The Power In One

Bland Synopsis: Infineta is a world where everyone is in search for the greatest weapon. A weapon which is said to have the all the powers of the "HEAVEN'S WEAPONS ". In this world, people cultivate and use energy to look whilst fighting against each other, Monsters and beasts in order to become stronger. Some wield Heaven's Weapons to complement their cultivation energy and greatly become stronger whilst others use normal weapons, having to rely on their own cultivation energy solely. 

Enter John, a 16 year old ruthless boy. He is also travelling to find this mythical weapon. However, he needs it to compete a task of the utmost secrecy.

 Is John strong enough to travel alone? Is John strong enough to find the Power In One?  Is John strong enough to complete his secret mission? 

Please note that the dates and years have no correlation to the human world. Ths story is set in the 1800s but has no relations with the 1800s of the human world! 

Chapter one: A Way Out 


How long has it been?He thought to himself. He was no longer aware of the dark and damp surrounding. Instead, he was fixated on himself. He had to use all his will power and vitality to not collapse onto the cold hard ground. 

It was already a miracle that he had survived so long without the sustenance of food. It further defied the heavens that he was capable of standing, yet he was walking. Walking extremely slow as if each bone in his legs was about to collapse and the smallest change would cause it to happen.

"I can't die yet... I must keep going..." he muttered to himself. He knew he was going to fall soon and the time was nearing. But he kept repeating it to himself; trying to convince his overly exhausted legs that they had the strength.

Times up!

His legs stopped trudging forward and like jelly they fell. With his legs, his body followed. He closed his eyes and stopped resisting. He knew there was nothing he could do. 

"I don't want to die here. How can I die in a cave due to starvation?"he moaned to himself using his last remains of energy. He was prepared to meet the cold hard ground of the cave with his handsome face. 

Will I survive this? He thought to himself as his face closed in on the solid hard ground...

As his face fell downwards, his acute nose began to twitch. When his nose was a millimeter above the ground, he smelled something. Immediately, his hands pushed him up.
With strength from who knows where, he began dashing. He was faster than lightning at this point and it looked like he was completely healthy; no signs of hunger were conspicuous. 

The cave he was in was extremely dark. Even if one had a bright lantern on them, it would still be hard to navigate through. Yet he was running so effortlessly without any source of light assisting him. He was running as if he knew the place like it was the back of his hand. 

But he truly didn't. In fact, he was following the smell of food. Earlier he had detected the faint smell of fruits which had given him hope. He knew his sense of smell was of a high level and it could definitely not be wrong. 

Following the faint smell, he saw a silhouette in the distance. The silhouette looked to be of a female around 5"6. The silhouette was walking without any fear or realization that someone was following her.

However, her ears began to notice the quiet sounds of foot steps. These gradually became louder to the point where she stopped all together. She thought for a moment and then decided to look back. She turned her head around and with it, her lantern followed.

Before she had time to react, a male face of extreme ugliness appeared before her and had put its face right next to her breasts. It looked like a starved zombie. It was muttering" Food, food, food," as saliva drooled from the corner if its mouth.

Straight away, she leapt back and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Aaaaah!!!" 
Along with the leap and scream, she pulled out a sword of around 4 feet long. It was extremely sharp and had an aura of killing intent around it. It was shiny even in the darkness of the cave. 

Without thinking, she swung her Sword. Wanting to kill the zombie like male infront, she used all her strength. She sneered and thought to herself what a stupid zombie, thinking it could eat me, truly stupidity of another kind. 


She was never expecting the sound of Swords clashing...

As soon as her Sword was about to slice off the males head, he reached for his Sword and unsheathed it. This all happened within a few milliseconds. Such speed left the girl dumbfounded as she was taken by surprise. She had never thought that a zombie could wield a sword. Yet here it was defending her strike of full strength using its own Sword which appeared from nowhere. She was utterly stupefied and could not react.

Amidst her confusion, the zombie like male ran towards her. He had been pushed several feet back due to the weakness of him not eating in such a long time. Fortunately for him, the existence of food in his close proximity was enough inspiration to fight and live. 
He ran towards her and lifted his sword. Within an instant, he was a one feet away from here. She had no time to defend...

Suddenly his balance swayed to the side! His foot had tripped over a stalagmite!

He was approaching closer to the girl, but his speed had dramatically decreased because of the stalagmite.
This had given her enough time. 


The two Swords clashed thus creating an unbearable sound that echoed through the vast cave. 

It was at this moment that she realised that the figure ahead was in actuality a male human and not a zombie. This epiphany caused her to laugh out loud, "Hahahaha! How can a man be so weak. I have never seen such a weak being in my life and yet this kind is of my same race... I am deeply ashamed." 
As she said all this with her voice which held deep arrogance and pride and resonated (compared to most Women) a higher pitch which was extremely annoying, she stared at the man in front of her with disdain. She kissed her teeth and lifted her Sword again.

The moment she was about to swing, she froze. She had began to tremble and shiver. She felt killing intent consuming her. It was of such a merciless and ruthless level. Stuck in that one position, she thought to herself where had it come from? 
She cautiously looked around and could sense that no one else was near by.

"Impossible... It can't be him... He is far too weak..." she muttered to herself. Her eyes emitted deep fear and despair as she concluded that it was from the man ahead. 

It was well known that the more ruthless and merciless one was, the stronger their killing intent would be. This meant that the man ahead had killed many people before.

"Who cares if you have killed many people before!!! THEY MUST OF ALL BEEN WEAK!!" she shouted as she swung her Sword again. This was an act of fear that she could not quell. The once arrogant aura became fear that would be conspicuous to even the weakest of people. 

The man in reality did not have any intentions of killing her. Instead, he only wanted to take the food in her bag on her back. 
So immediately, he dodged the strike and ran behind her. She didn't react in the slightest because she wasn't aware of what had happened. The moment she felt that the killing intent was coming from behind, she turned around. But it was too late. 

The bag on her back had disappeared and she began to feel the slight pain of a wound below her shoulder. 

The man had also disappeared leaving her alone with her lantern and Sword. 

She collapsed under the lift of pressure which had once caused her to be stuck rooted. "Phew! I got off easy," she mumbled.
Eventually, she got up picked up her two items. She sheathed the sword and began walking to the direction she had been heading.

Above her was the man. In the few seconds it had taken her to react to the disappearance of him and her bag, he had quickly eaten an apple and refined the energy it contained. Immediately after, he jumped and held on to the stalactites and concealed his presence. From above he watched her and carried on eating. Eventually when she walked ahead, he silently jumped down and cautiously followed her. He had been stuck in the cave for who knows how long and had finally found a way out, following the girl...