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  • So he is about to go get the second chapter. Can anyone give any spoilers on what the other chapters do for him (apart from the spoilers null already gave us), when he gets them, if there's a second volume after he completes the first, etc?
  • Only 3 chapter that are useful to thief, the other 3 are for mage, priest, etc (but he collected it anyway to combine them)

    Yes he find 4 chapter for the 2nd volume after he completed the 1st volume but he throws them off to his personal bodyguard (in real life) which is also a thief, *through a bet* (he already got 1 chapter fyi)
  • Dang, that's a pretty big sacrifice to just give them away like that.
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    Well he does gave it to his subordinate to strengthen his guild and beside he already got 1 volume

    detail : 
    if u can collected a volume then u can get :
    1. Some additional status
    2. A land mount (u can only have 1)
    3. A legendary set for lv180
    4. New tiitle and languange (MC got "scholar" title from his volume)
    5. A surprise (the entire game forced to do maintenance so people can level up faster)

    Maybe he thought it's useless to have 2 of each point
  • I see... Are the buffs from the second volume basically equal to those from the first? I would have thought the 2nd volume buffs would be even higher. Can he still use the special abilities from the chapters after they have been turned into the completed volume? He must really trust the person he gives the chapters to. Have we met the person yet in the translated chapters?
  • Eventually he change his mind and decide to collect all of the volume and become the pope of conviction

    The buffs are equals in OPness i think, i'm at chpter 840s and he only find the 1st (completed) and 2nd volume (not complete) but the story ends at chpter 995 so idk if he can find all 6 volume

    Yes he can still use special skills from the page/chapters.

    That person (codename : bayonet) is a mercenaries that hired by the enemy to kill/kidnap Xie Yao/Yao Yao in real life but conflict happens on the enemy side and made him betray MC's enemy then he gave his loyalty to MC's after lost the gambling in game.
  • So does he succeed in resurrecting the arcane fairy thing for his friend? If so, when and how powerful does that thing get?
  • He gave the resurrection quartz to Yao zi and he resurrected it himself
    Never mentioned again how strong it is but the arcane fairy level is 6/7 before it's forgotten from the story
  • big spoiler .. the ending is crap.. hahahahahahahaha mad snail isn't writing stories like a snail but a bullet train..
  • super rush ~~~
  • @SoulBreaker I see that you've created this account for the sole purpose of saying the ending for this series is rushed. While I cannot personally verify this claim, before I picked up this series to translate, I had Flowerbridgetoo read through its entirety to make sure that no such thing would happen. He came back personally guaranteeing me that the ending wasn't rushed, as have others I've asked who've read this series to its end. The series has its flaws and criticisms, and I'm perfectly fine with readers voicing them out. However, please refrain from making false and misleading statements that do nothing but hurt other reader confidence. Considering the low trust in Mad Snail's work after his fiasco, some readers might actually find your statement plausible. This does nothing other than hurting me as a translator and drawing doubts on a series that was finished over half-a-decade ago. 

  • I've read the entire thing on LNMTL and while the ending skips some steps or just waves over some plots, it's still a solid ending and a good novel. In short, totally worth the read and thanks a lot for translating!
  • @littleshanks im not making "FALSE" and "MISLEADING" statements if you read the whole story and since this is a SPOILER THREAD, i might as well tell some points...
    1.) The Conviction Game the MC's playing is still in the middle of its "PLOT" around chapter 930+.
    2.) The MC got shot in the Heart and survive.Chapter 936
    3.) There's a 2 year time skip the MC need to recover.
    4.) You have to remember the last Chapter is 995 + 1 Free Chapter.
    5.) When the MC came back after the 2 year time skip ofcourse he's not the top player anymore.
    Final points.. The MC won their final guild battle vs Cao Xu around Chapter 930+ so Cao Xu hired assassins in real life to kill the MC.
    The Story Plot of Conviction Game they're playing is still in the "MIDDLE" when that happened.
    so 70+ Chapters more before the ending and since the MC got shot the author decided the timeskip..
    I put a lot of emphasis on the Plot of Conviction Game they're playing because if you read the whole story.. its really around the Game..
    The Main Antagonist of the story "Cao Xu" died around Chapter 940+.
    next the author continue the story in Conviction to give it a proper ending .. although its a little bit too fast.. imagine the story in Conviction is still in the middle and the author have 70+ chapters to finish the story.

    Thats all i want to say.. sorry if u guys didn't understand my point coz i can't explain it really well..

    what i mean to say is the author waste a lot of plot points he created and decided to end it too early.
    1.1) There's even a quest the MC couldn't finish bcoz of time skip where he can't play.

    i know some wouldn't understand wut im sayin coz u didn't read the whole series.

  • btw if i would rate  RT it would be ★★☆☆☆
    and thats just my opinion.. no need to mind it :)
  • @SoulBreaker Well, at least this time you gave your reasoning instead of making a blanket statement. I don't mind you stating your opinion by the way. It's the internet, so of course you're free to have it. It just seemed really disingenuous to be blatantly bashing on the thread of a series without giving any reasoning to back it up.
  • At the current rate on how the translated chapters are going, its getting very repititive and strange. 
    - how he always go to a much higher level area to level up
    - how despite Nie Yan's best attempts on levelling up insanely fast, people like Heaven Breaker is higher level than him. Go figure. I know that thief levels up the hardest. But still, Nie Yan fights with monsters 20 levels higher than him. 
    - How people underestimates him at first, then realises that he is OP, then fawns over him, ugh.
    - The real life parts in the story is so dull, showing that how Nie yan used to be a coward and a scrawny brat, but now he's so fit and strong. Boom. Gets girls instantly. Those girls that hate him instantly likes him. No respect for woman, as if woman are such one-dimensional people. I'm a guy btw, and I know that girls are smarter than depicted in the novel.
    - How he always gets good items before anyone manages to get it, and good items that people would pay huge amounts of gold for, is like regular loot for him. 
    - Hackerman
    - same reaction from friends and foe, on how OP the MC is.
    - how OP Nie Yan is, and how is the best thief in the game.
    -Hackerman once again

    I know how most novels are like that, but still, most of the time there will be twists here and there. 

    Littleshanks, u did a great job translating this novel, and its not your fault that the novel isn't that interesting. 

    PS. TDG for the win!! Wish Mad Snail will continue the novel, I hate waiting for a new chapter once a month :neutral: 
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    the reason heaven breaker is higher leveled than him is cause heaven breaker started the game long before nie yan got his hands on it 
  • Not to mention the fact that he Nie Yan has spent a large portion of his time trying to get special items or single-handedly build a foundation for the future (property, his alchemy shop, etc.), rather than focusing on leveling.  Oh, and in the last translated chapter he officially passed Heaven Breaker.

  • Heaven Breaker is meh.
    There is a game studio with GROUPS of high level people with high lvl class sets out there hiding their level.
  • Game studios are just like for example
     OpTic Gaming on Call of Duty
     Any Professional League of Legends team

    Only a Group of players that band toguether under a brand name playing earning money toguether or having fun depending on the type of organization 
  • Nope , Chinese game studios term is for group of people banding together playing a games getting money from game RMT. They are better than average player but are not on professional level.
  • Bored said:
    - The real life parts in the story is so dull, showing that how Nie yan used to be a coward and a scrawny brat, but now he's so fit and strong. Boom. Gets girls instantly. Those girls that hate him instantly likes him
    is the girl from his previous life? or there is a new girl?
    excuse me i just read first fiew chapter and stop reading before he want to go topharmacy, i want to ask, how about the real life is he encounter any fight in real life? like fight or debats to get xie yao?
    what chapter he start the same school with xie yao? any problem happen in school? i mean is this novel only tell problem etc. in vr game or there is problem too in the school?

    thanks everyone
  • He starts the same school as her right away, there are some fights in real life as well but he becomes really strong really fast so no one really can compete with him.
  • Can someone tell me what chapter he starts going to the new school
  • AnimeFanJ said:
    Can someone tell me what chapter he starts going to the new school
    Hmhmhmhm i dunno the exact chapter but maybe somewhere areound 230? or 220? source i'm currently reading the lnmtl version. 

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    Some salty criticism on this story

    For everyone reading this I want to share my 2 cents on this story so far I've loved rebirth till chap 200+ (shanks' current translation) this made me somewhat impatient and i started reading the mtl and im currently at chap 395 and im very disappointed. I loved how MC got so great and so strong and all those legendary items and he even completed book of order vol 1 and everything was going his way cus he's smart and he's powerful and got all those knowledge from rebirths. 

    I first started to feel it was turning bad when mc got this OP dragon as a pet BUT HE NEVER USES IT WHEN IT COUNTS so damn annoying!, at 395 there have been already about 5 instances where he was so close to dying and failing something important but he never uses that fakkking dragon!! its fakkking annoying!!! Also there was this time when he and 20+ pips just grind on some op mobs 20+ levels above them and MC DOESNT LEVEL UP 
    EVEN ONCE!! the dragon doesnt level up and it didnt make any sense. And another thing that doesnt makes sense is how tha fak do all these people even get close to Tang Yao's level, he like grinds on mobs 10+ or 15+ levels higher than him and he does that alone! dafak. And an even more unsensible thing is MC has so many legendary items, items that gives him OP stats Like what like ofcourse the books of order 7 thats SEVEN of them, he's supposed to get OP boosts in stats by just their mere presence in his backpack and lets not forget about his fully OP armor and fully OP weapon and he has there OP gems and OP skills and OP accessories that only has like a 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 100,000 drop rate. I'm like how the fak can anyone even stand one blow from this guy!?!?!? Or even how the hell can other thiefs go stealth mode on him, and moreso how can anyone even detect his stealth!? Everyone else cant possibly also have these OP items right? He's supposed to be the only person in this game with so many OP items, others could only go like 10-20% of him when it comes to equipment. 

    Also its so recurring I was like Ughh! he defeats victorious return, I actually was glad when this happened i thought "the story is gon progress to a different plot now with victorious return out of the picture" I was excited for a new story. BUT OF COURSE i shouldnt have expected anything better, this author's previous novels have always been so recurring. When mc defeats victorious return a new enemy appears this bloodthirsty warrior guild thing, mc ofcourse is slowling defeating this bloodthirsty warrior guild thing, BUT what I hate is that there is this very obvious foreshadowing that the story wont be going any further than constant conflict against other big guilds and financial companies, apparently there is also this Angels dominance guild in a different empire and it just so happened that the other empire's geography is very convenient for a single guild to dominate the entire empire. YES the developers of the game totally didnt notice this and didnt think that "god maybe this setup is unfair for the other empire" and also there's this Other continent which so happens has this Angel Fall thing guild which is probably even bigger than Angels dominance. And ofcourse all those big guilds become mc's next enemies (I guess)  

    But in the end even after noticing all these plot holes I was like oh thats okay this is still a good story and all im gon ignore all those mistakes maybe the author just forgot about them. 

    BUT! right now at chap 396 mc finds this large stash of gunpowder (a very important and valuable resource, he found 20 barrels and 2 barrels is estimated to cost like 1 sub-legendary equipment) which he transports and ofcourse enemies would come charging at him cus you know gunpowder is flammable. AND HE JUST STANDS AND WAITS FOR THE ENEMIES TO DESTROY THE [email protected]!FIO$!U()V okay i was so annoyed at that part i decided to rant in this thread )': im sorry, Im probably gon drop reading the mtl, im gon stick to shanks' translations atleast i could read great translations which could prob COVER THE FACT THAT THERE ARE SOME VERY BIG PLOT HOLES in this story.

    Thats all. hope you read all of that, i dont really care if you didnt. just wanted to let out some steam. :/ :/ :/
    Does anyone know the concensus of the chinese readers on this story? I just wanted to know what they think, if anyone could do that id be really greatful :D
    And ofcourse, thanks shanks for the wonderful translations!! 
    [Sorry for the bad english]
  • So i have finally calmed down XD and ive returned to reading the mtl version
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    About some things:
    1-His dragon is OP against a lot of weaker enemies, if he uses it againts some OP boss he can only loses his dragon;
    2-His chapters of Order ara OP, but there is a lot of itens OP in the game and the chapters have some advantage that only appears in late game;
    3-Yes, the autor use the same plot a lot of times,
    4-From what I remember the MC save a lor of gumpower, losing only a few, and tha is against the elites from the enemy.

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