My Ranch - Wo de zhuang yuan



  • oh I when does he meet his first harem member? since apparently he has a huge fucking harem
    any woman's name as long as you hear it more than 5 times you can expect them to be a part of his harem.
    I think the first one was his old school friend who kinda decide they will act as friends while he takes care of her(financially) for sex.
  • First harem member (s) would be his classmate who works as a showgirl and is a mistress for some rich old guy. She turned to MC for stable financial support together with the poor new Showgirl she was working with from her company. The new girl was poor and needed money for her family member's health issues. Feng Yunchen (classmate), Ai Xiaoxi (younger girl, was virgin)

    Second group of members were the eight women he employed to work on his wine yard. They were orphans forced to serve men. Mute. He cured them with his aura. They are more like servants, their history meant they can't really have a good life outside so they decided to stick with MC. Repay with their bodies and stuff.

    Third group is actually his wife's (half?) sisters who were in america. The middle sister (doctor/researcher) wanted to cure the youngest who had a skin problem (like a vampire, can't directly take sunlight). Met MC when he wanted to fake medical certificates for curing the eight women. The doctor demanded that MC cure her sister.
    They came to live with MC and basically things happened along the way. MC had no clue that they were his sister-in-laws. The sisters knew though. Qi Jie is the doctor and Qi Ya is the youngest.

    Fourth is a group of female agents he bought from Ukraine (?). Seven or eight of them total. A lot of them were virgins. They double as bodyguards for his family.

    Of course, Qi Li is the head of harem and legal wife.

    There are also Paula Walton (made up member of the Walton family) and her entourage of female cast (she was initially portrayed as a Lesbian). Selena Gomez (I thought this was quite funny).

    He also slept with a couple of other locals in town. The only person that never even kissed was the teacher (Cindy/Sandy Clive). She was pretty strongly set up for replacement wife when he was trying to divorce Qi Li but it never got anywhere.

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