About the Eye of Truth "Not helping Four Garden"

Since it was a powerful Trial's Eye (More than his contract with Four Garden), he is also more intelligent, it understand what the contract really means. So as long that Leylin doesn't do something specifically to help Four Garden, it's okay. In the battle, he helped the Four Garden by stopping the boy but only by revenge and avoiding being pinned down for the destruction of the Gate. He didn't care about Four Garden. When he becomes the chief (with Caesar and Wade), he must surely have done some acts helping Four Garden, but since it's only to conceal his true intentions, it's okay, his goals is not helping Four Garden.

An other possibility is that we only have a resume of the contract.(Chapter 236: He had skimmed through the contract. The only conditions were that he could not help the Four Seasons Garden; there weren’t any harsh conditions. After all, they still needed his help and could not go overboard.) So the real term aren't that he can't help at all Four Garden, but more specific actions, like warning Four Garden, prepare defense for the base, ...

At least, it's how I understand


  • I think that probably the contract wasn't forever, since it was just needed for that operation, or the author thought the explanation wasn't important (?)
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