Novel idea: Give your opinion

I am thinking of writing an amateur webnovel, but I am not entirely sure about my idea, if it's goodn or not. So could you give me your thought? Thanks.

Title: Teacher Goblin/ Goblin-Sensei (working on it)

Premise: After a accident due to a god, a group of people (not a classroom, and people of different ages) are reincarnated into a fantasy world. The God of Life and Death give to each of them a choice for a cheat as a reparation and also high specs (without the cheat, they are not surhuman but still are above the average). He also warns them that he can view the approximate place and the gender of the souls that are born, but not the race and that, even if they remember their past life, they wont be able to remember the techonology (For example: they will remember using a gun but not how construct one). He also give them a blessing ensuring that they could reach adult age without problem and to be born into race with intelligence (so not beast).

The hero chooses as cheat "Absolute Knowledge": He can analyse everything that he sees or hears (Items, magic formation, world law (gravity law, magic law ...)) and have infinite memory. He also chooses to reincarnate near the city with the biggest library. And he is reincarnate into ... a Goblin ( what a suspense).
The goblin race have really weak body and low mana, meaning that they can only cast the lowest spell, even if the mana is used efficiently. They are barbaric, killing and raping everything; and because they at one point, in a joint attack with the Orcs and Trolls, they destroyed the Library, they are cursed by the God of Language and Writing and can't learn others language or writings.

As you can see, because he is a goblin, he can't become a magician and can't learn from books. Also, a goblin reach adult age at 5 days, meaning that the protection blessing is removed very fast. Rapidly digusted by the goblins, he will try to leave them and rejoin the others reincarnates. But because of the curse, the only way to communicate with the others races is via gestures and drawings, meaning that they can also easily be misunderstood. He will finally succeed and join a small group of adventurers. And in exchange for protection during his quest, he will improve their knowledge and efficiency of magic, enchantment, alchemy, ...
Rapidly enough, he will learn a telepathy spell but because of his weak mana, he will still need that his hand come in contact with the forehead to work.

In the others reincarnators, 4 will be in similar situation (cheat negated by what they are born into) but will be powerful allies. The rest will be helpful but less. (In clear, these four are the heroes party)
A girl choose stunning beauty as a cheat will be born into a Lich in the Necropolis under the capital of the Empire.
An other choose an ultimate sword (Excalibur) will be born as a Dragon (no transformation)
A friend of the precedent choose a powerful body (more strength, more resistant) will be a Fire Elemental, with no physical body. (Though he will gain a bit of resistance against magic)
The last one choose the possibility to create richesses as he wich will be born as the one and only heir of the Emperor. (The Empire have 80% of the world under its control). Though, he will not go on adventure with the others, he will act as a material support
Inspiration: Re:Monster, Goblin Slayer, Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Tone: Mi-serious, Mi-comical (the hero will often have headache to find a solution). (I take Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu as a reference for the tone, but a bit more serious)

I know it's more like a Japanese Novel than a chinese, so maybe not the best forum, but I read a lot more of chinese Novel than Japanese, so it's where I am more active (I find that a lot of Japanese Novel have nice ideas but these are ruined by fanservice and the like)

PS: this post will surely contain some faults. I am bedridden because of sickness.


  • Go for it but when you do initial release, release enough chapters to get people interested or up to the point where MC turns things around. You know, the point where the MC realizes: "Oh! I can do this. Here begins my road to the top."
    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • What CantThinkOfAName says. *Upvote*

    can't learn others language or writings > join a small group of adventurers
    You'll need a good reason to make this believable.

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    intelands said:
    What CantThinkOfAName says. *Upvote*

    can't learn others language or writings > join a small group of adventurers
    You'll need a good reason to make this believable.
    For that, I thought making him save a girl by pretending keeping her as his personnal sex slave (He is able because since he is more powerful than ordinary goblin + can use magic->High position in the Goblin society (Also, to avoid killing other humans, he will make them believe that to use healing magic, it is required to not kill anyone (but in reality, it only requires knowledge of anatomy, thing that goblins are incapable)). He will reveal to the girl being an otherworlder and an human reincarnated (while not common, reincarnation is known in this world. They also know the presence of other dimensions even if no one came from the Earth until now).
    Once he will find a group of adventurer sufficiently able to exterminate the Goblin community, he will act to help destroy the community and have the girl acts as a protector against the adventurers by explaining them the situation. The group, reluctant at first, will finally accept him after he will helpt them to destroy different Goblin communities by infiltrating them.
    It will last some years. Until at one point, the MC will try to  find the others reincarnators. Also, like I said, he will learn telepathy at one point, and so be able to communicate more efficiently.
    For the girl, she will join the group as a magician, learning advanced magic from the MC. (Though, she will not fall in love or anything and will not reach top tier for magic. She has aptitude in magic but it's limited. The only possible love story would be with the Lich and I am not even sure of that.)
    Go for it but when you do initial release, release enough chapters to get people interested or up to the point where MC turns things around. You know, the point where the MC realizes: "Oh! I can do this. Here begins my road to the top."
    The MC doesn't aim for the top tier. And can't reach it. The whole point of the story is that he teaches others to strenghten them, but he himself can't be strong.

    Also, about the Magic/Mana system (inspired by Xanxia): Everybody has Mana inside their body, their consciousness. It is divided of two part: the Receptacle, which is how much Liquid you can accumulate, and the Mana itself, that refills with time and is used by spells and others.
    You can shape your Receptable in two forms: Vessels or Lake. By shaping it into Vessels, the Mana will run through your body, making it more resistant, more powerful, ... it will also allow use of Arts which use the Mana in the Vessels to strenghten your attacks, add special effect, .... But doing so also make you more vulnerable because it removes the Mana from the system and so the boost from it. You can shape vessel through raw strenght or cultivation.
    A Lake allow you to use Magic by putting the Mana outside of the body. While it is also possible with Vessels, it's also more dangerous because it can destroy the Vessels by doing so.

    The Mana have also different colors/type which influence what you can do. For example, Red Mana trhough Vessels increase especially the strength, and in the Lake, it allows a better use of Fire spells, but disable the use of Water spells, but still can use it for Earth,Wind, ... spells though the efficiency will depend on the compatibility. The type of Mana depend of your Receptacle and you can forcibly put wrong Mana in your Receptacle, but it's like putting Gasoline into a Diesel engine.

    You can increase the size of the Receptacle by two ways: through training, eroding progressively; or by killing. When you kill, you cause the Mana of the killed to surge in yourself, allowing you to dig faster (Think like getting fuel for a digging machine. You don't aquire the Mana forever but it allows yourself to rapidly increase the size during your next training). The way of killing also affect your type of Mana.

    You can cultivate Vessels and Lake both, and even create more than one Lake (allowing you to cast different type of spells) (but cultivating more than one type of Vessels is very difficult). But like games: what's the point to be a Jack of all trades? People tends to cultivate one type, and sometimes a second as a backup. There are also specific cultivations, like swordmage or thunder mage (thunder is formed from Fire + Wind. You can use it if you have one of them, but the best way is to have both Mana, and so have a Fire Lake and a Wind Lake) but they are not really common.

    Finally, you have a max size limited by your race and aptitude, though very few reach the limits. And naturally, Goblins have low limits that the MC will reach.
  • So MC remains shit thru the novel?

    Its gonna be hard to get people interested if they can't cheer on the MC and imagine themselves as the MC. I'm not saying make the MC OP but at least capable of defending himself instead of relying on his team.
    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • He will be able to a certain extent. And while he doesn't have the firepower, he is still able to see and analyse everything, and so be able to find the best way to deal with foes. He will act more like a strategist in battle. But the main point of the story is still that he is not OP in fight (but his cheat is stil OP). To break the mold where the MC is so OP that he can fight against gods and demons. His group will do unbelievable things with his help, but he is can't do these things by himself.
  • My advice to you is that if you want to write a webnovel, to do as much planning, story mapping, etc. As you can before you start writing. Make a framework that can act as a guiding light while you're writing but is flexible enough for you to change when you get new ideas. Also, work on your grammar, because if the forum posts above are any indication you will need to pay attention in that regard.

    Good luck

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    @Mooncake Thanks for your advice. Could you precise what type of mistakes I made, except verb and subject agreement, so I could concentrate myself on them? Thanks. (For the subject-verb agreement, I know I made errors because of my headaches, but I don't think that I would make them normally)
  • My advice is that you make the MC realize a way to switch bodies at some point during the first book, or even at the end. After that the various heroes will get a purpose to get stronger and to fight together, fight to get the body they need, to get the skill and people they need to perform the swapping you can make it however you want and it would give the story purpose and those who read it would see an end goal for everybody and especially the MC. You can make the swapping the end of the story or the beginning of a second arc... Either way that is my advice.
  • End goal already got. Same goes for switching body (except the MC).
    Each time, the MC will find a way for them switching to something where the cheat is useful, though each time it requires a lot of Mana, so they can't stay too long in these forms. Plus, as it use a lot of Mana, after using it too much, they are very vulnerable.

    The Lich can possess others. She will have two bodies in stock: an homunculus created for that (human form, low fighting capabilities but cheap in Mana consumption (5-7 days, 2-3 days of recharge). It's the body she takes when going to town)
    And a succubus that they killed. (Succubus power is linked to the desire they engender. Plus, can charm. Except against asexued foes (undead, golem, elemental, ...), it's OP. But high energy consumption (2-3 hours, recharge 2-3 days)

    The Dragon is an OP monster. With so much Mana, they find a way for him to take an humanoid form. But even if the body is more powerful than an human body, compared to the dragon form, it's really weak. So except when going indoor, it stays in dragon form. Mana consumption: Medium (can stay 2-3 days in this form, then must recover for the same amount of time in dragon form).

    The Elemental will be able to change of element. For example, going on Earth Element will allow him to have physical form -> the cheat kick in. Mana consumption: relatively high (12-14 hours, 1-2 days of recharge)

    Even the Prince will find an use for his cheat (there is a conspiracy inside the palace, and to help the other otherworlders (lol) to unravel it and to avoid that the money transfers are detected, he will use his power)

    For the end goal, it will be dimension travelling and deification of the MC.

    About that, there is two types of gods in this world : The Divinities and the Gods. The Divinities are pretty much like the Overgods from CD. They are all powerful being conscious but without free will. They are only here to make the rules of the world and be sure that nothing goes wrong. It's because of that that the world has so much rules. The God of Life and Death, and the God of Language and Writings are two of them. Though, they didn't create the world.
    The Gods are beings that abandonned the physical form to be being of pure Mana or being created from pure Mana by beliefs/worship. Due to the facts that they are only Mana without Receptacle, if they don't have followers, they die. Each of them, they have names and surname (For example Trucmuch, Green God of Fire). Also, an other danger is that the believers shape you. For example, the MC will encounter Nameless, Legion of Chaos. He is a fusion of a lot of Gods that didn't have name before the rule stating that Gods must have a name was made. (The people began to think that all the nameless Gods were the same God and, thinking so, fuse them) (The rule was made because too much Gods were popping. If two people worshipped a God of Fire but had a slighthly different vision of him -> two Gods. But if he has a name, he will be a mix of the different visions.)

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