Daoist School Project [Closed]

Greetings fellow Daoists!

[This project is now over.]

 I've been reading Chinese novels for a few years now, and I've grown to love this community alot despite my usual anonymity in the discussions. Now as my luck would have it, In my World History and Geography Class while we were going over world religions my teacher decided to give us a project just a week back into the school year. The reason why I'm actually really glad about this though is because I actually managed to pull Taoism out of the 20+ religions put into the hat, the bad news though is that nobody else in my group has ever even heard of it before.
Thats why I'm reaching out to you guys! While I love reading about all of the exploits of Haowie as he makes his way through the world of cultivation, I can't actually make a passing project based solely on the sword arts of Ji Ning... I am merely a frog in a well compared to some of my seniors here in the forums who can show me how enormous the heavens and the earth are and that is why I would like to ask the powers at be (you guys) If you have any very credible sources of information on the Taoist religion and culture. Specifically things that can be used to give a general but thorough overview of it and could be used to educate 4 solely English speakers about it. 

I feel like I may be asking a lot, but it's a fairly big project that they are only giving us 2 weeks to do, and I would really like to do this project justice! I would really appreciate any help, because I really don't want to carry the weight of the three others on this project, who will probably just copy word for word off of wikipedia if I can't find any good articles. 

Other than that, if you can't really find any articles about this, or just have some extra time to spare I also wouldn't mind if you could send me any cool pictures of Taoist Priests or other demarcating pictures of the religion that I can use on the poster board.

Thank you for your time with this! I will be doing research of my own anyways, but it will be immensely easier with a community of enthusiasts behind me.

Please share this around if you can. I will sincerely appreciate any and all forms of help for this!

Thanks for all of those who took the time to help me out, most were really helpful, and while I haven't recieved my grade yet, I feel it was one of the best presentations in the class. Have a nice day!


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