speak in a demonic voice that sounded both male and female at the same time.

    “Ka-ka-ka-kaaa!...Child, you truly surprise me. However, that sword is just a fragment of the real thing, so we are about even. The next attack...Will be serious, so be ready.” Its voice was ragged and excited at the same time as it spoke, causing a shiver to run up Sheila's spine. Her rage soared again as the sword in the air flipped to face Ceris, and she charged at him with murderous intent once again.

    The masked Ceris stood stock still with his arms hanging from his body limply, but the mask upon his face had an ever growing smile that just seemed to never die out. The originally white mask began to turn blood red and its eyes turned into a crescent moon that faced the sky, which caused the smiling face to look cynical and evil in design.
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    Chapter 025

    Chaos // Part 3

                              Sheila finished healing first and charged at Ceris, and readied the sword next to her as she flew toward him. The blue and green glow faded off of her body as she emerged in front of his figure, and moved the sword with a wave of her hand at full force.

    Ceris’ body swayed a bit and barely dodged the sword, and his right arm reached up and grabbed it mid-swing. Blood sprayed across the mask on his face as he did so, and it’s ugly green tongue licked at it sickeningly. Sheila moved the sword and sliced at his hand to free it, causing his thumb to fly off to the side as more blood gushed forth.

    She covered her mouth to prevent from puking at the sight, but was given no reprieve as the mask pulled Ceris toward her again. Clash after clash rang out with the mask meeting the sword head on, Sheila doing her best to keep it away from her. It’s maniacal look caused her stomach to churn, and it gave her an eerie and dangerous feeling whenever it lunged to bite her.

    She separated from the mask in another clash, and flew high into the air above the city as she watched him sway in place. The mask never quit looking at her no matter where she moved, but she figured it was safer in an area it could not use its abilities best. She looked around at the city burning under the pouring rain, the flames of death and destruction never ceasing.

    The rain died down a bit from before however, and the agonizing screams of the citizens caused her stomach to churn further. A shard of crystallized blood shot at her and she barely dodged, and the anger within her now soared as she looked at the masked figure that was one of the main causes.

    She lifted her hand to the hexagonal gem and pulled another item out, this one in the shape of a bell. She rang the bell several times, but only silence ensued. The mask spit several more shards of blood at her flying figure, but she dodged them each time as she waited in the air watching it. After dodging another shot, she heard a neigh in the distance in the oceans direction.

    Her eyes gleamed as she saw an old friend arrive in the sky, a large and beautiful white horse. It’s tail, ears, and eyes were a bright red in color, and red flames spewed from each part in a dazzling show in the night sky. The rain that fell upon the flames coating it caused steam to rise in the air, but the horse did not seem phased at all.

    ‘You called, Child?’ The horses voice sounded out in the minds around it, which caused many to look up in fear at the figure galloping through the air. It arrived at Sheila's location and looked down at the mask on Ceris’ face as if sensing it, and a murderous gleamed arose from its eyes immediately. Sheila patted its neck as she looked down as well, feeling safer now that she was not facing a stronger enemy alone.

    “Sirius, this is my uncle. The mask on his face is a fragment of-” She began to say, but the horse neighed suddenly and charged. The mask laughed maniacally and spewed several shards of blood at Sirius as it descended, which caused many wounds to surface. The wounds that were opened spewed flames from them before closing almost immediately, and the horses cry caused a flame to sprout from the middle of its forehead.

    The flame took shape as Sirius rammed it into the mask, and a red horn could be seen solidified within the flames. Sparks flew as the horn and the mask clashed again and again, and the mask grew more maniacal and quickened its attacking pace the longer the two fought. The flames on the horse's body were bolstered as well the longer it fought,as it used more and more power to attack.

    Sheila, originally awe-struck at the calm horse she had met on the open sea now suddenly enraged, straightened herself and concentrated. After several moments, her figure disappeared from the night sky, the two fighting none the wiser as she drifted in the wind unseen.

    The battle between Sirius and the mask heated up as time went on, and wounds began to not heal on Sirius' body. The flames began to dim, while the mask began to crack on its surface. The mask no longer smiled maniacally, but turned into an unsightly frown suddenly as it barely dodged Sheila's stealth attack. Ceris’ arm extended to grab her as the horse charged again, puncturing the hand that had almost reached her.

    The mask laughed maniacally again and Ceris’ other hand grabbed the horn and pulled the horse over his body. The horse flew through several buildings as its body destroyed them, and Ceris grabbed for Sheila once again. The sword Sheila had nearby darted out behind a building as his hand grabbed her arm, and she grabbed the sword and swung as hard as she could.

    She backed away quickly as blood began to spew from where Ceris’ left arm originally was. The mask continued to laugh maniacally the entire time, and the laughing grew louder after the arm was cut. He looked in Sirius’ direction as he saw the horse stand again with cuts and bruises across its now dirty white fur, and blood began seeping from the mask's eyes continuously.

    Ceris’ face lifted to the sky as the laughing grew even louder, deafening to Sheila's ears as she covered them. As the laughing died down, His body went limp again as the blood coming from his severed arm suddenly stopped. His body began to twitch and writhe about as it barely seemed capable of standing, and the mask looked up into Sheila’s eyes again. His originally blood red eyes were now so completely black that they caused Sheila to cringe.

    “You...called for strong help, little one. That's...not fair! Now i have to...Take it even further!” He yelled as his originally blonde hair flew about wildly. It grew at a rapid pace and then collected over where his arm used to be, and began forming into an arm itself. The arm congealed into a figure too large for a normal mans arm, very muscular and demonic looking as the blonde hair turned black.

    The mask upon his head shivered and a piercing scream came from Ceris as the mask bore into his face in his forehead, causing the demonic horn to become one with his skin. The sides of the mask writhed as they fused with his face, and the mask itself now seemed as if it was his actual face all along. The horn upon his forehead grew longer and jutted into the sky, and collected upon the side of his head as it connected to his new arm.

    The figure in front of her now only seemed half of her uncle as Sheila shivered in fright. She knew the fragments were from a very powerful being, but other than that, she knew nothing else about it. It seemed many secrets she did not know of the fragments she looked for would cause her innumerably more headaches like this one, which caused her will to collapse slightly. The mask stopped shivering after connecting the horn to the arm, and its eyes slowly lifted to meet hers.

    The cold and dead look in his once proud and aloof eyes chilled her to the bone, and she froze in place as she watched its every move. Her legs felt they would give out at any moment as she looked at the overwhelmingly powerful figure, until a loud neigh brought her attention back. Sirius had recovered enough and was charging directly at Ceris with an even longer horn, and the flames on its body had now turned yellow as they flew several meters behind it.

    Ceris’ figure calmly raised it’s arm as it looked at Sheila. The horn and the arm collided as a deafening boom rang out. What one could see when the dust settled was the horn lodged into the large black arm as it was outstretched, and the mouth on the mask was now smiling horrifyingly.

    “Now then...Let’s get rid of the extra, shall we?” It stated in a deep and overbearing voice, as its eyes focused upon Sirius lodged in his arm. A dark and foreboding gleam shot from his eyes as they met Sirius’, seemingly looking down at an insect before a mighty demonic god.
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    Chapter 026

    Chaos // Part 4

    A billowing light descended in the distance suddenly as Sirius struggled lodged within the demonic arm attached to Ceris. His struggle was barely capable of moving the arm at all, and his attacks using his flaming tail or pillars of fire shot from his ears meant nothing to Ceris. The mask grinned cruelly and slowly pulled the arm forward and grabbed Sirius’ head slowly, as if a grim reaper descending on its mark.

    Fear shone in Sheila's eyes as she rushed forward and slashed at Ceris, who seemed to feel nothing as cuts appeared across his chest and legs as she attacked wildly. The arm pressed down hard on Sirius’ head and he began to whine in a high pitched neigh.

    Sirius’ eyes began to seethe with a blue smoke billowing out of them, and then beams of fire shot out toward the mask on Ceris’ face. Ceris pulled back as the mask shattered slightly where it was connected to his right ear, and his movements stopped for a moment. A struggle began to ensue as his body twitched slightly, seemingly Ceris fighting for control over his own body.

    Sheila rushed quickly to Sirius’ side, and gasped at the six puncture wounds around his head that the arms fingers had buried into. She quickly moved her cultivation base and focused on her body, and used a move that shot blue water to the holes and covered them in a barrier like patch.

    Sirius struggled during this time to stay standing, and shook his head to keep himself awake. He looked at Sheila and fear could be seen in his eyes, something she felt about the mask as well.

    ‘I can...not… keep this up much longer... child. His power… grows stronger...the more he fuses.’ Sirius said to her weakly as his knees gave out and hit the ground creating a cloud of dust. ‘The light...is most likely reinforcements...’

    Sheila turned her head hastily toward where the light had flown up from, and saw 3 figures on the horizon above the city far from them. One she knew quite well most of her life, while the other two were unfamiliar figures she had not seen before.

    Her eyes darted over to Ceris as he began walking slowly toward the two, the tongue hanging out of his mouth now twisting and turning violently. Sirius’ eyes were only barely opened as he looked at the scene, and he slowly lifted his body with power seemingly summoned from nowhere.

    His entire body began to seethe with a blue smoke that floated from his fur, and his gaze fell upon Sheila as it turned gentle. His head then turned slowly toward the sky as his neigh drew out longingly. A figure shot forward in the distance along the land quickly, and arrived next to the two before anyone could realize what it was.

    A small horse faintly resembling Sirius picked Sheila up and placed her on its back in one fell swoop between her legs, and rushed a bit further away from Sirius before stopping. It’s fur was light blue and spiraling around its horn was a pink thread that glowed faintly. It’s almost white colored innocent eyes looked at Sirius as he looked back, a bond flashing between the two on eye contact.

    The new horse quickly rushed away before Ceris could even voice a complaint, causing him to erupt into a rage as he rushed in their direction. Each step he took caused him to pick up speed. Sirius remained in place as his body erupted in blue flames that reached several meters into the sky.

    ‘You...Will not leave here alive, you monster!’ Sirius roared angrily as his gaze followed Ceris. Tears could be faintly seen leaving his eyes as they dried in the heat of the flames instantly.

    His gaze suddenly turned sharp as his body shot forward at an amazing speed toward Ceris. Ceris could only look back for a moment before suddenly being engulfed in the scorching heat as Sirius’ body exploded. A huge shroom of blue fire and black tar exploded forth from the two bodies as they collided, and the ensuing blast pushed the horse running away even faster.

    Tears streamed down Sheila's eyes as she watched the collision unfold, powerless and helpless to stop it. She could only cling to the horse as it charge away toward the north east of the continent as fast as it could, leaving only dust in its wake.


    The emperor stood on the hill as he overlooked the city now destroyed and ruined. The explosion had barely reached the hill, and all he had to do was dust the dirt off and it did not affect him. He shrugged slightly and looked back at the two other figures with him, and observed them for a moment.

    The one behind him on his left was a figure as small as a little girl, and had bandages wrapped around her eyes as it covered them. Her white hair flowed in the wind as she sat in a small chair while her shoulders moved slightly from her breathing. The parts of her face that could be seen were beyond beautiful for a mere child with a disease, and the emperor had a feeling she was special somehow.

    The other figure near her as he looked over his right shoulder, was a very tall woman that towered over him in an imposing manner. Her figure was extremely slim but not malnourished, and bandages covered most of her body underneath her clothes. the clothing was an unusual white cloth that wrapped itself around the body tightly as it twisted around her figure, accentuating her slim look further. Only her mouth was slightly visible beneath the cloth, but it was chewed up and damaged rather badly.

    What was most peculiar to the emperor was what was on her back, a large bundle covered completely in bandages. The bundle felt inseparable from the woman, as if a holy figure or even a corpse of a loved one. The emperor cast aside the thoughts and chuckled a bit at what had transpired earlier.

    “You were right, ‘Fallen Seer’. He was corrupt with one of the shards as you said.” He said lightly, melancholic as he pulled a watch from his pocket and rubbed his thumb on it.

    “Of course… My sight is never wrong.” The small figure stated simply in a light and extremely innocent voice, which caused a shiver to run through his spine. She felt too pure and innocent for a simple seer to him going by his gut feeling, but it had been wrong before. The other figure never spoke, but she gave him the same feeling.

    “Well then, your job is done. When we get back to the city, i will pay you.” He stated simply as he walked around them, careful of the bodyguard.

    “You will not pursue your daughter?” The Fallen Seer tilted her head a bit and asked in question.

    “No...She is in a realm of her own compared to me now, and i need her to find the rest of the shards anyways. She has uses, and she will indeed one day rule the land i’ve left behind. Just not today.” He stated as he walked further away, and began to whistle a tune that drifted in the air as he walked further.

    The Fallen Seer looked around at the destruction of the city, and then seemed to cast her gaze deep into the mountain near the now destroyed city. She sat for a moment unmoving, and then slowly stood and followed after the emperor. The bodyguard followed soon after without a word.

    The city now sat with soldiers combing it for any survivors as the emperor called for half the army to leave, now satisfied with his work. The smoke from the city rose as the moon sat lonely in the sky, the rain having stopped some time ago.
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    Chapter 26.5


                             A bird's cry awoke a boy lying on a rusted bed within a desolate cave. The cave was small and seated on the side of the mountain as the sun peaked over the horizon. His groan caused the birds collected at the entrance to the cave to disperse, and he fell off the bed with a loud thud.

    “Fuck!” He cried aloud while pushing his body up, his hands aching in pain as he scraped them on the rock filled ground. His nostrils flared and his eyes were bloodshot from his anger coupled with his lack of sleep, which caused his innocent and scarred face to look wild.

    He walked slowly out of the cave and looked over the forest that spread out to sea. His angry gaze scanned the forest thoroughly form one side to another, and his gaze fell upon the smoke rising from his hometown. His heart pounded as he saw the smoke, and his figure shot out of the cave toward the city.

    He weaved and swayed through the forest quickly, occasionally stopping to catch his breath or to deal with the pain on his body. His chest heaved and his breathing ragged as he reached the edge of the city he had known for so long. The sight before him made him temporarily forget to breath as he looked at the destruction now in plain sight.

    Buildings were collapsed and fallen in many places, and some had been burned to nothing but ash and soot. A large crater looked to have destroyed half the city, and several soldiers could be seen wandering around from building to building searching through the rubble. Anger seethed in his stomach as he looked upon the scene before him, and his cultivation base surged as he lifted gray clay from within the ground around him.

    He crushed the clay within his grip and shot it at a soldier fumbling with collapsed stones amongst a house, and the soldier's head disappeared when the clay reached its destination. He did this for several moments until not a single soldier could be seen nearby, and the attacks caused his hands to ache quite a bit.

    He kicked off the ground and rushed through the crater toward the other side, but stopped when a black ooze suddenly erupted in front of him. It ran nearby his feet as it sank toward the bottom of the crater, and a small shard of white could be seen at its origin. He walked over slowly and picked the shard up with his hand, eyeing it as it gave him a strange feeling.

    He was ready to toss the shard way when a pain shot through his hand that was holding the shard. He looked down at where it had been in his palm, only to see nothing at all now where it originally was. He looked around for the shard but did not find it, and a horn called out that brought his attention away.

    He leaped quickly through the crater and onto a part of a building still standing, and looked toward the pier that the horn signalled from. His gaze fell upon several soldiers that looked like the ones he had just killed, and a murderous gleam shot through them.

    He rushed from building to building as he used them as footholds, moving toward the pier steadily. Within his hand held behind his back was a faint red glow, and a small slit appeared on his hand. It slowly opened to reveal a pure white eye ball with no pupil, disturbing in appearance. It looked corrupt and demonic as its whites shown, when suddenly its pupil rushed from inside the eye to appear. A murderous thirst seethed up from within it as it looked around wildly.

    The boy suddenly stopped moving and turned into a defensive stance as he faced behind him, looking for the murderous intent. He did not find it after some time, and decided to continue toward the pier. He held a grudge at his hometown being destroyed, and he was going to get his revenge as much as he was capable of dishing out in his damaged state.
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    Chapter 027

    Title withheld for now

                     The warm cavern floor caused Orion to awaken slowly, and his body felt so light it caused his brain to reel. He lifted his body to sit slowly as his mind felt floating on clouds, and he looked around the area to remember how he got here.

    His eyes locked onto Fate sitting motionless with its closed beady eyes and its flames dim, and his mind registered what he was doing here. He lifted his body from his seated position and stood slightly reeling from the lightheaded feeling, but stayed standing as he felt his own body.

    His hands ran across his muscles as he checked them, and they seemed toned and packed tightly under his skin. his skin itself was now whiter than before, as if he was a small child that had never seen the sun before. He raised his hands to his head and rubbed his hair, and felt that his originally long hair was now rather short and messy upon his head.

    Upon his body was not his originally plain clothing for fishermen, but now a long red robe that looked rather plain but dignified as it sat upon his skin. It felt very thick and warm, giving him a feeling of being at home and bundled under a cozy blanket on a cold night.

    He heard the sound of a flame igniting, and he turned to see that Fate was now waking from its slumber. It blinked a couple times and then turned its gaze upon Orion, and its eyes curved slightly into what appeared to be a grin. He could not tell though, as it did not have a mouth.

    “The child has finished awakening. This is good news, however…” fate stated before pausing. It’s eyes slightly closed and then looked back at Orion with a stern look. “...While the child was sleeping, changes began in the city.”

    “What do you mean?” Orion asked, slightly curious at the sudden mention.

    “It occurred that… the city was attacked just before the child finished its metamorphosis.”

    “Wh...What? How is that possible?” Orion asked it feeling slightly stunned, unsure at what he was hearing. An itchy feeling rubbed his spine as he looked at fate for an answer.

    “The child's new friend had a follower that brought along an army. They burned the city and began looking for her, but i could not look further. My mind waned as the connection between our souls grew.” It said almost solemnly, as if it had a hint of emotions now in its personality.

    Orion's mind quickened in pace and he quickly turned and began walking away form Fates position. Fate, originally going to tell him to stop, paused and decided not to say anything as it let him leave. It judged he could slightly protect himself from most things nearby, and knew that what happened would cause him pain. Trying to stop him would only be counter-productive.

    Orion leaped through the cavern tunnel he originally fell through on his way down, feeling his body was much more powerful than when he was a mortal. He reached the top quickly and walked through the winding tunnels, and lifted his hand to check the torch like ember he had used to light the tunnel.

    When his hand caught fire through small cracks in his skin, the flames were actually much darker than before and had a faint dark purple tinge to it. The flame lit the surroundings dimly even as it grew to the top of the tunnel a meter above his head, so it was not actually more practical than before to use it to see.

    He could only shake his head and move on through the tunnel, when a familiar cry came from the tunnel he just passed by. A bat-creature, like the one he met on the way down, came charging through the tunnel at him suddenly when he turned around. His gaze sharpened on the creature and his arm that was lighting the cave was extended quickly. He opened his palm and a torrent of purplish-red embers flew onto the creature's skin.

    The creature screamed in pain and flailed about a bit, trying hard to clean its skin off of the embers that burned it. Orion watched as it flailed, and then snapped his fingers when the creature's screams paused for a moment. The noise echoed in the tunnel as the embers sparked and exploded upon the creature's skin, cooking it alive in a mere moment.

    Orion looked down at its charred body and then walked away with his hands in front of his chest, still feeling uneasy about what was waiting for him outside. He soon reached the area the large wolf-creature had lain within the tunnel, and noticed that it was now lying down pitifully as blood leaked from its neck. He bent down and examined the scar across its neck, and noticed that it was most likely another creature in the cave that had attacked it.

    He felt a bit of pity for the usually proud creature, and covered the wound with his hand. The flames within his body heated his palm up as he cooled the creature's flesh, and the creature awoke from its weak slumber and thrashed about. He hit the wolf a little further into the cave and watched it move into a defensive position, and then turned and walked out of the cave leisurely. The creature continued to watch him till he was near the entrance, whereupon it laid back down and fell asleep once again.

    The light of the sun stung Orion's eyes as he left the cave for the first time since he had the fight with Derlin. The mountain area around him was still damaged by the fight between Derlin and the boar-creature, but a strange grassy moss was actually growing where the trees had once been.

    It was dark green in color, and had several small flowers of various colors that lined it throughout, looking simplistic yet mysterious. Orion paid little attention to the moss as a tinge of burning wood could be smelled within the air, masking the smell of the sea that usually tickled his nose. His gaze moved across the forest for a moment, and he decided upon something as he turned and charged up the mountain to its peak.

    He reached it and stood upon the slightly snow covered peak, and looked down upon the world below him. Every breath he took was filled with small embers that floated out as he breathed through his nose, the cold air around him not affecting him too much. His gaze wandered for a bit on the side of the mountain he had been on, and then his gaze fell upon where The Great White City was. When he saw the smoke rising from the city and the blackened buildings covered in ash from the fires that burned them, a horrible feeling gripped his heart.

    ‘How long have i been asleep for!?’ His thoughts rang within his mind as his breathing quickened. His mouth opened as his breathing quickened, and the embers increased as they left through his mouth.

    ‘This was what i was afraid of. The city the child lived it has been destroyed by the ones looking for its friend.’ Fate stated within his mind, almost as if it was right there with him. It startled him for a bit, but his mind cleared and he gazed at the destruction in the distance.

    ‘...Tell me everything you saw, Fate. I wanna know it all.’ He stated solemnly, a hint of anger clearly within his deepened voice as it resounded through the cold and lonely mountain peak.
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    Chapter 28 

    ~Title Withheld~ // Part 1

                 Orion stood on the mountain peak as he listened to Fate speak within his mind about the events that took place. From the downpour of rain as it spoke to Sheila, up to the point it's mind began to wane as the mask upon Ceris’ face grew a new arm was told to him.

    The anger in his heart deepened as he imagined the scenes play out as if he was there watching. He gazed into the distant destroyed city filled only with anger that seemed to seep from his body. The anger turned to heat that melted the falling snowflakes upon the mountaintop, and he suddenly roared as loud as he could.

    “Fate, is there anyone within the city that i can not handle?!” He yelled as it echoed across the mountain, no longer capable of suppressing his rage. His fists were clenched so tightly that they bled, and his teeth chewed on his tongue as blood seeped from his mouth. Neither he nor Fate knew if his family was dead, and the only way to control himself from not attacking right this second was the self-inflicted pain.

    ‘This one sees...several late-child stage practitioners. There is also…’ It stated to this point, and then paused before continuing in a lower voice. ‘...two early-juvenile stage practitioners as well amongst those in the city.’

    “Late-child stage? early-juvenile stage? i’ve never heard of these words.” He stated blankly, his anger dissipating for a moment as he listened closely for the answer.

    ‘Oh, this one forgot the child does not know. The humans of this era label cultivation in stages, and there are a total of 12 stages total. Mortals start at the birth-stage, and most stay there their whole lives. After that is the infant stage, which the child is currently on. From this point forward, most stages have three corresponding stages within them of early, middle, and late stages.’ It stated, knowing the anger Orion felt could not be contained forever. The information it was giving was essential for his survival as well as its own, as well.

    ‘Right. So i am at early-infant stage, correct?’ He asked quickly, his eyes now scanning the blackened city for any movement. The clouds below obstructed most of his view, so there was not much he could see regardless.

    ‘Yes, indeed the child is. Above the infant stage would be the child stage, and after that is the juvenile stage. Each stage grows in power immensely between them, and the body and soul will change as well.’ Fate stated as its gaze scanned the juvenile stage practitioners below. ‘It also would not surprise this one...if the juvenile cultivators can sense the child here at this moment.’

    What Fate stated brought Orion's mind into an alert state, as he now knew that he could very well be watched at this point. He looked around at his surroundings and saw no one, but remained on watch for anything unusual should it happen. He opened his mouth to speak after a moment of vigilance, when the surrounding clouds seemed to vibrate within the sky.

    At this point, a sonic boom rang out from the distant sea and a loud roar in the mountain caused by Fate happened almost at the same time. Orion fell onto one knee into the snow that now covered his legs in the powder as he hit the ground hard. His body reeled a bit at the sudden movement, and his mind felt slightly hazy as he tried to keep his balance while the mountain continued to shake.

    In the distance, a lone dot appeared coming from the Great White Sea, and flew quickly toward the burned city below. Fate, within the mountain, had flames continuing to rise from its stone form unceasingly.

    ‘Child, this new being is of a much higher stage than the others! I am hiding the child’s presence, but it will find the child eventually!’ Fate stated in a slightly loud voice within his mind, frantic and alarmed. Orion heartbeat grew frantic as well, but he could not just let them go. There was a very high chance his family was dead, or worse, kept prisoner of some kind.

    He lifted his body with difficulty as his eyes gleamed with an understanding light, and he readied himself to jump from the mountain as hard as he could. His state of mind could be said to be prepared to die as he decided to take as many of the people with him looking for his family. Fate, seeing him take such a stance, shook the mountain once more and caused him to fall sideways into the snow.

    ‘Is the child mad!? The chances of it winning are impossibly low, there is no need to throw its life away! You must run!’ Its voice echoed within Orion's mind. He lay half covered in snow as the mountain continued to shake, and his anger had not subsided yet. He fought with the pressure caused by the mountains movement below him, but gave up after he grew tired fighting against it.

    Any steam he had was gone, and only a tear remained as it fell from his uncovered eye into the snow. Steam floated through the air before him as he opened his eyes, a sad and hopeless look within them.

    ‘I...have never lived only for myself, Fate. After the memories of my childhood somehow disappeared, the only thing i had left was my mother. Some time ago, i gained a younger sister as well. The memories i have of the two keep me alive and allow me to continue forward through every hardship i have endured.’ His voice called out within his mind, and it sounded as if on the verge of crying loudly as he spoke to it. ‘...They are the only reason i am alive, and now it’s very likely they are dead! And you say that i can not have my revenge!? Then what good was cultivating for!?’

    His speech caused Fate to not speak for some, and during that time he wept silently. The tears had melted all the snow around his head and turned it to water before Fate spoke again.

    “If the child really felt that much about it, and this will allow it to keep living, then...i will lend the child the rest of this ones remaining power to wield.” Fate stated solemnly, it’s voice echoing both within Orion's mind as well as the mountain surrounding him.
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    Chapter 29 

    ~Title Withheld~ // Part 2

                   “Wh...What?” Orion asked out loud, clearly shaken by the sudden strange announcement. He lifted his snow covered body up from the ground awkwardly with a strange expression on his face. The tears were still visible on his confused face as he looked at the sky above him, pondering on what he had just been told.

    ‘This one originally wanted to save the power left from its old life to use in case of an emergency. However, this incident is something not to be taken lightly, and thus it has judged to allow the child to use it as it pleases.’ Fate stated word after word slowly and clearly, emphasizing the part it spoke of of the past life it had once lived. ‘...Do make sure to save enough for a life and death situation though, child. This power will not last forever.’

    “R...Right.” He stated blankly, not sure what he should say. The feelings that bogged him down earlier had now dissipated and only hope remained. Hope that his anger could be consumed by using the power to remove those that killed his family from existence.

    ‘Now, child. It will take some time to gather the power into something it can use, so be patient. Take the glove this one gave the child earlier out, and hold it in front of it.’ It stated and then went silent, concentrating on the gloves position. Orion removed the glove from his breast pocket and held it in the air in front of him, and it lept from his hand to float in the air.

    It began to glow with a blue light and spin slowly as a power seemed to envelope it. Orion sat down in place as he watched the glove spin, patiently waiting for it to finish. Time passed by silently upon the mountain as the sun descended and night fell, when the light around the glove began to dim.

    Orion slowly stood up and watched the glove float down toward him, the light now gone with the moon shining on it. He grabbed the glove as it reached his face and pulled it down, feeling an immense amount of power from it. The power felt suffocating to him as he gazed at the glove, more powerful than even the figure that descended on the burned city during the day.

    ‘A lot of this one's power is now within the glove, which will allow the child to wield a power greater than the cultivators within the city. However, the child must link fully with this one in order to control it, or it will consume the child.’ Fate stated softly, its voice dim and distant in sound. The mountain rumbled and a peng sound rang out, followed by tremors along the mountain.

    The mountain ground began to crack open around Orion, causing pieces of the mountain to fall into the forest below. The originally silent and dark city suddenly lit up as the mountain opened, and fate’s figure still trapped within the metal torch cage ascended in front of Orion. The flames on the stone were dim and almost gone, and its beady eyes looked hollow and white as it looked upon Orion.

    “The child must remove this one from the cage and fuse it within its body. Only then will the child be capable of using the power, and also when this one can journey with the child as well.” Fate stated softly, as it stared at Orion standing upon the last piece of mountain not broken by Fate leaving it. down within the burned city, noises rang out and many figures began running through it, obviously alarmed at the sudden changes on the mountain.

    Orion put the glove on his arm slowly, and examined its new look. It was completely black in color and ran up his arm to encapsulate his shoulder. It felt like a soft cloth, but the power resonating from it made it feel more like an awe inspiring black veil on his arm.

    He looked up at the cage around Fate’s small body, and then reached his now covered arm to the metal bars. A peng rang out as he grasped the metal, and a brilliant blue light shone across the land far and wide around the mountain. Surges of energy were released as Orion used a small amount of power from the glove at first to test the cage, giving him a feeling of being invincible.

    He rotated his elbow a bit when the cage did not break, and poured more of his own cultivation base into the glove to try and tear the bars apart. He grabbed another bar with his other arm, and began circulating his power completely when it did not budge. He pulled at it for a moment before the bars bending could be heard, slowly opening a hole in the cage.

    The originally pure blue light around Orion that filled the land began to turn reddish purple form the mix in power as he pulled the bars apart, giving off a dangerous feel to the people within the city. He stopped to catch his breath as sweat dripped down his face, the bars now wide enough to put his hand through.

    He moved his ungloved hand slowly through the bars toward Fate, whose eyes gleamed in relief to finally be free from its originally caged existence for so long. When Orion's hand reached Fates stone like body, his fingers covered it slowly as it shut its eyes.

    In the distance, a figure was flying toward the mountain quickly when a boom rang out from the mountains direction. The light disappeared for a moment before a wave of reddish purple energy burst in a circular motion across the surroundings. The flying figure was pushed back and heavily wounded as blood leaked from its eyes and mouth, fear revealed upon its face.

    The surrounding forest and city rubble were hit with the force as well, and any being not at a certain level was instantly turned to ash within the city. The orb of energy dissipated as it hit the ocean past the pier, the boats along the pier being crushed by the force.

    The cage fell into the abyss below into the mountain as Orion closed his eyes. He felt a small sense of security and an awareness within him that was Fate. The two’s minds formed a link with each other naturally, and grew with every breath he took. He opened his eyes slowly and looked down at his arm, and then at his surroundings.

    An intense murderous bloodlust filled the air around him instantly, his face now menacing as it fell upon the originally flying figure.

    “...You first.” He stated, his voice booming with anger across the surrounding lands.

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    Chapter 30 

    Wrath of a Once Immortal Being // Part 3

    The figure shook after being called out, the light coming from the glove blinding it. The figures features were revealed as Orion placed his eyes upon its shaking figure.

    The figure was of a skinny man wearing a green robe with what could be described as handsome and chiseled features. While his face looked shocked and horrified, his eyes shone with a pride deep within them. Orion could even see a hint of want within his eyes as they looked upon the glove, likely feeling the power that surged through it.

    With a swing of his hand, the man's head flew off his shoulders. Multiple glass breaking sounds could be heard at the same time, but Orion paid no attention. He looked toward the city of ash below and focused his gaze on every being within it.

    Orion felt something strange about his current surroundings and found magma lying deep below the soil. With but a thought the glove shone and magma shot through the ground and erupted toward the sky. It gathered and became a large canvas of roiling liquid heat that flowed from the ground to his lower body. It churned around him as he looked upon it, feeling the connection to it as if it was another arm.

    With another thought, the magma pulled his body up and toward the city slowly, and descended toward it like an immortal looked upon ants. His red hair singed with black was sticking up in the middle of his scalp as it swayed slightly in the wind, giving off a wild feeling to those that were witnessing his figure.

    The men within the city were intimidated by his thin and fiery eyebrows that were locked in anger over his pure light blue eyes. They contradicted each other, but made him look all the more otherworldly as he arrived to look at them within the cities remains. He scanned them slowly as the magma consumed the ash below him, and the land behind him was blackened from his travel.

    “P-Please! Spare our humble lives!” A soldier suddenly yelled, falling to his knees and bowing to him continuously. Several other soldiers followed soon after, but Orion only scoffed at the act.

    “...Did you give the people of this city kindness when you burned it to the ground?” He stated in a booming voice filled with seething anger. He waved his arm and the magma swept over the part of the city he was facing, wiping a tenth of it off the map with one swing.

    In the distance, standing upon a tree, two figures watched the events unfold. The figures were concealed in the shadows of another larger tree, and orbs were shining within their hands to conceal them. The only thing to make of the figures was the cloth that dangled from their arms and swayed in the breeze.

    “...He will kill them all.” The taller figure stated lower on the tree to the other smaller one. The smaller figure nodded and continued to watch, seemingly unblinking as the destruction in the city unfolded.

    “The stars in the night sky may disappear, but the moon is necessary for the world to continue to exist.” The smaller figure stated as Orion’s hand swung to clear another ten percent of the city. The taller figure said nothing as it dangled from the tree, continuing to watch.

    Orion within the city remains paused and looked around. He felt watched by some strange presence he could not quite place. The new sight he had gained with the power of the glove seemed to be incapable of pinpointing where it came from, and caused him to feel distracted when he tried focusing on it.

    He gave up and looked over to a makeshift building that looked slightly luxurious. He moved toward it slowly, and a figure emerged from within that let out a yawn. This man was an older looking man, his hair turning slightly gray from age. his body was clad in a gold armor with intricate engravings, and his back carried a large and intimidating sword that scraped the ground.

    “What ruckus would someone have in this forgotten hell hole?” He asked Orion within the magma, a tired look spread on his face. Orion watched him for a moment, and then circulated the magma around him to descend a bit toward the ground to talk.

    “Are you the one that lead the destruction of this city?” Orion asked the man, and watched his every move as the man rubbed his neck lazily. He then shrugged his shoulders and sighed, and looked at Orion.

    “No, i was tasked with cleaning this place up. What school are you from, infant?” The man asked, a ridiculing look upon his face. His thoughts coincided with the fact that Orion’s cultivation was only at the beginning stage, and that the magma was most likely a prop of some kind to scare him.

    ‘This is the one that found its way here from the sea. Be careful.’ Fate told Orion as his blood began to boil. He raised his arm and concentrated on the glove, gathering the magma in his palm. Once the magma formed a condensed ball, he threw it at the older man. The area around the man exploded in a fiery blaze as the magma shot everywhere, coating the once slightly cleaned area in ash again.

    When the dust settled, the older man's figure could be clearly seen holding a sword above his head while kneeling, and an orb around his body was formed from a strange barrier that surrounded him. The barrier dissipated and he stood back up, now holding the sword with both his hands right in front of him. He had a smirk on his face as he watched Orion, a light seemingly ignited within him.
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