Spoiler Thread for RT



  • by the way, what is your native language?
  • But what I hate is that the autor forget about the skils from the chapter of order that the MC can unlook kiling monsters from the sinister faction
  • Guigs said:
    About some things:
    1-His dragon is OP against a lot of weaker enemies, if he uses it againts some OP boss he can only loses his dragon;
    2-His chapters of Order ara OP, but there is a lot of itens OP in the game and the chapters have some advantage that only appears in late game;
    3-Yes, the autor use the same plot a lot of times,
    4-From what I remember the MC save a lor of gumpower, losing only a few, and tha is against the elites from the enemy.

    nah thats just some of the bad things, I really just got so fed up because the previous 100 chaps was filled with so much nonsense logic and nie yan just aggravates it by just standing as he sees the gunpowder get destroyed.

    ON a side note, i just finished the machine translations and the ending is NOT RUSHED.
    It is a fast ending, a very brief one, and not exactly the best way to conclude the story. The only other novel ive finished is CD, and comparing the two endings, rebirth's ending sucks. A lot of things remain unanswered, and there were only a very few words for the post story epilogue. Its kinda sad but still a very nice story
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