Most similar MMORPG to Conviction.

Hi ya! :smiley: 
Just want some opinions, comments ect.
Which games do you guys think from among the mmorpg is the most similar (and with the most thrill) to Conviction.
And I mean free to play MMORPG.
Now I havent played many MMORPG but just to start this off, I will name a few, but I am only listing them with small details and maybe some differences/similarities, so others may elaborate on the game systems: 

- Eden Eternal : so far this game is similar in every aspect except for 2 reasons, 1 is due to Eden Eternal having a system which allows one to switch into various classes/jobs as long as one has fulfilled the requirement. The second being that in Character Creation you can select not only gender but race also.(Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, and Halfkin)

-Aura Kingdom: Very different much regarding secret quests and the map layouts, a notable mention.

-Aion: Though the classes are much more expanded with different names such as Assassin instead of thief they are still very similar in the skills and there are even proffesions such as Alchemy.

I'll mention these three for now, might elaborate or list more but I hope we can have others list some of their own and even elaborate on any of the games that we have mentioned or will be mentioned. :smile: 


  • Mad Snail gaming novel mostly based on WoW.

    In Rebirth thief we got =
    - 2 opposing faction
    - dual weapon thief with crossbow offhand
    - arcane spec mage
    - element spec mage
    - shadow spec priest
    - healer spec priest
    - warrior 2 hand build
    - warrior shield build
    - paladin tank
    - paladin caster
  • Yup, definitely based off of WoW.
  • Just realized that is so true... too bad I didnt play much of it. But I'm sure there are other games similar or have components that WoW doesnt have but is connected to ROT.
  • Elder scrolls is also very similar :0
  • Oh, also Tera is very interesting, many things remind me about Rot.
    But since we mention World of Warcraft. There is an mmorpg called Guild Wars 2, and it is known to be a replacement of World of Warcraft, in gameplay and popularity, something to look at for all the World of Warcraft players.
  • Well I think Guild Wars 2 is really similar to the Game

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