Organization And Excess

This was noticed when I checked the ATG:Frozen Snow Dance Steps page on the Wiki (ps it should probably be deleted)... and then I realized...

There are too many useless pages.Lots of pages are created for small matters that could be explained in a few sentences or maybe a paragraph.

So maybe we should make rules that help keep things organized.

For instance, if there are a bunch of characters or techniques that originate from a clan or sect but their existence isn't overly extensive (which, in most Chinese novels, is almost everyone except the MC and few other people), they could just be in a Character section with a sentence explaining who they are, their level, and that's it.

Also, in a genre filled with too many attack names, they could all also be grouped and listed on the page of the sect or power they're from.

And if a character's background/history is important and it is pretty long and extensive and was explained in a chapter about their story, we could just link to the chapter or few of them (like Chen Fan's story of him and his lover could just have a bare summary with a "Read more:Here" kinda link.

Every little thing doesn't need its own page... especially in a group of novels with too many characters and techniques, but not overly developing them.

Just look at the Frozen Cloud Asgard page. Not every character really needs their own page (in fact, if you think about it, none of them really do.

It's better to have a few big pages than too many overly small pages. It help at least keep quality and makes checking all the information and updating easier.


  • NyxNyx
    edited September 2016
    Tab elements were recently enabled on the wiki, which should help a lot with organizing information like this.

     <tab name="Lord Fifth">Fur and feathers?</tab>
     <tab name="Troll Che">The size of my sword directly correlates with the size of my..</tab>

    [Edit] Also you can create a tab by itself and set it to be collapsed for easy spoilers now.

    <tab collapsed name="Does Linley ever decide if he will laugh or cry?">No, no he does not.</tab>
  • But tab elements doesn't solve the issue.

    There are too many pages that barely have anything and could easily be just put in one page (the stuff about Frozen Asgard is my example.

    Too many things that don't need their own page and can be left on another page.

    It's like how none of the people in the Radiant Church really need their own page and could just be listed and explained in the Radiant Church page...
  • I know, I'm saying you can organize it by tabs instead of creating a new page to avoid cluttering the page when you do combine them since I feel like that is often a reason behind this kind of behavior.  Assembling it all the information in one place can easily look disorganized and prompt people to split it all up into multiple pages.  I tried consolidating the more well known minor characters for Coiling Dragon at one point on the character page as a basic bulletpoint list and even with single sentence descriptions it became a nightmare very quickly, and the tabs solve this problem quite easily.
  • Well, it'd be better to organize them by their sect or clan or group rather than just putting them all for the story.

    It'd only be in the bigger pages where tabs would be needed.

    And I think the idea of certain stuff getting their own pages might be ideas from other wikis as well (like the Naruto wiki which actually has quite the explanations for each attack).. the problem is that often, that doesn't work as well for these Chinese novels (or many novels in general).

    Still, some of the pages need to be deleted
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